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Joseph Sanford JENKINS

Joseph Sanford JENKINS10,1,8,2,11,7

14th Oct 18266,4,7 - 26th May 18934,5

Life History

14th Oct 1826

Born in South Carolina.6,4,7

between 1843 and 1851

Residence1: Children were born in Miss abt 1845 through abt 1850; source 1860 CassCo TX census in Mississippi.9


Married Lucinda Amanda TAYLOR in Mississippi.3

between 1845 and 1849

Married: Could have been closer to 1850; Lucinda was from Miss, but we havenot been able to find her family. Nell, who appears to be their firstchild, was born in Miss abt 1845-46, might be the child of a previousor simultaneous wife in Mississippi, to Lucinda Amanda Taylor.3


Birth of daughter Nell JENKINS in Mississippi.13,4,14

4th Dec 1850

Birth of son John Cullen JENKINS in Mississippi.15,13,16,17,18,19


Birth of son William S JENKINS in Georgia.13,20

between 1853 and 1859

Residence2: Three children born in Georgia abt 1853, 1857 and 1859; source 1860census in Cass Co TX in Georgia.9

20th Jan 1857

Birth of daughter Mary Lydie JENKINS in Georgia.21,22,1,23,24,13

between 1859 and 1860

Residence3: Moved by flatboat to Jefferson's landing, freighted goods to Atlanta,Cass Co TX before moving to Dalton, Cass Co; lst child born in GA abt1859, in 1860 Cass Co census Oct 1860 in Jefferson's Landing, Marion, Texas.1,2

31st May 1859

Birth of daughter Amanda Lucinda JENKINS in Georgia.21,25,26,27,28,13,29

between 1860 and 1890

Residence4: near Dalton, with his second (third?) wife, Louisa (Taylor?) Christian in Cass County, Texas.8

6th Jan 1862

Birth of daughter Margurette Catherine JENKINS in Dalton, Cass, Texas.24,30,31,32,33

28th Jun 1866

Birth of son Joseph Asa JENKINS in Dalton, Cass, Texas.34,35,36,7,37,38,39,40,41,6

about Jan 1869

Death of Lucinda Amanda TAYLOR in Dalton, Cass, Texas.38,42,36

before 1870

Death of daughter Nell JENKINS in Cass County, Texas.12,13

28th Feb 1872

Married Louisa TAYLOR in Cass County, Texas.42,43,11,7

28th Feb 1872

Married in Cass County, Texas, to Louisa Taylor Christian.4


Birth of son Henry JENKINS in Bryans Mill, Cass, Texas.4,36

before Jun 1880

Death of son Henry JENKINS in Bryans Mill, Cass, Texas.4,36

about 1888

Death of son William S JENKINS in Bowie, Montague, Texas.1

between 1890 and 1900

Death of Louisa TAYLOR in Cass County, Texas.43,4

about 1890

Residence5: Joseph Sanford moved with his son Joseph Asa to Indian Territory abt1890. They went north from Cass Co north thru Bowie Co to cross theRed River by ferry into Choctaw Nation, then went west to ChickasawNation, where JS died in or near Marlow in 1893. in Moved to Marlow, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.4

22nd Feb 1892

Death of son John Cullen JENKINS in Dalton, Cass, Texas.15,16,17,18

26th May 1893

Died in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.4,5

after 26th May 1893

Buried in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.4,5


  • The parents of Joseph Sanford Jenkins have not been determined.  Thename Sanford as a first or middle given name is found in other Jenkinsfamily lines in Virginia and North Carolina, as well as SouthCarolina, where Joseph Sanford was born, according to familyinformation and census reports.

    One such line is the lineage of William Jenkins, born about 1675,probably in Virginia, where he was married and raised his family.  HIsdescenants have an individual named Sanford in every generation up tothe present era.  It seems quite likely this is related to the samebroader Jenkins clan that Joseph Sanford belings to.
    --  William Sanford Jenkins, Jenkins Research,http://www.jenkinsresearch.org/william0001.htm

    The family's name was spelled Jinkins in the 1860 Federal Census, CassCounty, Texas.  There were many Jinkins families in Texas at thattime, and some families still spell the name this way.  This spellingis also found in UK families.

