Notes for Nellie Bea CAMERON

Nellie Bea Cameron Keith
Birth Jan. 29, 1916
Death Aug. 27, 2006
Gordon Wiley Cameron (1890 - 1978)
Josephine Manaria Anderson Cameron (1892 - 1969)
Spouse Robert Griffin Keith (1920 - 1982)
Children Edison Cameron Keith (1950 - 1950)
Burial Trion Cemetery, Trion, Chattooga County, Georgia
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Notes for Mariah Elizabeth CAMP

1880 Federal Census, Monroe County, Mississippi, 14 June, Quincy District,
Enumeration District 126, page 25, Hse #211, Fam #141
Camp, V O  W M 45   Farmer AL SC SC
Camp, Elizabeth  W F 48  Keeping House AL SC SC
Camp, Jos S  W M 20 Son Farm Laborer MS AL AL
Camp, Mary L  W F 16 Dau Farm Laborer read or write MS AL AL
Camp, Mariah E  W M 14 Dau Farm Laborer MS AL AL
Camp, Amanda P  W F 12 Dau Farm Laborer MS AL AL
Camp, James T  W M 8 Son At Home MS AL AL

A genealogy reports that Mariah's full name was Mariah Elizabeth Camp.  But
the 1900 census reports her middle initial as P.  Note that the 1880 census
enumerates her as Mariah E.  Her memorial on Find a Grave reports her name as
Mariah Dexter Camp Philpot.  This name Dexter was also reported by her
granddaughter on Ward Philpot's death certificate.  It is likely this stands
for the full name Poindexter, which may be a first married name, or an extra
middle name.  One genealogy suggests this name Poindexter but gives no source. 
Since she was only about 19 when she married Ward Philpot, it is unlikely she
was previously married, so Poindexter is likely a second middle name.

In the 1910 census, she is enumerated under the name Dexter.  Mariah is a
widow reported with several children and her son Ward reported as Head of the

1910 Federal Census, Prentiss County, Mississippi, 6 May, Beat 2, District
111, page 22A, Hse #399, Fam #407
Philpot, Ward T Head M W 27 Single MS MS MS Farmer Rents
Philpot, Dexter Mother F W 48 Widow 10 children/8 living MS GA GA
Philpot, Siphronia Sister W 32 Single MS MS MS
Philpot, Harry Brother M W 17 Single MS MS MS Farm Laborer
Philpot, Dibs Brother M W 15 Single MS MS MS Farm Laborer
Philpot, Watson Brother M Single MS MS MS Farm Laborer
Philpot, Maggie Sister F W 7 Single Indian Territory Miss Miss

We see here that the last child was born in Indian Territory, a considerable
distance away.  Dexter and her husband have lived in Prestiss County,
Mississippi, where they are now, for decades.  Yet 7 years ago, her daughter
Maggie was born in Indian Territory, she is now a widow and yet they are right
back where they were.  The family moved to Chicasaw Nation after the 1900
census, but Sam died there in 1903, in Paul's Valley, which became the County
Seat of Garvin County, Oklahoma.

Mariah Dexter Camp Philpot
Birth Apr. 3, 1862 Mississippi
Death Oct. 15, 1915 Prentiss County, Mississippi

1881 - Married Samuel Philpot.

1900 Federal Census taken 6/7/1900, for Prentiss Co., MS
Samuel D. Philpotts, head, b. 5/1860 @ MS
Mariah P. Philpotts, wife, 9/8, b. 4/1862 @ MS
Ward T. Philpotts, son, b. 7/1882 @ MS
Ernest M. Philpotts, son, b. 12/1883 @ MS
Newton K. Philpotts, son, b. 10/1885 @ MS
Saphrona Philpotts, dau., b. 11/1887 @ MS
Nellie G. Philpotts, dau., b. 1/1891 @ MS
Harry H. Philpotts, son, b. 4/1893 @ MS
Eugene D. Philpotts, son, b. 4/1894 @ MS
Frank W. Philpotts, son, b. 7/1897 @ MS

1910 Federal Census taken 5/6/1910, for Prentiss Co., MS
Ward T. Philpot, head, age 27, b. MS
Dexter Philpot, mother, widow, 10/8, age 48, b. MS
Sephronia Philpot, sister, age 22, b. MS
Harry Philpot, brother, age 17, b. MS
Bebs [sic Dibs?] Philpot, brother, age 15, b. MS
Watson Philpot, brother, age 13, b. MS
Maggie Philpot, sister, age 7, b. Indian Territory

Book: Prentiss County Cemeteries
Prospect Community Cemetery
Lists: Dexter Philpot
Wife of S. D. Philpot

Nellie G. Philpot Willie (1891 - 1957)
Maggie E. Philpot Mabry (1902 - 1989)

Burial Prospect Cemetery, Prentiss County, Mississippi
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Note that the 1880 census reports her age as 14, which would make her birth
year 1866.  But other sources report her birth year as 1860 or 1862, meaning
she would have been about 18 or 20 in 1880.

