Notes for Rosanna J HOLLAND

Gravestone of Rosanna Randall
Footstone beside Thomas' headstone  is for Rosanna, his wife:
Rosanna, Wife of T P Randall, May 23, 1858 - Aug 2 1902;
Oak Grove Methodist Cemetery, Ellenboro, Rutherford County, North Carolina;
--  Photo courtesy of "mountainspring81" on Ancestry, 25 Aug 2011, accessed 7
August 2016

Rosanna J Holland Randall
Birth May 23, 1859
Death Aug 2, 1902

Leander Austin Holland (1828 - 1913)
Sarah Lucinda Lee Holland (1842 - 1921)

Spouse Thomas Pinkney Randall (1860 - 1919)
Infant Randall (1900 - 1900)
Julius Pinkney Randall (1902 - 1904)
Drewey Bryan Randall (1908 - 1977)

Osborne William Holland (1861 - 1936)
Sarah Louisa Holland Matheny (1863 - 1907)
Crowder Monroe Holland (1865 - 1926)
Moriah Lenorar Holland (1868 - 1873)
Amelia Martha Holland Wilkins (1871 - 1955)
L. A. Holland (1873 - 1938)
John Leroy Holland (1876 - 1930)
May Holland Wall (1884 - 1945)

Burial Oak Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery, Ellenboro, Rutherford
County, North Carolina

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Notes for J W HOLLER

1885 Kansas State Census, Cherokee County, 1 March, Mineral Township, PO
Columbus, page 41, Hse/Fam #209
J W Holler 29 M W Farmer b Illinois, moved to Kansas from Illinois
Etti Holler 16 F W b Illinois, moved to Kansas from Illinois
Lee Holler 1 M W b Kansas
Dee Maxell 16 M W b Illinois, moved to Kansas from Illinois
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Notes for John Quincy Adams HOLLIDAY

John Quincy Adams Holliday
Birth 1828 Williamson County, Tennessee
Death Feb. 5, 1892 Sebastian County, Arkansas

John Quincy Adams Holliday was son of John Christmas and Sarah (Sally)
Trantham Holliday. He was most likely born at the Hermitage Plantation, Home
of President Andrew Jackson. It is not written in gold that he was, but given
the documents I have and the dates, it appears that he was probably born there
along with his sister Sarah Jane and a few other siblings including Andrew
Jackson Holliday, who was obviosly named after the president.

John's father John C. was a personal friend of Jackson's and fought in the
battle of New Orleans with him and became overseer of the plantation while
Jackson was president. Several of John C. and Sally Holliday's children where
born on the plantation. I have documents from Andrew Jackson's presidential
papers showing the relationship between the two.

John Quincy was married to
1. Frances Isabella Baskin,1848
2. Nancy Ann Philpot Roby,1864,and
3. Sarah A. Sanford,aft 1879 who is buried at Barling cemetery.

I have not been able to find when and where Isabella is buried. I think she
may have been buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Mississippi, as John's
parents are there as well as other family members. It would make sense that
she was buried there. Some of the grave markers have disappeared so we may
never know.  Nancy Ann is at Cherry Hill Cemetery in Cherry Hill, Arkansas,
where John and she lived at the time of her death.

Death info in the book for John says he was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery. It
says a robe was bought for $1.00 and the total amount of his funeral was
$10.00, paid for in 2 payments by his book keeping company, O'Shea & Hinch. He
was buried Feb. 6, 1892. It does not give a space where he is buried and I
cannot find his grave, as records have been lost dating that far back. If
anyone knows of records before 1970 for Barling cemetery please contact me at
the address below.

This cemetery is now Barling Cemetery. It changed from Spring Hill to White
Cemetery then to Barling Cemetery. The town of Spring Hill is now Barling,
just outside of Fort Smith in Sebastian County, Arkansas. If someone reading
this knows anything about Frances Isabella please contact me at

Nancy Ann Philpot / Roby Holliday (1836 - 1879)
Frances Isabella Baskin Holliday (1831 - 1862)
Sarah A. Unknown / Sanford Holliday (1842 - 1916)

Jacob Parker Holliday (1853 - 1937)
Sarah E Holliday Smith (1868 - 1947)
Nancy Belle Holliday Pullen (1877 - 1951)
Newell Holliday (1879 - 1940)

Burial Barling Cemetery, Barling, Sebastian County, Arkansas

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Notes for Mildred M HOLLINGSHEA

California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985
Bernard B Briscoe
Age 41, Birth Year abt 1926
Marriage 9 Apr 1967 Contra Costa, California
Spouse Name Mildred M Hollingshea (Mildred M Bohannan)
Spouse Age 49

California, Divorce Index, 1966-1984
Mildred M Bohannon
Spouse Name Bernard B Briscoe
Jun 1969 Contra Costa
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Notes for Emma Victoria HOLLOMAN

Reeves is Emma's first married name.  I have found no information on Emma's
first husband.  Her maiden name is reported to be Hollomon.  See the Notes on
the family under Matthew Bradley Epperson.

