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William GREGORY3,2,4

also known as Unidentified GREGORY1

about 18091 - Aug 18372

Life History

about 1809

Born in Fauquier County, Virginia.1

about 1837

Birth of daughter Darthula A GREGORY in Jefferson County, Tennessee.5

Aug 1837

Died in Jefferson County, Tennessee.2

Other facts


Married Mary Ann BRAGG


  • The child William from Carolyn Cooper's genealogy has no dates, but cannot be accounted for in the 1940 census of children of Richard Gregory.  We are identifying William with the otherwise unidentified male, born between 1806 and 1810, to assist search and correlation in reconstructing this Gregory lineage.  This otherwise unidentified son of Richard Gregory is reported in the following analysis of the 1910 and 1930 censuses by Steve Squier.

    1810 Fauquier Co., VA
    male 26-44 = Richard Gregory
    female 26-44 = Lucretia Jones
    female <10 = Sarah Ann Gregory (b. ~1807 VA)
    male <10 = an unidentified son (b. 1801-1810)
    female <45 = an elderly relative
    female <45 = an elderly relative

    1830 Jefferson Co., TN
    male 40-49 = Richard Gregory
    female 40-49 = Dorcas Fishback
    [note that Sarah Ann is out of the household, having been married the previous February]
    male 20-29 = unidentified son (b. 1801-1810)
    male 15-19 = Few H. Gregory (b. ~1813 VA)
    male 10-14 = Phillip Gregory (b. ~1817 VA)
    female 10-14 = Lucretia Gregory (b. ~1819 TN)
    female 5-9 = Mary Jane Gregory (b. ~1820 TN)
    female 5-9 = Susan Gregory (b. ~1821 TN)
    male 5-9 = James Henry Gregory (b. Apr 1826 TN)
    male 60-69 = an elderly relative
    female 60-69 = an elderly relative
    --  Steve Squier, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 23 August 2017

    Carolyn Cooper reported on the children of Richard and Dorcas Gregory in her Cooper genealogy.  She provides several names of children but no details.  One of Phillip Gregory's brothers was named James, according to the Cooper genealogy, who fits an identification with our James Henry Gregory of Cherokee County, Alabama, and Jefferson County, Tennessee.

    No date of birth was known for any child except Phillip.  Two brothers bore names also common in James Henry's Gregory family, William and George. This family was added to the genealogy to facilitate searching and location of other records for these individuals.

    Richard Gregory, No vital details
    George Washington Gregory 1790-
    Mary Hawkins
    Marriage 25 Aug 1817 Fauquier County, VA to Dorcas Fishback (1781-)
    Birth of Son Phillip Gregory 09-09-1818 Virginia
    Other Children, no dates or details:
    Miranda Gregory
    James Gregory
    George Gregory
    William Gregory
    Death of Son Phillip Gregory October 1895 Bell County, Texas
    --  Carolyn Cooper, Ancestry,

    Because the details are missing from so many of these, this genealogy has to be considered a low credibility source.  The names proposed do, however, provide clues to possibilities, but could not be clearly identified.  Other connections for Phillip were pursued by another Gregory researcher, Steve Squier.  Steve contacted me with some other Gregory families he had found living in areas of Cherokee County, Alabama, and Jefferson County, Tennessee, where James Henry Gregory and Rachel Lewis had lived.

    No child matching William appears in the 1840 census.  All reported children reported there are accounted for by documented names we know.  Carolyn Cooper's son of Richard named William above could be the unidentified son in the 1810 and 1830 censuses for Richard Gregory.  If so he would have been born in 1808 or 1809.  Richard Gregory married Lucretia Jones in 1806.  Their first child, Sarah Ann, was born in about 1807.

    Our thanks to Steve Squier also for his analysis of the 1840 census listing for the household of Richard Gregory.

