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Sanford Giffin MULLINS

Sanford Giffin MULLINS8,4,5,7,3,9,10,11,12

also known as Sanford Giffen MULLINS2

24th Sep 18441,2,3,4 - 2nd Apr 19078

Life History

24th Sep 1844

Born in Cherokee County, Georgia.1,2,3,4


Resident in Cherokee County, Georgia.5


Residence2 in Sharp Top, Pickens, Georgia.6


Residence3 in Truckwheel, Pickens, Georgia.4

25th Feb 1871

Married Tripann Velma WEST in Pickens County, Georgia.2,1,23,11

Jul 1871

Birth of daughter Ida Louella MULLINS in Pickens County, Georgia.13,14,15,10

15th Mar 1873

Birth of son William Lucky MULLINS in Pickens County, Georgia.15,16,17,14,7

22nd May 1875

Birth of son Lindsey Carr MULLINS in Pickens County, Georgia.18,19,14,15,20,10

25th Apr 1877

Birth of son Benjamin Ross MULLINS in Bosque County, Texas.15,14,21,10,12,22,19


Residence4 in Bosque County, Texas.7

6th Mar 1881

Birth of daughter Jenny Wise MULLINS in Bosque County, Texas.14,1,15

21st Aug 1884

Birth of son James Miller MULLINS.15

5th Sep 1890

Birth of son Frank Bethel MULLINS.15

about 1891

Birth of daughter Fannie MULLINS in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.15

2nd Feb 1907


(less likely)

2nd Apr 1907

Died in Lula, Pontotoc County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,8

(most likely)

Sanford was shot in the chest in the Civil War in 1862, & the wound drained for the rest of his life, causing his death from infection after a doctor attended the wound at his home near Lula.

after 2nd Apr 1907

Buried in Lula Cemetery, Lula, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1


  • This person was first known to me under the name of Gif Mullins.  This was in the family information from Loretta Gregory Gay, which she had collected from our Green family on the Tatum and West sides of our family.  The earliest public report I have found of Sanford Giffin Mullins is the 1850 census, where he is listed by the name Sanford.  I first found the full name Giffin in the 1870 census, where he is working on the farm of his brother Martin Burton Mullins.  Other sources, including some censuses, provided the name Sanford.

    A couple of genealogies erroneously list him as Griffin.  Dorothy Mulinix lists him as Sanford Griffin Mullins.   Dorothy probably got the name from the 1860 census, which does report him as Griffin.  We know, however, from family and public sources, that is incorrect.  She also reports his birth one year later than other sources I have followed, as 24 September 1845.

    Glenda Moore also has the year as 1845.  --

    Mike Taylor also has the year as 1845 on Giff's FAG memorial

    His marriage record reports his birth as 24 September 1844.  In the 1850 census, Gif is listed under his first name Sanford, which is spelled Sandford.

    1850 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 28 August, Division 15, page 897, Hse #604, Family #656
    Geo R Mullins Age 27 M Farmer born SC
    Elvira M Mullins Age 30  F b NC
    Mary C Mullins Age 10 F b GA
    Nancy E Mullins Age 7 F b GA
    Sandford Mullins Age 5 M b GA
    Martin Mullins Age 4 M b GA

    In 1860 Sanford Giffin is in his parents' household in Sharp Top Township of Pickens County, Georgia.  His name is incorrectly entered as Griffin.  In all other places it is Giffin (with one instance in his marriage registration as Giffen).

    1860 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 25 June, Sharp Top, PO Marble Works, page 953, Hse #627, Fam #534
    George Mullens 39 M Farmer SC
    Mary Mullens 41 F  NC
    Griffin S 16 M Farm Hand GA
    Martin B 14 M  GA

    1870 Federal Census, Pickens County, Georgia, 8 July, Truckwheel, PO Jasper, page 65, Hse/Family #506
    Mullins, Martin B 23 M W  Farmer  Born Georgia (abt 1847)
    Mullins, Thaly Ann 22 F  W  Kpng Hse  Born Georgia (abt 1848)
    Mullins, Carr B 3  M W  Born Georgia (abt 1867)
    Mullins, Emma J 1 F W  Born Georgia (abt 1869)
    Corbin, William 7 M W Asstng on Farm  Born Georgia (abt 1863)
    Mullins, Giffin 25 M W Farm Laborer  Born Georgia (abt 1845)

