Notes for John Gaines MULLINNIX

1850 Federal Census, Eastern Division, Pickens County, South Carolina, 29 July,
Eastern Division, Pickens, p 909, Hse/Fam #47
JG Mullinax, age 30 born SC
Elizabeth A Mullinax, age 31, SC
Margarett A Mullinax, 4, SC
Melinda J Mullinax, 1, SC

They are right next door to Jared Evatt and wife Margarett Bush Gaines Evatt,
Hse/Fam #48

The death certificate of Malinda J Mullinax reports the name of her father as
William Mullinax.  This appears to be an error on the part of the informant T
F Evatt, who seems to be Malinda's son Thomas, or the medical examiner. 
Otherwise I have seen no sources referring to John as William.  In the 1880
census, there is a 45-year-old William Mullinax next door to John A Mullinax,
son of John G.  John G is a widower in the home of his son John Augustus.

1880 Federal Census, Anderson County, South Carolina, 3 June, Garvin Township,
District 27, page 6, Hse/Fam #48
Mullinax, John  W M 28   Farmer SC SC SC
Mullinax, Eliza W F 25 Wife Keeping House SC SC SC
Mullinax, Cornelia  W F 6 Dau At School SC SC SC
Mullinax, Etta  W M 4 Dau At Home SC SC SC
Mullinax, Leland  W M 11mos born July Son At Home SC SC SC
Mullinax, John  W M 61 Father Widowed At Home SC SC SC
Mullinax, Mary  W F 26 Sister Single Keeping House SC SC SC
Mullinax, Rose  W F 24 Sister Single Keeping House SC SC
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Notes for John S MULLINNIX

The World Family Tree Pedigree 32832 lists this person as John Mullinix, Jr,
and his father as John Mullinix, Sr.  From previous sources I have the middle
initial as S, and the last name spelled as Mullinax.  Thus this son is listed
here as John S Mullinix (keeping the spelling of the family name in the source
genealogy for the son), as is his father.

Three other children in this family are listed in the Old Pendleton District
Genealogy.  Matthew (no birth date given), Mary A (born 1826) and Sarah (born

One Mullinax genealogy lists them as John S Mullinax, but does not cite a
source.  Most sources lack any middle initial for John and his son.  Sarah
Mullinix mentioned in correspondence on this question that she has not found
any original documents that show any middle initial for either of these.
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Notes for Margaret A MULLINNIX

1850 Federal Census, Eastern Division, Pickens County, South Carolina, 29 July,
Eastern Division, Pickens, p 909, Hse/Fam #47
JG Mullinax, age 30 born SC
Elizabeth A Mullinax, age 31, SC
Margarett A Mullinax, 4,
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Notes for William G MULLINNIX

William G Mullinix/Mullinax was a Methodist Minister.  There are other children
in this family.  I have included just those shown in order to indicate the
family ties to other families in their region.
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Notes for Alford Martin MULLINS

His name appears in various records and sources as Alfred or Alford.  It
appears that Alford was the original spelling.

1880 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Georgia, 17 June, Salacoa District
(906th Civil Dist), District 22, page 24, Hse #208, Family #220
Mullins, Martin  W M 35  Farmer  GA SC SC
Mullins, Thaly A  W F 35 Wife  Kpng Hse GA SC NC
Mullins, Alfred M  W M 7 GA GA GA

In the 1930 census, an entry that matches Alford Martin appears under the name
of Matt A.  No child of this family is found named Matt in separate family
sources.  It appears that this Matt A is the child of Martin Burton Mullins
known as Alford Martin.  Perhaps the enumerator took the nickname Mart as

1930 Federal Census, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, 7 April, Asher, District
1, page 5B, Hse #123, Fam #129
Mullins, Matt A Head Rents, value $10 M W 57 Married at age 22 GA GA GA Farmer
Mullins, Nannie Wife F W 57 Married at age 22 OK MO MO
--  page 6A --
Mullins, Dave Son M W 27 Single OK GA OK Garage Mechanic
Mullins, George B Brother M W 44 Widow TX GA GA Farmer
Mullins, Van Nephew M W 17 Single OK TX OK

Alford Martin's gravestone actually has his name as simply Matt Mullins.  So
maybe this wa s nickname he developed along the way.  He and Nannie are buried
in the Wannette cemetery along with several other Mullinses, including Matt's
mother Thalia Forrester Mullins.  Incidentally, Thalia's full name on her
grave is Thalia Anne Mullins.  Her middle name is spelled Ann in other

Gravestone of Alford Martin (Matt) Mullins
Matt Mullins
Mar 7, 1869
Jan 3, 1941
Family Photo from Elaine Saylor
Buried at Wanette Cemetery, Pottawatomie, OK, along with other family members
--  Elaine Saylor,

This cemetery is near Asher, Oklahoma, in Pottawatomie County.  The cemetery
registry on Oklahoma Genealogy Web (OKGenWeb) lists it as though there is a
town of Wannette.
--  Wanette Cemetery, Wannette, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma,

