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James Alfred Charles MARTIN

James Alfred Charles MARTIN4,1,12,2,9,11,10,5,13,3,7,1

13th Jul 18714,5,6,3,7,1 - 10th Jun 19424,2,3,1

Life History

13th Jul 1871

Born in Bowie, Montague, Texas.4,5,6,3,7,1

between 1880 and Oct 1895

Resident in Parker County, Texas.8,9,7

6th Oct 1895

Married Nancy Elizabeth JACKSON in Parker County, Texas.4,8,9

between Oct 1895 and 1907

Residence2: uncertain when they moved to Indian Territory, but some time after marriage in Indian Territory.10

15th Jun 1896

Birth of son Jesse Albert MARTIN in Parker County, Texas.5,22,23

15th Jun 1896

Birth of son Elbert Edquet MARTIN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.14,15,16,17,18,5,19,20,21,6

31st Dec 1900

Birth of daughter Lilly Claire MARTIN in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.24,5,3,25

8th May 1903

Birth of son Leeloo Alfred MARTIN in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.14,26,5,3

between 1907 and 1925

Residence3: no record of 1920-30 census or when he moved back to Oklahoma in Parker County, Texas.10

27th Jul 1914

Death of Nancy Elizabeth JACKSON in Parker County, Texas.4,27,28,29

26th Oct 1914

Married Pearl Maude WALKER in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.13

5th Mar 1916

Birth of daughter Ruby Lucille MARTIN in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.20,31,30,3

17th Nov 1917

Conviction: Convicted of disposing of mortgage property. No details are known about the charges and case against James. Sentenced to two years. Pardoned by the Governor 15 Oct 1919. Note that his pardon was only 1 month before the end of his sentence.

about 1920

Divorced from Pearl Maude WALKER in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.30

between 1925 and 1942

Residence4 in Alex, Grady, Oklahoma.11,1

2nd Oct 1925

Married Martha Malinda VANN in Alex, Grady, Oklahoma.12,11

7th Jan 1931

Death of Pearl Maude WALKER in Weatherford, Parker, Texas.20,3

10th Jun 1942

Died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma.4,2,3,1


12th Jun 1942

Buried in Annetta Cemetery, Annetta, Parker County, Texas.1,2,3


  • James Alfred Charles Martin is referred to as Jim in some records.  The most common order of his four names appears as James A C Martin.  His obituary in the Weatherford Democrat in 1942 had his name as James Charles Alfred Martin, while in Alex, Oklahoma, where he had lived for many years, the newspaper referred to him as James Alfred Martin, as did his Oklahoma death certificate.

    In our ongoing email discussion of these families, one of my cousins researching these and related Green families contributed this note:
    "The 1880 Census for Parker Co. Tx has James Alfred Charles Martin age 7 as a resident, head of household Alfred Mathew Martin. This would indicate Nancy Elizabeth-Jackson-Unknown Yeary-Martin was in Parker Co. area at the time of her marriage to James Alfred Charles Martin.  To date no record of marriage or burial has been found in or around Parker Co. Texas. He died in Oklahoma City in 1942 based on family data from Linda Hanks."  [A copy of the marriage license was provided to Marion by another cousin and Green family researcher Linda Martin Hanks Bussell in July 2015]
    --  Marion L Mixon, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 16 July 2008

    Marion also includes in his family genealogy, from family sources, the birth of James A C Martin in Montague County, Texas (on the Red River):
    "JAMES ALFRED CHARLES MARTIN was born 13 Jul 1871 in Montague Co TX, and died 10 Jun 1942 in OK City OK.  He married NANCY ELIZABETH JACKSON Abt. 1895 in TX, daughter of ABRAHAM JACKSON and TELITHIA GREEN.  She was born 19 Oct 1863 in Cooke CO TX, and died 27 Jul 1914 in Parker Co TX".
    --  Marion L Mixon, Bearden-Langston Genealogy, conveyed privately

    In 1880 James and his parents were enumerated in Parker County, where family history revolves for them in later generations.  For some reason, the enumerator lists the relationship of everyone in the household as Son, including A M's wife Lovy and all the girls!  Also he has reversed the birth states for mother and father of the children!

