George Washington JACKSON Rebecca Arminda ESTEP Mini tree diagram

James A JACKSON4,2,5

about 18311,2 - Feb 18503,2

Life History

about 1831

Born in Indiana.1,2

29th Jun 1847

Married Rebecca Arminda ESTEP in McDonough County, Illinois.4

4th May 1848

Birth of son George Washington JACKSON in Illinois.1,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Feb 1850

Died in Hancock County, Illinois.3,2



  • The Stracener Family Tree provides some basic information about James and his family.

    James A Jackson
    Birth in Indiana, Death 19 Jul 1849 in Illinois
    Marriage 29 Jun 1847 McDonough, Illinois to
    Rebecca Arminda Baird Estep
    Birth 19 May 1829 in Sangamon, Illinois
    Death 16 Jan 1916 in Cherokee, Cherokee, Kansas
    Son George Washington Jackson
    Birth 4 May 1848 in Illinois
    Death 23 Apr 1898 in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma
    --  Stracener Family,

    The date the Stracener genealogy gives for James A Jackson's death is the day his widow married her second husband!  A death record in the 1850 census for an Andrew Jackson seems to match the basic facts for our James A Jackson pretty closely, but the transcription reports that Andrew Jackson died in July 1850.  This could be a transcription error (the image is not viewable on, only their transcription report).

    Note that this census mortality schedules from the 1850 census record reports he was born in Kentucky rather than Indiana (across the river).  This could still be the same person, since state of birth often varies in reports.  The location is the right place but without seeing the actual census, I am not sure.

    U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index
    Andrew Jackson
    Death Jul 1850 Monroe County IL
    Age 21
    State of Birth KY
    Occupation FARMER
    Cause of Death CHOLERA

    The following seems a more likely record of death for our James Jackson.  He is younger than his wife Amanda by about two-three years.  His death is reported in a neighboring county to McDonough where they had been married.  His state of birth is reported as Indiana, matching other information.  The date of death is 5 months before the recorded second married of his wife Amanda.

    U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index
    James Jackson
    Death Feb 1850 Hancock County, IL
    Age: 18 [b abt 1831]
    State of Birth: IN
    Occupation: LABORER
    Cause of Death: CHILLS


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