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John ROYALL3,1,2

15211,2 - 15761,2

Life History


Born in Essex, England.1,2


Birth of son Joseph ROYALL in London, England.4,5,6,1


Died in Essex, England.1,2

Other facts


Married Name UNKNOWN


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    JOHN ROYALL 1467 - C1519. Born before the discovery of America and during the reign of Edward 4th. Land title deeds and tax records find him in the CALENDAR OF PATENT ROLLS which cover the years from 1476 to 1485 both showing the same location and same dates but spelled differently. One was RYALL and the other ROYAL.  He held some sort of public office "in ye svc sfe Richard 3rd an Henry 7th."  He was involved in some sort of court intrigue and records show him acquitted. Attending his trial were his wife LUCITTE and "fmal fon (small son) ROGER.

    ROGER ROYALL 1493 - 1562. Born during the reign of Henry 7th and Fairstead Parish Register, Essex #27649, show him as "brevart" in the service of Henry 8th from 1513 until 1538. Evidentially a professional soldier, but he was also a land holder in Essexshire. He is shown as being a member of the Royal Palace Guard but shows service only in the area outside London. Will on file in Essex mentions his wife Nancy (no other name) and sons ROGER and JOHN.

    JOHN ROYALL 1521 - 1576. Born during the reign of the notorious Henry 8th and died during the reign of King Edward 6th. John was some sort of a minor public assessor or tax collector. Found two records of his signature on matters dealing with tax records - one was spelled RYAL and the other ROYALL. His will is on file and mentions only two children, a son Joseph and a daughter Sarah. The Recorder of Records in Essex suggested, to Royall S. Pinnell, that church burial records of this date be checked to see if there were records of the death of other children during the Plague and intimated that these two might have been the only survivors.

    JOSEPH ROYALL 1550 - 1615. Born in London, member of a large family. Served apprenticeship as a leather worker and founded a factory producing shoes for the armies of Queen Elizabeth 1st and King James 1st. (From the Leatherworkers' Guild records on file in London). Married twice. First wife's name is not known, but second wife's name was Angeline. No complete record of children but names of five are known. They were: William, Roger, Henry, and Joseph. Records of his probated will show he left some property to "my two daughters" but they are not named nor do we know which wife bore them or the sons. Joseph and Angeline died of the Black Plague, which killed 150,000 in London alone. (Guild records, St. Martin's Church rolls and burial records).

    JOSEPH ROYALL 1600 - 1655. At age 20 years, came to Virginia on the ship "Charitie", 22, July 1622. In the following year, in the census, he was listed at Neck of Land in Charles City. As shown in the muster he was one of two young men serving Luke Boyse. Joseph Royall was a ship's master in England and worked for a man by the name of Boise. In June of 1625, Boise outfitted a ship for transporting people to the colonies. The ship left England on July 1, 1625, with Mrs. Boise and four daughters as passengers for the trip over.

    On the trip, Captain Royall, "thru neglecte" caused sea water to ruin the clothing of the passengers. After her husband's death Mrs. Boyse petitioned the Court regarding an agreement entered into between her husband and young Royall: At this Court, 11, January 1626, there was a petition preferred by Mrs. Alice Boise, widow, against Joseph Royall servant to her late husband Luke Boise and showed a covenant bearing date 25, February 1625, wherein the said Joseph Royall was bound unto the said Luke Boise to perform certain conditions therein mentioned;

    "whereupon, it is ordered, according to the said covenant that the said Joseph Royall shall make or cause to be made gratis for the said Alice Boise, her child and such servants as were then of this family all such apparel as they shall wear or use till such day and time as he shall depart this land, so long as those of the family shall either serve her or the child."

    A decree of this sort would be difficult to enforce and it's reasonable to conclude that circumstances freed young Royall from the permanent obligation under which Mrs. Boyse sought to place him.

    Royall ancestry from England to Viriginia w/Joseph as head
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