Notes for Jeffie Mae TERRY

In notes taken by Lou Ila Jenkins from information given by Julia Virginia
Terry Jenkins, the middle name was spelled May.  It is not clear if this is
the way Julia Virgina spelled her sister's name or it was transcribed this way
by Lou.  The notes were taken some time in the 1950s, with no date on the
papers, and rediscovered in 2007.

1900 Census, Murray County, Georgia, McDonald District, District 71, Page 5B,
House #86, Family #89
Terry, Thomas D Head M W  Jun  1857  42  m-20-yrs  GA SC NC  Farmer
Terry, Mattie Wife  F W  Nov 1861  38  m-20-yrs  10 children/6 living NC NC NC
Terry, Jeffie Dau   F W  Apr 1892    8   Single GA GA NC At School

1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 29 April, Richland Township,
District 243, Page 9A, No Hse/Fam Number
1910 Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 27 April, Richland Township, District
243, page 9A, No Hse/Fam # on page
Terry, Thomas D Head M W 52  marriage 1 Married 29?-yrs  GA SC NC  Farmer
Terry, Mattie W  Wife  F W 50? marriage 2? Married 29?-yrs 7 children/7 living
Terry, Jeffie  Dau F W 17 s GA GA NC Farm Labor

1920 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 23 January, Duncan, District
247, page 20B, 2nd Street, Hse #250, Fam #265
Wagnon, Elmer  Head Rents M W  29  TX GA TX Mechanic [b abt 1890]
Wagnon, Jeffie  Wife  F W 27  GA GA GA [b abt 1892]
Wagnon, Laverne Son M W 2yrs7mos Single OK TX GA Farmer [b abt May 1917]

Jeffie Mae Wagnon
Birth Apr. 27, 1892 Murray County, Georgia
Death May 1, 1967 Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma
Thomas Duncan Terry (1857 - 1935)
Martha Wiley Wall Terry (1859 - 1932)

Spouse Elma J. Wagnon (1890 - 1965)

Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins (1880 - 1966)
Thomas Everett Terry (1882 - 1888)
Carrie Lee Terry (1885 - 1888)
William Ernest Terry (1887 - 1888)
Arthur W. Terry (1889 - 1968)
Clarice M. Terry Lewis (1895 - 1982)
Ouida M. Terry Hill (1899 - 1986)
Rama W. Terry (1904 - 1965)

Burial Marlow Cemetery, Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma
Created by Jean Jan 24, 2008
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Notes for Jennie Ruth TERRY

A child named Pennie appears in one or more genealogies, but I cannot find any
child of this name in censuses.  Censuses report Jennie R, with a varying
birth date and age.  Perhaps the sources have confused these two names.

In the 1900 census, Jennie appears with the birth date of Oct 1876, matching
the child Richard Bates has in his genealogy as Pennie.  But the birth date
Bates (and others) reports for Jennie is 7 Oct 1873.  This date matches
Jennie's age of 7 reported in 1800.  But there is no Pennie in the 1800
census, nor later, so it seems likely Pennie is a confusion for Jennie, with
these widely different birth or age reports.

1880 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 23 June, McDonald, District 155,
page 29A (scan 482A), Hse #259, Fam #268
Terry, Cyrus L W M 34 Farming GA GA NC
Terry, Emely J W F 28 Keeping House GA GA GA
Terry, Jenny R  W M 7 Dau GA GA GA

In 1880 the child Jennie is reported as already 7 years old, yet in 1900 she
is reported as 24 years old, and born in Oct 1876.  Then in 1910 she is
reported as only age 29 (5 years older than in 1900), making her birth in
1881.  The child named Pennie is some genealogies appears to be this same
child, with Pennie's birth date reported as Oct 1876.

1900 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 4 June, McDonald District,
Enumeration District 71, page 5B, Hse #86, Fam #89
Terry, Cyrus L  Head W M Jan 1847  53  Married 32 years GA NC NC Farmer Owns
Terry, Emily  Wife W F  Apr 1862  48 Married 32 years  borne 7 children, 7
living  GA GA GA
Terry, Jennie Dau W F Oct 1876  24  Single GA GA GA Teacher
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Notes for Jesse B TERRY

Some genealogies, even family sources, for Jesse Terry have mis-recorded his
name as Jake.  This appears to be from a mis-reading of the entry in the 1880
census, which is written in the old style lettering, where the first s of a
double s is written very much like an f, based on the old style Elizabethan

This was still used quite late in the Eastern states of the US.  The second S
of the double-s written this way connects to the middle of the first s, which
can make it look somewhat like a k to someone unfamiliar with that type of
script.  But they missed the double E -- Jessee -- which is unusual.

In 1870, it is spelled in the more usual way as Jesse, but again with the old
double-s.  In that census it actually looks like a modern writing of Jepe.

1870 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 23 July, Spring Place, page 7,
Hse/Fam #49
Terry, William 60 M W Farmer  $6000 Real Estate $60 Personal b SC Cannot write
Terry, Julia A  49 F W Keeping House  NC Cannot read or write
Terry, Jesse  9 M W GA Can read and write

1880 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 24 June, McDonald (1013th
District), Enumeration District 155, page 30B, Hse #263, Fam #272
Terry, William W M 69 Farming SC SC SC
Terry, July Ann  W F 58  Wife Keeping House  NC NC NC
Terry, Jessee B  W M 19 Son Works on Farm GA SC NC

My original information from a Terry genealogy reports that Jesse's wife was
Loula Bates.  Their marriage was dated in 1887.
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Notes for Jesse T TERRY

1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 22 June, Marlow Town,
District 164, page 10B, Hse #106, Fam #108
Terry, John R  Head W M  Sept 1849 50 Married 27 years GA TN VA Farmer Can
read and write Owns
Terry, Susan C  Wife W F Mar 1853  47 Married 27 years GA VA TN Can read and
Terry, Jesse T  Son W M Jan 1884 16 Single GA GA GA Can read and write
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Notes for Jessie Mae TERRY