    Harold Christian was the first person to fully probe the Jenkinsfamily sources to compile a story of Joseph Sanford's family.  In theprivate paper Jenkins Family History, Harold says about Joseph'sarrival in Texas (p 7):

    "Harvey Christian recalled having been told by Joseph Asa, Joseph'syoungest son, that Joseph Sanford moved his family into Texas on aflatboat -- landing at Jefferson's Landing, Jefferson, Marion County,Texas.  Joseph freighted supplies for a time from Jefferson's Landingto Atlanta in Northeast Cass County, possibly before moving to theDalton area."
    --  Harold Christian, "Jenkins Family History,"http://objgenealogy.com/articles/josephsanfordjenkinshistory.pdf, p 7

    They may not have been in the Jefferson Landing area very long, sincein the 1860 census their child L Jenkins is reported born in Georgia.And they are resident in Cass County just north of Marion County, byOctober 1860 for the census there.

    Note also that in the 1860 census, the name is recorded as Jno, anabbreviation for John. The details of the family fit the known familyof Joseph Sanford Jenkins.  Errors in names are common in thecensuses.  I have not found Joseph in the 1850 or 1870 censuses.

    The 1860 census reports JS's age as 32; the 1880 Federal Census, CassCounty, Texas, reports Joseph Sanford's age as 52.  This wouldconsistently put his birth year at 1828.  Other sources, however,indicate a birth year of 1826.  Ancestry.com estimates 1825.  My dateis the actual date as recorded in family records.

    1860 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 17 October, Beat #3, PostOffice Unionville & Cusseta, Page 73, Hse #483, Fam #495
    Jinkins Jno 32 M W Farmer 300 SC Cannot read and write
    Jinkins L 36 F W MS
    Jinkins N 14 F W MS Attended school during the last year
    Jinkins J W 10 M W MS Attended school during the last year [b abt1850]
    Jinkins W L 7 M W GA [b abt 1853]
    Jinkins M L 3 F W GA [b abt 1857]
    Jinkins L 1 F W GA [b abt 1859]

    Note that J W was born in Mississippi in about 1849-50 and the nextchild W L was born in Georgia about 1853.  Analyzing the birth statesof the children here, assuming this is correct, we can determine thatthey moved from Mississippi between 1850 and 1853, and were apparentlyresident in Georgia through to about 1859.  They moved to Texas intime to be enumerated in the Cass County census in October 1860.

    This census, as well as 1880, confirms the family information thatJoseph Sanford Jenkins is from the South Carolina Jenkins clan.  Ihave been unable to identify the exact family of Joseph Sanford inSouth Carolina.  The names Joseph, John and Sanford, occur in variouscombinations among the Jenkins families of North and South Carolina.

    Jenkins families in North Carolina also report that their familytraditions tell them they have kinfolks in South Carolina, but theyhave not found the exact connections either.  The name Jenkins is verycommon in the Carolinas, as well as in Virginia and Kentucky.Families from many of these lines moved west and found themselves inthe same counties of Texas and Indian Territory.  Some came intoOklahoma from Missouri.

    We know that the Jenkinses were in South Carolina before theRevolutionary War.  It is likely there were several unrelated streamsof migrations from Wales and England at that time.  I have foundseveral families of Jenkins or Jinkins from South Carolina in northTexas counties from 1860  to 1880 of an age to be Joseph's brothers,cousins and uncles.  No connection has yet been established.

    Also in this 1860 household are Nancy Day, sister of Lucinda Taylor,and her daughter L E
    Day Nancy A 35 F W MS
    Day L E 9 F W MS Attended school during the last year

    There is some uncertainty about the period in Mississippi, and variousfamily stories about kinfolks in Mississippi.  Joseph Sanford's birthdate from our family records (October 14, 1826) would mean was only 19when he married Lucinda, making the marriage in about 1845, he wassaid to have married and fathered 2 daughters in MS before marryingLucinda.