    Georgia, Marriage Records From Select Counties, 1828-1978
    S G Mullins, Male
    Spouse Tripann West, Female
    License issued 24 February 1871
    Marriage 25 Feb 1871 Pickens, Georgia
    Ceremony performed by J B Harris, Minister of the Gospel
    Pickens County, Georgia Marriage Book, p 386

    The Ancestry World Tree information cited here for some facts on Giffin matches our family information, and provides many more details.  This has the name Sanford Giffin Mullins. The Mullins Genealogy I found online in June 2007 had some more details I incorporated, as shown in the source notes.  The anonymous Ancestry World Tree source misspells his name as Griffin, but otherwise it provides excellent detail and a list of all the children.  The marriage registry entry of their marriage has Giffin as Giffen.  All the family sources spell it Giffin, or have the nickname Gif or Giff.

    The family moved to Texas before the 1880 census.  From the birth years of the children, it appears they moved to Bosque County, Texas, in about 1876.  In the 1880 census, we find Sanford Giffin and Tripann, with Gif's parents George Ross and Elvira in the same household.  6 houses away, we find Tripann's father, Benjamin West, living in the household with Tripann's sister Elmina Bradley shown as the head of the home, and one of Elmina's son's John.

    1880 Federal Census, Bosque County, Texas, 11 June, District 14, page 30B, Hse #267, Family #274
    S G Mullins Age 36 Farmer b. GA, father b. SC, mother b. NC
    Tripan Mullins Age 31 Wife b. GA, father b. SC, mother b. SC
    Ida L Mullins Age 9 Daughter b. GA
    William L Mullins Age 7 Son b. GA
    Lindsey C Mullins Age 5 Son b. GA
    Ross Ben Mullins Age 3 Son b. Tex
    G R Mullins Age 61 Father b. NC, father b. SC, mother b. SC
    Elvira M Mullins Age 62 Mother b. NC, father b. VA, mother b. SC

    1880 Federal Census, Bosque County, Texas, District 14, page 30B, Hse #261, Family #268
    E A Bradley  W F 48  Keeping House  GA GA GA
    John L Bradley  W M 21 Son  Laborer  GA GA GA
    Benj West  W M 74 Father  Farmer  GA GA GA

    The AWT source reports Sanford's death date as 2 Feb 1907, without a location.  The Mullins Genealogy had the death place as near Lula, Indian Territory (later Pontotoc County, Oklahoma).  This matches other information on the family's location.  Other Mullinses are buried in Lula Cemetery.  The Mullins Genealogy I found later has a date of 2 Apr 1907.  This information comes from within the family in a genealogy by a descendant, including information from a great-grandson of Gif.

    The Mullins Genealogy also has an exact death date, but it is a year later than the other sources which give a year.  The genealogy gives a date of 24 Sep 1845.  In the 1870 census, taken in July, Gif's age is 25.  If this age is correct, he had to be born in 1844.  His marriage license registration also gives his birth year as 1844.  With this information I have reported the exact birth date of 24 September, but the year of 1844.

    Mike Taylor has summarized Giff's family and included a biography on his memorial on Find a Grave.

    Sanford Giffin "Giff" Mullins
    Birth Sep 24, 1845 Jasper, Pickens County, Georgia, USA
    Death Apr 2, 1907 Lula, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, USA

    Family tradition is that Sanford was buried here as per his Granddaughter Rhoda Ardina (Stephenson) Liles who attended the funeral and related this event to me.  No marker has ever been found but descendants may have added a civil war memorial to the cemetery in his honor.

    Sanford was wounded in the Civil War in 1862 and died from the wound 45 years and 7 children later.  He was shot in the chest and the wound drained for the rest of his life causing his death from infection after a doctor attended the wound at his home near Lula. Ardina Liles remembered Sanford changing the dressing every day when she was a child.

    No photograph of Sanford is known to exist.

    Father George Ross Mullins (1819 - 1896)
    Spouse Tripan Velma West Mullins (1849 - 1936)
    William Lucky Mullins (1874 - 1969)
    Linzey C Mullins (1875 - 1944)
    Jennie Wise Mullins Stephenson (1876 - 1961)
    Ben Ross Mullins (1877 - 1943)
    James Miller Mullins (1884 - 1951)
    Frank Bethel Mullins (1890 - 1962)
    Burial Lula Cemetery, Lula, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, USA
    Created by Mike Taylor Feb 10, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #84798827,


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