Google Maps shows Asher as the address;
Wanette Cemetery
Asher, OK 74826,+Pottawatomie+Oklahoma&fb=1&gl=us&hq=Wanette+Cemetery,+Pottawatomie+Oklahoma&hnear=Wanette+Cemetery,+Pottawatomie+Oklahoma&cid=2669288549636800113

Some sources, pubilc and private, spell the town and cemetery Wannetta.  Some
have Wannette Cemetery at Wanetta, Oklahoma.
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Notes for Alford Webb MULLINS

1850 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Georgia, 15 October, Division 15, page
479, Hse #1068, Family #1073
John M Mullins 53 M Farmer South Carolina
Francis A Mullins 51 F South Carolina
Margaret A Mullins 24 F Georgia  [b abt 1826]
John M Jr (John M III) Mullins 23 M Farmer Georgia [b abt 1827]
Nancy A Mullins 20 F Georgia [b abt 1830]
Green D Mullins 19 Male Farmer Georgia [b abt 1831]
Seborn J Mullins 16 Male Georgia [b abt 1834]
Mary K Mullins 14 Female Georgia [b abt 1836]
** Lafayette J Mullins 12 Male Georgia [b abt 1838] **
Alfred W Mullins 10 Male Georgia [b abt 1840]
Martha J Mullins 8 Female Georgia [b abt
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Notes for Ann MULLINS

Some sources report the first wife of Thomas Molineaux was named Ann Mullins. 
Others dispute this.  I have not yet learned a different name for the first
wife of Thomas.
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Notes for Aseneth Ann MULLINS

1850 Federal Census, Gilmer County, Georgia, 29 November, Subdivision 33, page
815 (scan 429), Hse/Fam #1148
James P Mullins 26 M Farmer $150 Real Estate b SC [b abt 1824]
Malvina Mullins 22 F b SC Cannot read or write [b abt 1828]
Seneth A Mullins 2 F b GA

Aseneth does not appear in her parents' household in the 1860 census.

1870 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 11 July, Pickens, Georgia, PO
Jasper, page 74, Hse/Fam #575
Mullins, James P 45 M W Farmer  South Carolina (makes birth abt 1825)
Mullins, Melvina 40 F W Keeping House  South Carolina
Mullins, Aseneth Ann  21 F W Assisting Keeping House 
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Notes for Benjamin Ross MULLINS

Oklahoma, County Marriage Records, 1890-1995
R B Mullins
Male, Age 29 (b abt 1877)
Fannie Smith, Age 14 (b abt 1892)
License issued 16 January 1906
Marriage 21 January 1906 Southern District, Indian Territory (Chickasaw N,
later Carter County, Oklahoma), USA
Ceremony by R S Baker, Minister of the Gospel, Lula Indian Territory
Filed 31 January 1906 Southern District, Indian Territory, Marriage Book, p
67, record #217
Certificate from FamilySearch

Dorothy Mullinnix reports that Ross Benjamin had a second wife, Mary, maiden
name unknown.  She lists no children from this marriage.

I found some of the names in your family tree listed in an old Bible in my
possession.  The front page of the Bible shows that it belongs to Fannie
Mullins.  The Marriage page in the middle of the Bible shows that Fannie Smith
married Ben R Mullins on January 21, 1906.  Both are from Lula, Oklahoma.

My Grandpa Mullins is Fannie and Ben R Mullins oldest son.  His name is George
Ross Mullins.  The Bible shows that Fannie and Ben had 9 children; three of
the names match those on your family tree, Ben Junior "BJ," Sherman and Leon. 
The Bible also provides birth dates of all children and marriage dates of 6 of
the children.

I told my dad, David Mullins, about the Bible in my possession and your family
--  Michelle Mullins McConnell, Geneanet Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 24
June 2019

Dorothy Mullinnix provides the names of the children of Ross Benjamin and
Francis Arizona Mullins.  She has no dates or places of birth:
Dovie (probably a nickname for Dovina, as in many other families at that time)
Lonnie "Leon"

U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995
Lubbock, Texas, City Directory, 1932, p
Mullings [sic] Leon student Tech r 2910 20th
Mullins Lucile Miss r 1807 Av F
Mullins R Benjamin (Fannie) farmer h 1807 Av F
Mullins Ross r 1807 Av F

On his gravestone, his name is Ben Ross.  Also on his Social Security record
and his Arizona death record.  When he registered for the WWI draft, he
reported his name as Ross Ben.