    At age 19, that does not leave much time for a first wife beforeLucinda.  Perhaps any earlier children were illegitimate.  The CassCounty branch of the family have a tradition that Joseph Sanford wasmarried to two women simultaneously, maintaining two families at once,one in Mississippi and one with Lucinda in Texas.

    Yet Harold says, "Lucinda is believed to have married Joseph Sanfordwhile still in Mississippi and shortly before 1850, the place and yearin which John C. Jenkins was born. He is believed to be their firstchild."
    --  Harold Christian, "Jenkins Family History,"http://objgenealogy.com/articles/josephsanfordjenkinshistory.pdf

    Harold appears to be trying here to account for the first wife story.If he was married before he married Lucinda, and the Oct 1826 birthdate indicates he was married at age 19, it seems more likely thatwould have been the time of marriage to his first wife.

    If he did marry Lucinda at age 19, in 1845, then Nell would beLucinda's daughter, not the daughter of a previous wife.  If Josephand Lucinda married in 1849, Joseph would have been about 23 at thattime, and this could accommodate a previous wife before he marriedLucinda (not two wives at once), who could be the mother of Nell andthe other Mississippi daughter referred to in the family tradition.

    This family has not been found in any census in 1870.  It is thoughtthat Joseph's wife Amanda Lucinda died about 1869, and it is possiblethey were traveling at the time of the 1870 census.  But they were inCass County in 1868 and 1869.  J S Jenkins is registered in the voterrolls of Davis County (Cass was renamed briefly after the Civil War,but named back to Cass later), July 22, 1868 J S Jenkins.

    We know Joseph bought land in 1869 in Cass County, and he was backthere later, but I have found no record of his presence in 1870.  Thena land transaction is recorded in 1869 (no date) in Texas Deeds, Bk S,p.#283, in which W. B. Jones et al transferred land to J S Jenkins.

    "Following Lucinda's death Joseph Sanford apparently left Cass Countyfor a short time.  His family was not enumerated in the 1870 CassCounty, Texas, census.  There is no indication that he terminated hisresidence there, however, he was listed on July 22, 1966, Cass Countyvoter registration list.  He purchased land in 1869.  He was remarriedto Mrs. Louisa Christian of Cass County February 28, 1972."
    --  Harold Christian, "Jenkins Family History,"http://objgenealogy.com/articles/josephsanfordjenkinshistory.pdf, p 9

    Texas Marriages, 1851-1900
    J. S. Jenkins
    Gender Male
    Marriage 7 Mar 1872 Cass County, Texas
    Spouse Mrs. Louisa Christian

    That leaves a small window of time in which they could have beenactually out of the County.  They did somehow miss the 1870 census.It may be that they traveled out of the area to Mississippi where theyhad kinfolks during this time.  I have searched in Mississippi andeven Georgia, where they lived at one time, but have found no tracenor any connection to other Jenkinses in any of the areas.  Joseph andhis family were back in Cass County at least by February 1872, whenJoseph married his second wife (or third, according to unconfirmedstories of a wife in Mississippi before Lucinda), Louisa Christian on28 February.

    Many efforts have been put out to find Jenkins connections to clarifyJoseph Sanford's origins and relations that may have moved westward ashe did.  Harold Christian probed possibilities and investigated likelyconnections form the sources available to him.

    A T. C. McJinkins and wife, ages 35 and 33 respectively, along withone male child, with a Duncan Post Office, is listed in the 1890Census Roll of the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory (Oklahoma),(page 22, Pickens County).  (This record is in the possession of theOklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.)  Also listed ashaving a Duncan Post Office address was a (?). S(?). Jinkins, age 45and alone.
    The above T. C. McJinkins could have been a nephew of  Joseph Sanford.

