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Lewis TERRY4,1,2,3

17701,2,3 - Jul 18514

Life History


Born in South Carolina.1,2,3

about 1809

Married Nancy Constance WALKER in Greenville District, South Carolina.27

21st Jul 1810

Birth of son William Barney TERRY in Pendleton District, South Carolina.8,10,11,12

21st Jul 1810

Birth of son George C TERRY in Pendleton District, South Carolina.7,8,9,3,3

about 1813

Birth of daughter Nancy TERRY in Pendleton District, South Carolina.13,3,14,15,16,17

12th Mar 1814

Birth of son Joseph Lewis TERRY in Pendleton District, South Carolina.18,19,20,17,21,3,2,22

25th Dec 1816

Birth of son Duncan TERRY in Greenville County, South Carolina.23,3,24,25,26

between 1836 and 1851

Resident in Murray County, Georgia.5,1,6

17th May 1851

Wrote will in Will dated and witnessed.4

5th Jul 1851

Wrote will in Will probated.4

Jul 1851

Died in Murray County, Georgia.4


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    Terry Genealogy & History

    Terry has the distinction of having over a hundred spelling variations, including Tarry, Theuret, Theike, Thiele, Thierry, Thoreau, Tieck, Tietze, Tilke, Tillich, and Torry. Derived from the middle English given-name "Thierri," which was derived from Old Norman given-name "Theodoric," Terry means powerful.

    Alternatively, in Old French, "thierri" is a potter. The Terry/Thierry form is generally English; Terry family history traces back to a feudal manor in Kent, where the Thierry family was granted lands by the Earl of Pembroke in the 1130s or 1140s.  Simultaneously in Ireland, Terri branches settled in Cork and Torrie/Torry branches in Waterford.  American Terry family history dates from 1630 in New England.
    --  Archives,

    0 Lewis Terry b 1770 SC b 1765 VA
    + Constance

    1 Joseph Lewis Terry b 12 Mar 1814 Pendleton SC d 23 Aug 1880 Milam Co TX
    + Dovinah Walker

    2 Duncan Lewis Terry b 29 Jun 1850 Murray Co GA d bef 1900
    + Tabitha Ann Brown

    3 Alfonso Brown (Jack) Terry b 17 May 1887 Mills Co TX d 08 Nov 1944 Coke Co TX
    + Leanora Bland

    4 Tempie Terry b 25 Jul 1934 Nolan Co TX d 20 May 2003 Natrona Co WY
    + Robert Cavness

    Contact: Jacque Watkins jjwatkins AT
    --  World Families DNA,

    The Hale Family genealogy reports on Lewis terry( with the spelling Louis), as a son of Thomas Terry and Nancy L Dalton.

    Louis Terry
    Birth 1770 in Pendleton, Anderson, South Carolina
    Death Jul 1851 in Murray, Georgia
    Parents Thomas Terry, 1732-1818, Nancy Dalton b 1755
    Marriage 1809 to Constance in Greenville, South Carolina
    --  Hale Family,

    The date of birth commonly reported in genealogies is based on the 1850 census where Lewis' age was reported as 80.  But a descendant Thomas Terry recorded in his Bible that Lewis was born in 1791, 21 years later!  Family genealogies commonly report Lewis' father as Thomas Terry, born 1732.  If Lewis was born in 1791, this would make his father 59 or 60 when he was born, not impossible but unusual.  If he was born in 1770 as per the census, this would make Lewis about 40 when his first child was born, also not very likely.  It is quite possible that there is one or more generations between the reported father Thomas and our Lewis.

    Most genealogies report that Lewis was born in South Carolina;  many say Pendleton District, South Carolina.  This genealogy is not clear, since rather than Pendleton District, this would seem to mean it was Pendleton town in Anderson County.  But Anderson County was not established until 1826.  The reference is probably anachronistic.  Pendleton town in old Pendleton District, which later became Anderson County?  Neither Pendleton District nor Pendleton town existed in 1770, and what became Pendleton District and later Anderson County was in Cherokee lands, not South Carolina, until 1777.

    These Cherokee territories were ceded to South Carolina after the Cherokees and their British allies lost the Revolutionary War against the American colonies.  The Cherokee lands were originally named Greenville County, then in 1789, was subdivided into Greenville and Pendleton Counties (then Districts).  Pendleton town was created in 1790.

