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Mary Jane CHRISTIAN3,4,7,1,6,8,9,10,2

10th Dec 18446 - 8th Nov 19301,2

Life History



(less likely)

10th Dec 1844

Born in Arkansas.3,4,5,2

(most likely)

about 1846

Born in Arkansas.6

(less likely)

15th Feb 1862

Married Edward D SMITH in Monroe County, Arkansas.8,10,2

about 1865

Birth of daughter Maude SMITH in Arkansas.10

29th Dec 1867

Birth of daughter Sarah Frances SMITH in Cass County, Texas.11,10,12,13,2

Apr 1870

Birth of daughter Malinda E SMITH in Cass County, Texas.3,10

about 1872

Birth of daughter Nancy SMITH in Cass County, Texas.10

22nd Sep 1875

Birth of son William Peter SMITH in Texas.10,14,15,2,16

13th Aug 1878

Birth of son Elbridge Bartlett SMITH in Texas.3,17,10,18

18th Apr 1882

Birth of daughter Mary Magdelene Lee SMITH in Bryan Mills, Cass, Texas.3,19,2

24th Oct 1885

Birth of son Samuel Elmore SMITH in Texas.4,20,21,2


Resident in Oakdale, Washita, Oklahoma.4

18th Apr 1928

Death of Edward D SMITH in Oklahoma.1,2

8th Nov 1930

Died in Caddo County, Oklahoma.1,2

9th Nov 1930

Buried in Oakdale Cemetery, Cowden, Washita County, Oklahoma.1,2


  • The first documentary evidence of Mary Jane Christian that I have seen in the 1850 census, which informs us that she was born in Arkansas.  Her family was living in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.

    1850 Federal Census, Chickasaw County, Mississippi, 30 September, Eastern Division, page 642 (scan 626), Hse/Fam #214
    Peter Christian 40 M Farmer $700 Isle of Man
    Susan Christian 19 F Tenn
    Mary J Christian 6 F Arkansas
    Margaret Christian 4 F Miss
    Isabella Christian 3 F Miss
    John Christian 3 months M MS
    Hilliard J Gore (?) 34 M SC
    George Turner 18 M TN

    In 1860 we find her still in her father's household in Calhoun County, which was formed out of Chickasaw County between the two censuses.  This census includes her step-mother Mary (Polly) Waldon.  I have not included all the other children, which include what appear to be Mary  Waldon's siblings.  They are all younger Waldon children.

    1860 Federal Census, Calhoun County, Mississippi, 25 September, Cherry Hill, page 163, Hse #1140, Fam #1156
    Peter Christian 45 M Farmer England (b abt 1815)
    Mary [Waldon] Christian 25 F Ala (b abt 1835)
    Mary Christian 14 F born Arkansas (abt 1846)

    From the age of their children, we know that Mary Jane Christian married Edward D Smith about 1864.  I can find no listing for them anywhere in the 1870 census.  We can assume they were married in Arkansas, since that is where Mary was born and their first child was born there in 1865.  They moved to Texas between 1865 and 1868, when their second child was born in Texas.

    We know others of Mary's family were in Cass County, Texas, where we find Mary and Ed in 1880.  There were Smiths there also, likewise married to Christians and Jenkinses.  But I have not determined if these Smiths were part of the same family. There were other Smiths from different origins also in Cass County.

    1880 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 10 July, Precinct 3, District 12, page 37A, Hse/Fam #544
    Smith Edwd  W M 37  Farmer KY KY VA (b abt 1843)
    Smith Mary  W F 26  Wife  Keeps House  Ark England Tenn (b abt 1854)
    Smith Maude  W F 15 Dau  Farm  Ark KY Ark (abt 1865)
    Smith Sarah  W F 12 Dau  Farm  Tex KY Ark (abt 1868)
    Smith Malinda  W F 10 Dau  Farm  Tex KY Ark (abt 1870)
    Smith Nancy  W F 8 Dau  Tex KY Ark (abt 1872)
    Smith William  W M 5 Son  Tex KY Ark (abt 1875)
    Smith Eldridge [Elbridge] W M 3  Daught [Son]  Tex KY Ark (abt 1877)
    Elbridge's name is entered as Eldridge; he is noted as Male, but then called a daughter!