In the 1900 census Emma is a widow, head of household with 5 children.

1900 Federal Census, Howard County, Arkansas, 18 June, Mineral Springs
Township, District 65, page 15A, Hse #250, Fam #254
Reeves, Emma V  Head  34  Widowed Borne 6 children, 5 living  AR GA GA [No
occupation reported]  Rents Farm
Reeves, Claude A Son W M 13  AR Connecticut AR
Reeves, Walter  Son W M 11  AR Connecticut AR
Reeves, Grover  Son W M 6  AR Connecticut AR
Reeves, Earl  Son W M 4  AR Connecticut AR
Reeves, Myrtle Daughter W F 1 AR Connecticut AR

In 1910, Emma has married widower Rev Matthew Bradley Epperson.

1910 Federal Census, Bandera County, Texas, 20 April, Justice Precinct 6,
District 13, page ?, Hse #43, Fam #45
Epperson, M B  Head  M W 42  2nd Marriage  (# of years not stated) AR TN AL
Farm[er]  Rents
Epperson, Emma V  Wife  F W 44  2nd Marriage, married 25 years  Borne 8
children, 6 living  AR GA GA
Epperson, Troy  Son M W 20  AR AR AR Farm Laborer
Epperson, Mitchel  Son M W 14  AR AR AR Farm Laborer
Epperson, Opal  Son M W 11  AR AR AR
Epperson, Finis  Son M W 4  AR AR AR
Reeves, Walter  [Step]son M W 21  AR AR AR Farm[er]
Reeves, Grover  [Step]son M W 17  AR AR AR Farm Laborer
Reeves, Myrtle [Step]daughter F W 11 AR AR AR

I notice that in this census, her son Earl, who should be 14, is not listed. 
Neither is Claude, who at 23 is probably already marred and in his own
household.  This census reports that Emma has borne two more children since
1900, but to of her children have died.  No new children are reported.  In
1900 she was reported as having borne 6 children, with 5 still living.  This
seems to indicate that after she married Matthew she had had another child
before Finis who died.  Walter, Grover and Myrtle match the report of 1900.

No genealogies reporting on this family have any information about that. 
Jimmy Epperson's Genealogy reports the date of death for Emma as 2 August
1929, while the Texas Death Index reports 8 August 1929.  The Death Index
reports that she died in Brown County, Texas.  Her residence at the time of
death was Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas., Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
Certificate 38910
Mrs Emma Victoria Epperson
Death 8 Aug 1929 Brown
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Notes for Fannie Day HOLMES

1920 Federal Census, Gordon County, Georgia, 5 April, District 874, Enumeration
District 106, page 8B, Fairmount & Ludville [?] Rd, Hse #148, Fam #155
Green, William E Head Rents M W 21 Married GA GA GA Farmer [b abt 1899]
Green, Fannie D Wife F W 20 GA GA GA
Green, Mabell Dau F W 0mos GA GA GA

Fannie Day Holmes Greene
Birth 24 Jun 1899 Georgia, USA
Death 27 Sep 1985 (aged 86) Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky, USA
Burial  Danville Memorial Gardens, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky
Fannie Day Holmes was born on June 24, 1899, in Georgia. She is the daughter
of Josiah W and Mary G Holmes. She married Willie Erwin Greene. She died on
September 27, 1985, Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky at the Fort Logan
Hospital. She was buried in the Danville Memorial Gardens in Danville,
Kentucky, at the age of 86.

Fannie Holmes Greene, 86, IN KENTUCKY
Lexington Herald-Leader (KY) - Sunday, September 29, 1985
STANFORD - Fannie Holmes Greene, 86, died Friday at Fort Logan Hospital.
Services will be at 11 a.m. Monday at Fox Funeral Home. Visitation will begin
at 7 p.m. today.

Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Fannie Greene
Issued Kentucky
Birth Saturday June 24, 1899
Death September 1985
Age at Death 86 years, 2 months
Last known residence Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky 40484

Spouse Willie Erwin Greene 1898-1962
Ernest Charles Greene 1930-2011
Robert Carl Greene 1935-2010

Gravesite Details OSSW Willie E

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Notes for James Arlin HOLSTED

James Arlin Holsted
Birth 14 Jun 1914 in Atlas, Arkansas
Death 16 May 2000 in Mt View, Kiowa, Oklahoma
Parents Toby Alonzo Holsted 1886 - 1983
Mary Ellen Harness 1889 - 1986
Marriage 28 Jul 1943 Fort Cobb, Caddo, Oklahoma, to Fannie Sue Kelley
Birth 27 Jun 1919 in Fort Cobb, Caddo, Oklahoma
Death 25 Apr 1991 in Carnegie, Caddo, Oklahoma
--  Arkansas Malone Family,

This genealogy has some excellent details and photos of members of this
familyl  As to the place of Arlin's death, however, I am not aware of any
place in Arkansas named Atlas, and can find no refeence to such a place in
Internet searches.  Perhaps this is an informal location or an old name for
some place.

1920 Federal Census, Searcy County, Arkansas, 12 January, Mt Vernon Township,
District 115, page 1B,  Hse/Fam #19
Holsted, T Lonzo  Head  Rents  M W 33 Married AR AR MS Farmer
Holsted, Mary E Wife F W 29 Married AR AR AR No Occupation
Holsted, William R Son M W 14 AR AR AR
Holsted, Opla  Dau M W 11 OK AR AR
Holsted, Ola  Dau M W 9yrs6mos AR AR AR
Holsted, Oma  Dau M W 7yrs3mos AR AR AR
Holsted, Arlan  Son M W 6yrs6mos AR AR AR
Holsted, Tildy Dau M W 2yrs1mo AR AR AR
Holsted, Robert B  Father  M W 70 Married AR MO KY No Occupation [b abt 1950]
Holsted, Mary F Mother F W 66 Married MS MS MS No Occupation [b abt 1954]

1930 Federal Census, Searcy County, Arkansas, 5 April, Mt Vernon Township,
District 10, page 1A, Hse/Fam #7
Holsted, Lonzo Head Owns Farm, Does not owns a radio M W 43 First Married at
age 18 AR AR MS Farmer [b abt 1887]
Holsted, Mary  Wife F W 40 First Married at age 15 AR AR AR [b abt 1890]
Holsted, Ola  Dau F W 19 AR AR AR [b abt 1911]
Holsted, Oma Dau F W 18 AR AR AR [b abt May 1912]
Holsted, Arlen  Son M W 17 AR AR AR [b abt 1913]
Holsted, Tilda Dau F W 12 AR AR AR [b abt Nov 1918]
Holsted, Hubert B  Son M W 8 AR AR AR [b abt 1922]
Holsted, Kenneth  Son M W 4 AR AR AR [b abt 1926]
Holsted, Curtis  Son M W 9mos AR AR AR [b abt June 1929]
Holsted, Robert B  Father M W 80 Widowed AR MO KY [b abt 1950]

Social Security Death Index
Arlin Holsted
Born: 14 Jun 1914
Died: 16 May 2000
Last Residence Mountain View, Kiowa, Oklahoma 73062
SSN 448-12-5093 issued Oklahoma (Before 1951)
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Notes for Eulema HOLT

1880 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 8 June, Truckwheel, District 162,
page 13, Hse/Family #111
Holt, Jonathan  W M  23 Farmer GA SC GA [b abt 1857]
Holt, Missouri W F 21 Wife  Keeping House  Cannot read or write GA GA GA
Holt, Eulema  Dau  W F 3  Dau Single GA GA GA
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Notes for Jerry Albert HOLT

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Jerry Albert Holt
Residence Shepherd, San Jacinto County, Texas
Birth 12 Dec 1887 Bono [Craighead County], Arkansas
Race: Caucasian (White)
Farmer, Employed by D W King, Shepherd, Texas
Married [wife not named] with one child
Medium Height and Build, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair
Registered 5 June 1917 Cold Springs, Texas

Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
Certificate #3843
Jerry Albert Holt
Death 31 Jan 1932 Runnels
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Notes for Joe HOLT