1910 Federal Census, Le Flore County, Oklahoma, 14 May, Shady Point, District
161, page 12A, Hse #210, Fam #213
Terry, Lewis A  Servant M W 30 Married for 3yrs AR GA AR Farm Laborer
Terry, Sarah  Servant F W 18 Married for 3yrs AR USA AR
Terry, Jessie M Daughter [of Lewis and Sarah] F W 5mos OK AR AR

1920 Federal Census, LeFlore County, Oklahoma, 2 January, Shady Point,
District 116, page 3B, Country Roads, Hse #14, Fam #16
Terry, Lewis A Head Owns M W 39 Married GA GA GA City Marshall [b abt 1880]
Terry, Sarah Wife F W 27 Married AL GA GA [b abt 1892]
Terry, Jessie Dau F W 11 Single OK GA AL [b abt Sept 1908]
Terry, Louise Dau F W 1yr4mos Single OK GA AL [b abt Aug 1918]

Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
Jessie Terry
Gender Female
Age 14 (abt 1910)
Residence Glenwood, Pike, Arkansas
Arbia Barnes, Gender Male
Age 22 (abt 1902)
Residence Glenwood, Pike, Arkansas
Marriage 25 Dec 1924 Garland County
Marriage License Date 25 Dec 1924

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
Jessie Mae Wilson [Jessie M Wilson] [Jessie Mae Terry]
Birth 19 Dec 1908 Spiro, Oklahoma
Death Date 1 Aug 2000
Claim Date 9 Nov 1970
Father Louis A Terry
Mother Sarah E McCullough
SSN 537240582
Citizenship or Alien Status U.S. citizen.
Duplicate request; evidence of identity only submitted
Signature on SSN Card Jessie M Wilson
13 Sep 1990 Name listed as JESSIE MAE WILSON; 06 Nov 1970 Name listed as

Jessie Mawe was living in Wasington when she died.

U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
Jessie M Wilson
Last Residence:
98126 Seattle, King, Washington, USA
Born 19 Dec 1908
Died 1 Aug 2000
SSN 537-24-0582 issued Washington (Before 1951)

The death date reported in her SS records conflicts with the date reported by
The Washington death index, 26 August 2000.

Washington, Death Index, 1940-2014
Jessie M Wilson
Female, Age 91 (born abt 1909)
Residence King County, Washington, USA
Death 26 Aug 2000 King County, Washington,
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Notes for Joan Payne TERRY

1930 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 17 April, Richland, District
22, page 10A, Hse #165, Fam #166
Terry, Arthur W Head M W 35 married at age 22 GA GA NC
Terry, Lela Wife F W 33 married at age 20 TX TN USA
Terry, Joan Daughter F W 6 OK GA TX

1940 Federal Census, Stephens County, Marlow, 4 April, Marlow Ward 1, District
69-18, page 3B, 207 North 2nd, Hse #58, Owns $1000
Terry, Arthur Head F W 50 Married Grade H4 b Georgia Denton, Comanche Co OK in
1935 WPA TImekeeper [b abt 1890]
Terry, Lela Wife F W 47 Married Grade H4 b Texas Denton, Comanche Co OK in
1935 Housework [b abt 1893]
Terry, Joan Dau F W 16 Single Grade H2 b Texas Denton, Comanche Co OK in 1935
Housework [b abt 1924]

Her age Age of 20 reported in the 1942 Argus yearbook of Okla College for
Women (Chickasha, Oklahoma), puts birth abt 1922; age in 1930 census makes it
birth abt 1924. Her parents were in Marlow in 1920.  In 1930 the famliy was
reported in Richland Townshps, where Marlow is located.  The Terry family farm
was just outside Marlow.  In Marlow they are reported again in Marlow town.

The Argus, Oklahoma College for Women, Chickasha, Oklahoma, 1942, p 37
Joan Terry
Estimated birth year abt 1922
Estimated Age 20

U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 1
Joan P Shaw
Birth Date 21 Sep 1923
11116 Coachman Rd, Yukon, OK, 73099-8024 (1993)

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
Joan Terry [Joan Shaw]
Birth 21 Sep 1923 Marlow, Stephens Co, Oklahoma
Father Name Arthur W Terry
Mother Name Lela Payne
Death Date 6 Dec 2002
Signature on SSN Card JOAN TERRY
SSN 448188929
Jun 1942 Name listed as JOAN TERRY; Mar 1946 Name listed as JOAN SHAW; 11 Dec
2002 Name listed as JOAN P SHAW

Joan Payne Shaw
Birth Sep. 21, 1923 Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma
Death Dec. 6, 2002 Edmond, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Joan Payne Shaw was born September 21, 1923 in Marlow, OK and died December 6,
2002 in Edmond, OK. Joan lived at Surrey Hills in Oklahoma City with her
husband Art. She is survived by her daughter Sharon Kay Burrus and husband
Bryan of Oklahoma City. Her nephew whom she considered a son George Shaw and
wife Sally of Leon, KS, 5 grandchildren David , Michael, Teri, Kathy, Jamie, 8
great grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Joan Shaw Memorial Fund at St.
David's Episcopal Church, 3333 N. Meridian, Oklahoma City, OK 73099 or your
favorite charity in her name.

Memorial Services will be held Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. at St. David's Episcopal
Church in Oklahoma City.
Baggerley Funeral Home 930 S. Broadway, Edmond

Published in The Oklahoman on December 9, 2002.

