First Husband CHAMPION Ancil Cunningham GREEN Abner Jefferson GREEN Isaac V GREEN Mini tree diagram

Frances CHASTAIN1,3,1,4,5

18001 - after 18442

Life History


Born in South Carolina.1


Married First Husband CHAMPION in Rutherford County, North Carolina

3rd Aug 1817

Married Ancil Cunningham GREEN in Rutherford County, North Carolina.3,1,5

23rd Feb 1838

Birth of son Abner Jefferson GREEN in Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina.1,6,7,4

10th Jul 1843

Birth of son Isaac V GREEN in North Carolina.8

after 1844

Died in North Carolina.2


  • Rutherford County, North Carolina, Marriages, 1779-1868
    Anscel Green
    Gender Male
    Spouse Frances Champion
    Marriage Bond Date 3 Aug 1817 Rutherford County, North Carolina

    North Carolina, Index to Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
    Anscel Green
    Gender Male
    Spouse Frances Champion
    Bond Date 3 Aug 1817
    Bond #00133695
    North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868, Record #01 110
    Bondsman John Lewis
    Polk County (formed in 1855 out of parts of Rutherford and Henderson counties)

    The handwritten marriage bond record spells her name Champain.

    Ansel Cunningham Green
    BIRTH 11 FEB 1786 South Carolina
    DEATH 29 OCT 1881 Murray County, Georgia
    1st Wife Sarah L "Sally" Bearden
    BIRTH 1787 Old 96th, now Spartanburg Co. SC
    DEATH ABOUT 1815 -1817 Probably Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Marriage ca. 1802-1804 Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Son Daniel Green
    BIRTH 1810-1812 South Carolina
    DEATH AFTER 1866-BEFORE 1870 Tunnell Hill, Whitfield, Georgia
    2nd Wife Frances Chastain (Widow of ------- Champion)
    Daughter Martha Jane Green
    BIRTH 5 APRIL 1828 North Carolina
    DEATH 29 MARCH 1892 Cass County, Texas
    --  Irene Keller,

    One Green genealogy reports she was a Native American (by including that phrase in her name), but does not comment on which nation or any other detail.

    Frances Fannie Native American Champion Green
    BIRTH 1800 South Carolina
    DEATH 1854
    Spouse Ancil Cunningham Green
    BIRTH 11 FEB 1786 South Carolina
    DEATH 29 OCT. 1881 Georgia
    Marriage 3 Aug 1817 Rutherford, North Carolina
    --  Green_65,

    If this report is true, she was probably Cherokee, or mixed-blood.  This area was expropriated from the Cherokees, but some mixed-bloods chose to "be white" and avoided the forced removal.  Some Greens were Cherokee, some were white.  This line of Greens appears not to be relted to the Cherokee line of Meshack W Greena nd Lucretia Franklin in South Carolina, who died before the 1817 treaty of removal.  But one of their daughters married to a Horton white man moved west in the first removal.

    There is some indication that some of the Greens in Ancil's line, in the Rutherford-Cleveland County area of North Carolina,  married Cherokees.  Some known Cherokees married to whties or mixed-blood families in Georgia were rounded up and forced to move.  Many managed to hide and avoid the roundup for some time and managed to stay in the area.  Some whites married to Cherokees also stayed with the tribe, registered in the original or subsequent removals and mvoed west.


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