    1880 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 26 April, Justice Precinct 1, District 135, page 16 (scan 362), Hse #133, Fam #132
    Martin, A M  W M 36      Married Farmer TX IL IL
    Martin, Lovy  W F 35  Son [Wife] Married Keeping House GA GA GA
    Martin, Sarah A  W F 14  Son [Dau] Single At Home Cannot write LA GA TX [sic]
    Martin, Wesley M  W M 11 Son Single TX GA TX [sic]
    ** James A C Martin 7 **   Son Single TX GA TX [sic]
    Martin, Edward L   W M 6 Son Single TX GA TX [sic]
    Martin, Jesse S   W M 4 Son Single TX GA TX [sic]
    Martin, David W  W M 2 Son Single TX GA TX [sic]

    It is unknown when James' parents moved to Parker County from Montague County where he was born.  James was still in Parker County when he married Nancy Elizabeth Jackson-Yeary in October 1895.

    Nancy's name on the marriage record to James A C Martin is N E Green, indicating she was married to a Green after the death of her Yeary husband and before 1895 when she married James A Martin.

    Parker County Marriages 1890 through 1899
    Martin J. A.   Green [Jackson] N. E. 10/6/1895
    --  Extracted by Melba Reidel,

    The fact that she is reported in the 1910 census as in her second marriage would seem to indicate that listing with the surname Green is an error.  This is her second marriage, accounting for only her prior known marriage to Mr Yeary.  My cousin and co-researcher has surmised that the listing of Nancy with the surname Green is perhaps a mistranscription, either originally, or in the reading of the original (which is not available for online viewing) for her mother's maiden name.

    Parker County Texas Marriage License
    J A Martin and Miss N E Green (Nancy Elizabeth Jackson Yeary)
    License issued 4 October 1895 by J E Hodges, Parker County Deputy Clerk, Weatherford
    Ceremony performed 6 October 1895 by K G Tennison, Minister of the Gospel
    Filed 7 October 1895

    The 1910 census indicates James and Nancy moved to Indian Territory, where two of their children were born, then moved back to Parker County, Texas.

    1910 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 27 April, Justice Precinct 6, District 83, page 4A, Hightower Valley of Brazos River, Hse #69, Fam #70
    Martin, Jim A Head M W 38 Marriage 1 Married 16 years  Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana  Farmer Rents
    Martin, Nancy E Wife F W 47 Marriage 2 Married 16 years  Texas US Georgia
    Martin, Jesse A Son M W 14 Texas Louisiana Texas  Laborer Home Farm
    Martin, Elbert E Son M W 14 Texas Louisiana Texas  Laborer Home Farm
    Martin, Lily C Dau M W 9 Oklahoma Louisiana Texas
    Martin, Leeloo A Son M W 6 Oklahoma Louisiana Texas

    This indicates that Nancy Elizabeth was married before marrying James Martin.  This refers to Nancy's marriage to a man named Yeary, father of James L Yeary.  In 1910, Jim had just married Pearl Norris, and they are enumerated in their own household.  No one has yet found the Martins or Nancy's son Jim Yeary in the 1900 census.

    1910 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 9 May, Justice Precinct 7, District 84, page 12B, Hse/Fam #226
    Yeary, Jim M W [no age] Married [No birth states reported] Rents farm
    -- page 12B --
    Yeary, Pearl Wife F W [no age] Married 0 years [No birth states reported]

    Though the report says they have been married 16 years, according to the marriage record they have been married only 14.5 years.  If the date in the marriage record is correct, they would have been married only 15 years on 6 October 1910.

    This census is also helpful in filling in their move from Parker County to Oklahoma (Indian Territory).  At some time after that marriage, according to Betty Jackson letters, they moved to Indian Territory, returning to Parker County in 1907, the year that Oklahoma Territory came into being out of a merger of Oklahoma Territory, the various nations of Indian Territory and some additional territory from the State of Texas.  They probably moved earlier in 1907 before the creation of the State of November on 16 November 1907.

    This 1910 census reports that their last two children were born in Oklahoma (Indian Territory), about 1900 and 1905, matching what Betty reported.  If Jesse and Elbert (twins) were 14 in April 1910, they had to be born sometime before 1 April 1896.  But the known birthday of the twins (from Jesse's death certificate and Elbert's Social Security information) is 15 June 1896.  Thus, as we so often find, the ages reported in this census are not very exact!

    Since we know Jesse and Elbert were born in June 1896 in Parker County, Texas, James and Nancy moved to Indian Territory only after that date.  It was between then and the birth of Lily in about 1900 that James and Nancy moved to Indian Territory.  Then they moved back to Parker County, Texas, some time in 1907.  Nancy died in 1914.  A new marriage record ;previously unknown to famliy researchers came to light in 2016 through the research of a cousin on the Jackson-Martin side, Linda Martin Hanks Bussell.