Burial Yukon Cemetery, Yukon, Canadian County, Oklahoma

Maintained by Karl and Sherry Kueteman, Originally Created by GuyB May 29,
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Notes for John TERRY

U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
John Tirrey
Arrival 1700 Virginia
Alphabetical list of immigrants to Virginia, 1635-1800, from a variety of
Source Bibliography:STANARD, WILLIAM GLOVER. Some Emigrants to Virginia, 1911

John Terry
Birth 4 Feb 1649 in Sutton, Bedfordshire, England
Death 20 Aug 1700 in Nansemond, Virginia
Wife Elizabeth Gale Pierpont
Birth 1675 in England
Death 1700 in Virginia
Son William Terry
Birth 1700 in Virginia
Death 1744 in Botetourt, Virginia
--  Bowman-Eledge,
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Notes for John Burris TERRY

John Burris Terry
Birth 1760 Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia, USA
Death Dec 7, 1842 Lilly Dale, Perry County, Indiana, USA

John Terry was in Captain Neeley's Company, 13th District along w/brother
Miles. Also served in Lambert's Company 14th Virginia Regiment. John came to
eastern TN about 1783 & moved on to Perry County, IN. His will was recorded 15
Feb 1843, Perry County, IN in Will Abstracts, Book B, Part 1. John was listed
in 1785 Tax Records, Pittsylvania County, VA, in census records: 1810: Wayne
County, KY; 1820-1830-1840: Perry County, IN

About 1814 John Terry w/wife Esther (Brown) & their family, came on packhorses
from Botetourt Co VA, into Perry Co IN. Settling in Anderson Township near
Tell City, purchasing .25 acre.
The 12th of their 14 children, Elias, was carried all the way in front of his
mother saddle. The known children who made the trip to IN of their 14
children: Esther, Elijah, Rachel, Elias, Miles, & Thomas

About 1834 John gave Miles the purchase price to buy a 41 acre homestead for
him on a trip to Vincenes, IN. Miles took title in his own name, but after
John's death Miles & his wife deeded it to Esther. She in turn conveyed the
land back to Miles in 1847. The land was located 3/4 mile east of the Lilydale

5 Jun 1837 John's will names Esther as sole beneficiary

John & Esther are buried on the Terry homeplace
Taken from The Living History of Perry County by Thomas James De La Hunt 1916

Family links:
William Terry (1710 - 1792)
Rachel Manson Terry (1730 - 1766)

Spouse Esther Brown Terry (1765 - 1848), Wed 2 Feb 1781
Josiah Terry (1780 - 1868)
William Terry (1785 - 1869)
Elijah Terry (1791 - 1870)
Elias Terry (1807 - 1894)
Miles Terry (1809 - 1880)

Half-sibling Ester Terry Burris (1740 - 1830)

Burial Terry Cemetery, Perry County, Indiana, USA

Created by Family Aug 07, 2012
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Notes for John Crenshaw TERRY

1870 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 23 July, Spring Place, Militia
District 1013, page 7, House/Family #47
Terry, Joseph  26 M W Farm Laborer GA [b abt 1844]
Terry, Martha 22 F W Keeping House GA
Terry, John 3  M W GA

1880 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 23 June, McDonald, District 155,
page 29A (scan 482A), Hse #260, Fam #269
Terry, William J  W M 36 Farming GA GA GA
Terry, Martha O  W F 34 Wife Keeping House  GA GA GA
Terry John  W F 13 Son  Works on Farm GA GA GA

1900 Federal Census, Whitfield County, Georgia, 2 June, Tilton, District 101,
page 2B, Hse/Fam #33
Terry, John C  Head  W M June 1867 32 Married 6 years GA GA GA Brakeman Rents
Terry, Emma Wife W F Nov 1874 25 Married 6 years GA GA GA
Terry, Erskin  Son W M Oct 1899 8mos GA GA GA

On the same page is a single man named Huse B Terry, aged 24, born Sept 1875,
a physician boarding with a family named Ellison.  I have not identified this
person, but I know there was a later Huse B Terry, great-grandson of William
Barney Terry, son of Grover Cleveland Terry.  The younger Huse was born in

John Crenshaw Terry
Birth May 10, 1867 Murray County, Georgia
Death May 15, 1909 Murray County, Georgia
Son of
William Joseph Terry 1844-1928 and
Martha Oneida Bates Terry 1847-1932
Spouse Emma Rachel Hill Terry (1874 - 1950)
Father of
Clyde Terry 1896-1897
Erskin L. Terry 1899-1936
Lois Terry 1901-1990
George Terry (1874 - 1932)
Ross Terry (1876 - 1937)
William Thomas Terry (1878 - 1978)
Dock A Terry (1880 - 1974)
Frances Jane Terry Edmonson (1883 - 1961)
Mary Aurelia Terry Winkler (1884 - 1926)
Burial Eton Cemetery, Eton, Murray County, Georgia, Line or Row 16
Created by Don & Pam Childers Aug 22, 2008
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Notes for John Henry H TERRY

John's name on the Texas Death Index is John H H Terry.  The Index reports his
death date as 14 December 1924.  Other sources indicate he died on 13 December

Texas Death Index
Deaths 1903-1940
John H H Terry
Wise County 14 Dec 1924
No 40855

Family Data Collection - Individual Records
John H Terry
Spouse: Mary Margaret
Parents: James D Terry, Elizabeth Ester
Birth 12 Aug 1843 Lynnville, Giles Co, TN
Marriage 1862 Lynnville, Giles Co, TN
Death 13 Dec 1924 Alvord, Wise Co, TX

1900 Federal Census, Wise County, Texas, 1 June, Voting Precinct 5, District
137, page 1A, Hse #4, Fam #5
Terry, J H Head W M  Aug 1843 56 Married 39 yrs TN VA VA Farmer Rents
Terry, M M Wife W F Sep 1843 56 Married 39 yrs 6 children/5 living TN VA VA
Terry, John Son W M Apr 1871 29 Single TN TN TN
Polly, Anna Dau W M July 1873 26 Widow 3 children/3 living TN TN TN
Williams, Irvie Grandson W M Jan 1888 12 Single TN TN TN
Poly [sic], Tully Grandson W M Aug 1892 7 Single TX TN TN
Poly [sic], Ina Granddau W F Apr 1894 6 Single TX TN TN

The 1900 census indicates Anna Polly is a widow and apparently was widowed
twice.  Her oldest son is surnamed Williams, and the other two are named Polly
(spelled Poly here, in contrast to Anna's surname).

