Lineages in this Genealogy
Surname Focus: Jenkins-Terry-Christian /
McSwain-Dumond / Gregory-Green-Jackson /
Mullinax-Mullins-West / Strange/ LeStrange

February 2020 Updates: Totally new Genealogy, with many added names, and expanded primary lineages of Gregory, Green, Jenkins, Terry, McSwain and Dumond. Extensive new facts, edits, documentation and stories updated throughout
Compiled from the research of Orville Boyd Jenkins

Index Of Names
Key Individuals:
Joseph Asa JENKINS         Julia Virginia TERRY
Wiley Carew MCSWAIN         Susan Frances LOWREY
Julien dit LaFleur DUMONT         James Henry GREGORY
Meshack W GREEN         Hoel LE STRANGE
David MCSWAIN         John MULLINAX
            Quanah PARKER     Abraham Huddleston YORK
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