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Thomas Milton SANDERS

Thomas Milton SANDERS2,3,4,5,6

25th Jan 18841,2 - 29th Dec 19721

Life History

25th Jan 1884

Born in Batavia, Boone, Arkansas.1,2

about 1911

Married Lenore Alice GARRETSON.3


Birth of daughter Woodrow Wilson SANDERS in Arkansas.3,6

9th Apr 1915

Birth of daughter Inez SANDERS in West Point, White, Arkansas.3,6,4,7,8,9,10,11

24th Oct 1918

Birth of son Milton Garretson SANDERS in West Point, White, Arkansas.6,3,10

27th Jul 1958

Death of Lenore Alice GARRETSON in West Point, White, Arkansas.12

29th Dec 1972

Died in West Point, White, Arkansas.1

2nd Jan 1973

Buried in West Point, White, Arkansas.1


  • In the 1900 census, we find Thomas Milton's family. He is listed as Milton in this census.  He later goes by Tom.  He is 16 years old in this census, with birth given as January 1884.

    1900 Federal Census, Boone, Arkansas, 9 June, Carrollton, District 95, page 7A, Hse #11, Fam #113
    Crutch Sanders Head W M  July 1848  51 AR SC TN Farmer
    Dovy Allis Sanders Wife W F  Oct 1871  28 GA TN GA
    Elton Sanders Son W M  Jul 1877  22 AR AR AR
    Hellen Sanders Daughter W F  Jan 1879  21 AR AR AR
    Milton Sanders Son W M  Jan 1884  16 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Harland Sanders Son W M  Dec 1885  14 AR AR AR
    Mariah T Sanders Niece W F  June 1885  14 AR AR AR
    Walter Sanders Nephew W M  Nov 1886  13 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Tinsley Sanders Nephew W M  Sep 1893  7 AR AR AR
    Olney Sanders Grandson W M  June 1899  8mos AR AR AR

    I have not found enough information to determine who the parents are of the grandson Olney Sanders.  I also do not have the whole of the previous generation of the Sanders clarified in order to know the parents of the nephews and niece living with Milton's parents, "Crutch" and Dovy.

    In 1910, we find Tom out on his own, living in a single-person household, in the tiny town of West Point in White County, Arkansas.  He is working as a Railroad Agent in the West Point Depot.

    1910 Federal Census, White County, Arkansas, 15 April, District 170, Page 1A, Hse/Fam #4
    Sanders, Thomas M  Head  M W 24 AR WV WV Railroad Agent, Depot

    Note that in this census, Thomas has gained only 8 years, even though his birthday is in January.  According the age and birth information in 1900, and the family information giving us his actual birthday in January 1884, his age in 1910 should be 26.

    In 1920, we find he has gained only 8 years again since 1920.  The census is taken before his birthday, so he we would expect a gain of 9 years.

    1920 Federal Census, White County, Arkansas, 2 January, District 184, Page 1A, Main Street, Hse/Fam #7
    Sanders, Thomas M  Head  Owns Farm  M W 34 AR AR AR Farmer
    Sanders, Lenore  Wife F W 29 AR AR AR
    Sanders, Woodrow  Daughter [sic] F W 7 AR AR AR
    Sanders, Inez  Dau F W 4 AR AR AR
    Sanders, Garretson  Son M W 1 AR AR AR

    Note that the child Woodrow is designated a daughter and female.  This designation is confirmed in the 1930 census.

    "My Aunt Bo's real birth name was indeed Woodrow Wilson Sanders. She was born right around the time that Woodrow Wilson was nominated for President, and my grandparents named their newborn daughter after the presidential nominee."
    --  Robin Sanders, RootsWeb Message to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 14 August 2017

    Next door we find Lenore's parents, James M and Ella Garretson.  You will note Lenore (Nora) named her last child by her maiden name.

    2 January, District 184, Page 1A, Main Street, Hse/Fam #8
    Garretson, James M  Head  Owns Farm  M W 65 AR TN KY Farmer
    Garretson, Ella  Wife F W 55 AR TN AR

    Even though they are reported as living on Main Street of West Point town, both the Sanders and the Garretson homes are designated as farms.  Other homes on the page are also.  No house has a street number.  Those not designated as farms have an X in the House Number designation.

    In 1930, they appear to be in the same place, but there are no street names.  They are designated as living on a "Public Road."  They are again on page 1 of West Point town enumeration, but here are more houses before theirs.  Interestingly, we are told that now Tom rents his farm, whereas in 1920 he owned it.

    1930 Federal Census, White County, Arkansas, 11 April, District 51, Page 1A, Public Rd, Hse/Fam #7
    Sanders, Tom M  Head  Rents Farm  M W 44  Married at age 25 AR AR AR Farmer
    Sanders, Lenore  Wife F W 39  Married at age 20 AR AR AR
    Sanders, Woodrow  Daughter [sic] F W 17 AR AR AR
    Sanders, Inez  Dau F W 15 AR AR AR
    Sanders, Garret M  Son M W 11 AR AR AR
    Sanders, Jacob C  Son M W 6 AR AR AR
    Sanders, William  Son M W 3yrs 6mos AR AR AR
    Sanders, Bobby J  Son M W  3yrs 6mos AR AR AR
    Garretson, Jim  Father-in-Law M W 76 AR TN TN

    From the number of years they have been married, it appears that Tom and Lenore (Nora) were married in about 1911.

    We find a set of twins here, William and Bobby J.  The entry for Garretson seems to indicate he is going by Garrett, and tells us that his middle initial is M.

    We learn from this enumeration that Nora's mother has died since the last census, and now her father has moved into their actual household, rather than maintaining a separate household next door.

    Here we see the birthplace for Jim/James Garretson has changed from Kentucky to Tennessee.

    The first family listed on this page is named Collins.  This appears to be the family whose son will later marry Inez.  But the son named Howard W is listed in this census as Haywood W Collins, age 17.  I have not found the Collins family in a previous census, in Arkansas or elsewhere.  Both Howard's (Haywood's) parents are form West Virginia where all four of his grandparents were also born, according to this census.


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