Richard Andrew PHILPOT Thomas PHILPOT David PHILPOT Mary MCKENZIE Mini tree diagram

James PHILPOT1,2

17351,2 - about 18251,2

Life History


Born in Cork, Cork, Ireland.1,2

before 1770

Immigrated to Migrated from Ireland to Virginia; son Richard born in VA;  then to Carroll County, Georgia?.1


Birth of son Richard Andrew PHILPOT in Albemarle County, Virginia.3,1,4,5


Birth of son Thomas PHILPOT in Virginia.6


Death of son Thomas PHILPOT in Ohio.6

6th Oct 1791

Birth of son David PHILPOT in Virginia.7


Death of Mary MCKENZIE in McMinn County, Tennessee.2


Death of son David PHILPOT.7

about 1825

Died in McMinn County, Tennessee.1,2

Other facts


Married Mary MCKENZIE


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    Re: Philpot Family of Ireland

    BillLester27      Posted: 26 Mar 2002 1:19AM GMT
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    Edited: 31 Jul 2003 12:55AM GMT

    Here is what my records show:
    James Philpot born 1730-1740 in Ireland and died 1825-1826 in McMinn Co. Tn.
    All of his Philpot family and the family of William York (numbering about 50 people altogether) migrated to Carroll Co., GA in 1826 [after James' death, Richard's son Micajah (Micager) was born in Carroll County GA].

    Richard was son of James and he was born 1770-1775 in Virginia. The name of his spouse [Richard's or James'? - it appears both] is unknown

    Richard's children were
    (1) William who married Elizabeth York
    (2) James who married Delilah York
    (3) Reuben who married Janet Wimberly on 12-20-1827 in Carroll Co., GA
    (4) Jesse Robert who married Jemima (or Gemima) Deason on 10-20-1830 in Carroll Co., GA
    (5) Annie who married Seaborn Taylor
    (6) Martin who married Hannah ?
    (7) Cynthia and (8) Jane

    I show Reuben returning to Tennessee about 1830-1832 where he died 1850-1859. His widow was in Polk Co. AR census of 1860. I show his childen to be William born 1826-1827 in Georgia, Jane born 1832 in TN, Mary born 1834 in TN, Elizabeth born in TN, John born 1835 in TN, Martin born 1836 in TN, Jackson born 1839 in TN and James born 1849 in TN.

    Now, for the children of Jesse Robert and Jemima Deason:
    (1) Micager born 1831 GA
    (2) James Marion born 1834 GA
    (3) Nancy Ann born 1837 GA
    (4) Seaborn Jesse born 1838 AL
    (5) Reuben Jasper born 1840 AL
    (6) Elizabeth born 1843 in MS
    (7) Sarah born 1844 MS
    (8) Thomas Henry born 1845 MS
    (9) Jane born 1846 MS
    (10) Jemima born 1852 MS
    (11) Lucinda born 1853-1853 MS and
    (12) William Wilshire born 1855 MS

    Reuben returned to TN

    Jesse Robert, James, Martin and their families, along with their father, Richard, moved to Alabama about 1838-1839 and on to Mississippi in 1842-1843.

    After the Civil War, Jesse Robert and his family moved on to Cherry Hill, Polk Co., AR.

    William Philpot, his family and several York families remained in Carroll Co., GA (now Haralson Co.) and legions of their descendents still populate this area.  This story says  that James was the first Philpot of our line in America and his son was Richard, who was the father of William, Jesse Robert, Reuben, etc.

    Please don't hesitate to write with questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability. My e-mail address is:    Regards,  Bill
    --  Bill Lester, Ancestry Discussions, posted at:

    The wording here is somewhat ambiguous.  Bill seems to be saying that James immigrated from Ireland to Virginia, where his son Richard was born about 1770-1775 in Virginia.  Thus immigration had to be before 1770.  At some later point, James moved on to Tennesseee, where he died in McMinn County about 1825-1826.  The statement about all of his Philpot family and the family of William York migrating to Carroll County, Georgia in 1826 must mean his sons moved after James' death in Tennessee in 1825-1826.  On the unknown name of "his spouse" does Bill mean James or Richard?  Nether is given.  Both appear to be unknown.


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