Notes for John VII 3rd Lord Strange of Knockin LE STRANGE

There is a discrepancy in birth dates for John VII, 3rd Lord Strange.  The
family website reports one of its rare exact dates as 9 October 1296, while
the Corbet-Le Strange genealogy reports he "was born about 1302."  I have
followed the family website since this date is exact.

John had no children.  Jamesina Remfry on the Le strange Website tells us he
was married to a woman named Maud, but the last name is not known.
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Notes for John VIII 6th Lord Strange of Knockin LE STRANGE

John le Strange
Birth abt 1352 England, Shropshire, Knockyn
Occupation 6th Baron of Strange 1382-1397
Death 7/28/1397
Aged: 45.6 years
Roger Strange abt 1326 -- 8/23/1382
Aline FitzAlan abt 1325 -- 1/20/1385
Maud de Mohun
Birth abt 1357 England, Somerset, Dunster Castle
Death 9/20/1400
--  Our Family Tree,, drawing on


... family, had now reverted to the elder line, and had been assigned to the
Lady Aleyne as a dower house.

By a charter dated July 8, 1385, John le Strange, lord of Knockin, granted to
Richard Earl of Arundel and Surrey, to Aleyne le Strange his mother, and to
Ebulo le Strange, clerk, his brother, the manor of Holborn, in the suburb of
London, in fee, with remainder to the heirs of Alice. 1 He was summoned to
Parliament from August 20, 1283, to July 18, 1397. He was in the garrison of
Berwick, and served in the Scotch wars. 2 The inquisition on the death of John
le Strange shows that he died on July 28, 1397, 3 and that on his wife, Maud
de Mohun, shows that she survived for three years, and died on September 20,
1400. 4

Mention has already been made of two brothers of John, sixth Lord Strange of
Knockin, viz. Roger, who had a grant of Edgeware for life, 5 and Eubulo, who
was in Holy Orders. 6 The latter was presented to the rectory of Wistanstow,
Salop, c. 1373, and held it until August 6, 1385; 7 soon after we find him as
rector of Gresford, in the modern county of Denbigh, then in the March of
Bromfield, which had passed from the Warennes to the fitz Alans. A papal
letter of Boniface IX, dated from Rome on April 28, 1391, conveyed the
following dispensation:

To Eubulo Strange, rector of Gresford in the diocese of St. Asaph.
Dispensation to him, who is of a royal race, has for some years studied civil
law, and holds also the free chapel of  Hempton, in the Diocese of Lichfield,
and a canonry and prebend of Lincoln, value, together with his church, 150
marks; on the petition also of King Richard, who says he is his kinsman, to
hold one other benefice without cure, even a major elective dignity with cure
in a cathedral, and to exchange it and his said church as often as he please,
for two similar or dissimilar incompatible benefices. 8

I am indebted to Professor Tout for pointing out to me the royal descent of
Eubulo, which I had been unable to trace. He writes to me the royal blood was
very indirect and not very royal, but a certain distant kinship to the royal
house came from ...

1 Lond. and Middlesex Arch. Trans., i. 124. 2 Complete Peerage, vii. 274.
3 C.P.R., 1476-1485, p. 45. * Chancery Inq. p.m., Hen. IV, File 43, No. 27.
6 Supra, p. 332. 6 Ibid., p. 334.  Eyton, xi. 364.
8 Cal. Pap. Let., 1362, 1404, iv. 357.
--  Le Strange, Records of early family of Norfolk and the March of Wales,
1100-1310, , New York:  Longmans, Green, 1916,  p 337, courtesy of MyHeritage,
from Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
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Notes for Katherine LE STRANGE

Some sources spell this name Catherine.  Dates vary among the sources for
personages of this era.  Some place the date of Katherine in 1558, rather than
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Notes for Katherine LE STRANGE

Most sources report both Katherine and her sister Alice born in 1521.
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Notes for Leonard LE STRANGE

Leonard died young.
-- Le Strange Website, Descent,
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Notes for Lucy LE STRANGE

Some details of Lucy Strange were provided by Adrian Hill in his
Hill-Dickson-Lamotte genealogy.

Lucy Le Strange
•Birth about 1367 - Knockyn, Shropshire, England
•Died 28 April 1398 - Eresby, Lincolnshire, England; age at death: possibly
31 years old
•Roger Strange Jr. ca 1327-1381
•Aline FitzAlan ca 1309-1385
•Married to William Willoughby ca 1370-1410
(Parents: Robert Willoughby 1349-1396 &  Alice Skipwith ca 1355-ca 1412)
•Robert Willoughby 1385-1452
•Thomas Willoughby 1387-1432
•Elizabeth Willoughby 1388-1428
•Margaret Willoughby 1388
•Marjory Willoughby 1397-1452
--  Alan Hill,;p=lucy;n=le+strange