    1840 Jefferson Co., TN
    male 50-59 = Richard Gregory
    female 50-59 = Dorcas Fishback
    [the unidentified son and Few are now out of the household, Few having been married in 1834]
    male 20-29 = Phillip Gregory (b. ~1817 VA)
    female 20-29 = Lucretia Gregory (b. ~1819 TN)
    female 20-29 = Mary Jane Gregory (b. ~1820 TN)
    female 15-19 = Susan Gregory (b. ~1821 TN)
    male 15-19 = James Henry Gregory (b. Apr 1826 TN)
    female 5-9 = Cynthia Gregory (b. ~1831/32 TN)
    --  Steve Squier, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 23 August 2017

    Thanks to the research of Steve Squier, who discovered the probate records of William Gregory, whose estate was administered by his father Richard.  At this point I also express appreciation to for their continuing gathering and digitizing of these extensive old record sets.

    Tennessee, Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008
    Wm Gregory
    Probate Jefferson, Tennessee, USA
    Named in the inventory are some financial notes naming several relatives:  David D N Lichliter, F H Gregory, Michael Reanow [Reneau. Joel W Cowan, George Gregory]
    Typed transcription, p 336, from the original will book, p 453, on microfilm
    Estate Inventory signed by Richard Gregory, administrator, with His Mark
    No date is provided in the inventory.  Dates on the financial  notes range from 1834 to 1837
    Researcher Steve Squier states the date of probate as in 1837.
    Jefferson County Will Books, 1792-1844

    Additional information was found in June 2019 on William's probate by Gregory descendant and research Erin M L, who referred me to a Tennessee Supreme Court case concerning William's estate.  His father Richard was appointed administrator of his estate, and records of estate sales are found in the probate records, providing helpful names of family members and neighbors.  Richard died before the estate was settled, though the date has not been found.  The information in the probate records and the court case gave clues to fill out the family configurations, especially with regard to spouses of the daughters.  Other records already in hand or new one found could then be correlated and attached.

    William was apparently married only a short time before he died, and it appears he and his with Mary Jane had only one child, Darthula (found in some record transcriptions as Dorthula).  Darthula is a popular name in the Gregory and related families, like Hance and Strange.

    Theodore I. Bradford & William Evans v. A. S. Mason, et al.

    Jefferson County, Tennessee

    Estate Dispute/Settlement

    William Gregory [son of Richard Gregory and Lucretia Jones of Virginia], died intestate, his estate settled [?]. Richard Gregory [father of William] was made admr of the estate, then he died.

    Isaac Rhinehart [husband of Susan Gregory, William's sister] was then made executor of the Gregory estate, which was insolvent.
    Bradford & Evans were security on the estate, sued to settle the estate.

    Mentioned: Sarah Gregory [Sarah Ann Gregory, daughter of Richard and his first wife Lucretia Jones], Isaac Rhinehart [husband of Susan Gregory], D. A. Gregory [Darthula A Gregory, daughter of William Gregory and Mary Ann (Bragg)], M. I. Gregory [probably MJ, for Mary Jane, daughter of Richard], Susan Gregory Rhinehart [daughter of Richard Gregory and Dorcas Fishback of Jefferson County, Tennessee], Philip Gregory [son of Richard Gregory], James Webb [husband of Lucretia Gregory], Lucretia [Gregory, Richard's daughter] Webb, James Gregory [James Henry Gregory of Jefferson County, Tennessee, brother of William and son of Richard].

    East Range 5, Section A, Shelf 3, Box Number 8a, p 117

    --  Tennessee Supreme Court Cases, Tennessee State Library and Archives,

    William's wife Mary Ann and her subsequent husband later sued William's estate, claiming she was bing cheated out of a provision in law called dower land.  A case is found in the Tennessee Supreme Court archives about this case.  It is uncertain how this was resolved, as we do not have access to the full case file.


    Andrew L. & Mary Ann Mason v. B. J.& Dorthula A. Ward
    Jefferson County, Tennessee


    Defendant's name is Benjamin F Ward.  William Gregory died owning land on south side of French Broad River, leaving plaintiff Mary Ann (who later married Andrew) as his widow.  Richard Gregory, deceased, administered William's estate but never assigned dower to Mary Ann, so Plaintiffs now claim dower out of that land.  William & Mary Ann had 1 child, Defendant Dorthula.  At time of suit, both parties lived on the land at issue. Plaintiffs claim Defendants are trying to cheat & defraud them out of Mary Ann's dower.

    East Range 7, Section G, Shelf 1, Box Number 680, page 126

    --  Tennessee Supreme Court Cases, Tennessee State Library and Archives,


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