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also known as Johnnie BRISCOE4

2nd Jul 18921 - Jan 19732

Life History

Aug 1891

Born in Texas.1

(less likely)

2nd Jul 1892

Born in Texas.2,3

(most likely)


Resident in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1


Residence2 in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.4

Jan 1973

Died in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.2

Last Residence of record


  • 1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 22 July, Township 2, District 163, page 3B, Hse/Fam #13
    Briscoe, John T Head I (Chickasaw) M Apr 1853  47 Married 26 yrs TX MO TN Farmer, father White, Mother Chickasaw
    Briscoe, Melisa Wife White M Dec 1854  45 Married 26 yrs AL NC NC
    Briscoe, John Son  I (Chickasaw) M Aug 1891  8 TX TX AL

    1910 Federal Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 30 April, Marlow Ward 3, Stephens, Oklahoma, District 239, page 15A, Hse #283, Fam #290
    Briscoe, John T Head M W 57 Married for 37 yrs TX MO TN Farmer  Owns
    Briscoe, Malissie Wife F W 53 Married for 37 yrs  9 children/9 living AL -- AL
    Briscoe, Johnnie Dau F W 18 TX TX MO (should be AL)

    Note that by age, Johnnie matches John reported in 1900.  But John was a boy and Johnnie is a girl!

    The Fain Genealogy provides some further information about John Briscoe.

    John Briscoe
    Birth 6 Jul 1892 in Texas
    Death Jan 1973 in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma
    Residence 1930 Graford, Palo Pinto, Texas
    John Thomas Briscoe b 1853
    Melisie Sarah Morrison b 1860
    Spouse Vina E Briscoe 1892-1984
    Daughter Estha E Briscoe b 1916
    --  Fain Family,

    Note that the birth date given here differs from the report in the 1900 census.  This is not unusual (there are many errors in the birth dates in the 1900 census), but makes me want further information from other sources on this John Briscoe.  There are a great number of John Briscoes born in 1892-3 in the same counties of north Texas and Indian Territory/Oklahoma  in this era.

    For instance, there are two John Briscoes in Wilbarger County in the 1920 census.  (One is John M.)  One could be ours.  I found that the birth date of John M Briscoe in his WWI registration is 5 January 1892.  Then other John Briscoe in Wilbarger is reported with different parents and siblings than our Briscoe family.  So this whole branch of the Briscoes is different from our family.

    I have found the Social Security Death Index record for the John Briscoe born 6 July 1892.  His reported death in Marlow, Oklahoma, is a strong indication that this is the right John Briscoe, since the censuses tell us the family was living in Stephens County earlier.  In general I give greater weight to family sources, if the genealogy has enough documentation.  There is some public documentation in the Fain genealogy, but no background on the family sources used.  The date may have just been picked up from this particular Social Security record.

    U.S. Social Security Death Index
    John Briscoe
    Born 6 Jul 1892, Died Jan 1973
    Last Residence Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma 73055
    SSN 440-18-0085 issued Oklahoma (Before 1951)

    The information reported int eh Fain genealogy on the wife and child of John Briscoe comes from the 1930 census in Palo Pinto County, Texas.  The name given in that census for John is John H.  This seems to match a John Henry Briscoe, born in Comanche County, Texas, but found working in Albany, Oklahoma, when he registered for the WWI Draft in 1918.   Albany is in Bryan County, Oklahoma.  So I cannot determine that this 1930 census in Palo Pinto, Texas, is the one for our John.  Yet I have not found him in any other 1920 or 1930 census.


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