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William Wallace Smith BLISS2,5,3,4,6

17th Aug 18152,3 - 5th Aug 18531

adjutant and secretary to President Zachary Taylor

Life History

17th Aug 1815

Born in Whitehall, Washington, New York.2,3

5th Dec 1848

Married Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.5,7,8,1,6

5th Aug 1853

Died in Pascagoula, Jackson, Mississippi.1

Yellow Fever, contracted in New Orleans

after 5th Aug 1853

Buried in Girod Street Cemetery, New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana.1

Other facts


Military service in Rank of Lt Colonel.4


  • U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    William Wallace Bliss
    Spouse Name Mary Elizabeth Taylor
    Marriage Year 1848

    Louisiana Marriages to 1850
    Name Bliss, William
    Spouse Taylor, Elizabeth
    Marriage 4 Dec 1848

    This source has a date a day earlier than all other sources, family or official.  The accepted date of the marriage is 5 December 1848.  I suspect the date on this Louisiana source is the date of issuance of the license, with the marriage taking place the next day.  The image of the record was not available, only a transcription on

    "William Wallace Smith Bliss (August 17, 1815 - August 5, 1853) was a United States Army officer. He was born in Whitehall, New York. He was the son of Captain John Bliss (of Lebanon, New Hampshire) and Olive Hall Simonds (of Todd County, Kentucky). John Bliss was a graduate of West Point in 1811. ... On December 5, 1848, at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he married the general's youngest daughter, Mary Elizabeth Taylor ("Miss Betty"). When General Taylor became President of the United States, on 4 March 1849 he became Private Secretary to the President. ... Following a visit to plague-ridden New Orleans on behalf of Tulane University then named the University of Louisiana, Colonel Bliss died of Yellow Fever at Pascagoula 5 August 1853, aged 38. ... A twenty-foot memorial of Italian marble was raised to the memory of Colonel Bliss, "a finished scholar, an accomplished gentleman and a gallant soldier", in the Girod Street Cemetery, New Orleans. In 1955, the cemetery being condemned for the building of a highway, Colonel Bliss’ remains and monument were moved to Fort Bliss [which was named for him in 1854]."
    --  Wikipedia, William Wallace Smith Bliss"


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