John Henry H. Terry
Birth Aug. 12, 1843 Giles County, Tennessee
Death Dec. 13, 1924 Alvord, Wise County Texas

Son of James Daniel & Elizabeth Ann Carter "Betsy" (Collie) Terry. John
married #1 Unity A. "Eunice" Doggett - #2 Mary Margaret Murray.

Civil War Pension appl states he enlisted as a private in Co. G, 55th TN
Infantry on 25 Oct 1861 in Trenton, TN. He was captured at Island No. 10, Apr
8, 1862 and was exchanged near Vicksburg, Sept. 20, 1862.

Unity A Doggett Terry (1847 - 1869)
Mary Margaret Murray Terry (1843 - 1921)

James Levi Terry (1863 - 1937)
Ada Terry Norton (1866 - 1929)
Una Jane Terry Greeson (1869 - 1934)
John Richard Terry (1871 - 1950)

Burial Alvord Cemetery, Alvord, ise County, Texas, Plot: 1S

Maintained by Emma (Shrum) Butler Duke,
Originally Created by Nov 06, 2006
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Notes for John P TERRY

1880 Federal Census, Johnson County, Arkansas, 5 June, Pilot Rock Township,
District 88, page 6A (scan 260A), Hse #44, Fam #52
Terry, Isham  W M 52  Farmer Cannot read or write KY KY KY
Terry, Celia  W F 37 Wife Keeping House Cannot write AR TN TN
Terry, John P W M  3 Son AR KY
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Notes for John R TERRY

1850 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 11 November, Page 257, Hse/Fam
William Terry  39  M  Farmer  $1175 Real Estate SC [born abt 1811]
Jula [Julia] A Terry  26 F  NC [born abt 1824]
John R Terry  10 months  M  GA [born abt 1850]

I have been unable to find John R Terry in the 1860 census.  He does not
appear with his parents and siblings.  But he is there in the 1870 census, and
is enumerated in the 1880 census with his wife and children.

1870 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 23 July, Militia District 1013,
Spring Place, page 7, Hse/Fam #49
Terry, William 60 M W Farmer  $6000 Real Estate $60 Personal b SC Cannot write
Terry, Julia A  49 F W Keeping House  NC Cannot read or write
Terry, John R  20 M W Farm Laborer $125 Personal Estate b Georgia Can read and

Georgia, Marriage Records From Select Counties, 1828-1978
John Terry
Marriage 19 Oct 1871 Murray, Georgia
Spouse Catharine Stewart

1880 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 23 June, McDonald, District 155,
page 29A (scan 482A), Hse #260, Fam #269
Terry, John R  W M 32  Farming GA GA NC
Terry, Catherine  W F 30 Wife Keeping House  GA GA GA
Terry, Barney  W M 9 Son GA GA GA
Terry, Rollen  W M 7 Son GA GA GA
Terry, Lilly  W F 5 Daughter GA GA GA
Terry, Joseph C  W F 2 Son GA GA GA

In 1900, we find that John has moved to Marlow, Chickasaw Nation, Indian
Territory, where other members of this Terry family moved that same year after
the census.

1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 22 June, Marlow Town,
District 164, page 10B, Hse #106, Fam #108
Terry, John R  Head W M  Sept 1849 50 Married 27 years GA TN VA Farmer Can
read and write Owns
Terry, Susan C  Wife W F Mar 1853  47 Married 27 years GA VA TN Can read and
Terry, William B  Son W M July 1872  27 Single GA GA GA Can read and write
Terry, Diane  Dau  W F Sept 1881  18 Single GA GA GA Can read and write
Terry, Jesse T  Son W M Jan 1884 16 Single GA GA GA Can read and write
Terry, Nellie Dau  W F Mar 1890  10 Single GA GA GA Can read and write

This census provides us some additional information.  We have here Susan's
first name and the month-year of birth for all family members.  We learn here
than the Son Barney's first name is William, which means he was named for his
grandfather, John's father.  Diane, Jesse T and Nellie show up here as new
children since the 1880 census.  Birth dates here differ for some from the
dates suggested by the two following genealogies.  I will follow the dates
given in this 1900 census, unless I find more definitive sources with
different information.

Note that they have been married the same number of years as the age of
William B.  There could be a year's difference in these round numbers, since
we do not have the month of their marriage.  But if William Barney is already
27, that means he is about to have another birthday, since the census date is
about a month before his birthday.  But this would not be the first time age
reports have been rounded up in a census.  We have learned to take census ages
with a grain of salt in these frontier areas.   Ages varied widely (wildly at

John was a Baptist preacher.  In February 2018 I found information indicating
that John R Terry was stil lin Marlow, Oklahoma in 1925.  On his niece's
marriage record in 1925, he is the officiating minister, identified as the
Minister of the Baptist Church in Marlow.

Oklahoma, County Marriage Records, 1890-1995
Nannie Terry, born in Georgia, resident of Marlow, Indian Territory
Age 21, Birth Date abt 1886
John Fincher, born in Texas, resident of Marlow, Indian Territory
Age 22, Birth Date abt 1885
Application for license filed and license issued in Lawton, Comanche County,
Okla Territory 8 November 1907
Ceremony performed 10 Nov 1907 at Bride's Residence, Comanche County, Oklahoma
Territory, by John R Terry (uncle of the bride), Minister of the Baptist
Church, Marlow, Indian Territory
Witnesses W E Wall (uncle of the bride)  and J A Jenkins (brother-in-law of
the bride)

By 1910, Susan Catherine has passed away, and John has moved to New Mexico. 
We find him living alone, ona farm he owns, in Mountain Air Precinct of
Torrance County.

