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Reuben Cole BRINKLEY

Reuben Cole BRINKLEY5,6,4,7,8,10,1,11,2,12,12

16th Apr 18965,6,4,7,8,9,10,1,11,2 - 10th Apr 19576,1,2

Life History

16th Apr 1896

Born in Cleburne, Johnson, Texas.5,6,4,7,8,9,10,1,11,2


Resident in Justice Precinct 5 (West Part), Johnson, Texas.3

between 1910 and 1918

Residence2: 1910 Census in Weatherford; 1918 WWI Draft Registration in Weatherford. in Weatherford Ward 2, Parker, Texas.3,4,5

22nd Feb 1917

Birth of son Reuben Wyette BRINKLEY in Parker County, Texas.12,8,7,13,3,14

22nd Feb 1917

Birth of son Reuben Wyette BRINKLEY in Parker County, Texas.12,8,7,13,3,14

14th Jan 1918

Death of Bessie Lee JACKSON in Seymour, Baylor, Texas.15,16,17


Residence3 in Justice Precinct 3, Baylor, Texas.3

15th Jun 1923

Birth of son Jerold Lee BRINKLEY in Texas

10th Jan 1925

Death of son Jerold Lee BRINKLEY in Westover, Baylor, Texas.13

19th Feb 1926

Birth of daughter Kathaleen BRINKLEY in Parker County, Texas.1,7,12,9

22nd May 1929

Birth of daughter Norma Jean BRINKLEY in Hamilton County, Texas.7,12,18,19,20


Residence4 in Houston, Harris, Texas.3

10th Apr 1957

Died in El Dorado, Union, Arkansas.6,1,2

after 10th Apr 1957

Buried in Old Union Cemetery, Old Union, Union County, Arkansas.1,2

Other facts


Married Vera Pearl RUSSELL


Married Bessie Lee JACKSON


  • 1900 Federal Census, Johnson County, Texas, 4 June, Grandview, District 64, page 4A, Hse/Family #63
    Brinkley, A W Head W M Apr 1862  38 Married 16 years TX TX TX Farmer Rents
    Brinkley, F L W F Apr 1867  33 Married 16 years 9 children 6 living  TN NC NC
    Brinkley, Ruben C  W M Nov 1896  4 TX TX TX

    1910 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 18 April, Weatherford, District 67, page 4A, 45 Weatherford Street, Hse/Fam #77
    Brinkley, Andrew W Head M W 48 Married 26 years Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Farmer Rents
    Brinkley, Frances L  Wife F W 47 Married 26 years 10 children 6 living  TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Reuben Cole Son M W 14 TX TN TX

    U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Reuben Cole Brinkley
    Residence Rt 1, Weatherford, Parker County
    Birth 16 Apr 1896 Cleburne, Texas
    Race Caucasian (White)
    Occupation Texas and Pacific Railway Section Hand
    Dependents wife and baby (no names)
    Medium Build and Height, Gray Eyes, Brown Hair
    Registered 2 June 1917 Parker County, Texas

    The birth certificate of Reuben's daughter Kathaleen reports that Reuben was born in Hill County, Texas, while his WWI Draft Registration shows his birthplace as Cleburne (Johnson County), Texas.

    Birth Certificate of Kathaleen Brinkley (Delayed)
    State of Texas
    307 Edna, Weatherford, Parker, Texas
    Born 19 February 1956
    Father and Informant Reuben Cole Brinkley, Age 30
    P O Address Weatherford, Texas, Pastor
    Born Hill County, Texas
    Mother Vera Pearl Russell, Age 23
    Weatherford, Texas
    Born Taylor County, Texas
    Afidavit issued 9 February 1956
    Residence Address 633 Rock Island, El Dorado, Arkansas

    In 1920, we find widowed Reuben Cole living in his parents' household in Baylor County, Texas.

    1920 Federal Census, Baylor County, Texas, 8 January, Justice Precinct 3 (near Westover), District 13, page 1B, Hse/Fam #5
    Brinkley, Andrew W Head  Owns M W 57 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Section Foreman, Railroad
    Brinkley, Frances L  Wife F W 56 TX TX TN
    Brinkley, Reuben Cole Son M W 23 Widowed TX TN TX Barber
    Brinkley, Mollie M  Dau F W 19 TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Martha  Mother F W 75 Widow TN US US
    Brinkley, Reuben W Grandson M W 2yrs10mos TX TX TX

    The last listed here is Reuben Wyette, son of Reuben Cole.  We see from the marriage status of Reuben that his first wife died between the 1910 and 1920 censuses.  Brinkley family sources tell us she died in 1918, having borne one son, Reuben Wyette Brinkley in 1917.  My cousin and co-researcher Marion Mixon, gives us her details in his genealogy.

