Robert Lewis JACKSON Martha Ann JACKSON Willis H JACKSON Semerans JACKSON Abner Crawford JACKSON Mary Polly BEAVERS Mini tree diagram

Abraham Jasper JACKSON5,3

18064 - 21st Jun 18682

Life History


Born in Georgia.4

(less likely)


Born in Jackson County, Georgia.1

(most likely)


Born in Georgia.3,4

(less likely)

30th Mar 1835

Birth of son Robert Lewis JACKSON in Alabama.4,6,7

23rd May 1837

Birth of daughter Martha Ann JACKSON in Alabama.4

16th Nov 1841

Birth of son Willis H JACKSON in Alabama.4,7


Birth of daughter Semerans JACKSON in Alabama.4

after 1846

Death of Mary Polly BEAVERS.4

20th Feb 1846

Birth of son Abner Crawford JACKSON in Alabama.4,8

21st Jun 1868

Died in Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama.2

Other facts


Married Mary Polly BEAVERS


  • The name of Mary Polly Beavers as the mother of Abraham Jasper Jackson and siblings seems quite well established in Jackson family sources.  But some have Abraham Jasper Jackson married to Mary Beavers, as we show here.  Many genealogies have no age for Mary (Polly) Beavers.  The ages, where reported, support that match.  And his father, usually reported as Abrham Bourland Jackson, seemws to have been married to Mary Hudnal, as reproted by most genealogies.

    It appears that an Abraham Borland Jackson and this Abraham Jasper Jackson with very similar data have been confused with the Abraham Jackson who married Talitha Green in Gainesville, Texas in 1860.  Though the 1860 census reports Abraham Jackson born in Alabama, I have been unable to establish any connection with any of the Montgomery or Birmingham families of Jacksons.

    I have found several genealogies that have confused at least two lines of Jacksons in Alabama.  I have worked with other Jackson researchers and done considerable analysis on competing Jackson lines.  It is possible that the name of Talitha Green's husband was Abraham M, but I cannot confidently identify our Abraham with that Abraham M.

    October 2007:  A set of genealogies on another line of Jackson appear as another likely lineage for our family.  This set of genealogies reports that the father of Abraham (Jasper) was Abraham M, son of Edward Jackson, born about 1755.  A line of Jacksons form Baltimore and back to a separate origin in the UK seems to have been merged with this line of Jacksons, due to the confusion of similar names in Abraham in two generations.  I will develop more on that as I sort out the details.

    There are three other Abraham B Jacksons in Montgomery in 1860, whom some sources might confuse with Abraham Jackson who married Talitha Green.  One is a Mulatto slave owner born in 1815, another is a black man also born in 1815.  A third is Abraham Borland Jackson, who was born in Baldwin, Georgia, in 1797.  The latter was married to Martha Hudnall in 1830, and perhaps earlier to Nancy Urquhart, in about 1822.

    A genealogy in the One World Tree (sm) had a different birth year of 1797, which  appears to be for a different person, Abraham Borland Jackson, married to a different woman, also lived in Birmingham, Alabama, and born in Baldwin, Georgia.
    --  One World Tree,

    The confusion of two or more Jackson lines led me to dissociate these sources from our Abraham Jackson, whom some earlier had with a middle initial B.  I have not been able to find any record or definitive reference to our Abraham who married Talitha Green with a middle initial at all.  In October 2007, a distant cousin and co-researcher, Cindy Mixon Beam, found a genealogy of Jacksons that included our family, and the name of Abraham Jasper Jackson in this was Abraham Borland Jackson.  Other genealogies seem to correctly report Abraham Borland Jackson as the husband of one of two different women, Martha Hudnall and Martha or Nancy Urquhart, and his son Abraham Jasper Jackson, married to Mary Polly Beavers.  Some genealogies report Abraham Borland Jackson as the husband of Mary Polly Beavers.

    It appears that this line is a different line of Jacksons, winding up in the Montgomery, Alabama area in the same generations.  It appears that Abraham Borland is in a different Jackson lineage from the Abraham who married Talitha Green in Texas.  I had earlier removed information on the Abraham Borland family, but kept the middle name Borland, which still seemed likely at that point.  I think the children I show here are for Abraham Borland.

    The other line of Jacksons mentioned above have different children, but match our Abraham.  Some of the data in the Abraham Borland lineage present discrepancies that make it ppear this was a different person.  I finally decided there was no evidence for a middle initial of B for Abraham Jackson who married Talitha Green in Cooke County, Texas.

    The genealogies for Abraham Borland Jackson report two wives:  Nancy Urquhart and Martha Hudnall.  Urquhart is a well-known name in Texas, where Irish and Scottish names are abundant.

    The other set of genealogies also shows the father of Abraham as married twice, and also Abraham was the son of the second wife.  But the wives' names are different, being Hill and Hall, and the father is not Abraham (Borland or otherwise) but Edward, which is a name appearing in an earlier generation in the Abraham Borland genealogies.


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