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Arthur LYNCH8,1,9,2,4

14th Dec 18851,2,3,4 - 15th Jun 19665,7

Life History

14th Dec 1885

Born in Blooming Grove, Navarro, Texas.1,2,3,4

about 1927

Married Lila Home FISHER in Motley County, Texas.8,4

14th Oct 1944

Birth of son Buck Linsten LYNCH in Matador, Motley Texas.10,11,4


Death of Lila Home FISHER in Quanah, Hardeman, Texas.4

27th Apr 1966

Died in Carson County, Texas.5,7

(less likely)

after 27th Apr 1966

Buried in Whiteflat Cemetery, Whiteflat, Motley, Texas.5

15th Jun 1966

Died in Claude, Armstrong County, Texas.6,4

(most likely)

Some have this date, but this appears to be a different Arthur Lynch

Other facts


Birth of son Living LYNCH


  • Arthur's son Buck Linsten Lynch contacted me on email in January 2008 after finding my genealogy with some basic entries on the Lynch family.  Eyline D Lynch, daughter of John and Sarah (Sallie) Watson Lynch, was my aunt, married to Arthur Carthal (Bud ) Jenkins, my uncle.  Eyline was Arthur Lynch's niece.

    Buck tells me that his father Arthur was born on 14 December 1885.  Arthur had polio as a child, and had no use of his legs or left arm.

    In the 1900 census we find Arthur living with his widowed father Grief Linsten in Navarro County, Texas. Hall family information, conveyed to me by Buck Lynch, says Mary died in 1888.

    1900 Federal Census, Navarro County, Texas, 20 June, Precinct 3, District 103, Page 17A, Hse #268, Fam #271
    Lynch, Grief L  Head  W M  Aug 1851  48 Widowed TX Don't Know  Don't Know  Farmer
    Lynch, Author  Son W M  Dec 1885  14 TX TX TX At School

    In 1910, Arthur is still single, but is living with his sister Bertha Holladay and her family on their farm in Motley County, Texas.

    1910 Federal Census, Motley County, Texas, 15 April, Precinct 2, District 185, Page 1A, Hse/Fam #4
    Holladay, Columbus E  Head  M W  45 Married 13 years AL NC AL Farmer
    Holladay, Bertha  Wife F W  28 Married 13 years TX GA TX
    Holladay, Zipporah  Dau F W  12 Single TX AL TX
    Holladay, Martha G Dau  W  11 Single TX AL TX
    Holladay, John  B Son M W  9 Single TX AL TX
    Holladay, James C  Son M W  7 Single TX AL TX
    Holladay, Sylvester H  Son M W  6 Single TX AL TX
    Lynch, Arther  Brother-in-Law M W  Single 24 TX GA TX

    By 1920, Arthur's father has also moved to Motley County, and he and still-single Arthur are living together in Justice Precinct 2 of Motley County.  This is the same division of the county where he was living with his sister's family in 1910.

    Arthur worked with his father in their General Merchandise store in Whiteflat, Motley County, Texas, from 1916 until his father died in 1936.  Arthur continued to tun the store till he retired in 1952.  In the 1920 census we find documentation of the store, where both Grief and Arthur are reported to be grocery merchants.  Arthur's son Buck says the name of their store was Lynch and Sons General Merchandise.

    1920 Federal Census, Motley County, Texas, 3 February, Precinct 2, District 185, Page 1A, Hse/Fam #2
    Lynch, Grief L  Head  M W  67 Widowed AL AL AL Merchant, Groceries
    Lynch, Arther  Son M W  Single 33 TX AL TX Merchant, Groceries

    With Arthur's actual birthday reported from family sources as 14 December 1885, his age in February 1920 should have been 34.  This would also match the 1910 age of 24, and the 1900 age of 14.

    By 1930, Arthur has married Lila (Lyla) Home Fisher.  They have one 3-month child, Robert R Lynch.  Arthur's father Grief is living in Arthur's household now, and is working as a salesman in the store, which Arthur is now running.  Living in their household is Thomas O Washburn, an employee in their store, but the relationship is reported as Boarder.

    1930 Federal Census, Motley County, Texas, 19 April, Precinct 2, District 3, Page 8B, Hse #164, Fam #167
    Lynch, Arthur  Head M W  Married at age 23 47 TX AL TX  Retail Merchant, Grocery Store
    Lynch, Lyla H  Wife F W  28 Married at age 23 TX GA TX
    Lynch, Robert R  Son M W 3 months TX TX TX [born January 1930]
    Lynch, Grief L  Father M W  77 Widowed AL AL AL Salesman, Grocery Store
    Washburn, Thomas O Boarder M W 32 TX TX TX  Salesman, Grocery Store

    Arthur's age has jumped from 33 in 1920 to 47 in 1930.  In April 1930, we would expect his age to be 44.

    Several genealogies report Arthur's death information as 27 Apr 1966 in Motley County, Texas.  But his son Buck tells me he died in a nursing home in Claude, Armstrong County (southeast of Amarillo).  Buck and his sisters grew up there and were raised by a brother of their mother Lila Home Fisher Lynch and his wife.

    The Social Security Death Index also reports this information and the death date there is 15 June 1966.  The Arthur Lynch who died in April 1966 in Carson County must be a different Arthur Lynch, with an uncannily similar set of details.


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