William Henry TUGMON Mini tree diagram

Joretta L BISHOP1,3,4,2

1st Apr 19331,2 - Jul 2013

Life History

1st Apr 1933

Born in Oklahoma.1,2

2nd Jun 1947

Married William Henry TUGMON in Oklahoma.1

30th Dec 2004

Death of William Henry TUGMON in Locust Grove, Mayes, Oklahoma.5,1,6

Jul 2013



  • Joretta Bishop
    Birth 1 Apr 1933 in Oklahoma
    No parents reported
    Spouse:  Marriage 2 Jun 1947
    William Henry Tugmon
    Birth 4 Mar 1929 in Oklahoma
    Death 30 Dec 2004 in Locust Grove, Mayes, Oklahoma
    --  Julie Felps, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/15320290/person/18777334912

    U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2
    Joreta Tugmon
    Birth Date: 1 Apr 1933
    Address: Route 2, Locust Grove, OK, 74352

    Joretta L Tugmon 7712 660, Hulbert, OK 74441  (918) 386-2508
    Joretta Tugmon 7712 660, Locust Grove, OK 74441
    --  Radaris, http://radaris.com/p/Joretta/Tugmon/

    See Joretta's memorial photo video on YouTube, produced by Tisha Tugmon.  The memorial video gives no dates, places or other vital details:

    Here's another video of JOretta nd Bill:

    Photo video of a 2013 family reunion:


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