Samuel Donald Philpot
Birth Apr 1860 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi
Death Nov 1903 in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma
Parents Joseph W. Philpot 1830-1908, Mary A. Bennett b 1833
Spouse Mariah Elizabeth Camp
Birth 1864 in Greenwood Springs, Monroe, Mississippi
Death 1909 in Mississippi
--  Mick Taylor,

1900 Federal Census, Prentiss County, Mississippi, 7 June, Beat 3, District
97, page 6B, Hse #118, Fam #120
Philpotts, Samuel D Head W M May 1860  40 Married 19 yrs 19 MS AL AL Farmer
Philpotts, Mariah P Wife W F April 1862  38 Married 19 yrs  9 children/8
living MS SC SC

Another genealogy reports that Sam's wife was Mariah Poindexter Johnson.  But
there are no records, sources or explanations to support this.  There is no
information definitively eliminating or conflicting with either of these names
for the wife of Samuel D Philpot.  The information supporting the name Mary
Elizabeth Camp is firmer, but I have been able to find no marriage record for
Samuel D Philpot.

The last name of Camp was reported as Kemp on the death certificate of her son
Ward.  Her first name was reported as Dexter, according to a transcription
report by,.

California Certificate of Death
Ward Philpot
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian (White)
Birth 17 Jul 1882 Mississippi, Age: 87
Death 11 Nov 1969 San Francisco, San Francisco County, California
Father: Donald Philpot, Mother: Dexter Kemp
Funeral Home: Halsted and Company
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Notes for Adam CAMPBELL


Adam and his brother Elisa are said to have left their home in Charleston SC
to go up into the mountains to live with the Cherokee. There Adam met John
Green, father to Lucresa. He is listed as John's partner in a will he left
when he passed away. They owned a gold mine. The mine was left to daughter
Lucresa. They were Cherokee.  Accounts tell us Adam hid Lucresa and son
Alexander in brush when the Cherokee were forced from their lands to keep them
from being taken away.

"They were not legally married according to white men's laws.  They made their
way to Georgia and lived with Cherokee people there, then traveled to Walker
County Alabama and had several children.  They were buried there on their own
property because Lucresa wasn't allowed to be buried in a white man's cemetery
due to her Cherokee heritage.  The family never received government
reimbursement for the lands that the government took from Lucresa during the
Indian removal.  This is due to the fact the marriage could not be proven. 
Adam was a preacher at one time and a Union sympathizer during the civil war."
--  Geni,

The dates and places cited in some of the records and references to Adam and
his locations are puzzling.

I am uncertain about this statement that they went to Georgia to live with the
Cherokees there after avoiding the Cherokee Removal from Carolina, when the
Georgia Cherokee land was included in the Removal.  But the removal was in
stages form the east over a period.  Even the first Alabama lands where they
later lived in DeKalb County were originally Cherokee land.  The dates
commonly reported for the Removal are 1836-39.

Adam bought land in Alabama in 1852, but it was in DeKalb County, the Lebanon
area, not Walker County, where all later events are referenced.  But they were
buried in Walker County, and apparently on what was family land near Smith

DeKalb County, Alabama, was created out of lands ceded to the US Government by
the Cherokee Nation in connection with the forced Removal.  The area that
became DeKalb County was once the home of Sequoyah, who developed the Cherokee
alphabet.  I have not been able to find clear evidence of purchase of this
land in Walker County.  But their graves are on land near Spring Lake, Walker
County, Alabama.

In 1850, Adam and Lucinda were enumerated with their children in Cass County,
Georgia, consistent with the statement above about their moving to Georgia
after the Cherokee Removal.

1850 Federal Census, Cass County, Georgia, 23 September, Division 12, p 320-21
(scan 160-61), Hse #860, Fam #870
Adam Camel [sic] 45 M [No statement of occupation] $No Real Estate b North
Carolina [born abt 1805]
Lucinda Camel 44 F North Carolina [born abt 1806]
Alexr Camel 22 M b North Carolina [born abt 1828]
John Camel 16 M b North Carolina [born abt 1834]
Jackson Camel 14 M b North Carolina [born abt 1836]
Katherine Camel 6 F North Carolina [born abt 1844]
Julia Camel 3 F North Carolina [born abt 1847]
-- page 321 --
General T Camel 1 M b Georgia [born abt 1849]
Milly Camel 17 F Georgia [born abt 1833]
Thomas I Camel 4mo M b Georgia [born abt May 1850]

Adam bought land in the Lebanon area of DeKalb County, Alabama in 1852, where
all later events are referenced.  This was an original area of the Cherokee
Nation and the area was the home of Sequoyah.

Alabama Land Records
Document Number: 13907
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Adam Campbell
Land Office: LEBANON
Total Acres: 40.05
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: 1 Dec 1852
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Land Description: 1 NENW   HUNTSVILLE No 9S 6E 23

This reference to Huntsville on this land registration is questionable.  The
land is in DeKalb, and registration was made in the Lebanon office, according
to the certificate, and Huntsville is in Madison County, two counties to the
northeast.  I have not seen the original document.  There may be errors in
this transcription.

The History of Walker County : its towns and its people says Adam later states
he has lived on the same farm near Jasper, Walker County, for 19 years, making
it since 1853.  The Walker County land records, however, record that he first
"entered government land" there in 1855.  But that could be the formal date of
filing his purchase, after living there for a couple of years.  The
certificate of land registration I have seen for Walker is dated January 1858
(registration date).  Walker County is four counties west of DeKalb County.

Land record for Adam Campbell 1855
"Campbell, Adam, entered government land in Section 1, Township 13, Range 6,
on January 4, 1855.  Walker County Tract Record"

The certificate on that 80-acre tract of land for this 1855 purchase was
recorded on 1 March 1858.  Perhaps it took him three years to pay for the
land.  Five years after the record of purchase, in the 1860 census, Adam and
Lucresa are living in Walker County, Alabama, near Jasper.