1910 Federal Census, Torrance County, New Mexico, 7 May, Mountain Air,
District 272, page 11A, Hse #266, Fam #273
Terry, John R Head M W 60 Widowed GA VA NC Farmer Can read and write Owns Farm

Jody Sexton, in her Short Family Tree on, provides the names of
all of John and Catherine's children and some further details.

John R Terry, Birth 9 Sep 1849 Murray, Georgia, Death Unknown
Father William Terry (-), Mother (-)
Spouse Susan Catherine Stewart (1854-), Married 1871
Henry Grady (-)
Barney (1871-)
Rowland (1873-)
John Roland (1874-1957)
Libby (1875-)  [apparently she read the Lilly as Libby, but the letters are
Joseph Clinton (1878-)
Diana (1883-)
Jesse T (1884-)
Nellie (1890-)
--  Jody Sexton,

If Henry Grady was the first child, as listed here, then his birth date would
have been about a year before Barney's, making the marriage about 1869-70. 
That would make Susan Catherine quite young even for that era.  Henry does not
show up in the 1880 census, so he must have died young or at birth.

I would think Rowland and John Roland are the same person.  Jody does not
report the sources for these names.  Roland and Rowland are obviously two
spellings for the same name.  These would appear to represent the person
listed in the 1880 census as Rollen, with approximate birth in the year 1873,
matching her birth for Rowland.  Though Rollen is normally pronounced as
Rahlen, this could be the enumerator's spelling for the name they gave him as

I am concerned about the last name reported here for John's wife.  Jody names
her Susan Catherine Stewart.  The Terry Family information from Troy Phillis
gives her name as Susan Catherine Newport.  She would only have been about
15-16 when she married John, if the date of her birth was 1854.  And the date
of 1871 is uncertain for the marriage, since that is the year also given for
the birth of their first child Henry Grady!  Perhaps Stewart was a married
name from a second marriage?

The Childers Family Tree presents information on Susan Catherine identical to
that of Jody's.  But they add some additional information or variations,
though this genealogy lacks the first child.  Since this child does not show
up in the census, perhaps he was stillborn.

John R Terry
Birth Sep 1849 Murray, Georgia
Death, Father William Terry (1811-1890)
Mother Julia Ann Roberts (1814-)
Spouse Susan Catherine Stewart (1853-), Married 1871
William Barney (1872-)
John Roland (1873-)
Libby (1875-)
Joseph Clinton (1878-)
Diana (1883-)
Jesse T (1884-)
Nellie (1890-)
--  Childers,

I found these two trees near the end of August 2009.  To complicate matters
even more, I then found that Eric Williamson reports in his genealogy that
Susan Catherine Newport married a John Cowley Terry, who is from a different
family (and assuredly different parents) from our John R Terry.  He reports
the marriage of Catherine and John Cowley Terry took place in 1870, which
matches our family and children's dates.  But he reports she had no children,
dying before 1874, when John Cowley remarried.  The family bears no further
resemblance to ours.
--  Eric Williamson,

Could it be, then, that Troy Phillis confused this Susan Catherine Newport
with the correct Susan Catherine Stewart?  Information from sources is spotty
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Notes for John Robert TERRY

U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970
John Robert Terry, b 28 May 1928 in Miami, Dade County, Florida
Descendant of Nathaniel Terry, b Virginia 1724, d 21 April 1780 in Halifax
County, Virginia
(1) Son of Royall Perkins Terry, b 9/17/1895 in Orlando, Florida, d Unknown
and his wife Sarah Emily Symmes, b 1/30/1899 in St George, South Carolina, d
Unknown, mar 6/9/1925 NY, NY
(2) Grandson of Robert Henry Terrry, b 3/19/1847 in Henderson, Kentucky, d
1/29/1900 in Orlando, Florida
and his wife Elizabeth Myrtelle Harris, dau of John Junius; Daniel; Drury;
Capt Daniel; Edward; Thomas; Thomas;
Capt Thomas (immigrant); Elizabeth b 8/27/1859 in Rome, Georgia, d 9/5/1947
Miami FL, mar 10/13/1883 Orlando FL
(3) Great Grandson of Nathaniel Dickerson Terry, b 7/19/1814 Henderson KY, d
10/17/1879 Henderson KY
and his wife Sarah Inakeep Rudy, b 7/22/1826 Henderson KY, d 1/18/1901
Henderson KY, mar 7/22/1841 Henderson KY
(4) 2 Great Grandson of Robert Terry, b 1/12/1770 Halifax County VA, d
11/15/1826 Henderson Co KY
and his wife Nancy Smith, dau of Peartree; Obadiah; Obadiah; John (immigrant)
Nancy b 2 Feb 1777 Mecklenburg, Virginia, d 1 Jul 1843 Henderson, Kentucky,
mar 6/10/1793 Mecklenburg Co VA
(5) 3 Great Grandson of Nathaniel Terry, b 1724 Virginia, d 4/21/1780 Halifax
and his wife Sarah Royall, dau William; Capt Joseph; Joseph (immigrant); Sarah
b ca 1726 Chesterfield Co VA, d 8/25/1805 Halifax Co VA, mar ante 1760
Chesterfield Co VA
(6) 4 Great Grandson of Benjamin Terry, b ca 1700 Presumably Ireland, d 1769
Pittsylvania Co VA
and his wife Elizabeth Irby [disputed in other historical reconstructions and
evidence], No dates and places
An he, the said Nathaniel Terry (No 5), is the ancestor who assisted in
establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of civil
official.  Patriot, Virginia.
SAR Membership 83710
Application Filed 22 Jun 1958
Application Accepted by the State Board of Management 22 Jun 1958 by Herbert C
Application Approved 28 June 1958 by Charles E Terry, Sr.

