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Peggy Marlene GREEN

Peggy Marlene GREEN4,1,2,5,3,6

15th May 19421,2,3 - UNKNOWN1

Life History

15th May 1942

Born in Hobart, Kiowa, Oklahoma.1,2,3

about 1958

Married Doyle Dean MAUK in Oklahoma.7,2,2


Birth of daughter Deana Marie MAUK in Bermuda.1,7

before 1987

Divorced from Doyle Dean MAUK.7,5

3rd Jul 2011

Death of Doyle Dean MAUK in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma.1,8,9,10,7


Death of daughter Deana Marie MAUK.1



Other facts


Birth of son Living MAUK


Birth of son Living MAUK


Birth of daughter Living MAUK


  • "Hi, my name is Anonymous Informant (that is my married last name).  I am the grandaughter of Peggy Green, grandaughter [daughter] of Lila Mae Lee Vinson.  I am 34 years old from Edmond, Ok.  I was adopted but know who my birth family is.  The Greens are from my mother's side of my family.. ... I know my maternal great grandparents are Woodrow Green and Lila Mae."
    --  Anonymous Informant, Geneanet Messging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 26 April 2018

    Peggy Marlene Green
    Birth 15 MAY 1942, Death Unknown
    Woodrow Green 1916-1968
    Lila Mae Lee Vinson 1923-1993
    Spouse Larry Wayne Fritts 1947-2002
    Spouse Doyle Dean Mauk 1937-2011
    Daughter Deana Marie Mauk 1965-
    --  Anonymous Informant, Mauk/Green Family, https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/112948812/person/400104228929/facts?ftm=1

    U.S., School Yearbooks, 1900-1990
    Peggy Green
    Birth Year abt 1942
    1958  Yearbook The Bearcat, Hobart High School, Hobart, Oklahoma

    Her husband was in the military.  They were married some time before 1961.  The following military record reports she was coming back into the US, traveling as Peggy M Mauk.

    New Jersey, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1956-1964
    Peggy M Mauk
    Age 18, Nationality USA
    Born 15 May 1942 Hobart, Oklahoma
    Boarded at Mildenhall Royal Air Force Base, Suffolk, England
    Arrival 11 Apr 1961 McGuire Air Force Base Immigration (Newark), New Jersey, USA
    Current Address 1906th AACS Sg, Hill AFB, Utah
    Permanent Address 505 S Harrison, Enid, Oklkahoma
    Airline MATS [Military Air Transport Servies] 448

    "My mother, Deana was born in Bermuda because her father was in the military.  Deana‚Äôs brother Rick was actually born in England. ... My biological father is Russel Long.  My biological mother and father were never married.  Deana has an older son Justin by a man with the last name of Macbeth.  Her other three children Lyle, Cody and Maegan are all by Cary Collier.  Deana is no longer married to Cary and has not remarried."
    --  Anonymous Informant, Geneanet Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 27 April 2018

    A record is found in Peggy's full maiden name in Alabama.  The date in the 1980s would seem to indicate that she had divorced before that time and reverted to her maiden name.

    U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 1
    Peggy Marlene Green
    3263 Yellow Hammer Dr, Birmingham, AL, 35210-3618
    527 Wonder Ln, Irondale, AL, 35210-3319 (1987)
    2864 Regal Cir Apt B, Birmingham, AL, 35216-4643 (1989)
    text-only index record

    Peggy Green 5/15/42 and Doyle Mauk had three children,

    Ricky Dale Mauk 6/2/59, born in England. Rick was married at one point to a lady name Lori, toghether they had three children, Rachel Nicole Mauk 6/26/85, Jerrid Clay Mauk 4/28/80, Michael and Michelle Mauk (twins) 12/22/89. Michelle died 2/28/90. Rick is not curently married and has isolated himself from the family. He was close to his dad before he passed. Currently lives in Blanchard, OK.

    Randy Dean Mauk 12/29/62, Randy was married at one point. Together him and his wife had two boys, Timothy Dean Mauk 3/7/93, Randal James Mauk 3/28/91. Randy is not currently married.You might also find that he does have a criminal record as of the last ten years for drug possesion. He is also estranged from the family. He lives in Norman, OK.

    Joy L.Cox 4/30/64, Joy has two boys Kerry Van Burris 7/20/84, Joshua James Cox 10/12/88. Joy was married to Joshua's dad at one time. She is no longer married and lives with her mother in Sandersville, MS. They live next door to my mother. Joy also has five grandchildren.Kerry's had two daughters and a son; Skyla Pearl Marlene Burris 4/23/03,

    Peggy did divorce Doyle and remarried someone with the last name Fritts.

    Peggy Green had two brothers, Billy Charles Green (Bill) 3/2/45 *my mystery match that just recently showed up on my ancestry matches. Her other brother is James Leroy Green (Jim) 8/30/46 His occupation is a clown. He does shows for local schools and for the chickasaw nation events. (He is on facebook). Bill had one son, Billy Jr., he passed away in 2007. Jim has two children, Jimmie and Amy.
    --  Anonymous Informant, Geneanet Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 2 May 2018


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