1860 Federal Census, Walker County, Alabama, 6 June, Eastern Division, PO
Jasper, Page 7 (869), House #40, Family #37
Adam Camel [sic] 52 M Farmer $160 Real estate $440 Personal b SC Cannot read
or write [born abt 1808]
Lucrissa Camel 54 F Domestic SC Cannot read or write [born abt 1806]
Catherine Camel 16 F Domestic GA [born abt 1844]
July A Camel 13 F GA [born abt 1847]
General T Camel 10 M GA Attended School
Burd Camel 6 M Ala Attended School

Their son John was living next door.

1860 Federal Census, Walker County, Alabama, 6 June, Eastern Division, PO
Jasper, Page 7 (869), House #41, Family #38
John R Camel [sic] 24 M Farmer $160 Real estate $150 Personal b SC Cannot read
or write [born abt 1836]
Jane C Camel 25 F Domestic Ala Cannot read or write [born abt 1835]
Flora A Camel 3 F Ala [born abt 1857]
Sarah T Camel 1 F Ala [born abt 1859]

Next door to John was Adam's oldest son Alexander.

1860 Federal Census, Walker County, Alabama, 6 June, Eastern Division, PO
Jasper, Page 7 (869), House #42, Family #39
Alex Camel [sic] 27 M MD $160 Real estate $250 Personal b SC Cannot read or
write [born abt 1833]
Milly Camel 25 F Domestic GA Cannot read or write [born abt 1835]
Thomas J Camel 10 M GA [born abt 1850]
Robert Camel 8 M Ala [born abt 1852]
Samuel H Camel 6 M Ala [born abt 1854]
Sarah A E Camel 3 F Ala [born abt 1857]
Andrew J Camel 11mos M Ala [born abt July 1859]

Lucresa died only two years after this census.  She was buried on their farm. 
Adam was buried next to her after his death in 1873.

Records of various kinds indicate that Adam and his family lived in Walker
County, Alabama.  In an affidavit in 1872 he states that he has lived in his
present location, about 20 miles from Jasper, Alabama, working as a farmer,
for 19 years (since 1853).  That would mean they moved about a year after he
bought the land in DeKalb County.  I have not found a record of the sale, but
that may be how he funded the purchase of his farm in Walker County.

In 1870, the enumerator manages to spell the family name correctly.  (Probably
earlier enumerators were actually correctly recording the name as the family
pronounced it.  You will hear it pronounced that way today by some.)  In this
census, Adam is not noted as unable to read and write, though such a
designation is give for Rebeca and General.  Note also that now Adam is
reported as born in Georgia, not South Carolina.

1870 Federal Census, Walker County, Alabama, 30 June, p 4-5, PO Jasper, Hse
/Fam #30
Campbell, Adam  65 M W Farmer $200 Real Estate $200 Personal Estate b Georgia
[b abt 1852]
Campbell, Rebeca 30 F W  Keeping House b Georgia Cannot read or write [born
abt 18]
Campbell, General 20 M W Works on Farm b Georgia Cannot read or write [b abt
Campbell, Byrd 16 M W Works on Farm b Alabama [b abt 1854]
-- page 5 --
Campbell, James 8 M W b Alabama [b abt 1862]
Campbell, Salina 7 F W b Alabama [b abt 1863]

In this census, the youngest child in Adam's home was a daughter Salina age 7. 
Thus she born in about 1863, after the death of Lucresa.  It appears that the
second person listed in Adam's household is Rebecca age 30.  No Rebecca has
been in the household before.  This appears to be Adam's second wife, whom he
married after Lucresa's death.  So this Salina would be Rebecca's daughter.

I do note that none of the Campbell genealogies I have seen record Rebecca as
a second wife, or have Salina as a child.  At least one lists Rebecca as a
daughter, even though she does not show up until the 1870 census.  Some have
an additional child, Joshua born about 1857, but this child is not reported in
the 1860 or 1870 census.  The genealogies reporting this child have no death
date for Joshua.  They also lack James who shows up in the 1870 census, and
appears to be Adam's son, not a grandchild. Some link to the proper 1860 and
1870 censuses, but do not account for these individuals.

James is likely Lucresa's child, since his age puts his birth in 1862, and if
exact (if he has actually had his 8th birthday as reported), he was born
several months before Lucresa's date of death on her grave, 13 September 1862. 
If his age is general and he has not yet actually had his 8th birthday, it
could be that Rebecca died in childbirth with him or soon after.

Adam was a veteran of the Seminole Wars.  Many Cherokees fought with US forces
in the three conflicts with the various Seminole tribes south of US territory
in the Spanish province of East Florida (West Florida already being Us
Territory, as part of the Louisiana Purchase).  During the CIvil War, Adam and
his sons supported the Union and John R and Alexander joined the 1st Alabama
Cavalry (USA).

Adam supported the Union as he could on home ground, and testified after the
war in a series of about 15 affidavits as to his loyalty for the Union all
during the secession movement and war (referred to in USA documents as "the
Rebellion").  In this affidavit he testifies that at one point he was arrested
by local authorities for his support of the Union and was held in the county
jail for two months.  He was arrested several other times on similar charges. 
He provided supplies to the Union forces, and after the war presented claims
for payment, which were approved.

