William LANGFORD Sarah J LANGFORD Sarah NOMAIDENNAME Sarah JORDAN Mini tree diagram

Samuel LANGFORD3,1,1,2

about 17971,2 - before 18801

Life History

about 1797

Born in South Carolina.1,2

18th Jul 1825

Birth of daughter Sarah J LANGFORD in Hale County, Alabama.4,5,6,7

before 1880

Died in Alabama.1

Other facts




  • A well-documented genealogy that also seems to be representing family sources presents credible information on several generations of Langfords.

    Samuel Langford
    BIRTH ABT 1797 South Carolina
    DEATH Bef 1880
    William Langford 1755-1803
    Sarah JORDAN, BIRTH Unknown, DEATH 1820 Newberry County, South Carolina
    Spouse Sarah (No maiden name)
    BIRTH 1804 South Carolina USA
    DEATH MAY 1880 Hale County, Alabama
    "In the estate papers of Wm. Langford, Wm's widow is listed as Sarah Langford and later as Sarah Weeks."
    --  Granthan/Scott, http://person.ancestry.com/tree/34464182/person/20433276097/facts

    1850 Federal Census, Perry County, Alabama, 23 November, page 323, Hse #64, Fam #65
    Samuel Langford 53 M Farmer No Real Estate Value b SC [b abt 1797]
    Sarah Langford 46 F b SC [b abt 1804]
    Wm Langford 23 M Laborer b NC [b abt 1827]
    Jane Langford 19 F b Alabama [b abt 1831]
    James Langford 16 M b Alabama [b abt 1834]
    Samuel Langford 12 M NC b Alabama [b abt 1838]
    Mary Langford 9 M b Alabama [b abt 1841]
    Martha Langford 4 F b Alabama [b abt 1846]

    1866 Perry County, Alabama State Census, Township 22, Range 6E, P 104
    Samuel Langford
    2 males under 2 yrs
    1 male over 20 yrs
    1 female over 20 yrs

    One genealogy reports the father of Sarah Langford by simply the surname Thigpen. No spouse or details on Thigpen are reported. With Sarah's maiden name always reported as Langford, we would think "Thigpen's" surname was Langford. This name is added for search purposes, and has not been verified.

    Thigpen [only the one name; this is normally a surname]
    Thigpen was born 1799 in Hale or Pickens Alabama, and died date unknown.
    [No spouse reported]
    Children of Thigpen are:
    Sarah Langford, b July 18, 1825, Hale or Pickens Alabama, d November 01, 1913, Berry Fayette Co Alabama
    --  Knudsen, Genealogy Archive, http://www.genealogy.com/ftm/k/n/u/Thorolf-M-Knudsen/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0242.html

    Another genealogy does report Sarah's father as Thigpen Langford, with birth and death state as North Carolina.  No documentation is included in this genealogy, other than other genealogies which likewise reference no family or record sources.

    Thigpen Langford
    Birth North Carolina
    Death North Carolina
    Spouse Mother
    Daughter Sarah Langford 1825-1913
    --  Cranford Family Tree, Ancestry.com, http://person.ancestry.com/tree/2167784/person/-1856954892/facts?ftm=1

    Sources report Sarah was born in Alabama, though some researches are ucnertain and think she could have been born in North Carolina.  If she wsa born in Alabama, it is likely that is the state where her father died.  He probably did not move back east.

    Nothing has been found for any individual named Thigpen Langford.  On the contrary, a credible and documented genealogy on the Langford reports Sarah Langofrd's parents as Samuel and Sarah Langford of South Carolina.  It may be that the Thigpen name was Sarah's mother's maiden name.  Thigpen families lived in Bibb County.

    A descnedant and researcher also came up with similar conclusions and, further, got a DNA match.

    "I did keep searching for a Thigpen Langford in Perry, Alabama and could never find any connection so I just went for the Langford and found a Samuel.  In the 1910 census, he had two young females under the age of 10 and in the 1920, they were gone.  So I ASSUMED that might have been the Sarah Langford that married Henry Hallman.  I entered him in my tree and added his father Mathew Langford and in a couple of days, I had a DNA match with the Mathew Langford so my ASSUMPTION must have paid off.  They started in South Carolina and moved to Perry, Alabama in he early 1900's."
    -- Chiquita Meier, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 11 October 2016


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