    Sallie Christian said she remembered a Tom Jenkins, a doctor, whovisited her father's home in Marlow, then Indian Territory (Oklahoma),ca 1897.  Joseph Asa told her this Jenkins was his cousin.  Whilethere Dr. Jenkins removed a bone felon from the finger of her mother,Hester Ann (Smith) Jenkins.  As a result of the operation, Hester Annsubsequently was unable to close that finger.  This Dr. Jenkins couldbe related to one of the Cass County, Texas, doctors identified in thelate 1800 land record entries of that county (Dr. H. L. D. Jenkins,and F. H. Jenkins, M.D.).
    --  The Jenkins Family History, by Harold Keith Christian, p 2,http://objgenealogy.com/articles/josephsanfordjenkinshistory.pdf

    I found another record that relates to one of the names in Harold'sinformation.  OKGenWeb compiled cemetery records reports one burialrecord in the Duncan, Stephens County, Oklahoma, Cemetery that appearsto be the ATC McJunkins in Harold's story.  The name on the grave isTG instead of TC, which may be the same person.

    McJunkin, T. G. -- Jun 15, 1856 - Oct 7, 1899; Duncan MunicipalCemetery, Block 05, may be T. C. rather than T. G.
    [This matches the A T C McJinkins Harold refers to in his history]
    --  Karla Sharp, OKGenWeb,http://stephenscogen.org/~okstephe/DuncanCemB05.html

    Family Tradition recalls that Joseph Sanford participated in the CivilWar on the side of the Confederacy.  In the 1970s Harold KeithChristian reported in the "Jenkins Family History."

    "Apparently Joseph's family remained in the Dalton area during theCivil War, because both Kate and Joseph Asa were born there.  Familytradition indicates that Joseph served as a spy for the ConfederateForces during the Civil War.  No inĀ­formation has been discovered todate indicating when, where and with what units he might have served."
    --  The Jenkins Family History, by Harold Keith Christian, p 8,http://objgenealogy.com/articles/josephsanfordjenkinshistory.pdf

    In the 1880 Census of Cass County, Texas, the name is Joseph Jenkins

    1880 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 16 June, District 12,Precinct 3, Page 17, House and Family #144
    Jenkins, Joseph  W M 52 Farmer  SC SC SC
    Jenkins, Louisa   W F 42 Wife Keeps House  Miss Miss Ireland
    Jenkins, Mary L  W F 21 Daughter Farming  Ga SC Miss
    Jenkins, Lucinda  W F 19 Daughter Farming  Ga SC Miss
    Jenkins, Margaret C  W F 17 Daughter Farming  Tx SC Miss
    Jenkins, Joe Asa   W M 16 Son Farming  Tx SC Miss

    Note that Lucinda is reported to be only 19 years old, but born inGeorgia.  But in the 1860 census, when the family was enumerated inTexas, "L Jinkins" was reported to be already 1 year old, born inGeorgia.  Thus in 1880, we would expect Lucinda to be age 21, not 19.Mary Lydie is similarly reported 2 years younger than we would expect,since she was already 3 in the 1860 census.

    A son Henry is known to family tradition and his burial site is onMitchell Farm, near Dalton, Cass County, Texas.  His birth date isknown from family sources to be 1876, but he does not appear with thisfamily in the 1880 census.  Thus we know he died sometime before June1880.

    In 1880, son John Jenkins is living in the next house.

    1880 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 16 June, District 12,Precinct 3, Page 17, House and Family #145
    Jenkins, John  W M 30   Farmer   Miss SC Miss (born 1850)
    Jenkins, Julia  W  F 22  Wife Keeps House GA  GA  SC (born 1858)
    Jenkins,  Ira    W  M  1  Son   Tex Miss GA (born 1879)

    In about 1890 Joseph Sanford Jenkins moved with his son Joseph Asa toChickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. Family researcher Harold Christianreports the story from the perspective of Joseph Asa, indicating thatJA moved to Indian Territory together with two of his brothers-in-law,one of whom was Joseph Sanford's stepson, Joseph Benjamin Christian.

    At this time Joseph Sanford was about 65, and Joseph Asa was about 25.Joseph Asa settled near Marlow, in what is now Stephens County,Oklahoma.  Joseph Sanford died there on 26 May 1893 and is buried inthe Marlow Cemetery.