Gravestone of Adam Campbell, husband of Lucresa Green
Companion stone to his wife Lucresa (Green) Campbell
Private plot, near Smith Lake, Walker County, Alabama
"Adam Campbell  Born Nov 12, 1802   Died Dec 22, 1873  Age 71 yrs & 18 days"

Adam's memorial on Find a Grave includes an extensive biography.

Adam Campbell
Birth Nov. 12, 1802 Anderson County, South Carolina
Death Dec. 22, 1873, Walker County, Alabama

Adam Campbell was born in SC to Robert CAMEL his Mother's name was Rachel?
[The family name was Campbell, colloquially pronounced Camel, just as we still
today often hear it.  It was sometimes spelled that way.  It was sometimes
spelled that way.  I've heard it in my time.  -- OBJ]

In 1829 Adam Campbell is in the Pendleton Dist SC when he received land from
his father-in-law John Greene. (Deeds, Vol S, p. 490. 50 acres on Rocky River,
Pendleton Dist, SC.)
In 1830 Pendleton Dist SC, the land of Adam Campbell was sold by Sheriff to
James E. Reese. (Vol. S, p. 620., 50 acres Beaverdam Creek. Pendlton Dist.
SC.) This was to satisfy a levy of $84.00 against Adam Campbell, Where he was
charged & convicted of Hog Stealing.

In 1836 Adam Campbell served in the Georgia Militia, Forsythe County called
out for the Seminole War. Adam Campbell, private, was listed in the first
company of the Forsythe Guards led by Captain James Gaston. This made him
eligible to participate and win the Land Lottery of 40 acres.

Adam Campbell was engaged in the mining business in Forsythe County. According
to Shadburn's Pioneer History of Forsythe County, GA Vol 1, the Ad Campbell
Mine located on land lot 427 1st Dist, 1st Section Forsythe County was named
for the original prospector, Adam Campbell.  Mr. Campbell in the early 1840's
with the assistance of slaves, sunk a shaft one hundred feet deep and ran
tunnels in both directions on a vein. The ore brought to the surface was put
into an igneous stamp mill constructed on the location.  It appears that Mr.
Campbell was successful in his mining operations.

In 1858 Adam purchased his first 80 acres of 205 total in Walker County
Alabama becoming one of the early settlers. This is where he and his Cherokee
wife Lucresa Green Campbell (09 May 1804 - 13 Sep 1862) raised their Family.

When the Civil War broke out Adam was a strong Unionist. He took three of his
Sons to Huntsville Alabama to enlist as in the AL 1st Calvary.  I know of at
least twice that Adam was arrest[ed] while traveling during the Civil War. He
was held in jail in Blountsville, AL for two months and then another time in
Birmingham.  Adam sacrificed much for this Country. He lost two Sons to the
War and after the War he applied to the Claims Commission and received $220.00
for his losses.

Adam Campbell died 22 Dec 1873 at his home located on the Sipsey Fork of the
Warrior River off the Smith Lake Dam Road.  My husband made the Cemetery Sign
and we placed it by the side of the road leading back into the woods to their
resting place.
(bio by: Lynn Tyler)

Spouse Lucresa Green Campbell (1804 - 1862)
Alexander Campbell (1832 - 1862)
Juleyan Campbell Blevins (1844 - 1921)
General Taylor Campbell (1846 - 1922)
Kate Campbell Light (1848 - 1896)
Byrd Campbell (1850 - 1912)

Inscription:  "Behold Dear Friends, As you pass by As you are now so once was

Burial Adam & Lucresa Campbell Cemetery, Walker County, Alabama

Created by LaShane Marlow Aug 03, 2009
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Notes for Bertie Mae CAMPBELL

Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
Neal Christian
Age 22, Birth Year abt 1890
Residence Broken Bow, McCurtain, Oklahoma
Spouse's Name Bertie Campbell
Spouse's Age 18
Spouse's Residence DeQueen, Sevier, Arkansas
Marriage 25 Dec 1912 Sevier County
Marriage License Date 24 Dec 1912

Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982
Bertie Mae Christian [Bertie Mae Campbell]
Birth 8 Sep 1894 Arkansas
Residence Broken Bow, McCurtain, Oklahoma
Father James Monroe Campbell
Mother Rena Whisenhunt
Informant William N Christian, Norman, Oklahoma
Age at Death 78
Death 28 Oct 1972 Wadley Hospital, Texarkana, Bowie, Texas
Cause of death "From unknown origins, due to Pneumonia Bilateral"
Removed 29 Oct 1972 for burial in Redmen Cemetery, DeQueen, Sevier County,
Ceretificate #80293, Filed 14 November 1972, Field state 13 December 1972

A family genealogy states that the death actually occurred in Texarkana,
Arkansas, not Texarkana, Texas, as the death certificate states. But you would
think the doctor would know.  The attending doctor's home address is
Texarkana, Arkansas, and he reported that she died in Wadley Hospital.  Wadley
is in the Texas side of the town, in Bowie County, Texas, as the death
certificate states.  I find it hard to believe that the attending doctor got
the actual hospital name wrong, and Wadley in definitely in Texas.

