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Daniel Harrison DAY

Daniel Harrison DAY1,6,2,3,4,5,7

also known as 2,3

Mar 18611,2,3,4,5 - 16th Mar 19363

Life History

Mar 1861

Born in Texas.1,2,3,4,5

19th Nov 1884

Married Cora RICHEY in Cass County, Texas.6,3

Feb 1886

Birth of daughter Nora DAY in Texas.8,2

18th Jul 1888

Birth of daughter Mary Margaret DAY in Texas.2,9,5,10

19th Jul 1890

Birth of son William Clarence DAY in DeKalb, Bowie, Texas.2,1,11,12,13,14,15,9

17th Jun 1893

Birth of daughter Cora Lee DAY in Texas.2,9,16,7

6th May 1895

Birth of son James Robert DAY in DeKalb, Bowie, Texas.2,9,15,12,17,18,19,12

28th Jan 1899

Birth of son Noble Preston DAY in Texas.2,9,12,14,20

1st Sep 1902

Birth of son Daniel Raborne DAY in Avinger, Cass, Texas.1,9,21,10,22

23rd Oct 1904

Birth of son Daniel Wood Nelson DAY in Cass County, Texas.1,9,10,22

11th Mar 1907

Birth of daughter Myrtis Ellamae DAY in Marietta, Cass, Texas.9,1,3,13,10,15,23

20th Jun 1913

Death of daughter Nora DAY in Cass County, Texas

16th Mar 1936

Died in Takoma Park, Montgomery, Maryland.3


  • My initial information for Daniel H Day came from family information collected by Harold Christian in his research on the Jenkins, Christian and related families.

    I found some details in censuses, and first see him listed in the 1800 census, in Cass County, Texas.  He is 18 years old and living at home with his mother Nancy Taylor Day.  It appears Nancy is a widow, though this census does not report marital status.  They are working a farm, but living next door to Nancy's brother Daniel Taylor and his family.  Nancy and Daniel H are shown as Farming, as is Daniel, but it is not possible to determine if they are working the same farm or adjoining ones.

    1880 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 17 June, Justice Precinct 3, District 12, page 17, Hse/Fam #238
    Day, Nancy  W F 54  Farming MS MS MS
    Day, Daniel H  W M 18 Son  Farming TX MS MS

    A family photo given to me in 2009 gives us Daniel and Cora's wedding date.  Someone has written a name at the bottom on the back identifying him as "Dink Day."  On the back of the photo, signing his name D H Day, Daniel himself wrote:

    "I am sending you this snap shot of the wife and I.  The background is our flower garden.  D H Day  We have been married 49 years tomorrow Nov 19.  Was married Nov 19 1884."
    --  D H Day, notes on a photo in the collection of Orville Lee Jenkins, now in possession of Orville Boyd Jenkins

    1900 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 16 June, Justice Precinct 3, District 22, page 14A, Hse/Fam #237
    Day, Dink H  Head W M March 1861  39 Married 15 years TX GA MS  Farmer
    Day, Cora  Wife W F Nov 1866  33 Married 15 years  7 children, 6 living  SC SC IL
    Day, Nora  Dau W F Feb 1886  14 TX TX SC At School
    Day, Maggie Dau W F July 1887  12 TX TX SC At School
    Day, William  Son W M July 1890  9 TX TX SC
    Day, Lee (Lea?)  Dau W F June 1893  6 TX TX SC
    Day, James  Son W M July 1896  4 TX TX SC
    Day, Preston  Son W M Jan 1899  1 TX TX SC

    Next door in a household and family by herself is Daniel's mother Nancy Taylor Day.  However, she is still listed in terms of her relationship to her son Daniel (D H).

    1900 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 16 June, Justice Precinct 3, District 22, page 14A, Hse/Fam #238
    Day, Nancy  Mother W F Jan 1824  76 Widow 8 children, 1 living  MS MS MS

    If this census entry for Nancy is correct, it means that she had borne 8 children, but at age 76, only one is still living, and she is living with him.

    Nancy is not enumerated with Daniel in 1910, and I have not found her in the census at all in 1910.  It appears that she died some time after the 1900 census.

    1910 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 20 April, Cusseta, District 30, page 2B (Ancestry p 16B), Hse #54, Fam #56
    Day, Daniel H  Head M W 49 Married 25 years TX GA MS  Farmer
    Day, Cora  Wife F W 41 Married 25 years  11 children, 9 living  SC Unknown VA
    Day, Maggie M  Dau F W 22 TX TX SC School Teacher
    Day, William C  Son M W 19 TX TX SC Farm Laborer
    Day, Cora L  Dau F W 17 TX TX SC
    Day, James R  Son M W 14 TX TX SC Farm Laborer
    Day, Noble P  Son M W 10 TX TX SC Farm Laborer
    Day, Rayborn D  Son M W 7 TX TX SC
    Day, Daniel W  Son M W 5 TX TX SC
    Day, Mirtice E  Dau M W 5 TX TX SC

    This census is helpful since the middle initial of all persons (except mother Cora) is included.  Note that in this census, it is reported that Cora has borne 11 children, and 9 are still living.  In 1900, it was reported that only 6 of her 7 children were still living.  This means that in 1910 they had lost one child, and lost another before 1910, while three more children were born since 1900!

    In 1900 Lee (reported as Cora L in 1910) is reported as born in June 1893 and 6 years.  The census was taken on 16 June.  This would mean that her birthday was later in June, and she would have her 7th birthday in June after the 1900 census.  Yet in 1910, the census is taken in April, and she is reported as 17 years old.  With a birthday in June, she would not turn 17 until after the 1910 census.

