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Zilphia Canzada GREEN

Zilphia Canzada GREEN1,2,3,7,4,5,6,10

18511,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 12th Jan 19408,9,7,4

Life History


Born in Alabama.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

13th Mar 1876

Birth of son William Albert Lothar Alonzo STINSON in Centre, Cherokee, Alabama.5,8,10

28th Apr 1933

Death of William Alonzo STINSON in Centre, Cherokee, Alabama.11,4

12th Jan 1940

Died in Lake County, Florida.8,9,7,4

after 12th Jan 1940

Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Clermont, Lake County, Florida.4

Other facts


Married Lloyd L LEWIS


Married William Alonzo STINSON


  • Zilpah was the lastborn child, born about a year before her father died.

    1860 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 15 July, District 2, PO Center, page 70, Hse/Fam #497
    Jemima Green 43 F Farmer $300 Real Estate $371 Personal born South Carolina [b abt 1790] noted as widow
    Sarah A Green 18 F born Alabama [b abt 1842]
    Louisa Green 14 F born Alabama [b abt 1846]
    Wiley Green 12 M born Alabama [b abt 1848]
    Zilpah Green 9 F born Alabama [b abt 1851]

    1880 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 16 June, Precinct 3, District 12, page 17 (scan 128A), Hse/Family #143
    Green, Gemima 62 W M [No Occupation Stated] Cannot Read or Write SC SC SC
    Green [Stinson], Zilpha W F 28 Dau Single At Home AL SC SC
    Green [Stinson], Wm L  W M 4 Grandson Single At Home Cannot Read or Write AL AL AL

    Note that Zilpah's name has changed here to Zilpha.  The first is the normal biblical spelling of this Hebrew name.  The latter could be a simple transposition, a spelling mistake, but could also indicate a shift in pronunciation from p to F sound after the L.  Later we find it as Zelpha and Zelphia, though that could be a misreading of Zilpha or Zilphia.

    Note that the Stinson son's given name is written here as Milliam.  It must be intended to be William, and the enumerator either wrote is thoughtlessly as an M, or his loops for the W are curved strangely and differently than other Ws on the page, included a William in the previous household.

    Shelly Cloud's genealogy reports information that identifies the child William in the 1880 census.  Shelly tells us that Zilpah married William A Stinson in 1875.   Their son William was born in 1876.  The enumerator erred in reporting her as Single.  She was actually divorced from William Stinson.  This census has no designation for divorced, offering only Single, Married or Widowed.  I guess Single was the closest.  The surname is also wrong, since Zilpah's last name, as well as William's, is Stinson at this time.

    Shelly reports her date of death, and her full name as:
    Zelphia Canzada Green (1851-1940)

    Zelphia Canzada Green
    Birth 20 Sept 1851 in Centre, Cherokee, Alabama
    Death 12 Jan 1940 in Tavares, Lake, Florida
    Married 1875 to William Alonzo Stinson
    Birth 28 Sep 1852 in Centre, Cherokee, Alabama
    Death 28 Apr 1933 in Centre, Cherokee, Alabama [apparently divorced about 1877, because both were married again
    Son William Alfred Lothar Alonzo Stinson
    Birth 13 Mar 1876 in Centre, Cherokee, Alabama
    Death 26 Aug 1949 in Minneola, Lake, Florida
    --  Shelly Cloud,

    The 1900 census reports that Zilpah has borne only 1 child, and that would be William A Stinson, son of her first husband, in the Lewis household.  If this report is correct, that means that Zilpah has had no children in the 24 years since William was born, no children with her current and second husband Lloyd Lewis.

    1900 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 6 June, Precinct 1, District 116, page 3A, Hse/Fam #45
    Lewis, Loaid [Lloyd] L  Head  W M July 1859  40 Married 20 years AL AL England Farmer Owns
    Lewis, Zilpha C  Wife W F  Sept 1854 45 Married 20 years 1 children/1 living AL SC SC
    Stinson, Milliam A  Son W M Mar 1876 24 AL AL AL
    Stinson, Sallie Dau-in-Law W M Mar 1883 17 GA GA GA

    1920 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 16 January, Precinct 1 Mud Creek, District 20, page 2A, Sewels Ferry Rd, Hse #173, Fam #176
    Lewis, Loyd  Head Owns M W 62 AL US AL Farmer
    Lewis, Zilpha  Wife F W 65 AL SC SC

    There are two Stinson households later on the same page, headed by John, age 61, and Cynthia, age 56.

    1930 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 8 April, Precinct 1, Mud Creek, District 10-1, page 4A, Sewell's Creek Rd, Hse #66, Fam #71
    Lewis, Lloaid L Head Rents Has Radio M W 73  First married at 21  AL AL AL Farmer
    Lewis, Zilpha Wife  F W 76  First married at 24  AL AL AL

    Zilpah's age at first marriage would place the marriage in 1875, matching the marriage to William Stinson in 1875.  There is a Stinson family next door to the Lewis couple.  The head of this household is Charlie, age 44.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 No Image
    William Albert Stinson
    Birth 13 Mar 1876 Cherokee County, Alabama
    Father William R Stinson
    Mother Zilphia C Green
    SSN 264127786
    Apr 1938: Name listed as WILLIAM ALBERT STINSON

    Florida Death Index, 1877-1998
    Zilphia Lewis
    Death 1940 Lake County Florida
    White Female

    One or more genealogies appear to report an exact date of death from family information.

    Zilphia J Green
    Birth 1851 in Cherokee, Alabama, Death 12 Jan 1940
    Marriage 1875 to William Alonzo Stinson 1852-1933
    Son William Alfred Stinson b 1876
    --  Stinson Family, former URL invalid now

    Shelly Cloud's genealogy reports:

    Cherokee Indian Roots
    Zelphia is 1/8 Cherokee
    William Alonzo Lothar Stinson is 1/16 Cherokee
    Vernon T Stinson is 1/32 Cherokee
    Mary Stinson is 1/64 Cherokee
    Billy Cloud is 1/128 Cherokee
    --  Shelly Cloud, 2 Mar 2011,

    Zilpha Green Stinson
    BIRTH 1854 Cherokee County, Alabama, USA
    DEATH 1940 (aged 85-86) Lake County, Florida, USA
    BURIAL Oak Hill Cemetery, Clermont, Lake County, Florida, USA
    Son William Alfred Stinson 1876-1949
    Maintained by CJ, Originally Created by: Laura Goodman 10 Dec 2012
    --  Find a Grave Memorial 102004372,


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