U.S., WWI Civilian Draft Registrations, 1917-1918
Mullins, Ross Ben
Resdience Canyon, Randall County, Texas
Birth 25 Apr 1877
Employed by Sam Gregg in farming, 8 mi NW of Canyon
Contact (wife) Mrs Fannie Mullins, Canyon
Tall, Slender, Brown Eyes, Black Hair
Registered 12 Sept 1918 Canyon, Randall County, Texas
Signed Ross B Mullins

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
Ben Ros Mullins
Birth 25 Apr 1875 Boskie [Bosque] County, Texas
Father Sanford G Mullins
Mother Tripan West
SSN 526161289
May 1938 Name listed as BEN ROS MULLINS

Arizona, Death Records, 1887-1960
Ross Ben Mullins
Age 65
Birth 25 Apr 1877 Texas, USA
Father Giff S Mullins
Mother Trippan West
Death 24 January 1943 Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
(No image available)

Gravestone of Ben Ross and Fannie Mullins, Glendale Park, Glendale Arizona
Ben Ross   April 25, 1877  Jan 24, 1943
Fannie Frances Az  Feb 12, 1891  May 4, 1977
Polly Ward Mullins  1925  1996

Dorothy Mullinix, in her Mullinix Files, has the place of death of Ben as
Texas.  Several genealogies have copied this, but his death record was found
in Glendale, Maricopa County, Arizona (borders Phoenix).  Florence Lynch has
posted his and Fannie's memorials on Find a Grave with the same photo of their
grave, reporting the place of death as Glendale, Arizona, where they were

Even genealogies which post the photo of the grave report his name as Ross
Benjamin, rather than Ben[jamin] Ross as it is on the grave.  I found a photo
of the stone on the Stephen Evans family tree on

In addition to the information on Ben and his wife Frances, the gravestone has
the name of Polly Ward Mullins, which seems to be a daughter or

Ben Ross Mullins
Birth Apr 25, 1877
Death Jan 24, 1943

Sanford Giffin Mullins (1845 - 1907)
Tripan Velma West Mullins (1849 - 1936)

Children Ben J Mullins (1919 - 1993)

Linzey C Mullins (1875 - 1944)
Jennie Wise Mullins Stephenson (1876 - 1961)

Burial Glendale Memorial Park, Glendale, Maricopa County, Arizona

Created by Florence Lynch Nov 29, 2008
--  Find A Grave Memorial #31827170,
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Notes for Betty MULLINS

It is likely the full name of this child was Elizabeth.  Both Betty and Betsy
are nicknames for Elizabeth.  Another popular variation of the era was Eliza,
both a nickname for Elizabeth and used as a primary name.
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Notes for Betty MULLINS

Kentucky Marriages, 1851-1900
S. J. Crawford
Gender Male
Spouse Bettie Mullins
Marriage 24 Jan 1889 Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
Certificate #50629
Bettie Crawford
Death 14 Oct 1936 Jefferson County

Jefferson Conty is where Beaumont is.
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Notes for Carr Balous MULLINS

The name is recorded in the 1880 census as Carbalis.
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Notes for Christopher Columbus MULLINS

In the 1860 census, C C Mullins is listed as Christopher C Mullins.  In 1870 he
is listed as Columbus C Mullins.

1860 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 25 June, 25 June, Sharp Top, PO
Marble Works, page 953, Hse #631, Fam #538
Green Mullins 27 M Farmer $300 Real Estate $60 Personal  Georgia [b abt 1833]
Elizabeth Mullins 24 F Georgia
Christopher C Mullins 4 M Georgia

1870 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 12 July, PO Jasper, page 75,
Hse/Fam #585
Mullins, Green D 37 M W Farmer $50 Real Estate $100 Personal  b South Carolina
[b abt 1833]
Mullins, Jane 30 F W  Keeping House Georgia  Cannot read or write
Mullins, Columbus C 13 M W Assisting on Farm  Georgia  Cannot read or write

Putting the two forms of Green's son's name together, it seems to be that he
is Christopher Columbus Mullins, which is reported by some sources.  Jane
would be Green's 2nd wife.  It is thought that Elizabeth Caldwell Green,
mother of Green's children in these two censuses, died in of before 1868.

In the 1880 census, I found Christopher living in the household of his brother
Elias and his wife Samantha.  Two others brothers are also living in the
household.  Names are largely illegible, and one brother's name cannot be made
out.  But ages match closely with children in the previous census.

1880 Federal Census, Bartow County, Georgia, 6 June, Allatoona District 519,
page 12D, Hse/Fam #103
Mullen, Elias  W M 32  Husband Farm Laborer GA GA GA Cannot write
Mullen, Samantha  W F 21 Wife Keeping House  GA GA GA Cannot read or write
Mullen, ? Dalton  W M 1 Son GA GA GA Cannot read or write
Mullen, Christopher  W M 25 Brother GA GA GA Cannot read or write
Mullen, Jef?  W M 18 Brother GA GA GA Cannot read or write
Mullen, Dalton J  W M 16 Brother GA GA GA Cannot read or
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Notes for Dalton MULLINS

1880 Federal Census, Bartow County, Georgia, 6 June, Allatoona District 519,
page 12D, Hse/Fam #103
Mullen, Elias  W M 32  Husband Farm Laborer GA GA GA Cannot write
Mullen, Samantha  W F 21 Wife Keeping House  GA GA GA Cannot read or write
Mullen, ? Dalton  W M 1 Son GA GA GA Cannot read or write
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