    Joseph Sanford Jenkins
    Birth Oct. 14, 1826 South Carolina
    Death May 26, 1893 Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma
    Jenkins, J. S.
    b 10/14/1826
    d 5/26/1893
    USA? or CSA?
    Spouse Lucinda Amanda Taylor Jenkins (1824 - 1869)
    Joseph Asa Jenkins (1866 - 1962)
    Mary Lou [Lydie] Jenkins Chapel (1867 - 1929)
    Burial Marlow Cemetery, Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma
    Created by Bev Dec 20, 2004
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #10158854,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=10158854

    Notes from R. Christian Genealogy

    Ref: (Sallie H. Jenkins): "..Poppa said he had half brothers andsisters in MS whom he had never seen."

    Ref: (Harvey Leon Christian): "Grandpa told me that his father movedby barge up to Jefferson Landing (TX, Marion County). He laterfreighted supplies between Jefferson and Atlanta (TX, Cass County)."

    Ref: (Thomas Asa Jenkins): "... heard that grandpapa was an undercoverman -- possibly a spy, for the Confederates. ...never heard whatGeneral he worked for; nor what unit he was assigned to.

    Ref: TX, Cass, List of Registered Voters of Davis (Cass) County, Stateof Texas: #267 July 22, 1868 J. S. Jenkins S.C. Mark.

    Ref: TX, Cass, Deeds, Bk S, p.#283: Land transferred from W. B. Joneset al to J. S. Jenkins; 1869.

    Ref: JENKINS #001 (C. I. Christian): "Grandpa told me about the timewhen he was a young boy. His dad was moving the family across Arkansasby wagon. Times were hard and his father (Joseph Sanford) had to stopfor awhile to earn money to buy supplies for the rest of the trip. Thestore owner, noticing Grandpa had no shoes, offered to keep and raisehim as his own son, promising to see he got a good education.Grandpa's dad refused, however, and they eventually completed theirtrip back to Cass County, Texas.

    (Note by H. K. Christian: This trip away from Cass County, Texasprobably occurred about early 1870, just prior to the 1870 CassCounty, Texas US Census enumeration of Cass County, and soon after thedeath of Joseph Sanford's second wife, Lucinda Taylor. The trip mayhave been to MS, where daughters of Joseph Sanford by his firstmarriage are believed to have lived at that time. Sallie JenkinsChristian said her father, Joseph Asa Jenkins, told her he had twohalf sisters living in MS.)

    Ref: US CENSUS 1870, TX, Cass: (Note by H. K. Christian: Noenumeration of Joseph Sanford Jenkins' family was found in thiscensus.)

    Ref: (Sallie H. Jenkins (166)): "... Grandpa Joseph Sanford marriedhis third wife [Mrs. Louisa Taylor? Christian] in Cass County afterPoppa's mother (Lucinda) died."

    Ref: US CENSUS 1880, TX, Cass, Pct #3, P #17/19, Hse/Fam #144
    Jenkins, Joseph W M 52 m Farmer SC SC SC
    Jenkins, Louisa W F 42 m Kps Hse MI MI IRE

    Notes by HKC: Age 52 indicates Joseph born abt 1828; and both hisparents were born in SC. Louisa's age 42 indicates she was born abt1838. Family tradition indicates she was either widowed or divorcedfrom Joseph Benjamin Christian, born in TN.  Her three known childrenwere also enumerated in the above referenced census;
    Joseph and Emily Christian in Fam #173; and
    Lucinda Christian Dycus in Fam #5

    Notes by HKC: (Made during visit with Mrs. J. C. Mitchell, Rte #3,Naples, TX).  A small burial plot believed to belong to one of theDalton Jenkins families is located about 300 meters northwest of thehouse occupied by Mrs. Mitchell in 1965.  The plot was overgrown withcrepe myrtle and small trees.  One handcrafted sandstone marker hadcarved on it " (?). H. Jenkins / Born (?) 4, 1876 / Died (?)".  Thiscould be Henry Jenkins, named in Frances Elizabeth Posey's FamilyBible as the son of Joseph Sanford Jenkins and Louisa.

    End of Notes from R. Christian Genealogy

    Lucinda Amanda Taylor died between 1868 and 1870.  Epperson Genealogyreports the date as 1867.  Reports from siblings about their memory ofthis event in relation to other events indicates a date of 1868 or1869.


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