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Thomas Huell BRISCOE1,1,1

17411 - 18091

Life History


Born in London, England.1

5th Jul 1782

Married Mary Elizabeth Spiller TACKETT in Charlotte, Vrginia.1

about 1787

Birth of son William BRISCOE

8th Sep 1788

Birth of son Isaac BRISCOE in Lee County, Virginia.1,2,3,4

about 1789

Birth of son Thomas BRISCOE in Virgina.1


Death of Mary Elizabeth Spiller TACKETT in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.8

about 1804

Birth of son James Warren BRISCOE in Greenbrier County, Virginia.1,1,3,5,6,7


Died in Lee County, Virginia.1


  • Thomas Briscoe
    Birth 1741 in London, England
    Death 1809 in Lee, Virginia
    Spouse Mary
    Son Isaac Briscoe
    Birth 9 Sep 1788 in Lee, Virginia
    Death 12 Feb 1864 in Forney, Kaufman, Texas
    --  Murphy Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/410760/person/-2085387849

    Thomas BRISCOE
    Birth 1741 in London, England Death 1809 in Lee, VA, USA
    Parents Unknown
    Marriage 5 Jul 1782 to Elizabeth Tackett Charlotte, VA, USA
    Isaac BRISCOE 1788-1864
    Thomas Huell BRISCOE 1794-1873
    James Warren BRISCOE b 1804
    --  Mead/Cox Family, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/3973148/person/-1666924701

    Another genealogy has the names of some the children, and information on James, but no first name for Thomas or his wife.  I see they lack Isaac, but have William and Thomas as two separate children.  We have both these names from other sources as the name of one son named William Thomas.

    First Generation
    BRISCOE married (name unknown)
    + 2 M    i. James W. BRISCOE was born in 1804 in Virginia, USA 1 and died on 1 Dec 1862 in Seiver Co., Arkansas, USA, at age 58.1
    James married Mary "Polly" DOSSEY (b. 1807, d. 1851) est 1820 in Morgan Co., Alabama, USA
    James married Margaret KNAULS (d. 4 Jul 1876) on 15 Apr 1854 in Seiver Co., Arkansas, USA
    Burial Notes: headstones for Margaret Briscoe [James' second wife] inscribed "In memory of Margaret Briscoe, died July 4, 1876 age 60 years.
    + 3 M    ii. Rev Thomas BRISCOE
    + 4 M    iii. William BRISCOE
    --  Briscoe, http://www.briscoe.eu/genealogy.htm

    Another document seems matches the names of William and Thomas as two individuals, associated wihth James, in a petition concerning land in Alabama in 1819.  These sound like the three brothers mentioned in the above genealogy,.  Others have seemingly compressed William and Thomas into one person as William Thomas or Thomas William.  No firm birth dates for Wililam and Thomas have been determined in sources I have seen.

    Memorial of the inhabitants residents in the Cherokee Country relative to the late order for their removal:

    To the Honorable the Secretary at War, Your petitioners viewing the calamitous situation in which many of our citizens are placed, owing to an order recently described by the agent for Indian affairs of the Cherokee Nation ordering all intruders on their lands to remove by the first day of July 1819. Your petitioners believing that the same indulgence would be extended to them as has been the constant practice to others in similar circumstances, induced them to settle on the lands lately ceded to the United States by the Cherokees on the north side of Tennessee River nor did the order ever appear until late in the month of May of this year, leaving a removal of the citizens impracticable if not impossible.

    Your petitioners are poor but industrious farmers and to deprive them of their hard earnings in the wilderness and thus destroy their labour, where will you petitioners apply for bread for their starving families; this order enforced will involve at least ONE THOUSAND families in total ruins, nor will the evil end here. Your petitioners must subsist somewhere & thus become unwelcome guests to the frontier counties to buy a little support for their starving children. The Indians are not desirous of having the intruders driven from this land North of Tennessee, those being few in numbers, & most of which have taken reservations and are good neighbors, your petitioners therefore knowing the lenity of their government and believing they will take our case into consideration will ever pray:

    Brisco, Thomas
    Brisco, James
    Brisco, Wiliam
    --  National Archives, Washington, DC, Record Group 75, transcribed by Wanda Muncey Gant, cited in Briscoe Genealogy, http://www.briscoe.eu/genealogy.htm


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