[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 M-Z, Ed. 6, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: 7 Feb 2007, Internal Ref. #] 
Individual: Tatum, Joe Social Security #: 448-05-1299 Issued in: Oklahoma 
Birth date: 08/29/1897 Death date: 05/00/1974  Residence code: Oklahoma  ZIP
Code of last known residence: 74820 Primary location associated with this ZIP
Code:  Ada, Oklahoma
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Notes for Jonathan Cyrus HOLT

1870 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Georgia, 4 August, Salacoa Township, PO
Canton, page 224, Hse/Fam #106
Holt, Sina 48 F W Farmer $700 Real Estate $300 Personal b GA [abt 1822]
Holt, Mary Jane 25 F W Keeping House b GA [abt 1845]
Holt, George A 18 M W Farm Labor b GA [abt 1848]
Holt, Jonathan C 14 M W Farm Labor b GA [abt 1856]
Holt, James M 11 M W Farm Labor b GA [abt 1850]
Holt, Martha 8 F W b GA [abt 1862]

Cherokee County, Georgia, Marriage Certificate
Jonathan Holt and Missouri Tatum
License Issued 4 July 1874
Marriage performed 5 July 1874 by S Jones Justice of the Peace
Recorded 24 April 1876 [sic]
No birth or residence information included on the certificate

1880 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 8 June, Truckwheel, District
162, page 13, Hse/Family #111
Holt, Jonathan   W M  23   Farmer   GA SC GA [b abt 1857]
Holt, Missouri W F 21 Wife  Keeping House  Cannot read or write GA GA GA
Holt, Eulema  Dau  W F 3  Dau Single GA GA GA
Holt, Samuel D  W M 1 Son Single GA GA GA
Brown, Nancy  W F 20  Dau Housekeeping  Single GA GA GA
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Notes for Jonathan Theodore HOLT

1910 Federal Census, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, 18 April, Asher Ward 1,
District 194, page 2B,  Hse/Fam #50
Holt, Jonathan T Head  M W  38  Married 14 years  GA GA GA Night Watchman,
Locomotive Engine Owns
Holt, Elvarrie [Elviry, for Elvira]  Wife F W 32 Married 14 yrs 5 children/5
living GA GA GA
Holt, Lottie Dau F W 12  OK GA GA
Holt, Cassintine Dau F W 11  OK GA GA
Holt, Laura Dau F W 7  OK GA GA
Holt, Earnest Son M W 4 OK GA GA
Holt, Chrey(?) M W 2 Single OK GA GA
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Notes for Lela Oneda HOLT

Texas, County Marriage Records, 1817-1965
William Franklin Mcswain
Lelia Oneda Holt
Marriage 14 Dec 1937 Gaines County, Texas, USA

Texas, Birth Index, 1903-1997
Emmett Franklin McSwain
Birth 19 Feb 1940 Gaines County
Father's name William Franklin McSwain
Mother's name Oneta Holt

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
Emmett Franklin McSwain
Birth 19 Feb 1940 Seagraves [Gaines County], Texas
Death Date 14 Oct 2007
Father William F McSwain
Mother Onieda Holt
SSN 452564494
May 1953 Name listed as EMMETT FRANKLIN MCSWAIN; 07 Nov 2007 Name listed as

1940 Federal Census, Gaines County, Texas, 31 May, Precinct 1, District 83-2,
page 19A, Hse #334, Rents $4
McSwain, W Frank Head M W 21 Grade 7 b Texas Rural Terry Co TX in 1935 Farmer
[b abt 1919]
McSwain, Oneida Wife F W 21 Grade H4 b Texas Rural Dawson Co TX in 1935 [b abt
McSwain, Doris Dau F W 2 Grade 0 b Texas [b abt 1938]
McSwain, Emmett Son M W [age frist written as 3 mos, then totally marked out,
no age rptd] Grade 0 b Texas [b abt 1940]

William and Oneida were reported in the Midland, Texas, City directory in
1946, the only McSwains in the book.

U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
Midland, Texas, City Directory, 1946
McSwain William F (Oneida) carp h 502 S Ft Worth

U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 1
Lela O McSwain
Birth Date 6 May 1919
1515 NW 22nd St, Oklahoma City, OK, 73106-4031 (1987)

Oneida Lela McSwain
Deceased at 94 and lived in Oklahoma City
Brenda Florence McSwain
Jack William McSwain [known to be her son]
Pamela Denise White
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