Lucy Le Strange Willoughby
Birth 1367 Shropshire, England
Death 28 Apr 1405 (aged 37-38) Lincolnshire, England
Burial Saint James Churchyard, Spilsby, East Lindsey District, Lincolnshire,
Daughter of Roger Le Strange and Aline (Fitzalan) Le Strange,( the daughter of
Edmund Fitzalan (Earl of Arundel). Married Lord William Willoughby Apr. 23,
1383. Mother of Margaret Willoughby (Skipwith).
Roger L'Estrange unknown-1382
Aline FitzAlan L'Estrange unknown-1386
Spouse William 5th Lord Willoughby 1370-1409
John L'Estrange unknown-1397
Margery Willoughby FitzHugh
Margaret Willoughby Oldhall
Thomas Willoughby
Margaret Willoughby Oldhall unknown-1455
Robert Willoughby 1385-1452
Created by Kaaren Crail Vining 5 Mar 2010
--  Find A Grave Memorial 49143946,
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Notes for Margery LE STRANGE

Margery received Litcham Manor as her dowry upon marriage to Ralph de
--  The Le Strange Website, Descent,
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Notes for Matilda LE STRANGE

Sources vary considerably on dates of birth or death on many personages during
this era.

The Senderling Genealogy, which includes many of the Le Strange family, gives
a birth date of 1320 for Matilda, the same year as her husband, which looks

The Corbet Genealogy, whose family is intermarried with the Le Stranges, gives
a date of 1333, in England, Shropshire, Blackmere.  This is to olate, howver,
to amtch the couple of sources that have a date of birth for her son.

The earlier date of 1324 reported by the Le Strange Family Genealogy on Tudor
Place is more reasonable and closer to Matilda's husband's birth date.
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Notes for Maude LE STRANGE

Maude Strange
Birth 1323 Blakemore, Herefordshire, England
Death England
Fulk le Strange abt 1267 -- bef 23 JAN 1324
Eleanor Giffard abt 1275 -- 23 JAN 1324
Spouse Bryan Cornwall
Birth 1315 Cornwall, England
Death 1392, Aged 77 years
Edmund De Cornwall 1272 -- 22 MAR 1353
Elizabeth Brampton 12 DEC 1294 --
--   Our Family Tree, accessed 4 August 2016,

Brian de CORNWALL , Lord of Kinlet, MP, Sir

Here is a excerpt from an article about his son, Sir John, which has info
pertaining to Sir Brian, etc.  [This article reports an exact date of death
for Brian, which is often the year 1392 in various references]

CORNWALL, Sir John (c.1366-1414), of Kinlet, Salop [Shropshire].
[M.P. for:] Shropshire 1402, 1407
b. c.1366, s. and h. of Sir Brian Cornwall of Kinlet by Maud [Le Strange], da.
of Fulk, 1st Lord Strange of Blackmere,
m1 bef. 1390, Joan, da. and h. of Sir William Wasteneys of Eastham, Worcs. by
Alice, da. of Walter Hewet, 2da.;
m2? bef. 1397, Maud.
Kntd. by Sept. 1399.
Cornwall's grandfather, Sir Edmund Cornwall (d. 1354) of Thonock
(Lincolnshire) and Kinlet, was the son of an illegitimate son of Richard, King
of the Romans and earl of Cornwall, so he himself could claim descent from
King John. His father's eldest brother, Sir Edmund, died without issue, and
the bulk of the family estates (with the exception of Thonock which passed to
another brother and his descendants) reverted to Sir Brian and then, at his
death on 5 May 1391, to John himself.

Cornwall thus inherited the manors of Asthall and Idbury in Oxfordshire,
Ashton in Herefordshire, Kinlet, a moiety of the vill of Worthen and part of
Caus Forest in Shropshire and other properties in the marches. He had already
agreed, however, that his mother should keep two-thirds of Ashton for life,
over and above her dower portion. [Ref: HOP II:661-2]


[Curt Hofemann]

--  Curt Hofeman, story on, accessed 4 August 2016,
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Notes for Nicholas LE STRANGE

Nicholas succeded to his father's titles and distributed the estate to his

"His [Sir Thomas Le Strange] health begun deteriorating at Christmas time
1540, with kidney stones and made him bedridden for weeks. His doctor who Anne
paid for "castyng of my husbonds water & for his counsell", treated him again
at Christmas 1543. Anne took some wine to her husband "Whan yow War sykke on
the collyke & ston" but a recurrence two years later, in 1545 ended his life
suddenly. Aged about 51, his will was still incomplete and his natural heir,
Sir Nicholas, succeeded him and executed his grants to his brothers in 1547,
one of whom was Richard who founded the Irish Moystown Branch."
--  Familypedia,
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Notes for Ralph LE STRANGE

The Le Strange Website provides a date of birth, but no place.  However, the
date differs from other sources.  The date of 1165 is before the date most
sources give for the marriage of his parents.  Also, one would expect it is
the first child who would be named John after the father, and other sources
have it thus.

Thus I have followed the year of birth given by the Senderling Genealogy,
about 1172, placing Ralph third in order of birth.  The Le Strange Website
states that Ralph had no children.  The genealogy reporting the name of his
wife also has no children.  Ages reported indicate that Ralph was about 50
years older than Emma.  Emma married again and had one daughter, Cecilia de
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Notes for Ralph LE STRANGE

The Le Strange Website styles Ralph as Ralph le Strange of Little Ercal. 
Ordinarily when a person is styled in this manner, I have understood that to
mean this was the estate where he was born.

However, his brothers are styled with more than one estate, so in this case it
could mean this was the estate he was settled with as part of his legacy.
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