On John Robert's marriage record, only the year is given.

Florida, Marriage Indexes, 1822-1875 and 1927-2001
John Robert Terry
Helen Carroll Leitner
Marriage 1954 Orange County, Florida
Recorded Volume 1521, Certificate #28208
Source Florida Department of Health

U.S., Obituary Collection, 1930-Current
John R Terry Sr
Death Age 83
Birth 28 May 1928 Miami, Florida
Residence Miami Florida
Death 3 May 2012 Mooresville, North Carolina
Burial Bushnell, Florida
Obituary published 23 May 2012
Parents Emily Terry; R P Terry
Spouse Helen Leitner
Bob Terry
Helen Terry Kumpe
Siblings: Roy, Jim, Roy
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Notes for John Rowland TERRY

1880 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 23 June, McDonald, District 155,
page 29A (scan 482A), Hse #260, Fam #269
Terry, John R  W M 32  Farming GA GA NC
Terry, Catherine  W F 30 Wife Keeping House  GA GA GA
Terry, Rollen  W M 7 Son GA GA GA

Jody Sexton reports what is probably the correct form of this peson's name in
her genealogy.  She has John Roland, with the alternative of Rowland for the
middle name.

John Roland/Rowland Terry (1873/1874-1957)
father John R Terry
Birth 9 Sep 1849 Murray, Georgia
Death Unknown
Mother Susan Catherine Stewart (1854-)
--  Jody Sexton,
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Notes for John W TERRY

1920 Federal census, Ripley County, Missouri, 7 January, Union Township,
District 184, page 3A, Hse/Fam #43
Terry, John W Head Owns M W 43 MO MO MO Farmer
Terry, Mary A  Wife F W 20 OK USA KS

1930 Federal census, Ripley County, Missouri, 9 April, Union Township,
District 14, page 3A, Hse/Fam #43
Terry, John W Head M W 54 Married at age 22  MO MO MO Farmer
Terry, Mary A  Wife F W 29 [Age at marriage not reported] OK KS
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Notes for John Williamson TERRY

Texas, Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2011
John W. Terry
Marriage 15 Jun 1865 Rusk, Texas
Spouse Rebecca A. Nelson
Source Texas Marriages, 1814-1909

Ralph Terry has an excellent reconcstruction of this branch of the Terry
lineage.  Here is his profile and Notes on John Williamson Terry.

John Williamson Terry Sr

John Williamson Terry fought and was wounded in the Battle of Mansfield and
Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. He was in the 17th Texas Cavalry. Those of the 17th
not captured at Arkansas Post, joined with those of other regiments to form
the 17th Texas Consolidated Cavalry (Dismounted). The captured, when
exchanged, became the 17th and 18th Texas Consolidated Cavalry (Dismounted),
which was assigned to another location. The 17th was considered an orphan
unit, and it was not officially a part of the Confederate Army until a later
time, although it fought under Mouton at Pleasant Hill until he was killed,
and then under Polignac.

1870 Rusk County, Texas census, Henderson Post Office, Precinct No. 4, taken 8
September 1870, pages 460a and 460b, Dwelling/Family #593/605: John TERRY, 30,
m, w, laborer, Alabama; Alice R. TERRY, 20, f, w, keeping house, Tennessee;
George W. TERRY, 4, m, w, at home, Texas; Mary E. TERRY, 2, f, w, at home,
Texas; Andrew J. TERRY, 8/12, m, w, at home, Texas.

1880 Comanche County, Texas census, Dwelling/Family 295/309, taken 19 June
1880: John W. TERRY, male, 40, farmer, Louisiana, USA, Louisiana; Rebeca A.
TERRY, female, 39, wife, keeping house, Tennessee, Tennessee, Tennessee; Geo
W. TERRY, male, 14, son, works on farm, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee; Mary E.
TERRY, female, 12, daughter, at home, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee; Andrew J.
TERRY, male, 10, son, at home, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee; James T. TERRY,
male, 8, son, at home, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee; John W. TERRY, male, 6,
son, at home, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee; Burell TERRY, male, 5, son, at
home, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee.

1900 Comanche County, Texas census, page 230b, taken 15 June 1900,
Dwelling/Family #221/222: John W. TERRY, w, m, February 1840,, 60, married 35
years, La, Ala, Miss, farmer; Becka A. TERRY, wife, w, f, July 1849, 50,
married 35 years, 14 children born, 12 children living, Tenn, La, Tenn; Ernest
B. TERRY, son, w, m, June 1880, 19, married, Texas, La, Tenn farm laborer;
Frances TERRY, daughter-in-law, w, f, Apr 1884, 16, married within the year,
Tex, Tex, Tex; Burrell M. TERRY, son, w, m, June 1877, 22, single, Tex, La,
Tenn, farm laborer; Osker H. TERRY, son, w, m, Jan 1882, 18, single, Tex, La,
Tenn, farm laborer; Rebeha A. TERRY, daughter, w, f, Mar 1884, 16, single,
Tex, La, Tenn; Lillie M. TERRY, daughter, w, f, Nov 1886, 14, single, Tex, La,
Tenn; Garcy L. TERRY, daughter, w, f, Oct 1887, 12, single, Tex, La, Tenn;
Florence E. TERRY, daughter, w, f, May 1890, 10, single, Tex, La, Tenn.