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Bertie Christian
Born 8 Sep 1894
Died Oct 1972
Last Residence Broken Bow, McCurtain, Oklahoma 74728
SSN 444-32-8372 issued Oklahoma
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Notes for Jacqueline N CAMPBELL

Texas Marriage Index, 1966-2002
Jacqueline N Campbell
Marriage 8 Aug 1996
Hood County, Texas
Age 50, Estimated Birth Year abt 1946
Spouse Leeloo A Jr Martin
Spouse Age 47
Spouse Est Birth Year abt 1949

LeeLoo Alfred JR Martin, Birth 22 APR 1949 in Parker Co TX
22 Sep 1968, Marriage to Marilin Sally Karppman (Birth ABT 1952), Parker Co TX
14 Jun 1971, Marriage to Sheran S Whitehead (Birth ABT 1952), Liberty TX
8 Aug 1996, Marriage to Jacqueline N Campbell (Birth ABT 1946), Hood Co TX
--  Marion Mixon,

Jacqueline is associated with the following locations in various records.

Fort Thomas, AZ
Weatherford, TX
Granbury, TX
Central, AZ
Pima, AZ

Here are fnames of family members.

Leeloo Alfred Martin (husband)
Glenda P Martin
Russell Wayne Martin
Cecil Glen Neal
Charles F Neal

Jacqueline Martin
Posted Monday, November 24, 2014 9:09 pm

Jacqueline Martin
Jacqueline Martin, 68, of Fort Thomas, Arizona, passed away on Sunday, Sept.
14, 2014 at her son’s house in Yukon [Canadian County], Oklahoma.

Born Dec. 23, 1945 in Globe, Arizona, she was the daughter of the late Howard
W. Campbell and Mary Jane Campbell.

She was preceded in death by her parents; brothers, Johnny Dale Campbell and
Lonny Dean Campbell; and husband, LeeLoo A. Martin.

She has been cremated and will be buried at a later date in Pima, Arizona.

To share a memory or condolence, visit www.mercer­
--  Weatherford Democrat, Weatherford, Parker County, Texas, 24 Nov 2014,
--  Also online at Mercer-Adams Funeral Home, Bethany, Oklahoma County,
Oklahoma (no date, accessed 27 Nov 2014),
--  Also onilne at Eastern Arizona Courier, November 26, 2014,
--  Wanda Cox, thanks to Wanda for alerting me to the appearance of this obit,
email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 27 November 2014
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Notes for James Monroe CAMPBELL

Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
Rena Whisenhunt
Age 14, Birth Year abt 1878
Residence Belton, Sevier, Arkansas
Spouse's Name James M Campbell
Spouse's Age 22
Spouse's Residence Belton, Sevier, Arkansas
Marriage 16 Oct 1892 Sevier County
Marriage License Date 15 Oct 1892

James Monroe Campbell
Birth 14 November 1867 in Locksburg, Sevier, Arkansas
Death 1 August 1939 in Broken Bow, McCurtain, Oklahoma
Marriage to Marinda Rena I Whisenhunt (1878-1905) 15 Oct 1892 Belton, Sevier,
Marriage to Sarah Francis Smith (1867 - 1942) 28 Mar 1907 De Queen, Sevier
Co., AR
--  Jones/Towry,

The 1910 census indicates that James has been married to his second wife three
years.  They have one child together, 2-year-old Essie.

1910 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, Bear Creek Township, 25 April,
District 170, page 6A, Hse/Fam #112
Campbell, James M Head M W 43 2nd Marriage, Married 3 years AR AR AR Farmer
Campbell, Sarah F Wife F W 43 1st Marriage, Married 3 years TX KY MS
Campbell, Birdie M Dau F W 15 AR AR AR
Campbell, Roy Son M W 10 AR AR AR
Campbell, Lillie M Dau F W 9 AR AR AR
Campbell, Jewell A Son M W 7 AR AR AR
Campbell, Ida V Dau F W 6 AR AR AR
Campbell, Essie F Dau F W 2 AR AR TX

1920 Federal Census, McCurtain County, Oklahoma, 7 January, Broken Bow,
District 186, page 8A, 453 Broadway, Hse #141, Fam #157
Campbell, J M  Head  Owns M W 52 AR AR AR Superintendent, Railroad
Campbell, Sarah F  Wife F W 52 TX KY TN
Campbell, Roy Son M W 19 Single AR AR TX
Campbell, Lillie Dau F W 18 Single AR AR TX
Campbell, Jewel Son M W 17 Single AR AR TX
Campbell, Vivian Dau F W 15 Single AR AR TX
Campbell, Essie Dau F W 12 Single AR AR TX

James Monroe Campbell
Birth Nov. 14, 1867
Death Aug. 1, 1939
Spouse Sarah Frances Campbell (1867 - 1944)
Burial Redmen Cemetery, De Queen, Sevier County, Arkansas
Created by Jesus saves.Aug 18, 2014
--  Find A Grave Memorial #134528963,
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Notes for Juleyan CAMPBELL

Adam and Lucretia’s daughter Juleyan Campbell Blevins, married Reverend
Armstead Elza Blevins, Jr. on 28 Oct 1868 in Walker County, AL. I have a copy
of Juleyan’s application for admission into the Cherokee Nation for herself
and six of her seven sons. (The oldest, my GG-Grandfather General Jackson
Blevins, was 24 at the time and not living at home). Here is a copy of the
application (it is hard to read):