    Linda found the record of marriage of James (J A Martin) to "Mrs Pearl Parsons."  The form of her name indicates it was a married name.  Cousin and researcher on the Green-Jackson lines, Marion Mixon, provided a copy of Linda's photo of the certificate and comments on the findings.  This also includes some information on his further reaserch on the Yeary connection.

    We now have Ruby Martin, James Alfred Charles Martin’s daughter from a marriage we knew nothing about.  He was married to Pearl Walker Parsons Martin.  I have added documentation to my tree. Linda Martin Bussell went to court house and got marriage info which is included in tree.

    Pearl had a sister Jimmie Sue Walker married to a Cleo Vernon Yeary which I have added to the tree and researched with the hope it may produce a tie to Nancy Elizabeth Jackson and Jim Yeary’s daddy.  After inputting and researching back 4 generations I have found nothing that may help us find the Yeary tied to Nancy Elizabeth Jackson.
    --  Marion L Mixon, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins and Kati Jackson Cain, 28 February 2016

    Parker County, Texas, Marriage Certificate
    J A Martin and Pearl Parson
    License issued 26 Oct 1914
    Ceremony performed 26 Oct 1914 by Charles H Lewis, "A Minister"
    Recorded 30 October 1914 Weatherford, Parker County, Texas
    Marriage record on file in the Weatherford Parker County Court House Annex, provided by research of Linda Martin Bussell, via Marion L Mixon, originally posted on 23 Feb 2016;  Used by permission

    James and Pearl had a daughter Ruby in March 1916.  But by 1920 they were not together.  Pearl is still in Weatherford, but in the household of her younger single brother Jim Walker.  Ruby and another child reported as Leon, Female, age 7 in the home.  This is confirmed by other records as Pearl's daughter Leon Parsons from her first marriage to Cahrles Atlas Parsons, whom she divorced.

    1920 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 17 January, Weatherford Ward 4, District 64, page 14B, Hse #311, Fam #333
    Walker, Jim  Head  Rents  M W 26 Single TX TX TX Cotton Compress Laborer
    Martin, Pearl Sister F W 31 Married [but husband James not in the household] Colorado TX TX
    Martin [Parsons], Leon  Dau F W 7 TX US Colorado [b abt 1912]
    Martin, Ruby  Dau [of Pearl] F 3yrs8mos TX US Colorado [b abt Apr 1906]

    They divorced around this census time.  No report for James has been found in the 1920 census.

    At some point, James moved to Alex, Oklahoma, where he married his brother Edward's widow, Martha (Mattie) Vann Martin in 1925.  It is not known exactly when James moved back to Oklahoma.  It appears it was in 1925, connected with his retirement in that year, mentioned in his obituary in the The Alex Tribune, from his pastoral work in Texas.

    Marriage License
    State of Oklahoma
    J A Martin of Alex, Grady, Oklahoma, aged 54 years
    Mattie Martin of Alex, Grady, Oklahoma, aged 49 years
    Issued 2 October 1925
    Married 3 October 1925 in Alex, Grady, Oklahoma by C A Smith
    Minister of the Missionary Baptist Church of Alex, Grady, Oklahoma
    Witnesses Minnie L Smith and George B Smith
    Certificate registered 8 October 1925

    Researcher Kathy Thomas points out that he was still in Alex, Grady, Oklahoma for the 1930 and 1940 censuses.  In 1930 he was enumerated as as Jimmie Martin, age 57, born in Texas, and his wife as Mattie Martin, age 53, born in Texas.  In 1940 he was listed as J A Martin, age 68, born in Texas and Mattie as age 63, born in Texas.
    --  Kathy Thomas, RootsWeb message to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 9 November 2016

    On James' death certificate, I found it interesting that his name was written first as James Charles Alfred Martin, then then Charles was marked out.  Family researchers I work with know him as James Charles Alfred Martin.  The 1880 census has his name as James A C Martin.  The obituary in the Alex, Oklahoma, newspaper refers to him as James Alfred Martin, while the Weatherford, Texas, paper calls him James Charles Alfred Martin.

    The death certificate gives the name of James' mother as Lovie Heath.  This matches the census name in 1880 spelled Lovy.  But the frst name in family genealogies is Mary.  Her name seems to be Mary Lovy/Lovie Heath.

