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Mareen Brasseur DUVALL1,2,3

about 16801,2,1,3 - 9th Jun 17411,3

Life History

about 1680

Born in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.1,2,1,3

21st Oct 1701

Married Elizabeth JACOB in Maryland.1,2

9th Jun 1741

Died in Great Marsh, Prince George's County, Maryland.1,3

after 9th Jun 1741

Buried in Pleasant Grove Private Cemetery, Great Marsh, St George's County, Maryland.3,1


  • U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Elizabeth Jacob
    Birth 1683 MD
    Spouse Mareen Duvall
    Spouse Birth 1680 MD
    Marriage 1701 MD

    His memorial on Find a Grave says he died on his family plantation inAnne Arundel County, Maryuland, called "Middle Plantation," but wasburied on his farm called "Pleasant Grove" at Great Marsh which theydon't memntion the more specific locaiton of.  But a genealogy wikisays he died at Great Marsh, Pleasant Grove, in Queen Anne Province.The genealogy "Descendants of Mareen DUVALL 'The Immigrant'" says hedied at Great Marsh, Prince Georges County, Maryland, but does not saywhere he was buried.

    The memorial is also confused about his dates of death and burial, aswell as the probating of the will.  The date for signing the will isgiven as Dec. 9, 1741 and date of proving as June 9, 1741 -- 6 monthsbefore it was written!  The genealogy wiki reports date of death asJune 9, 1741 .  The compilaiton in the "Immigrant" genealogy reportsthe same date of death and reports that the will was proved on 17June.  The latter date of 9 June 1741 will be reported in ourgenealogy as the date of death.  Actual date of burial is unclear,reported in the genealogy as 9 Juine with death on 7 June,

    "Mareen DUVALL "The Younger" ... born after 1680 in Middle PlantationS River Hund., Anne Arundel Co., MD, USA. He resided at in 1728 inWestern Branch, Prince George's Co., MD, USA. He died about 9 Jun 1741in Great Marsh, Prince Georges Co., MD, USA. He had an estate probatedon 17 Jun 1741 in Prince Georges Co., MD. He signed a will in GreatMarsh, Prince Georges Co., MD, USA."
    --  RootsWeb "The Immigrant,

    Mareen Brasseur "the younger" Duvall
    Birth 1680 Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA
    Death Jun. 7, 1741 Prince George's County, Maryland, USA

    Mareen Duval, the son of Mareen & Susannah Duvall, was born about 1680(deposed aged 46 in 1726) at "Middle Plantation" in Ann Arundel Co.,Maryland.  He was called Mareen "the younger" and also "Mareen Duvallof the Marsh."  At the age of 12 yr. his father, who was predeceasedby his mother, died in 1692.  [Susannah died in 1692.  Mars Maureendid not die until 1694.]

    In 1696 he petitioned the court to allow him to choose his ownguardian, but Gov. Francis Nicholson denied his request & ordered Col.Henry Ridgely and his wife to continue as guardian. His share of theestate consisted of 300 acres. It was on the west side of a branch ofthe Patuxent River and began at an oak standing by a Great Marsh. Itadjoined "Howerton Range," the plantation that was divided between hisbrother, Benjamin, & sister, Katherine. On October 21, 1701, hemarried Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary (Cheney) Jacob, and theymade their home on the land he inherited which was where theirchildren were born.
    Children of Mareen and Elizabeth (Jacob) Duvall

    1. Mareen Duvall, born 1702, married Ruth Howard
    2. Susannah Duvall, born 1704, married William Fowler
    3. Elizabeth Duvall, born 1706, married William Denune
    4. Samuel Duvall, born 1707, married Elizabeth Mullikin
    5. Anne Duvall, born 1709, married John Carrick
    6. Benjamin Duvall, born 1711, married Mary Wells
    7. John Duvall, born 1712, married Anne Fowler
    8. Jacob Duvall, born 1715, married Mary ---
    9. Mary Duvall, born 1717, married Joshua Clark
    10. Lewis Duvall, born 1721, married Alice Brown
    11. Gabriel Duvall, born Sept. 13, 1724

    In 1700 he captured escaped prisoners of the Province and received £2as a reward.

    On July 12, 1701, Mareen Duvall was accused of making "false,scandalous, and infamous libel" against Mistress Eagle. He hired thebarrister, Col. William Dent of Charles Co. and the case was presentedon April 27, 1703. Robert Eagle & his wife failed to prove theaccusations and lost their case. Mareen Duval recovered damages in theform of tobacco.

    On January 30, 1723/4, Rev. Jacob Henderson granted his "well belovedkinsman," Mareen Duvall at Great Marsh a tract of land known as"Pleasant Grove." It is believed that this Mareen & his wife areburied here. [But his wife's memoiral, linked here, reports that shewas buried in a church cemetery in St George's County, Maryland.]

    His will written Dec. 9, 1741 and proved June 9, 1741, appointed wife,Elizabeth, executrix.

    Mother Susannah Brassuer Duvall (1652 - 1692)
    Spouse Elizabeth Jacob DuVall (1683 - 1752)
    Samuel Duvall (1707 - 1773)
    Jacob Duvall (1715 - ____)

    John Duvall (____ - 1711)
    Samuel Duvall (1667 - 1741)
    Susannah Duvall Tyler (1678 - 1716)
    Elizabeth Duvall Clarke (1680 - 1713)

    Burial Non-Cemetery Burial

    Created by Nareen, et al Mar 08, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #49426955,


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