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Reddick Jackson GREEN

Reddick Jackson GREEN5,6,1,4

also known as Redie GREEN5,1,8

7th Feb 18695,6,7,4,1 - 7th May 19065,7,4

Life History

7th Feb 1869

Born in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.5,6,7,4,1


Married Etta Lou BOWEN in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.8

24th Aug 1891

Birth of son William Elvie GREEN in Coalgate, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.9,5,10,6,11,12,13,14,15

2nd Dec 1892

Birth of daughter Myrtle Emma GREEN in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.16,17,1,18,19,5,6,20,21

3rd Oct 1898

Resident in Dawes Chickasaw Roll, Bob, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1


Residence2 in Township 8, South Range 1 East, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.6

between 25th Sep 1902 and 30th Jan 1903

Residence3: New Registration 1902 then transfer of old Choctaw Registration 1903 in Dawes Chickasaw Roll, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2

7th May 1906

Died in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.5,7,4

after 7th May 1906

Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.3,4

Other facts


Also Known As2: R J Green.3


  • In 1900 Reddick and his family are living just a few houses down from his mother Frances (Colbert Cochran Green) East, and he is enumerated on the page of the census following her.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 2 June, Township 8, South Range 1 East, District 151, page 1A, Hse #2
    Green, Reddick J  Head White Male Feb 1869  31 Married 12 yrs Ind Territory GA Ind Territory  Farmer  Owns Farm  Cannot read and write
    Green, Etta L  Wife White Female Nov 1869  30 Married 12 yrs  3 children/2 living MS TN AL Can read and write
    Green, William A  Son White Male Aug 1890  9 Ind Territory Ind Territory Mississippi
    Green, Myrtle E Dau  White Female Dec 1892  7 Ind Territory Ind Territory Mississippi

    Note that the 1900 census reports Reddick's birthday as February 1869, which is before the reported marriage of his parents in Chickasaw Nation in 1871.  The Chickasaw History online reports a birth date for Reddick Jackson as about 1871 and that of his brother Daniel as about 1874.
    --  Chickasaw History, Redie Jackson Colbert, http://www.chickasawhistory.com/colbert/i0029612.htm#i29612

    Only a handful of genealogies, which are poorly documented, report Reddick Jackson's brother Daniel.  Later information confirmed in censuses and some family information that Reddick had a brother named Daniel G Green  It appears to be this Daniel reported in the household of Myrtle Green Powell in 1940, reported as 72 years old, which matches a date of birth around 1868, matching the older brother Reddick Jackson, instead of Daniel G Green.

    As we often find, dates as objective and set facts, were not part of the worldview of people in that era.  We often find discrepancies in age and birth dates.  But these Green family dates are more confused than usual in the documentation sources and genealogies.  Modern expectations of exactness from collected data were not major values in the focus of folks in that era.

    The date of birth on Reddick's gravestone is also different than that reported by the 1900 census.  The census reports his birth as February 1869, while the grave reports 7 February 1872.  The 1900 date matches more closely with the 1940 census record, which would make birth in 1868.  We commonly find a one-year error in the 1900 census.

    The Powell genealogy, compiled by descendants of Reddick's daughter Myrtle, reports that Reddick's birthday was 7 February 1872, while the date given for the supposed brother Daniel Redric is 1 April 1872.  This obviously conflicts.  It is interesting that the birth date the Powell genealogy reports is close to the birth date others report (without documentation) for Daniel Redric Green.

    If Reddick was born in February 1972, this is only 4 months after the reported marriage of his parents.  This is the birth date on Reddick's grave marker.  This is possible, but seems unlikely.  Perhaps the official marriage ceremony and recording was later than they actually married under Chickasaw custom.  But in the 1900 census his brother Daniel is reported as born in April 1872 and Reddick in Nov 1969.  So there are conflicts on all sides.  Reddick's Dawes age matches most closely with a birth in 1869.

    Reddick "Redie" J Green, b 7 Feb 1972, d 7 May 1906
    Wife Etta D Bower, b Nov 1809 Mississippi, d Aft 1930
    William Alvia Green, b 24 Aug 1891
    Myrtle Emma Green, b 2 Dec 1892, d 1 Nov 1948 Marion OR
    --  Ancestry Trees, Powell Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/12163053/family/familygroup

    In the 1902 Indian Census, Reddick and his children's info was uipdated from the 1893 census and 1898 updates.  His wife Etta was added from her Choctaw card.

    Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes, Card #1662, enrolled 1893, Pontotoc County, p 90;  Dawes Commission updates in 1898 of the 1893 census card, updates up to 1904

    Dawes #4062, Redie Redie Green, Jackson Age in 1902 32, Birth Abt 1870, 1/4
    Chickasaw,  Father Daniel Green Dead Non-citizen, Mother Frances East Choctaw residing Chickasaw Division
    #4063, Green, William Elvie Age in 1902 12, Birth Abt 1890, 1/8 Chickasaw, Father No 1, Mother Etta Green
    #4064, Myrtle Emma Green, Age in 1902 22, Birth Abt 1880, 1/8 Chickasaw, Father No 1, Mother Etta Green
    #4065 (New), Green, Etta Wife Age in 1902 32, Birth Abt 1880, 1/8 Chickasaw, Father Carroll Bowen Dead non-citizen, Mother Callie Bowen non-citizen
    No 1 married under name of Dutch Green, is husband of Etta Green on Choctaw Card #D61
    No 2 on Chickasaw Roll as Wm E Green
    No 3 on " " as Myrtle E
    Nos 1, 2 &3 originally enrolled on Choctaw Card #337. Transferred to this card Jan 30th 1903.
    No 4 transferred from Choctaw card D61 April 7, 1904
    See decision of March 15, 1904
    Enrollment of Nos 1, 2 &3 hereon approved by the Secretary of the Interior 6 Mar 1903
    Enrollment of No 4 hereon approved by the Secretary of the Interior 9 May 1904

    Reddick Jackson "Redie" Green
    Birth Feb 7, 1872 Pontotoc County, Oklahoma
    Death May 7, 1906 Love County, Oklahoma
    Daniel David Green (1844 - 1878)
    Francis Colbert Green East (1831 - 1915)
    Samuel T Cochran (1866 - 1886) Half-sibling
    Tory E Thornton (1870 - 1886)*
    Minnie Jones (1874 - 1938)
    Rosebud Green (1876 - 1876)
    Robert Louis Green (1877 - 1877)
    Emma A Green (1878 - 1892)
    Burial Lakeview Cemetery, Marietta, Love County, Oklahoma
    Created by Phil & Donna Whitaker May 01, 2006
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #14137496, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=Green&GSiman=1&GScid=98785&GRid=14137496&

    "I did learn an interesting fact about the Greens in the Lakeview Cemetery in Marietta. The Greens were moved there from a family cemetery located south of Marietta at some point. The Love County historian was invited to our Chickasaw family reunion & we were discussing families in Love County. The Greens came up & she told me about an article in the Marietta Monitor that told about the cemetery."
    --  Kati Jackson Cain, email to cousins Orville Boyd Jenkins and Marion Mixon, 7 July 2017


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