The application was never approved, and we have hit a dead-end where
Lucretia’s family is concerned. We suspect that her mother was Cherokee and
that Lucretia was actually 1/2 Cherokee. But it is also possible that her
father John Green, is the same John Green who’s sister Nancy Anne’s
descendant Sheri Horton, wrote you that she had proven the Cherokee lineage of
John and Nancy Anne’s parents, Meshack and Lucretia Franklin Green.
--  Deborah Thompson, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 5 July 2015

1880 Federal Census, Blount County, Alabama, 16 June, District 13, page 11,
Hse/Fam #61
Blevins, Arm.  W M 30 Husband Farming AL AL AL b abt 1850]
Blevins, Julia  W F 29 Wife Keeping House AL AL AL [abt 1851]
Blevins, Peggie W F 9 Dau AL AL AL [abt 1871]
Blevins, Jackson W M 7 Son AL AL AL [abt 1873]
Blevins, Mary W F 5 Dau AL AL AL [abt 1875]
Blevins, Benjaman [sic] W M 4 Son AL AL AL [abt 1876]
Blevins, Merrenia  W F 3 Dau AL AL AL [abt 1877]
Blevins, John W M 2 Son AL AL AL [abt 1878]
Blevins, Byard W M 1 Son AL AL AL [abt 1879]

"Juleyan's daughter Peggy married a Willie Smith, I believe.  Mary married
Lonnie England. Minolevia ''innie' married Willie Cordell.  My records show
that Minnie and Willie had two daughters, Mary and Martha.  I have Mary
marrying someone named 'Clemons' and Martha marrying a 'Freeman.'"
--  "highonart," Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 4 October 2015

In 1920 they were enumerated in Cullman County, Alabama.  Two of their sons
were still unmarried and living in their household.  Nearby were two other
sons, G JH (General Jackson) and Arm (Armistead Alzie) with their families.

1920 Federal Census, Cullman County, Alabama, 25 January, Antioch Precinct,
District 171, pages 3B-4A, Sunnyville & Jasper Rd, Hse/Fam #59
Blevins, A E Head Owns Free & Clear M W 78 Married AL AL AL Farmer (abt 1842)
Blevins, Julia [Juleyann] Wife F W 78 Married AL GA GA (abt 1842)
Blevins, Joe Son M W 36 Single AL AL AL Farmer (abt 1884)
-- page 4A --
Blevins, Dillard Son M W 34 Single AL AL AL (abt 1886)

1920 Federal Census, Cullman County, Alabama, 25 January, Antioch Precinct,
District 171, page 4A, Cold Springs Rd, Hse/Fam #61
Blevins, G J [General Jackson] Head  Owns Mortgaged M W 50 Married AL AL GA
Farmer (abt 1870)
Blevins, Tildie Wife F W 45 Married AL GA GA (abt 1875)
Blevins, Irene Dau F W 7 Single AL AL AL (abt 1913)

1920 Federal Census, Cullman County, Alabama, 25 January, Antioch Precinct,
District 171, pages 3B-4A, Cold Springs Rd, Hse/Fam #64
Blevins, Arm [Armistead Alzie] Head Owns Free & Clear M W 32 Married AL AL GA
Farmer (abt 1888)
Blevins, Mary Wife F W 28 Married AL AL AL (abt 1892)
Blevins, Robert Son M W 1yr6mos Single AL AL AL (abt June 1918)

Juleyan Campbell Blevins
Birth Nov 12, 1844, USA
Death Jan 14, 1921, USA

Juleyan was the daughter of Adam and Lucresa Green Campbell. She is reported
to have had red hair like her father Adam.

She married Reverend Armstead E. Blevins on Oct 28, 1868 at her family home.

Her mother Lucretia Green Campbell is believed to have been of Cherokee blood.
This is further evidenced by the fact that Juleyan made an application in 1894
for Citizenship in the Cherokee Nation for herself and her sons: Benjamin F.,
Bird and John Robert (twins), Joseph, Dillard and Armstead A. We don't know
why she didn't list her son General Jackson, or her daughters Peggy, Mary and
Minolevia "Minnie."

See the photo of this application: It appears to be dated and signed by
Juleyan on 7 Sep 1894. She made the application at 49 years of age as the
daughter of "Lucretia Campbell" whom she "believes was an Indian belonging to
said tribe."

We do not believe that the application was ever approved and at this time,
have no information as to why.

She is buried with her husband in the Blevins family cemetery, located on
property formerly belonging to her son General Jackson Blevins and later to
C.P. White, MD near a house of rock built by G.J. Blevins near McKinley's
Chapel in Cullman County, AL near Wilburn and Bremen. The rock house had a
building stone (but it has disappeared) that showed:

Erected by G.J. Blevins August 1907.

Adam Campbell (1802 - 1873)
Lucresa Green Campbell (1804 - 1862)
Spouse Armstead Elza Blevins (1844 - 1924)

General Jackson Blevins (1870 - 1949)
Byrd Bartimus Blevins (1878 - 1950)
John Robert Blevins (1879 - 1959)
Joseph Blevins (1881 - 1957)
Dillard E Blevins (1884 - 1963)
Armstead Alzie Blevins (1888 - 1959)

Alexander Campbell (1832 - 1862)
General Taylor Campbell (1846 - 1922)
Kate Campbell Light (1848 - 1896)
Byrd Campbell (1850 - 1912)

Inscription:  Juleyan
Wife of A.E. Blevins
Nov 12, 1844
Jan 14, 1921

Burial Blevins Family Cemetery, Cullman County, Alabama, USA

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22, 2013
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Notes for Martha Jane CAMPBELL