    A similar discrepancy occurs with Noble/Preston.  In 1900 Preston is reported as 1 year old.  The corresponding child in 1910 is reported as Noble P age 10.  If both of these are correct, this would mean his birthday is between April and June 1889.  Yet in the 1900 census his birthday is reported quite clearly as "Jan 1899,"  which would mean his age should have been 11 at the 1910 census.  This census is commonly off by a year or more.

    This is a common variation, which seems to indicate that people in that era were not fixated on details and objective information as American culture became during the 20th century.

    I don't have the name of the first child who died.  It appears that Preston in 1900 is the Noble P of 1910.  Another child must have been born and died before 1900.  We similarly lack the name of the second child who died between 1900 and 1910.  Nora from 1900 is missing, but I have found from the Marriage register that she was married to Jessie Parsons on 22 July 1906.

    In 1910 Maggie has graduated from school and is now teaching.  Her middle initial is given in 1910.  Later she is listed as Mary M.  Thus her two names appear to have been Maggie (perhaps the full name Margaret) and Mary.  This is confirmed in the 1930 census, where she is the Head of household with her parents living in the home, and enumerated as Mary M Patterson.

    Note also the change in birthplace for Cora's parents.  Now she does not know where her father was born, and her mother is reported as born in Virginia, rather than Illinois.  This type of variation is a fascinating mystery of the census reports.

    In the 1920 census Daniel is again listed as Dink H Day, as in 1900.  This indicates this must have been his common nickname.

    A genealogy has this nickname for him.  This genealogy is short on documentation sources, but also gives his death date, apparently from family sources.  This also gives us his middle name and Cora's maiden name and dates of birth and death.

    Daniel 'Dink' Harrison Day
    Birth Mar 1861 in Texas
    Death 16 Mar 1936
    Marriage to Cora Richey 19 Nov 1884 Texas
    Birth Nov 1866 in South Carolina
    Death 8 May 1951
    --  Owen-Edwards,

    In 1920, Daniel and family are still in the same area of Cass County, Texas.

    1920 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 7 January, Justice Precinct 3, District 31, page 2A, Bryan's Mill and Marietta Rd, Hse #27, Fam #28
    Day, Dink H  Head M W 58 TX GA MS  Farmer
    Day, Cora  Wife F W 51 SC SC IL
    Day, William C  Son M W 28 TX TX SC Farmer
    Day, Rayborne  Son M W 17 TX TX SC  Farmer
    Day, Daniel W N  Son M W 15 TX TX SC  Farmer
    Day, Myrtis E  Dau M W 13 TX TX SC
    Parsons, Ernest Grandson M W 12 TX TX TX
    Parsons, Inez Granddaughter F W 8 TX TX TX

    Two grandchildren are in the household.  From the last name, these would be the children of Nora, who married Jesse J Persons.  Here the name appears to be spelled Parsons.  (These are historical variations of the same name/word in English.)  This probably indicates that both Nora and Jesse had died since the birth of these two children.  I have their marriage information but have not found their death information.  They were married 22 July 1906.

    Texas Marriage Index, 1847-2002
    9 306 919
    7 22 1906
    Parsons, Jessie
    Day, Nora, Miss
    (Genealogical record name: Jesse J. Parsons -- James Jackson)

    Ernest was born in about 1907.  Inez was born in about 1911.  So the parents presumably died in the next 8-9 years.

    I see in this census, the birthplaces of Cora's parents have been rectified back to the earlier report of Father born South Carolina and mother born Illinois.  So I will take this as the correct report.

    Maggie is away and presumably married by this time.  In 1930 we find her as widow, head of household, in Montgomery County, Maryland, (just north of Washington, DC) and her parents Daniel and Cora living with her.

    In the 10 years since the last census, William has gained 11 years, plus he is soon to have another birthday, since this census was in January, and previous years had been in April or June.

    The 1920 enumerator spells the name Mirtice as Myrtis.  She has also gained only 8 years since the last census.  From family sources, it appears the family spelled her name as Myrtis.

    1930 Federal Census, Montgomery County, Maryland, 7 May, Takoma Park, District 35, page 31A, 318 Garland Ave, Hse #686, Fam #832
    Patterson, Mary M Head Owns $8000 F W 40 Widow TX TX SC Bookkeeper
    Day, Daniel H Father M W 69 First married at age 26 TX TX MS
    Day, Cora Mother F W 60 First married at age 16 SC SC VA
    Hamilton, Nina Lodger F W 40 Single OH OH OH Graduate Nurse, Hospital
    Holland, Luna J Lodger F W 23 Single AL AL AL Mail Clerk, Sanitarium
    Carson [sic], Inez Lodger F W 18 Single TX TX TX Waitress, Mail Clerk, Sanitarium

    Note the last person here.  This matches Inez Parsons in the 1920 census.  This appears to be Dink and Cora's granddaughter, but the enumerator misunderstood her surname (Pasrons), writing Carson instead.  Interesting also that she is listed as a Lodger, rather than as a granddaughter.  This indicates the enumerator did not understand the family relationship.

    In February 2017 we received informatoin from a descendant of Danikel's son James Robert given some further info on that line, including a third wife of James Robert not previously known.

    Joseph had a son Daniel, which had several children one of which was James Robert who was married to Gussie, Kathryn and then Marion  [not previosuly known in my tree].  With Marion Cook Day (1905-2004) he had a son, Robert James Day (1937-2015) and he had three sons with Margaret Eccles Day (b1937), Robert James, Jr (me) (1959); Steven Craig (1961) and Dennis Scott (1965).  All from Phoenix.

    This was Marion's second marriage after her first husband had passed, she had a daughter Virginia (b 1930) prior to marriage with James.

    James Robert had 2 other sons James O'Dell [son of Gussie and Lloyd Ray.
    --  Robert Day Jr, Geneanet Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 16 February 2917


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