    Thus the commonly reported Pendleton District is not correct, either, since this did not exist until 1789.  Thus it is not clear where this common report of birth in Pendleton District, or this report in Pendleton town, came from.  Was Lewis born in Cherokee Nation?  Or was he born in some other part of South Carolina?

    The place of marriage of Lewis to Constance is usually Pendleton District.  One genealogy however, without citing any sources, reports they were married in Greenville, South Carolina.  Thus it is not clear if they mean Greenville town, or Greenville County.  The year of marriage is 1809.  But Greenville County was not established out of Cherokee Nation until 1786.  Greenville town was established even later.

    The age of Lewis Terry's wife Constance would be 50 at the date given for the birth of Duncan Terry, last born child of Lewis and Constance.  All the children were born between 1810 and 1816.  This seems unlikely, but I have no other information to counter the Terry genealogy report.  Possibly the children are from an unreported earlier wife who died before marriage to Constance.
    --  Terry Family Information from

    "1836 Lewis Terry and his family moved from South Carolina to Georgia this year, based on the birthplaces of different family members found in 1840, 1850 and 1860 Murray County Georgia Census records (The county was founded in 1832)."

    In the 1840 Murray County, Georgia, census (Militia District 824), Lewis and Constance are in their own household with no children, and all their sons live in their own households in a neighbouring sequence: William, Lewis and Constance, Duncan, George.  In 1840, Lewis is reported in the age bracket of 50-60.  The Terry Family History website reports that Lewis was born in 1770, but gives no source.  This appears to be based on the age given in the 1850 census, 80.

    If the 1840 census is right that the oldest Lewis could have been was 60, then he was born in 1780, not 1770.  In 1840 Constance is in the age bracket of 60-70, which matches their relative ages reported in the Terry Family History, where she is 5 years older than Lewis, born in 1665, and the 1850 census where he is 80 and she is 85 (born in 1865).  But if she is no more than 70 in 1840, the earliest she could have been born was 1870.  This is one of the features of 1800s censuses. Ages varied from year to year, and often the families seemed uncertain of ages.

    In September 2008, some new information came to light, shared with me by another researcher on this Terry line, Jacque Watkins.  She had the records from the Bible of Thomas Lewis Terry, a great great grandson of Lewis Terry.  He records the dates of birth and death of Lewis Terry as b 1791 d 6 August 1851.  This is 20 years later than dates previously reported, based on the 1850 census age of 80, or the revised lower age based on 1840, with birth no later than 1780.  Another 21 years, though, is another great slice of life.  It seems odd that Lewis would have thought he was 80 when he was only 60.  But perhaps the enumerator recorded it incorrectly.  But then the age of Constance is 85, making an even great gap.

    The death date for Thomas Lewis records is different also.  Lewis died before 15 July 1851, when his will was probated, yet the Bible date is 3 weeks later that Thomas records that Lewis died.

    Since the 1850 census gives a specific age, I will follow that as did Lewis and Constance's descendant in the Terry Family History.  In the 1850 census, Lewis is reported sharing a household with son George and his children Nancy (13) and Mary Ann (8).  Lewis is shown as the head of house, and his occupation is listed as Farmer, as is George's.

    1850 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 13 November, page 32, House/Family #1590
    Lewis Terry 80 M Farmer $6000 Real Estate born South Carolina
    Constance Terry 85 F born Virginia
    George Terry 39 M Farmer born South Carolina [widowed]
    Nancy Terry 13 F born South Carolina
    Mary A Terry 8  born Georgia

    "I should like to say that I browsed your Terry Family Tree. What a fascinating family, close neighbors of the Cushi Connallys in Murray County, Georgia."
    --  James Jones, email to Ancestry Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 24 August 2017

    There are also some reports that Lewis Terry was born in Virginia, rather than South Carolina.  This could be due to poor memory, perhaps in association with Constance's birth in Virginia, or could be an error by an enumerator.  Also sometimes Constance is reported born in South Carolina, a similar kind of error.

    Here are reports of the birthplace of parents of Lewis' children.  Here we see that both parents are reported born in South Carolina.  This does not match our earlier information that Constance was born in Virginia.