    Bessie Lee Jackson
    Birth 27 JUL 1896 in Parker CO., TX, Death 14 JAN 1918 in Baylor, Texas
    William D Jackson 1862-1899, Eliza Jane Tate 1873-1908
    Spouse Ruben Cole Brinkley 1896-1957
    Son Ruben Wyette Brinkley 1917-1982
    --  Marion Mixon,

    See details of Bessie Lee's death certificate in her Notes.

    Reuben Cole married again about 1922.  Information on the birth of their first child indicates they were still living near Westover in Baylor County.  Their son Jerold Lee Brinkley, was born 15 June 1923.  But he lived less than two years.  The Westover Cemetery transcription reports the death date on his grave is January 10 1925.

    Jerold Lee Brinkley, Birth 15 JUN 1923, Death 31 OCT 1925 in WestOver TX;  Parents Ruben Cole Brinkley 1896-1957, Vera Pearl Russell 1902-1979
    --  Marion Mixon,

    In 1930 the census records him with his new wife Vera Pearl (Russell) and children in Houston, where he is now a Baptist Pastor.

    1930 Federal Census, Harris County, Texas, 5 April, Houston, District 23, page 5A, 1302 Tabor Street, Hse #101, Fam #102
    Brinkley, R C Head Rents $27.50mo M W 23 First Married at age 20 TX TX TX Baptist Minister
    Brinkley, Vera P Wife  F W 28 First Married at age 24 TX AR TX
    Brinkley, Reuben W Son M W 13 TX TX TX
    Brinkley, Kathaleen Dau F W 4 TX TX TX
    Brinkley, Norma F Dau F W 10mos TX TX TX

    I am puzzled by the report here that Vera first married at age 24, when her current age at the census is 28.  (Since the census date is 1 April, this means she was already 28 by 1 April.) This would mean she was married about 1925, yet her first child with Reuben was born in mid 1923.  (I am assuming they were married at the time of Jerold's birth, which seems to be the case.  I have not yet found the marriage information as of 28 August 2009.)

    Family sources, reported in the genealogy of Marion Mixon, report her date of birth as 5 Aug 1902.  This would mean that she would not have been 28 until August 1930.  But this census is almost 5 months before that.  If she was first married at age 24, on the other hand, she would have been married in about 1926, still well after the birth and death of Jerold, and even too late for the birth date of her first daughter Kathaleen in February 1926.  So I cannot account for this.

    The birth of Kathaleen, according to this census, was before 1 January 1926.  The Texas Birth Index, however reports she was born on 19 February 1926.  So her age of 26 is not as of the census date, but has been rounded up to the next birthday, about 50 days later.  So it appears they were not very precise on their dates and ages.

    Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997
    Kathaleen Brinkley
    Birth 19 Feb 1926 Parker County
    Father Reuben Cole Brinkley
    Mother Vera Pearl Russell

    This record, as well as the census, tells us that at some time after the death of Jerold, Reuben and Vera moved back to Parker County.

    U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
    Reuben Cole Brinkley
    Residence Wink, Winkler County, Texas
    Mailing Address Box 426, Wink, Texas
    Age 46, Born 16 Apr 1896 Hill County, Texas
    Telephone 148, P.O.C. block 7
    Contact (wife) Mrs. R C Brinkley, Box 426 Wink, Texas
    Employer First Baptist Church Wink, Texas
    5'9" 180 lbs, Gray Eyes, Brown Hair, Bald, Light Complexion, Wears Glasses
    Registered 27 April 1942 Kermit, Winkler County, Texas

    Reuben Cole Brinkley
    Birth Apr. 16, 1896
    Death Apr. 10, 1957
    Spouse Vera Russell Brinkley (1902 - 1979)
    Inscription Arkansas AS USNRF, World War I
    Burial Old Union Cemetery, Old Union, Union County, Arkansas
    Created by Stacy Ann Williams Heslop Aug 06, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #56136718,

    U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963
    Reuben Cole Brinkley
    Born 16 April 1896, Died 10 Apr 1957
    Buried Old Union Cemetery, Rt 3, El Dorado, Arkansas
    Ship stone to Mrs Vera Pearl Brinkley, 518 North Gray, El Dorado, Arkansas
    Application 18 Apr 1957
    Received 7 April 1959
    Shipped 5 May 1959
    USNRF enlisted 24 Jun 1918, Discharged 30 Sep 1921
    Apprentice Seaman Service #113 28 08

    Note that it took two years for the stone to be approved for shipping.  The stamped date actually says the request was received on 7 April 1959.


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