Johana FASTOLFE Millicent TIPTOFT Mini tree diagram


between 1377 and 13782,3 - 5th Nov 14592,1

Life History

between 1377 and 1378

Born in Fastolf Manor, Norfolk, England.2,3

Jan 1409

Married Millicent TIPTOFT in Castlecomb, Wiltshire, England.4,1


Birth of daughter Johana FASTOLFE.2

25th Aug 1446

Death of Millicent TIPTOFT in Caistor Castle, Norfolk, England

5th Nov 1459

Died in Caistor Castle, Norfolk, England.2,1

7th Nov 1459

Buried in St Benet's Abbey, Holme, Norfolk, England.1


  • John Fastolfe built what became the famous Caistor Castle in County Norfolk, England.  It was originally the manor house of his family's estate.  In this manor house he was born, and he developed it into a formidable castle.

    Caister Castle

    It’s a ruin now, but once Caister Castle was among the most desirable addresses in Norfolk. Back in 1469, 3,000 men wanted to live there at once.

    Location, location...

    The site north of what is now Yarmouth occupied a strategic site near the Norfolk coast. The Romans recognised its importance by building a third century fort on their embattled ‘Saxon Shore’. The name ‘Caistor’ comes from the Latin ‘castra’ - fort. Long after the Romans had gone home, a family of landowners settled west of the village of Caister. In 1378 John Fastolf was born in the manor house that would later become the castle, and the centre of an extraordinary row over his will. Fastolf, supposed by some to be the inspiration behind Shakespeare’s legendary Falstaff character, was a distinguished soldier. He made a fortune fighting in France at Agincourt and later. After returning from the wars he divided his time between his property in London and Norfolk. As he aged though, his thoughts turned to the welfare of his immortal soul.
    --  A Place in History,

    I have found that genealogies tend to report that John was born in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, England, while public scholarly sources, such as that source above, report he was born on the family's estate in Norfolk.  I have not been able to account for this discrepancy.

    Sources report John's death variously as 5 and 7 November 1459.  It appears that he died on 54 November and was buried on 7 November. Some genealogies report his death place as his burial site, St Benet (Abbey Church Cemetery).   He died in his Castle Caistor.


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