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Elizabeth DICKERSON1,2,1,3,5,4

17041,2,3,4 - 17712,4

Life History


Born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.1,2,3,4


Birth of son Joseph TERRY in Halifax County, Virginia.6,1


Birth of son Nathaniel TERRY in Virginia.7,4


Married Benjamin M TERRY in Virginia.3

about 1730

Birth of daughter Sarah TERRY in Virginia


Birth of daughter Keziah TERRY in Virginia.3

about 1730

Birth of son Benjamin M TERRY in Virginia

about 1740

Birth of daughter Levina TERRY in Virginia


Died in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.2,4


Birth of son Peter TERRY in Virginia

Other facts


Birth of daughter Mary TERRY in Virginia


  • U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Benjamin Terry
    Gender: Male
    Birth 1704 VA
    Spouse : Elizabeth Irby [Elizabeth Dickerson]
    Spouse Birth Year 1708
    Marriage 1724 VA

    One descendant's SAR apllicaint reports Benjamin's birth place as "Presumably Ireland."  However, other evidence indicates he was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  Further, tracing back the family line, we are taken to England, instead of Ireland.  It is still possible that an earlier ancestor has roots in Ireland.  Terry family tradition is very strong on an Irish origin.  My grandmother Julia Virginia Terry Jenkins used to mention the Irish origins of the Terrys when she would tell me stories about their family.  She also said she had Indian (Eastern Cherokee) ancestors.

    Researcher D Hicks comments on the original marriage record for Elizabeth and Benjamin Terry.

    "Benjamin Terry
    "[On Benjamin's will, in reference to his wife Elizabeth,] Irby was handwritten in the margin of the court records years later. Probably by a researcher - possibly a runoff from writing on their own paper. However it came to be, the word "IRBY" is not part of the original document and should not be picked up be subsequent researchers and transcribers as such."
    --  Marriage Record for Benjamin Terry,

    Superficially, Benjamin Terry in his will names his wife as Elizabeth Irby.

    "In the name of God Amen I, Benjamin Terry Senr. of Pittsylvania County and Parish of Camden being in my perfect sinces and memory thanks to God for the same but considering the frailty of this Life and the uncertainty of Death, ... Item, I lend to my beloved wife Elizabeth [Irby] ..."
    --  Transcribed by Julia Clark,

    But there is evidence the name "Irby" was added, in another hand.  there is some damage to the will manuscript.  Extensive examination and analysis has been done on this document, and all related documents, by Margie Brown.  Heavy circumstantial evidence from family names indicates that Elizabeth's maiden name was Dickerson.

    Elizabeth is reported by one or more genealogies as having died in 1760, the same year her husband Benjamin wrote his will.  She is named as executor for her husband.  I have not found evidence of her actual death.  Probate does not seem to comment that she was not still living when the will was probated in December 1771, but does appoint only the two sons as executors.

    The above Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Terry Deceased was presented in Court by Nathaniel Terry and Benjamin Terry the Executors therein named and proved by the oaths of two of the Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of the said Executors who made oath according to Same.

    Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form given Security whereupon they together with Isaac Read their security entered into and Acknowledged their bond according to Same.
    --  Will of Benjamin M Terry,

    A few years ago, another researcher, Charles Owens, insisted that Champness Terry was the husband to Elizabeth Irby (some have her maiden name as Dickerson).  Others have her husband as Benjamin, which frankly doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but maybe it was another Benjamin? I believe Benjamin was their son, who also married Elizabeth Irby or Elizabeth Parker (? cousins).

    Anyway - I am writing you to let you know that I have DNA matched from my Elizabeth Truheart Garland to the Irby line.  This tells me that Elizabeth Garland likely had 3 husbands; Nathaniel Dickerson, James Overton (I also am DNA matched to), and unknown Irby (poss.  Edmund?).

    I followed the E B tree all the way down to E B (Sheryl is the manager).  He is a descendant of Irby, who owned many slaves.  I believe that Elizabeth Irby (not Dickerson) was the daughter to Elizabeth Truhart Garland Dickerson Overton Irby, and married into the Terry family (a Benjamin or Champness).  I have yet to find DNA evidence for Dickerson, but still looking.

    Perhaps there was a Benjamin Terry who married Elizabeth Dickerson who was a daughter to Nathaniel Dickerson and Elizabeth Truhart Garland Dickerson.  This may have led to some of the confusion.  Don't know.  Thought you might like to know about this new DNA evidence.  I will transfer some of your data to my tree.  Thanks.

    Sandra Lytch (daughter to Mildred Crawford Horn - descendant of Terry/Irby/Garland, etc.)
    --  Sandra Lytch, Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, Jan 22, 2018


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