    Oklahoma Certificate of Death #62475
    James Alfred Martin
    Current Residence 617 So Shartell, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, for 6 months
    Usual Residence Alex, Grady, Oklahoma
    Birth 13 July 1870 Texas
    Death 10 June 1942 in home, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
    Wife and informant Mattie Martin age 66
    Father Alfred Mathew [sic] Martin born Louisiana
    Mother Lovie Heath  born Georgia
    Cause of Death Carcinomatosis; Primary Carcinoma of Stomach
    Removal for burial 10 June 1942, from W P Brown Funeral Home, Chickasha [Grady County], Oklahoma
    Place of burial Annette [Parker County], Texas
    Certificate #62475 filed with local registrar 10 June 1942

    The certificate states that death occurred on 10 June 1942 (Wednesday) but the body was already removed for burial after being embalmed on the same date.  The certificate was also filed with the local registrar on the same date!  This fast work seems confirmed by the newspaper story of the burial in Annetta, Parker County, Texas.  The story appears to come from the edition of Saturday, 13 March 1942, and announces that James died "this week" in Oklahoma City, and the body was shipped to Weatherford, Texas, for burial in Annetta Cemetery, arriving "Thursday night"  [11 June 1942] and was buried "Friday afternoon" [12 June 1942].

    James C A Martin Is Laid to Rest in Annetta Friday

    Martin James Charles Alfred Martin, a resident of Weatherford many years ago, died at Oklahoma City this week [Wednesday 10 June 1942] and the body was shipped to Weatherford for burial in Parker County.

    The body arrived here Thursday night [11 June 1942], and the funeral services were held at Annetta, Friday afternoon [12 June 1942] at 2:00 o'clock, with Rev Melton, pastor of the Church of God, officiating.  Burial took place in the Annetta Cemetery.

    Mr Martin is survived by his wife, Mrs Mattie Martin, and four children and one step-son:  Jesse and Leelo Martin both of Weatherford;  Mrs Chas. Smothers, Weatherford; Elbert D Martin, Foulke, Ark., and the stepson, Junior [Jim] Yeary, Aledo.
    --  Weatherford Democrat, Weatherford, Parker, Texas, appears to be edition of Saturday, 13 June 1942

    His primary obituary appeared in the newspaper in Alex, Oklahoma, where he had lived for many years.

    James Alfred Martin Passes On At City

    James A Martin, better known to his friends in this community as "Dad" Martin, passed on last week at Oklahoma City, after an illness of more than a year.

    Mr Martin was born in Montague County, Texas, July 13, 1871.  He was married to Mrs Nancy E [Jackson] Yeary  in 1895, and raised a family of five.  She passed on in 1914, and in 1925 he was married to Mrs Mattie Martin of Alex, who survives.

    For several years Mr Martin was an active minister of the gospel, serving both in Texas and in Oklahoma, retiring in 1925.

    He departed this life June 10, 1942, at the age of 71 years. He was buried in Anneta cemetery, Weatherford, Texas.

    Survivors are Mrs Martin, three sons, Elbert of Fouke, Ark., Jesse and L A of Weatherford, one daughter, Mrs Lily Smethers of Weatherford, one brother, Wesley of Duke, Oklahoma, one sister, Mrs Alice Cannon of Oklahoma City, two nieces and two nephews of the same town, one niece of Phoenix, Arizona, 15 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and a stepson, Jim Yeary of Aledo, Texas.
    --  The Alex Tribune, Alex, Grady County, Oklahoma, Thursday, June 18, 1942

    The name of the city Annetta is found as we see in various referneces spelled Anneta.  The official name of the city is Annetta, as found on the city website and various other references.
    --  Annetta,

    James Charles Martin
    Birth Jul 13, 1870 Montague County, Texas
    Death Jun 10, 1942 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

    Alfred Mathew Martin (1844 - ____)
    Mary Lovie Heath Martin (1845 - ____)

    Nancy Elizabeth Jackson Martin (1863 - 1914)
    Pearl Maude Walker Martin (1886 - 1931)
    Mattie Malinda Vann Martin (1876 - 1959)

    Elbert Edquit Martin (1896 - 1980)
    Lilly Claire Martin Smethers (1900 - 1982)
    Leeloo Alfred Martin (1903 - 1982)
    Ruby Lucille Martin McKenzie (1916 - 1976)

    Sarah Alice Martin Carson (1866 - 1957)
    Wesley Monroe Martin (1869 - 1960)
    Edward Lee Martin (1872 - 1924)
    Jesse Albert Martin (1894 - 1954) Half-sibling

    Oklahoma Certificate of Death
    Page #62475
    Text James Alfred Martin
    Birth 13 July 1870 Texas
    Death 10 June 1942 in home
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
    Wife and informant Mattie Martin

    Burial Annetta Cemetery, Annetta, Parker County, Texas

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    --  Find A Grave Memorial #66996586,


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