Birth 6 FEB 1840 in Madison Parish, Louisiana
Death 21 AUG 1902 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Burial De Leon Cemetery, Comanche County, Texas

Father Tod Robinson Terry b: ABT 1811 in Anson County, North Carolina
Mother Mary Eliza Hill b: ABT 1816 in Mississippi or Louisiana

Marriage Rebecca Alice Nelson b: 27 JUL 1849 in Shelbyville, Bedford County,
Married 15 JUN 1865 in Pine Hill, Rusk County, Texas
George Washington Terry b: 29 JUN 1866 in Pine Hill, Rusk County, Texas
Mary Eliza Terry b: 4 APR 1868 in Pine Hill, Rusk County, Texas
Andrew Jackson "Andy" Terry b: 26 JAN 1870 in Pine Hill, Rusk County, Texas
James "Jim" Todd Terry b: 1 DEC 1871 in Pine Hill, Rusk County, Texas
John Williamson Terry b: 14 DEC 1874 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Burl Nelson Terry b: 26 JUN 1877 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Ernest Bruce Terry b: 12 JUN 1880 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Oscar Hill Terry b: 23 JAN 1882 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Rebecca Alice "Allie" Terry b: 29 MAR 1884 in near DeLeon, Comanche County,
Lillie May Terry b: 24 NOV 1885 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Grace "Gracie" Lee Terry b: 26 OCT 1887 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Florence Edna Terry b: 21 MAY 1890 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Myrtle Evaline Terry b: 24 DEC 1892 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
Infant Terry b: BEF 1900 in near DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas
--  Ralph Terry, RootsWeb,

U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970
Applicant Richard Wayne Flora
Application 11 Jan 1956, SAR Membership #80024
Born 31 January 1936 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Father Wayne Wrightsman Flora
Birth 2 June 1900 South Haven, Michigan (still living in 1955)
Mother Lorraine Terry
Birth 23 September 1902 Gorman, Texas (still living in 1955)
Married 26 June 1923 Detroit, Michigan
Grandfather Ernest Bruce Terry
Birth 12 June 1880 De Leon, Texas, Death 20 August 1945 Tahoka, Texas
Grandmother Frances Hutley
Birth 21 May 1884 Lone Grove, Texas (still living in 1955)
Married 10 May 1900
Great Grandfather John Williamson Terry
Birth 6 February 1840 Madison Parish, Louisiana, Death 21 August 1902 De Leon,
Great Grandmother Rebecca Alice Nelson
Birth 27 July 1849, Death 28 December 1932 Shelbyville, Tennessee
Married 15 June 1865
Great Great Grandfather Todd Robinson Terry
Birth 1811 Anson County, North Carolina, Death 14 Dec 1847 near Mobile,
Great Great Grandmother Mary Eliza Hill
Birth 1816, Death 14 March 1863 Rusk County, Texas
Married 2 July 1837
Great Great Great Grandfather Eli Terry
Birth abt 1772 Anson County, North Carolina, Death 1836 Autauga County,
Mary A Pickett Birth Richmond County, North Carolina (adjacent to Anson Co)
(Death Unknown)
Married 17 December 1799
reat Great Great Great Grandfather James Terry
Birth 19 November 1746 Edgecomb County, North Carolina, Death 27 May 1816
Richmond County, North Carolina
Great Great Great Great Grandmother Anna Robards
Birth 13 February 1756 Cumberland County, North Carolina, Death Richmond
County, North Carolina
Married 24 May 1771
5 Great Grandfather William Terry
Birth abt 1725 Carolina County, Virginia, Death 1776 Anson County, North
5 Great Grandmother Mary Raiford
Birth 1728 Cumberland County, North Carolina, Death Unknown
Married abt 1745 Edgecomb County, North Carolina
William Terry was a "recognized Patriot -- furnished
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Notes for Joseph TERRY

Birth dates are a problem in sources I have seen.  Family genealogies report
Joseph born in 1714, but his father Benjamin in 1704 and his mother Elizabeth
(commonly called Irby from popular lore, but probably Dickerson) as born in
1708.  Benjamin and Elizabeth married in 1724, and Joseph was the fourth child
born.  it may be that two lines are combined here.

Data Collections by Edmund West, available through, report his
birth year as 1717, though earlier collections I saw had 1714.  Also one set
of data reports that Joseph and Judith married in 1835, but their son Thomas
is reported as born in 1732.  In Joseph's will,  the order of the children
seems to be the order of birth, and Thomas is second, David being the first.

But if Joseph was born in 1717, in 1832, he would have been only 15 years old. 
His wife Judith is reported as born in 1705, which would make her 27 in 1732
or 30 in 1735.  It does not seem likely a 25-year-old woman would have been
married to a 15-year-old boy.  And 1705 is a year before the reported birth of
Joseph's mother Elizabeth Dickerson (Irby in some sources due to a later
handwritten addition to the will of Joseph's father Benjamin, where a section
was torn).  So there are conflicts to be worked out.

Family Data Collection - Individual Records
Joseph Terry
Spouse Judith Crawford
Parents Benjamin Terry, Elizabeth Irby [Dickerson]
Birth 1717 Halifax Co, VA
Death 1785 Pittsylvania Co, VA

Birth records in the Edmund West collection report the birth year of Joseph
Terry as 1714, with a different birth place in New Kent County, instead of
Halifax County.  The birth county is suspicious here, since all other
information about Benjamin and Elizabeth is associated with Halifax County.

Family Data Collection - Births
Joseph Terry
Father Benjamin M Terry
Mother Elizabeth Irby
Birth 1714 New Kent County, VA USA

Another reliable family source that has lots of details reports that Joseph,
son of Benjamin Terry and Elizabeth Dickerson was born in 1735.  Perhaps this
is a different Terry line with similar names.  Or perhaps my original family
source was wrong and Benjamin is not the name of the father of Joseph who was
born 1714 and who married Judith Crawford.

