Andrew Jackson CORBIN Thalia Ann FORRESTER Mini tree diagram

William Yearby CORBIN1,5,4

also known as Yerby CORBIN3

also known as Yearby Corbin MULLINS1

also known as Irby Corban MULLINS4

also known as William Corbin MULLINS5

5th Oct 18621,2 - UNKNOWN

Life History

5th Oct 1862

Born in Georgia.1,2




  • The genealogy I first saw with this family had William Corbin Mullins as a son of Thalia and Martin.  Other sources had him listed as Irby or Yearby, also with the last name Mullins.  I found that in the 1870 census for Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia, his name was actually written as Corbin, William, age 7 "Assisting on Farm."

    I took this to be a mis-entry for Mullins, William Corbin, thinking the enumerator had misunderstood the family name Corbin (Thalia's maiden name) as a last name.  He seemed too old to be a son from another marriage. If his age of 7 in that census was correct, Thalia would have been 15 when he was born.  While this was possible it did not seem the most likely possibility.  It seemed possible he was a young brother of Thalia, but I had no additional information on her family.

    I had not found them in any 1860 census, before I got an email in August 2007 from a member of the Forrester family line that cleared this up.  Betty Jackson informed me that her husband was descended from a sister of Thalia Ann named Mary A Forrester.  She informed me that Thalia was married to Jack Corbin, who was the father of William.

    Thalia was married to Jack Corbin when she was 15, then he was killed in the US Civil War before the birth of their son William Yearby.

    Betty Jackson pointed me to the 1860 listing under his name, in which Thalia's name was spelled Thala.  In following up info on that family, I found a genealogy by a Corbin descendant, Bill Corbin, with some excellent information on Andrew Jackson and his parents.  Bill shows Andrew Jackson Corbin's parents as Yearby Jackson and Martha (Unknown) Corbin.

    Bill's genealogy reports that Jack (Andrew Jackson) Corbin went off to the Civil War to fight for the Confederacy in 1862, right after he married Thalia Mullins.  He was captured and held in a camp till 1863, and was killed in a later battle in 1864, before he could go back home.

    From the dates now available, it appears that Thalia and Jack married 25 May 1861, before her 15th birthday in September.  Jack enlisted in the Confederate Army on 10 March 1862.  William was born 5 October 1862, about a month after his mother's 16th birthday.


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