1900 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 6 June, Justice Precinct 2, District
70, page 3B, Hse #45, Fam #49
Green, William Head W M  Oct 1830 69 Married 46 yrs NC NC NC Farmer Owns
Green, Martha Wife W F Feb 1841  59 Married 46 yrs 8 children/6 living MO VA

Alabama, Texas and Virginia, Confederate Pensions, 1884-1958
William Morris Green
Death 29 Jul 1910 Parker County, Texas
Widow Pension Application 29 Mar 1928 Parker County, Texas
Filed 2 April 1928
Approved 2 April 1928
Pension allowed from 1 March 1928
Spouse Mrs Marthia Jane Green
Marriage 19 Feb 1856 Parker County, Texas
Widow death 11 June 1929
File #43716

Martha J Campbell Green
Birth Feb 11, 1841
Death May 12, 1929
James Rayburn Campbell (1808 - 1891)
Lucy Ann Rucker Campbell (1820 - 1905)
William Barnett Campbell (1842 - 1942)
Benjamin D Campbell (1851 - 1918)
James H. Campbell (1853 - 1953)
Reuben Warren Campbell (1863 - 1903)
Burial Veal Station Cemetery, Springtown, Parker County, Texas, USA
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Notes for Martha Launah CAMPBELL

Launah and her husband Samuel M Keith were reported in Charlotte, North
Carolina, city directories soon after they were married.

U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
Charlotte, North Carolina, City Directory, 1907, p 329
Keith Maggie Miss wks Observer Ptg Hse r 301 S Poplar
Keith Mary , wid Thos r 301 S Poplar
Keith Saml M (Launah) foreman bindery Ray Ptg Co r 613 N Davidson

U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
Charlotte, North Carolina, City Directory, 1909, p 256
Keith Elliot M (Fannie L) janitor YMCA r 11 W 2nd
Keith Maggie Miss binder Observer Ptg Hse r 301 S Poplar
Keith Mary E Mrs r 301 S Poplar
Keith Saml M (Launah) foreman Ry [sic] Ptg Co r 506 E 4th

U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
Charlotte, North Carolina, City Directory, 1910, p 266
Keith Elliot M (Fannie) supt Tr4ust Bldg r 11 W 2d
Keith Margaret Miss wks Char Observer Co r 301 S Poplar
Keith Mary E Mrs r 301 S Poplar
Keith Saml M (Launah) foreman Ray Ptg Co r 610 E 4th

They later moved back to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where they were reported
inseveral city Directories.  They are among dozens of Keith households
reported in the directories.  In 1925 there over one and a half pages of
Keiths in the directory.

U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
Chattanooga, Tennessee, City Directory, 1925, p 968
Keith Saml M (Launah C) (S M Keith Co)  r 320 Dartmouth, NC
Keith S M Co (S M Keith)  book binders 806 1/2 Cherry

U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
Chattanooga, Tennessee, City Directory, 1928, p 966
Keith Saml M (Launah C) (S M Keith Co)  r 1125 Dartmouth
Keith S M Co (S M Keith)  book binders 1008 Ga av (2nd fl)
Keith Saml M Jr student r 1125 Dartmouth

U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
Chattanooga, Tennessee, City Directory, 1932, p 1004
Keith Saml M (Launah C) (S M Keith Co)  r 1125 Dartmouth
Keith Saml M Jr student r 1125 Dartmouth

Martha Launah Campbell Keith
Birth 1888 Tennessee
Death 1971 Tennessee

Burial with husband
Samuel Monroe Keith (1877-1964) & sons
Sam Campbell Keith (1905-1907)
Clarence Monroe Keith (1907-1918)
Edwin H Keith (1918-1938)

Spouse Samuel Monroe Keith (1877 - 1964)

Mary Lois Keith Houts (1904 - 1933)
Sam Campbell Keith (1905 - 1907)
Clarence Monroe Keith (1908 - 1912)
Jean Terry Keith (1909 - 1968)
Samuel A Keith (1915 - 1971)
Edwin H Keith (1918 - 1938)

Burial Chattanooga Memorial Park, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee,
Plot: Lot 430 Section A Grave 2

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Notes for Mary Cynthia Victoria CAMPBELL

Mary Cynthia Victoria Campbell Martin
Birth Feb. 10, 1903 Allen, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
Death May 14, 1958 Lindsay, Garvin County, Oklahoma
Spouse John William Martin (1901 - 1951)
Lois Betty Martin Belvin (1931 - 2013)
Billy Lonzo Martin (1934 - 1983)
Donald Martin (1941 - 2015)
Burial Erin Springs Cemetery, Erin Springs, Garvin County, Oklahoma, Section
A, Row 6
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Notes for George CAMPMIRE

The following marriage record in the Pickens County Marriage Book appears to be
for George Campire (or Campmin) and Mary (Polly) West.  Two different
transcriptions of the marriage license are found in the library,
one with each spelling.  The marriage occurred in April 1860, then Mary and
George appear in the 1860 census in June, with her father George in their

On the marriage record the clerk wrote Mary's name as Polly Rest, but the
judge who performed the ceremony wrote it as Mary Rast.  Polly is the common
nickname for Mary at that time.  The surname Rast may be from a previous
marrige for Mary.  When they married, George was about 52 and Mary about 53.