Numerous genealogies of various lineages have birth years from these confused
data collections happily reporting Joseph born when his mother was as young as
8 years old (Elizabeth born 1708, Joseph born 1714).  One even has his mother
born 6 years after him!  I want to resolve this, so keep looking for clues.

From will of Benjamin M Terry

Item, I give------to my son Joseph Terry one negro man named Tommey and one
negro girl named Jenney and one rifle gun.

... I do appoint my wife Eliz Terry, my son Nath Terry, and my son Benj Terry
B. M. Terry
At a Court held for Pittsylvania County the 26th day of September 1771.
--  Transcribed by Julia Clark,

Joseph's own will gives us the configuration of his family with Judith

Will of Joseph Terry, Pittsylvania Co, VA, Deed and Will Book II, p. 148:
Written Dec. 4, 1785, Proven Dec. 19, 1785.

In the name of God, Amen, I, Joseph Terry of Pittsylvania Co Va.

First: To my son, David Terry, one Negro woman named Kate and her increase,
which he has been possessed with for some time and one Negro woman named Sarah
and her issues hereafter, to him and hid heirs.

Second: I lend to my son, Thomas Terry, one Negro Peter and one Negro Lucy and
her issue, also one mulatto boy Harry during his life and his wife's natural
life and after their deaths to be equally divided among their children and
their heirs.

Third: I lend to my son, Joseph Terry, one Negro named ___ which has been in
his possession, likewise on Negro boy named Jack and a Negro girl named Grace
and her increases during his life and his wife's natural life and then to be
equally divided between their children and their heirs forever.

Forth: I give to my daughter, Anna Barksdale, one Negro woman named Ziller and
one mulatto girl named Anna to her and her heirs forever, and also one mulatto
woman Sarah Martin for the term 6 yrs. and then she is to go free, but if she
should have children, they shall remain and belong to the said Anna Barksdale
and her heirs forever.

Fifth: I lend to my daughter, Lucy Williams, one Negro boy named Abram during
her natural life and then after her death to her younger son, Dr. Crawford
Williams and his heirs forever.

Sixth: I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Oliver, 20 Shillings.

Seventh: I give to my son, Champness Terry, dec'd heirs, 20 Shillings.

Eighth: I give to my grandson, Thomas Terry, son of David Terry, one Negro
girl named Phillis to him and to his heirs forever.

I give 230 acres on branches of Jeremiah's Fork and one Negro boy named George
to be sold and the rest of my worldly goods after my just debts be paid, to be
equally divided among my three sons: David Terry, Thomas Terry, Joseph Terry,
and my two daughters Lucy Wiliams, Anna Barksdale.

Executer: Beverly Barksdale, Thomas Terry, David Terry.

Signed: Joseph Terry Sr.
Witnesses: Charles Terry, Samuel Sloan, John Terry

--  Hatchers of Henrico Co, VA

Note the order of children in the will.  This commonly follows order of birth. 
Note here that Joseph is the fourth child.  Birth dates in the Edmund West
collection from various early sources (1714 and 1717) are too early.  If
Benjamin M Terry and Elizabeth Dickerson married in 1724, we would expect
their first child to be born in 1725.  This is the birth date commonly given
for Nathaniel, the first child listed in the will.  Some sources report Joseph
born in 1735, others in 1740.

This Joseph, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth, is always reported as marrying
Judith Crawford.  But the birth year of Judith is commonly reported as 1705,
only one year after the birth of Joseph's mother Elizabeth!  It seems to me
there were different Joseph Terrys that are confused in all this.  Also there
are reports of a Benjamin Terry in New Kent County, which is the birth place
reported for the Joseph Terry who was son of Benjamin Terry and Elizabeth
Dickerson and who married Judith Crawford.

So I think the original Edmund West data collections everyone references from, got records confused.  The birth of James, Benjamin's father is
reported commonly as 1666 (though at least one genealogy reports it as 1676). 
Thus there is plenty of head room for an earlier date of birth for Benjamin,
and for Elizabeth Dickerson, to account for the period of time between Joseph
Terry (b abt 1717) and his grandfather James (b abt 1666) if the birth of
Benjamin and Elizabeth are earlier.  But I have found no other reliable source
for a birth date for Ben and Elizabeth.  I can't rely on the Edmund West

This source reports the family members as follows:

Wife Judith Crawford,   d. Bef 1786
1. Thomas Terry, Sr,   b. Abt 1735, Pittsylvania Co, VA ,   d. Aft 1789,
Bedford Co, VA
2. Joseph Terry, Jr,   b. Abt 1740,   d. Aft 1820, Greenville Co, SC
3. Lucy Terry,   b. Bef 1750,   d. Yes, date unknown
4. Champness Terry,   b. Bef 1764,   d. Bef 1786
5. Anna Terry,   b. Bef 1765,   d. Yes, date unknown
6. Elizabeth Terry,   b. Bef 1765,   d. Yes, date unknown
7. David Terry,   b. Bef 1765,   d. Yes, date unknown
--  Hatchers of Henrico Co, VA

Terry Genealogy & History

Terry has the distinction of having over a hundred spelling variations,
including Tarry, Theuret, Theike, Thiele, Thierry, Thoreau, Tieck, Tietze,
Tilke, Tillich, and Torry. Derived from the middle English given-name
"Thierri," which was derived from Old Norman given-name "Theodoric," Terry
means powerful.

Alternatively, in Old French, "thierri" is a potter. The Terry/Thierry form is
generally English; Terry family history traces back to a feudal manor in Kent,
where the Thierry family was granted lands by the Earl of Pembroke in the
1130s or 1140s.  Simultaneously in Ireland, Terri branches settled in Cork and
Torrie/Torry branches in Waterford.  American Terry family history dates from
1630 in New England.
--  Archives,
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