Thomas Earl of Northampton GREENE Marina BELER Mini tree diagram

Elizabeth GREENE1,2

14431 - 14641

Life History


Born in Greene's Norton, Northamptonshire, England.1


Died in Farneborough, Warwickshire, England.1


  • The Greenes are associated with a town called Norton.  Some genealogies report that Elizabeth was born in Norton, Northumberland, which I cannot locate.  There is a town of Norton in Daventry District of Southern Northamptonshire.  The full name of the town is Greene's Norton.

    "In medieval times, the village was known a simply 'Norton' and was a royal domain of Edward the Confessor and later William the Conqueror. In the 14th century the whole village was sold to Sir Henry Greene for a total of 20 shillings hence the name Greene's Norton, which today is reduced to just Greens Norton."
    --  Wikipedia,

    We are specifically told in some sources that Elizabeth's mother died in Nortons Green, an alternative name for Greens Norton.  Her father's birth and death place are both reported as Norton in Northamptonshire.

    Elizabeth Greene
    Birth 1443 in Norton, Northamptonshire, England
    Death 1464 in Farneborough, Warwickshire, England
    Father Thomas Greene
    Birth 10 Feb 1400 in Norton, Northamptonshire, England
    Death 18 Jan 1462 in Norton, Northamptonshire, England
    Mother Marina Beler
    Birth 1414 in Eye, Herefordshire, England
    Death 10 Sep 1489 in Nortons Green, England
    --  Minday/Forsberg,

    Some genealogies report that Elizabeth's mother was Philippa Ferrer, while some report Marina Beler.  It may be that her father had two wives.  I have considered that there may be two different Thomas Greenes with a daughter Elilzabeth.  Father and son may have each had a daughter named Elizabeth.  This does appear to be the case in some genealogies, with Elizabeth born in 1421, daughter of Thomas.

    But different genealogies have different wives for Thomas Greene born variously 1398, 1399 and 1400, with wives named Mary Talbot, Philippa Ferrers (Farrar) and Marina Beler.  No genealogy I have seen has multiple wives.  Some genealogies report Philippa's death as occurring in 1415, which is before either Elizabeth was born in 1421 or 1445.  Some have Philippa as the wife of the elder Thomas.

    Elizabeth Greene
    F, b. circa 1421, d. after 1452

    Sir Thomas Greene, Sheriff of Northampton b. 10 Feb 1400, d. 18 Jan 1462
    Philippa Ferrers b. c 1400, d. bt 1427 - 7 Dec 1434

    Elizabeth Greene was born circa 1421 at of Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, England. She married William Raleigh, Esq., son of John Raleigh and Idonea Cotesford, before 1432; They had 4 sons (Sir Edward, Thomas, Giles, & William) and 1 daughter (Margaret).  Elizabeth Greene died after 1452.

    William Raleigh, Esq. b. c 1410, d. 15 Oct 1460

    Sir Edward Raleigh, Sheriff of Warwick & Leicester b. 20 Jan 1443, d. c 6 Jun 1513
    Thomas Raleigh b. c 1445
    Gilles Raleigh b. c 1447
    William Raleigh b. c 1449
    Margaret Raleigh b. c 1451

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    The Stubbs Family Tree is another genealogy that has Philippa Farrar as the mother, and Elizabeth's birth as 1421.  This tree includes no documentation.  There are several anomalies in birth and marriage dates that bring up questions.

    Elizabeth GREENE
    Birth Abt 1421 in Greenes Norton, Northumberland, England
    Death Unknown
    Father Thomas GREENE b: 10 Feb 1400 in England
    Mother Phillipe FERRARS b: Abt 1393 in Of, Chartley, Staffordshire, England
    Marriage 1440 William RALEIGH b: Abt 1415 in Of, Thornborough, Warwickshire, England
    Edward RALEIGH b: Abt 1414 in <Of, Thornborough, Warwickshire, England> [His reported birth date is before is mother's reported birth. Others report him born about 1441.  This is still 21 years before the reported birth of William here.]
    William RALEIGH b: 1462 in <Of, Thornborough, Warwickshire, England> [His birth date is 22 years after his mother's reported marriage date.]
    Margaret RALEIGH b: 1456 in <Of, Thornborough, Warwickshire, England>
    Thomas RALEIGH b: 1458 in <Of, Thornborough, Warwickshire, England>
    --  Stubbs Family Tree,


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