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Edwin Daniel KENNEDY1,6,2,3

Nov 18611,2,3,4 - before 19105

Life History

Nov 1861

Born in Arkansas City, Arkansas, Arkansas.1,2,3,4

20th Nov 1881

Birth of son Jerome Franklin KENNEDY in Arkansas County, Arkansas.7,8,5,2,9

Jul 1886

Birth of daughter Annie Laurie KENNEDY in Arkansas.2

19th Mar 1890

Birth of son Shannon Artis KENNEDY in Almyra, Arkansas, Arkansas.2,10,11,12,5,13

Feb 1894

Birth of daughter Zula H KENNEDY in Arkansas.5,2

before 1910

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.5


Birth of son Lambert KENNEDY

Other facts


Married Nancy Isabel EVANS


  • 1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 6 June, Bayou Meto Township, District 2, page 3B, Hse/Fam #61
    Kennedy, Edwin D Mead W M  Nov 1861  39 AR KY KY Farmer
    Kennedy, Nancy I Wife W F Dec 1955  44 AR TN MS
    Kennedy, Jerome F  Son W M  Nov 1881  18 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Kennedy, Annie L Dau W F July 1886  13 AR AR AR
    Kennedy, Shannon A  Son W M Mar 1890  10 AR AR AR Farm Laborer
    Kennedy, Zula H Dau W F Feb 1894  6 AR AR AR
    Edward, Thomas  Boarder  W M Mar 1880 20 AR AR AR

    In 1910, Edwin's wife Isabel is a widow.  There is no clear indication of when Edwin died.  Nancy Isabel is living with her children, but her oldest son Jerome is listed as the Head of household.  Jerome owns the farm, and in both 1920 and 1930, we find him still unmarried and his mother still living with him.

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 2 May, Bayou Meto Township, District 2, page 13A, Hse/Fam #2
    Kennedy, Jerome F  Son M W  28 Single AR AR AR Farmer
    Kennedy, Isabel Mother F W 54 Widow  5 children/4 living AR AL MS
    Kennedy, Zula H Sister F W 16 AR AR AR
    Houghton, Walter Hired Man M W 19 AR AR AR
    Kennedy, Shannon A  Son M W 20  AR AR AR Farm Laborer

    There are several Kennedy households living adjacent to or near each other in the censuses from 1900 to 1930.  By analyzing birth states and comparing ages, the similarities seem to confirm they are related.  But not all the persons are here for us to be able to connect the family groups.

    One household is led by widow Sarah J Kennedy.  Sarah is 60 years old in 1900, when we find her with her three children in Bayou Meto Township of Arkansas County, Arkansas. Junius C (age 28 in 1900)
    James B  (age 24 in 1900)
    Hettie A  (age 21 in 1900)

    The 1900 census tells us that Sarah had three children and three are still living.  These are accounted for by the three single children in her household listed above.  There are two Kennedy men with families living on either side of Sarah and here three children, Edwin D (age 39) and Oscar L (age 35).  Because of the similarity of their ages it looks like these two are brothers.

    Two brothers whose parents were both born in Kentucky.  All three of Sarah's children also were born in Arkansas, with both parents born in Kentucky.  This makes it seem that their father was a brother to Oscar and Edwin.  Members of all these Kennedy families continue to live near each other through the 1930 census.  Oscar does not appear in the censuses of Arkansas County after 1900. Edwin passed away before the 1910 census, but we find Sarah's son Junius and Edwin's son Shannon and his children enumerated in 1910, 1920 and 1930.

    The information from the censuses first led me to think that Oscar and Edwin were brothers of Junius, but this conclusion was stymied by the report in the 1900 census that Sarah had borne 3 children and 3 were living -- and she still had three children in her household!  At age 60.  Only later did I find censuses for 1880 and 1870 which did, in fact, report that all these Kennedys were Sarah's children!  So why the enumerator reported that Sarah had only three children is a mystery.

    Edwin appeared in both the 1870 and the 1880 censuses, which now give us a unified view of this whole Kennedy family from Kentucky, whose children were born in Arkansas.  The 1870 census also provides us with information about Sarah's husband, Jerome B Kennedy.  Jerome died before the 1880 census and Sarah never remarried.  In 1870 the Kennedys are living in or near DeWitt, in La Greux Township (now spelled LaGrue in a more English fashion).

    In 1880, we find Sarah and her children in Bayou Meto where we have seen them in later years.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 12 July, La Greux Township, page 59, PO DeWitt, Hse #43, Fam #41
    Kennedy, Jerome B 37 M W Bricklayer Kentucky  Cannot read or write
    Kennedy, Sarah J 30 F W Kentucky  Cannot read or write
    Kennedy, Edwin D 9 M W Arkansas  Cannot read or write
    Kennedy, Corrilla N 7 F W Kentucky  Cannot read [or write?]
    Kennedy, Oscar L 6 M W Arkansas
    Kennedy, Mary E 3 M W Arkansas
    Kennedy, Ada R 9mos M W Arkansas born Oct 1869

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 24 June, Bayou Meto Township, District 5, page 38, Hse #403, Fam #418
    Kennedy, Sarah J W F 44  (Self) Keeping House KY VA VA (note that Sarah has gained 14 years since 1870)
    Kennedy, Edwin D W M 19 Son AR KY KY Farm Laborer
    Kennedy, Corilla W F 17 Daughter AR KY KY
    Kennedy, Oscar W M 16 Son AR KY KY Farm Laborer
    Kennedy, Mary W M 12 Daughter AR KY KY
    Kennedy, Ada W F 10 Daughter AR KY KY
    Kennedy, Junius W M 8 Son AR KY KY
    Kennedy, Kate W F 6 Daughter AR KY KY
    Kennedy, Hettie W M 1 Daughter AR KY KY


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