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Mary E THOMAS1,2,3,4,5

30th Oct 18691,2,3,4 - 16th Feb 19244,5

Life History

30th Oct 1869

Born in North Cove, McDowell, North Carolina.1,2,3,4

16th Feb 1924

Died in Faust, Madison, North Carolina.4,5

"Epitheloma [sic] of uterus and complications"

18th Feb 1924

Buried in Faust, Madison, North Carolina.5

Other facts


Married William M EDMONDS


  • Several genealogies report detailed information about Mary and her children.  They have an exact birth date but I have not found one that cites a source, like the gravestone or Bible record.

    Mary E. Thomas
    Birth 30 Oct 1869 in North Cove, McDowell, North Carolina
    Death 16 Feb 1924 in Madison County, North Carolina
    Parents James "Jim" Carter Thomas 1845-1917
    Martha M. Sellers 1845-1923
    Marriage to William M. Edmonds 27 Oct 1884 Erwin, Unicoi County, Tennessee
    --  Cooper, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7403945/person/2004987742

    The record of death reports her month of death and her reprrted age of birth.  The age given makes her born in 1872, while family sources say she was born 30 October 1869. (I have not seen any of these sources saying where they actually got this date, so at this level it must be considered unverified.) Ages in census indicate birth in 1870 or 1871.

    North Carolina Death Collection, 1908-2004
    Mary Edmonds
    Age 52, Est Date of Birth 1872
    Death Feb 1924 Madison County, North Carolina

    The death certificate has this same general information on it.  Her husband William was the informant, so he was the one who reported her age as 52, or her birth year as 72, or both.  The birth date is given as just a year, but the age is given as 52 years and 10 months.  This would seem to indicate that the physician had at least a month of birth, though that was not recorded here.

    Fifty-two years and 10 months from the date of death on 16 February 1924 would NOT be 1872, but April 1871, possible March 1871, depending on the actual day.  This, of course, does not match either the month or the year of the Oct 1869 date reported in the genealogies.

    All this indicates the different orientation to detail in that time and culture  Exactitude was not in focus, and often people did not now, care or remember dates.  Of course, some families kept better records than others.  I would tend to favor the official report on the birth certificate, but its lack of precision and inconsistency does not engender much higher trust than the undocumented genealogy dates.

    North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975
    Mary Edmonds [Mary Thomas]
    White Female
    Age 52 years 10 months, Birth Date: 1872 [sic]
    [Year date does not match age, which would make it April 1871]
    Birth Mcdowell County, North Carolina
    Death Feb 1924, Township 11, Faust, Madison County
    Cause of Death Epitheloma [sic] of uterus and complications
    Spouse W M Edmonds, Father J C Thomas, Mother Mrs White [?]
    Both parents reported born in McDowell County, NC
    Informant W M Edmonds
    Burial 18 February 1924 at home Township 11 (Faust, Madison, NC) by Holcombe Funeral Home of Mars Hill, Madison, NC

    The name of her mother reported by family genealogies is Martha M Sellers.  William Edmonds' mother was Catherine White.  I wonder if there was a misunderstanding between the doctor and William on this name?  The father's name here matches family reports of the name James (Jim) C Thomas.

    The 1900 census has the same October birth month as the genealogy, but places it a year later in 1870, clsoer to ages reported in the census and the deth certifiacte.

    1900 Federal Census, Madison County, North Carolina, 30 June, Upper Laurel Township, District 84, page 11B, Hse/Fam #207
    Edmonds, William Head W M March 1861  89 Married 15 years NC NC NC Farmer Owns
    Edmonds, Mary E Wife W M Oct 1870  29 Married 15 years 9 child/7 living NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Eddie M Dau W F Apr 1886 14 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, James E  Son W M May 1888 12 Single NC NC NC Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, William A  Son W M Nov 1890 9 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Mary M Dau W F Nov 1892 7 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Zenobia C Dau W F May 1895 5 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Ethel Dau W F May 1898 2 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Elijah L  Son W M Feb 1900 3mos Single NC NC NC
    Hensley, William M  Nephew W M May 1896 4 Single NC NC NC


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