Pickens County, Georgia, Marriages
G W Campmire and Polly Rest as written by the clerk, Mary Rast as written by
the JIC (Mary Ann West)
License issued 11 April 1860
Marriage 13 April 1860, performed by Philip R Limmons, Judge of the Inferior
Registered Pickens County, Georgia, Marriage Book, p 133

In 1860, George's father-in-law George West was living in his household.

1860 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 18 June, Talking Rock District,
PO Talking Rock, page 931, Hse #446, Fam #376
George Campmire 52 M Farmer $1000 Real Estate $1000 Personal  born SC [b abt
Mary Campmire 53 F born So Carolina [b abt 1807]
George West 83 M born So Carolina [b abt 1777]
Marsick Hazlewood 48 M born So Carolina [b 1812]
Jane Hazlewood 54 F born So Carolina [b abt 1806]
Emeline Hazlewood 13 F born SC [b abt 1847]
Sarah Hayse 25 F born SC [b abt 1835]

In 1860 their post office was reported as Talking Rock.

The original settlement of Talking Rock is now called Blaine, and is not on
the railroad line.  The longtime settlement still known by that name is
nearby, where the current town of Talking Rock developed when the railroad
came through.

“Several legendary accounts are given with regard to the naming of Talking
Rock; one is the story of an unusual echo that was supposed to come from a
nearby rock cliff; while another story tells about a rock with which some of
the Cherokees played a trick on one another. The little town is situated on a
creek of the same name. Being on the Old Federal Road, it was one of the
eearliest settlements in this region, and some of the earliest churches and
schools in Pickens were at or near the present site of the town. Talking Rock
is also close to the site of the old Indian village, Sanderstown. One of the
earliest cotton mills in Georgia was started at Talking Rock by William C
Atherton, and flourished until the Civil War when it was destroyed by
Sherman’s raiders. The Talking Rock neighborhood was settled by a number of
Presbyterian families, most of whom came to Pickens County about the time of
the Indian removal. It is located on the old L&N Railroad line.” Today
Talking Rock is a quiet little village off the beaten path along the creek
where Cherokees once farmed. Just a few quaint shops where the conversation is
as interesting as the antiques and collectibles. A tiny Post Office. A couple
of churches on the mountainside and cemeteries with markers telling stories of
a lively past."

1870 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 4 August, Talking Rock District,
PO Jasper, page 125, Hse/Fam #969
Campmire, George 64 M W Farmer $100 Real Estate $100 Personal Estate born
North Carolina [b abt 1806]
Campmire, Mary 63 F W born South Carolina [b abt 1807]

In 1870 their post office was reported as Jasper, the county seat of Pickens

“The county seat of Pickens County was named for Sergeant William Jasper, an
American soldier of Revolutionary War fame, who died on Georgia soil. Before
the town was incorporated in 1857, it was a small Long Swamp Valley community
of pioneers. Early businesses included a lumber mill, marble plant, harness
and shoe shop. Geographically, the county was unsuited for large plantations
of the type that made slave labor essential, and in 1860, this area contained
almost no negroes. Thus, at the outbreak of the Civil War, a good many
citizens of the County were opposed to Secession, and the Union flag was
allowed to float from the courthouse at Jasper for some time after Georgia

In 1974, George filed a claim for compensatoin for a mule taken from him
during the war by a Union officer, though George was a loyal subject of the
United States, and never supported the Confederate States.  He lists several
neighbors and kin who supported his claim on these grounds.  One was George R
Mullins, also known from other records and family history to have been a Union
supporter, working with members of his family as guerilla sappers then
railroad guards for the Union.

The master list of these claims was published in 1876, under the title
Southern Loyalists in the Civil War:  The Southern Claims Commiision."

U.S. Southern Claims Commission Master Index, 1871-1880
George W Campmire
Pickens County, Georgia
Claim #5875
Report #6, 1876
Compiled by Gary B Milles in 1994, and reprinted by Clearfield Company in 2004

In 1880, George and Mary's locality is given in the census as Town.  This is
referred to in their tax rolls as Town District, and listed in standard
databases under current Townships in the county.  The entry for the state of
birth for Mary's mother appears to be Md, for Maryland.

1880 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 10 June, Town District,
Enumeration District 163, page 16, Hse #135, Fam #136
Campmire, George W W M 73 Farmer SC Scotland SC Cannot write [b abt 1827]
Campmire, Mary W F 74 Wife Keeping House SC MD SC [b abt
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Notes for Dorothy Kennemore CANADA

1850 Federal Census, Franklin County, Alabama, 17 December, District 6, page
72, Hse #572, Fam #512
Matthew Mullinax  48 M Farmer  SC
Dorotha Mullinax  48  SC (makes birth seem to be in 1802)
Franklin W Mullinax   18 M Farmer  SC

Family genealogies and personal sources indicate that Matthew and Dorothy had
only one child, a son William F.  He was listed with his names in the opposite
order in 1850, as Franklin W.  In the 1860 census William has married Lydia
Obedience Autry.

1860 Federal Census, Franklin County, Alabama, 13-14 September, Eastern
Subdivision, PO Frankfort, page 80-81, Hse #580, Fam #583
Mathew Mullinax  58 M Farmer  SC
Dorothy C Mullinax  61  SC (C seems to be for maiden name Canada) [b abt 1799]
Wm F Mullinax  26 M Farmer  SC  Public School Teacher
Liddo O Mullinax 18
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