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Susan GREGORY1,5,6,7,3,4

about 18211,2,3,4 - about 1867

Life History

about 1821

Born in Tennessee.1,2,3,4

15th Oct 1840

Married Isaac RINEHART in Jefferson County, Arkansas.7

Dec 1841

Birth of son James Henry RINEHART in Jefferson County, Tennessee.8,9,10,11,12

about 1842

Birth of daughter Mary Jane RINEHART in Jefferson County, Tennessee.8,3

about 1844

Birth of son John C RINEHART in Jefferson County, Tennessee.8,3

about 1846

Birth of daughter Dorcas RINEHART in Jefferson County, Tennessee.13,8,3,14,15

about 1847

Birth of daughter Lucretia RINEHART in Jefferson County, Tennessee.8,3,14

about 1848

Birth of daughter Susan RINEHART in Jefferson County, Tennessee.16

about 1852

Birth of son Richard G RINEHART in Tennessee.17,2,11,3,14

about 1854

Birth of daughter Sarah C RINEHART in Unknown.3,14

13th Aug 1855

Birth of son William H RINEHART in Dandridge, Jefferson, Tennessee.3,14,11

about 1860

Birth of daughter Thirza T RINEHART in Tennessee.2,10,18,14

about 1861

Birth of daughter Martha C RINEHART in Tennessee.13,14

about 1862

Birth of daughter Hannah M RINEHART in Tennessee.14

about 1863

Birth of daughter Margarett Morgan RINEHART in Tennessee.13,14

about 1865

Birth of son Nathaniel G RINEHART in Tennessee.13,14

about 1867

Died in Jefferson City, Jefferson, Tennessee


  • Our thanks to Steve Squier for his analysis of the 1840 census listing for the household of Richard Gregory.

    1840 Jefferson Co., TN
    male 50-59 = Richard Gregory
    female 50-59 = Dorcas Fishback
    [the unidentified son and Few are now out of the household, Few having been married in 1834]
    male 20-29 = Phillip Gregory (b. ~1817 VA)
    female 20-29 = Lucretia Gregory (b. ~1819 TN)
    female 20-29 = Mary Jane Gregory (b. ~1820 TN)
    female 15-19 = Susan Gregory (b. ~1821 TN)
    male 15-19 = James Henry Gregory (b. Apr 1826 TN)
    female 5-9 = Cynthia Gregory (b. ~1831/32 TN)
    --  Steve Squier, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 23 August 2017

    The Gregorys all appear to have come from Virginia.  In 1850 there were what appear to be members of the same lineage in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Alabama.

    I have found only one genealogy that proposes parents for Susannah.  They have several children, including Mary Jane Gregory.  This name would match the Mary J Gregory enumerated in the 1850 census (see below) in the household of Susannah (Susan) and her husband Isaac Rinehart (also spelled various ways:  Rinehart, Rheinhardt, Reinhart, Rianhart, Rheinhart, Rhinehart).  But the birth date they propose for Mary Jane is 1828.  No documentation is given for dates or places on this genealogy.

    This date of 1928 is 8 years late to account for the age of 30 reported in the 1850 census, which means birth in 1819 or 1820.  Additionally, their father in this genealogy, John Seay Gregory is from Illinois.  This could still be part of the same Gregorys.  John's father is also named John Seay Gregory, but no mother is reported and the birth place of the elder John is not reported.
    Ref Rheinhart,

    However, see the 1853 Tennessee Court Case information below.  This estate settlement case mentions Susan and her husband Isaac Rinehart, and other Gregorys that are in the family of Richard Gregory, whose family are from Virginia, but came to settle in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  This seems to confirm that this is the Susan Gregory who was Richard's daughter, not the daughter of John Seay Gregory of Sumner County, Tennessee.

    Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002
    Susan Gregory
    Isaac Rinehart
    Marriage 15 October 1840 Jefferson County
    Ceremony performed by Russell Birdwell
    Recorded Jefferson County Marriage Book, p 310, Record #3093

    1850 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 25 October, District 13, page 143-144, Hse #992, Fam #1034
    Isaac Rhinehart 33 M Laborer $0 Real Estate value b Tenn Cannot read or write
    Susan Rhinehart 29 F b Tenn Cannot read or write
    Mary Jane Rhinehart 9 F b Tenn
    James H Rhinehart 8 M b Tenn
    John C Rhinehart 6 M b Tenn
    Dorcas Rhinehart 4 F b Tenn
    Lucretia Rhinehart 3 F b Tenn
    - page 144 -
    Susan Rhinehart  2 F b Tenn
    Mary J Gregory 30 F b Tenn

    In the 1860 census, the enumerator reported Susan and al lher children with their initials only, in the household of her husband Isaac Rinehart.

    1860 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 6 September, P O Not Reported, page 328, Hse #2325, Fam #2368
    Isaac Rinehart 47 F Married Farmer $400 Real Estate $400 Pesonal Estate b Tennessee Cannot Write [b abt 1830]
    S Rinehart 34 F b Tennessee Cannot Write [b abt 1826]
    M J Rinehart 17 F b Tennessee [b abt 1843]
    J H Rinehart 17 F b Tennessee [b abt 1843]
    J C Rinehart 15 M b Tennessee [b abt 1845]
    D Rinehart 14 F b Tennessee [b abt 1846]
    L Rinehart 13 F b Tennessee [b abt 1847]
    S Rinehart 12 F b Tennessee [b abt 1848]
    R G Rinehart 10 F b Tennessee [b abt 1850]
    S C Rinehart 6 F b Tennessee [b abt 1854]
    W H Rinehart 4 F b Tennessee [b abt 1856]
    - page 329 -
    T T Rinehart 2 F b Tennessee [b abt 1858]
    M C Rinehart 1 F b Tennessee [b abt 1859]

    Some sources have Susannah Gregory, rather than Susan.  She is the Susan who married Isaac Rinehart, who was appointed administrator of the estate of William Gregory in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  William died in 1837, so the estate had been open and unsettled for a long time.  The estate was defendant in a lawsuit in 1853, after a prior admininstrator, Richard Gregory, also died.  Richard was William Gregory's father.

    Theodore I. Bradford & William Evans v. A. S. Mason, et al.

    Jefferson County, Tennessee

    Estate Dispute/Settlement

    William Gregory [son of Richard Gregory and Lucretia Jones of Virginia], died intestate, his estate settled [?]. Richard Gregory [father of William] was made admr of the estate, then he died.

    Isaac Rhinehart [husband of Susan Gregory, William's sister] was then made executor of the Gregory estate, which was insolvent.
    Bradford & Evans were security on the estate, sued to settle the estate.

    Mentioned: Sarah Gregory [Sarah Ann Gregory, daughter of Richard and his first wife Lucretia Jones], Isaac Rhinehart [husband of Susan Gregory], D. A. Gregory [Darthula A Gregory, daughter of William Gregory and Mary Ann (Bragg)], M. I. Gregory [probably MJ, for Mary Jane, daughter of Richard], Susan Gregory Rhinehart [daughter of Richard Gregory and Dorcas Fishback of Jefferson County, Tennessee], Philip Gregory [son of Richard Gregory], James Webb [husband of Lucretia Gregory], Lucretia [Gregory, Richard's daughter] Webb, James Gregory [James Henry Gregory of Jefferson County, Tennessee, brother of William and son of Richard].

    East Range 5, Section A, Shelf 3, Box Number 8a, p 117

    --  Tennessee Supreme Court Cases, Tennessee State Library and Archives,

    Susan died after the birth of her son Nathaniel.  He was born about 1866.  Some genealogies report she died in1867.  No death or burial record has been found.  In the 1870 census, Isaac was enumerated with several children still in the household, as well as Susan's sister Mary Jane (reported that year as Jane Gregory), who had been with them in 1850.


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