    Judy Oldziewski sent me some information she discovered on the marriage of Edward Smith and Mary Jane Christian.

    The following comes from the Smith family Bible as transcribed by Harold Christian.  It was in the possession of Elbridge Smith at the time.  It seems to have disappeared after his death.

    On middle of cover          Miss Mary Smith      Ed Smith
    This book was boutt in 1888

    First page of family         Edward Smith of Monroe County, AR and
    Mary Smith of Monroe County, AR
    on the 15th Day of Feb 1862 at Peter Christians
    by Esquire McCrary
    Witness: William Pledge and Susan Dixon
    --  Judy Oldziewski, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 3 June 2012

    By the 1900 census, they are in Sevier County, Arkansas.

    1900 Federal Census, Sevier County, Arkansas, 4 July, Bear Creek Township, District 149, page 5B, Hse #423, Fam #433
    Smith, Edward  Head  W M  Jan 1841  59  Married 38 years KY KY VA  Farmer
    Smith, Mary J  Wife W F  no birthday given  56 Married 38 years  borne 10 children, 7 living  AR England Tennessee
    Smith, Bartlet E  Son W M Aug 1878  21  TX KY AR Farm Laborer
    Smith, Mary L  Dau W F Apr 1883  15  TX KY AR At School [Mary Magdalene]
    Smith, Samuel E  Son W M Oct 1884  15  TX KY AR At School
    Spence, Linda E  Daughter W F  Apr 1870  30 Widow  TX KY AR [Malinda]
    Spence, Thomas E  grandson W M  Jun 1892  8  AR MS TX
    Spence, Alex W  grandson W M  Oct 1893  6  AR MS TX
    Spence, John H  grandson W M  Feb 1895  5  AR MS TX
    Spence, Ella  granddaughter W F  Oct 1896  3  AR MS TX
    Spence, Dotia E granddaughter W F  Aug 1898  1  AR MS TX
    Spence, Rena granddaughter W F  Dec 1899  5mos  AR MS TX

    We can figure they moved to Sevier County, Arkansas from Cass County, Texas in 1884 or later, since Samuel E was born in October 1884, according to the 1900 census.  This census reports that Mary has lost three children.  I have no information on the children who died.

    Bartlett E is the child listed in 1880 as 3-year old Eldridge.  His name is actually Elbridge Bartlett, according to his niece Judy Oldziewski.  Bridge put his preferred name first and the first initial became the middle initial.  The same thing happens to his nephew Alex W Spence, in this household, who in 1910 became Wilse A.

    Linda Spence matches the daughter Malinda in the 1880 census.  She has been married and borne 6 children in the 8 years since 1892.  This means she was married in about 1891, but she is already widowed.  Her husband has died in the last year to year and a half, since the last child is only 5 months old.

    The name Dotia is likely short for Theodocia or Theodotia, and thus probably pronounced Dosha.  This surmise is supported by the listing in 1910 of Dosia E.

    The 1910 census again reports that Mary Jane had borne 10 children and only 7 had survived up to that point.  They have one child still living with them, 24-year-old Samuel and his recent wife Cordelia

    1910 Federal Census, Washita County, Oklahoma, 28 April, Oakdale, District 263, page 8B, Hse #146, Fam #153
    Smith, Edward  Head  M W 69  KY KY VA  Farmer
    Smith, Mary J  Wife F W 68 AR England Tennessee
    Smith, Samuel  Son M W 24  married 0 years (just married) TX KY AR Farmer
    Smith, Cordelia  Daughter-in-law  M W 24  married 0 years (just married) AR AR MO
    Spence, Thomas E  grandson M W  18 AR TN TX  Farm Laborer,Working Out
    Spence, Wilse A  grandson M W  16 AR TN TX  Farm Laborer, Home Farm
    Spence, Johnnie H  grandson M W  15 AR TN TX
    Spence, Dosia E granddaughter F W  13 AR MS TX

