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George Washington BLANTON

George Washington BLANTON2,1,3,4,5

about 17431 - 18001

Life History

about 1743

Born in Dinwiddie County. Virginia.1

about 1761

Married Elvira LEE in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.1

1st Nov 1763

Birth of son Burwell Grancer BLANTON in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.4,8


Death of Elvira LEE in Rutherford County, North Carolina

Dec 1770

Married Susannah BRIDGES in Lincoln County, North Carolina.1


Birth of daughter Frances BLANTON in Appomattox, Appomattox, Virginia.6,7


Died in Lincoln County, North Carolina.1

Other facts


Buried in Lincoln County, North Carolina.1


  • Steve Gabany provides good information on George Blanton and his family.  I am including his information here on the family of Frances Blanton Hamrick, which I will not include in the primary entries of individuals for this genealogy.

    The genealogy is found at the following address on Ancestry.com (subscription only).  the individual members referenced may be found under the IDs given after their names below.

    George BLANTON
    Birth: Abt 1743 in Dinwiddie Co., VA
    Death: 1796 in Lincoln Co., NC
    Burial: Lincoln, NC

    Father: Anderson BLANTON <I36665>
    Mother: Pitt VAROTER <I36666>

    Marriage 1 Susannah BRIDGES <I35248>
    Married: Dec 1770 in Lincoln Co., NC

    Elizabeth BLANTON <I35329> b: Abt 1773 in Appomattox, VA
    Francis BLANTON <I35340> b: 1774 in Appomattox, VA
    John BLANTON <I35288> b: 1776 in Appomattox, VA
    Mary "Polly" BLANTON <I36760> b: 1779
    Margaret "Peggy" BLANTON <I35362> b: Abt 1782 in Appomattox, VA
    Richard BLANTON <I35301> b: in Lincoln Co., NC

    Marriage 2 Elvira Lee <I35315> b: in VA
    Married: 1761 in VA

    Burrell BLANTON <I35387> b: 1 Nov 1762 in Dinwiddie Co., VA
    BLANTON <I35400>
    Catherine BLANTON <I35414>
    William Azriah BLANTON <I35428> b: 1770 in Appomattox, VA

    Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970
    Application of Oliver Max Gardner, born 22 Mar 1882
    Traces ancestry  through Burwell Blanton, reported as son of George and Susannah
    Ancestor George Blanton born 1743 died 1800, wife Susannah (birth and death unknown)
    "His father, George Blanton, moved to North Carolina from Virginia and in his early life was a Justice of the Peace and the colonial records give evidence of his service to the State 1765-1775.  He was one of the petitioners to establish the South Carolina Line and did service for the King's Most Excellent Majesty."

    Note that according to the family lists above, Susannah was not the mother of Burwell (Burrell) Blanton, but his mother was Elvira Lee.  Burwell's date of birth about 1862, is about a year after the marriage of George Blanton to his first wife Elvira Lee.  Note that George married Susannah Blanton in 1770, following the death of Elvira Lee.

    Family Data Collection - Births
    Burwell Grancer Blanton
    Father George Blanton
    Mother Elvira Lee
    Birth 1 Nov 1762 Dinwiddie County, VA

    Some sources have reported Burwell's stepmother as his mother.

    "Burrell Blanton's mother was Elvira Lee, 1st wife of George Blanton."
    --  Ancestry Comment by Gooch95, 30 January 2013, http://ancstry.me/1zAE69P


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