    1880 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 24 June, McDonald (1013th District), Enumeration District 155, page 30B, Hse #263, Fam #272
    Terry, William  W M 69 Farming SC SC SC

    We see in these next two reports that both parents are reported born in Virginia.  This does not match our earlier census information that Lewis was born in South Carolina.

    1880 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 3 June, Doolittle (Militia District 972), District 154, page 7, Hse #61, Fam #66
    Terry, George C  M W 69 Farmer SC VA VA
    1880 Federal Census, Milam County, Texas, 24 June, District 103, page 46, Hse/Family #233
    Terry, Joseph  W M 65 Farmer SC VA VA (b abt 1815)

    With these three reports, we see a weight of support tilting toward Lewis' birth in Virginia.  Jacque Watkins also tells me in September 2008 that a contact Don Johnston has Virginia as Lewis' birth place in his family information.  Don also has the names of Lewis' parents and grandparents, the first time I have found any connection made for Lewis to other Terrys I have seen.

    Murray County, Georgia, was designated by the Georgia Legislature in 1832 from part of Cherokee County.  The ages and places of birth of Nancy and Mary Ann tell us when the Terrys moved from South Carolina to Georgia.  This would be between 1837 and 1842.  The Cherokee Removal took place in 1838-9.  It was after that time that extensive White settlement of the area of Cherokee Nation that became Murray County.  The Terry family likely came west with a grant in the Georgia Land Lottery.

    In some censuses we find them near Spring Place.  Wikipedia comments:
    "Spring Place had been established in 1801 as a Moravian mission to the Cherokee and had been a post office since 1810 - the second oldest in North Georgia"

    The will of Lewis Terry was dated and witnessed on 17 May 1851.  It was probated on 15 Jul 1851.  It is not clear how soon after his death the will was probated.


    Originally published in Terry Family Historian, Sept 1983,

    In  the name of God,  Amen:  I, Lewis TERRY, of Murray County (Georgia), being advanced in years of sound and disposing mind and memory and wishing to make a disposition of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me, do make, ordain and publish this, my last will and testament, hereby revoking all wills and testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me. That is to say:

    Item  1st:  I  direct that my body be buried in a decent christian-like manner; my soul I trust will return to God who gave it;

    Item  2nd:  I will and direct that after my death, should my beloved wife surv. me, that all my property of every description, both real and personal, shall vest in her during her natural life; and at her death the  devices and bequests herein after mentioned shall take effect, that she keep all my property together, take care of it and manage it so as to enhance most the interest of my estate;

    Item 3rd:  I will and bequeath to my sons, George C. TERRY, William TERRY, Duncan TERRY, and Joseph TERRY, lots of land numbers two hundred and ninety-nine (299), three hundred (300) and three hundred and thirteen (313) of the twenty-sixth district of the second section of (originally Cherokee, now Murray County) to have and to hold the same to them, their heirs,and assigns forever in fee simple;

    Item 4th:  I will to my son William TERRY, my negro woman, Ailey, and any increase she may have at the time of my death;

    Item 5th:  I will and bequeath to my son George C. TERRY, my negro boy, Isaac;

    Item 6th: I will and bequeath to my son Duncan TERRY, my negro man, Orin;

    Item 7th: I will and bequeath to my son Joseph TERRY, my negro man, Mose;

    Item 8th:  I will and desire to my daughter Nancey Carder, wife of Thomas Carder free from control or management of her said husband and not subject to the payment of his debts, lot of land number ninety-one (91),  district of the third section of said county to her during her natural life, and at her death to her children then, in life their heirs and assigns forever in fee simple. Also, to my said daughter first choice out of my beds and furniture from  the control of her husband and not subject to his debts;

    Item 9th:  I will and direct that after the death of my wife all my personal property of every description both real and personal, except as  heretofore excepted, be  sold at public out cry on such terms as my executor shall  think most to the interest of my estate and the net proceeds together with all  that may be due my estate all the ready money, etc., I may leave be equally divided among my five children herein before named,  first deducting from the share of each, any amount which may be due my estate from the several distributees;

    Item 10th:  I nominate, constitute and appoint my son Joseph TERRY, executor of this may last will and testament feeling well assured that he will faithfully execute the same.


    (Murray County Wills, Georgia)
    Dated: 17 may 1851       Proved: 15 Jul 1851
    Witnesses: Thomas Payne, Abel Jonston, Dawson A. Walker


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