    Also still living with them are four of Linda/Malinda's children that were listed in 1900.  Since Linda is not listed, I expect she died before this census.  I also note the Spence daughters Ella and Rena are missing.  They likely died also.  I notice the birth state of their father has changed.  For the three boys the state reported in Tennessee.  On Dosia's (Dotia) record, it was first written as Tennessee, then marked out and rewritten as Mississippi.  This is one of those puzzles of census data, since they all seem to have the same father in the previous census.

    The listing for Alex W in 1900 is matched here by Wilse A.  This has reversed the names, putting the apparently now-preferred second name first.

    The Smiths are living next door to Pete Christian, single and working his own farm with one hired man.  Two other Christian households are in the next two houses:  Joe A and Dilie E, then William V and Rosa M.

    In 1920, it looks like they have moved just south a bit across the line into Caddo County, where they are enumerated in North Cobb Township.  In this census, Edward is reported as Ned.  He and Mary are living with their son Elbridge, who is renting a farm.  They are all listed under the same household and family numbers.  Elbridge is listed here as Bridge, a nickname used in the family.  Judy Oldziewski reports that the nieces and nephews called him Uncle Bridge.

    1920 Federal Census, Caddo County, Oklahoma, 25 January, North Cobb Township, District 47, page 2B, Hse #32, Fam #36
    Smith, Bridge E Head M W 43  TX KY AR Farmer
    Smith, Belle  Wife  F W 34 AR TX GA
    Smith, Fred  Son M W 18 AR TX AR
    Smith, Mary  Mother  F W 78 AR England Tennessee
    Smith, Ned Father  M W 80  KY KY VA  Farmer

    There are no relatives living around them.

    Judy Oldziewski reports that the funerals for Mary Jane and her husband Edward were both held in the old Oakdale School House.  This was a prominent landmark, but Judy says it was destroyed by a tornado in about 2002.

    Mary Jane Christian Smith
    Birth Dec 10, 1844 Mississippi, USA
    Death Nov 8, 1930 Washita County, Oklahoma, USA

    The Carnegie Herald, Wed, Nov 19, 1930
    Mrs. E C Smith Dies

    Mrs. E C Smith died at her home northeast of Carnegie Saturday, Nov 8. Funeral services were held at the Oak Dale school house north of Mountain View at 3:30 Sunday, Nov 9 and interment was made in the Oak Dale cemetery.  Rev R K McGregor, pastor of the Baptist church at Carnegie, conducted the services.

    Mary Jane Christian was born in Mississippi December 10, 1844, died near Carnegie, Okla, November 8, 1930, age 85 years, 10 months and 28 days.  She was married Feb 15, 1862, to Edward C Smith and to this union 10 children were born,  6 girls and 4 boys.  Two girls and one boy, died early in life.  Mr Smith died April 18, 1923 [his grave has the year as 1828].

    The Children surviving are Mr J M Campbell, Broken Bow; Mrs Henry Horn, Carnegie; Mrs B F Gailion, Page; Mrs E C Kelley, Carnegie; W P Smith, Fort Cobb; E B Smith, Sedan, and S E Smith Eakly.  She is survived also by two brothers, H H Christian, Mountain View, and D Z Christian, Lone Wolf.

    She united with the Baptist church early in life and lived a devoted Christian life.  She was a kind and loving mother and was dearly loved by all who knew her.

    Spouse Edward Smith (1842 - 1928)

    Burial Oakdale Cemetery, Cowden, Washita County, Oklahoma, USA

    Created by Sharon Rhoades Jul 22, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #28456483, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=28456483


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