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Julia Virginia TERRY

Julia Virginia TERRY19,1,5,7,8,26,15,9,17,10,27,28,25,12,18,20,29,30,25,12,18,20,29,30

also known as Jennie TERRY6

8th Dec 18801,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,11,12 - 24th Jan 196619,2,5,3,12

Life History

8th Dec 1880

Born in McLennan County, Texas.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,11,12

about 1881

Residence1: Her parents moved from McLennan County, Texas, back to the Terry home area of Murray County, GA; exact time not known; next child born August 1882 in Murray Co; School rpt dated March 1893 in her photos and papers. They were here for the 1900 census. in McDonald, Murray, Georgia.14

3rd Mar 1893

Resident 1893 - Pleasant Valley Academy school report for Jennie. in Murray County, Georgia

29th Mar 1901

Married Joseph Asa JENKINS in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.2,66,15,4,10,16,65,16,16,65,16,65,65,16,65,16

21st Mar 1901

Residence2: "moved with her family from Georgia to Marlow in January of 1901" - Married 21 Mar 1901 in Marlow; Bud was born in Marlow Dec 1909; Orville was born in April 1912 in Mt View, before they went to Canada in Dec 1912. Not clear when they moved from Marlow in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.15,8

27th Dec 1901

Birth of daughter Mabel Clare JENKINS in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.31,32,33,1,34,5,35,36,37

3rd Nov 1903

Birth of son Thomas Asa JENKINS in Bradley, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.38,2,8,39,1,40

29th Oct 1905

Birth of daughter Nannie May JENKINS in Bradley, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.2,41

23rd Sep 1906

Death of daughter Nannie May JENKINS in Stephens County, Oklahoma.41,2

24th Aug 1907

Birth of daughter Rhonda Fay JENKINS in Marlow, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.42,1,44,46,47,5,48

28th Dec 1909

Birth of son Arthur Carthal JENKINS in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.8,50,51,5,1,54,55

2nd May 1910

Residence3: 1910 census 2 May in Marlow, Oklahoma; Bud had been born in Marlow in December 1909; Orville was born in Mt View in April 1912; there is no documentation on when they moved. in Marlow, Stephens, Oklahoma.2,16

after 2nd May 1910

Resident Moved to Mt View some time after the May census.  They were there until Dec 1912, when Julia took the children to British Coumbia to join Joe, where he had gonev to work with his oldest son Ben on the Canadian-Alaska Highway. in Mt View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.2

10th Apr 1912

Birth of son Orville Lee JENKINS in Mountain View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.1,19,2,56,9,33,5,57,58,7

12th Dec 1912

Residence4: Joe was working on the Canadian-Alaskan Highway. Jennie crossed the British Columbia border with children to join him on 12 Dec 1912. They returned to Oklahoma before Lahoma's birth in Nov 1914 in Mt View, where Orville had been born before they moved. in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.1,15

25th Nov 1914

Birth of daughter Gladys Lahoma JENKINS in Mountain View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.2,5,59,60,61

25th Nov 1914

Residence5: Moved back from Brit Columbia bef Nov 1914, when Lahoma was born in Mt View. in Mt View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.15,2

25th Dec 1918

Birth of daughter Martha Netheline JENKINS in Mountain View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.7,9,5,62,63,2,20

3rd Jan 1920

Resident 1920 census record in Mt View, Oklahoma; according to family information, Joseph apparently bought a farm near Ft Cobb in Caddo County in about 19191, but this census record indicates he must not have moved his family there until after the census. in Mt View, Kiowa, Oklahoma.7

6th Oct 1920

Residence6: They were in Mt View for the Jan 1920 census. Family sources rptd they moved to Ft Cobb in late 1920, but in Oct 1920, Jennie was appointed a Dem Party precinct member. 1940 census rpts they were still in Ft Cobb in 1935. in Fort Cobb, Caddo, Oklahoma.7,2,17,2,2,15

28th Aug 1925

Birth of daughter Virginia Jo JENKINS in Fort Cobb, Caddo, Oklahoma.56,64,2,5,23

28th Aug 1925

Resident Birth of daughter Virginia Jo.  On 12 Dec Virginia Jo received a certificate for enrollment in the Cradle Roll of the First Baptist Chuirch of Ft Cobb. in Fort Cobb, Caddo, Oklahoma.22,15,2,23


Resident 1930 census reported them in Ft Cobb and Joe and town marshall.. in Fort Cobb, Caddo, Oklahoma.21,2

29th Jun 1930

Death of daughter Virginia Jo JENKINS in Lone Wolf, Kiowa, Oklahoma.2,46,5


Resident 1940 census reported they were resident in Ft Cobb, Caddo County, in 1935, but that is also the year reported by the Chickasha Daily Express as the year they moved to Chickasha.  So they moved some time during that year to Chickasha..9,15


Resident Moved to Chickasha in 1935, according to a story reported in 1951. in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.15


Residence7: at 1417 S 18th, 1938 Chickasha City Directory & 1940 census in Chickasha; It looks like they moved about 1937 or 1938. Jennie and Joe lived there till he died in 1962. 1962 Jennie went to Anadarko to a nursing home near her son Asa. in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.18

12th Apr 1940

Resident at 1710 19th St, 1940 federal census and 1940 census in April 1940; also reported in the 1940 city directory in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.9,20


Resident 1947 Chickasha City Directory, address 2002 S 2nd Street in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.25

1st Apr 1951

Resident Residence at 1016 South 20th; this was their address until about 1961, when they moved to the Chickasha Nursing Home. The city directory reports them stil lat this address in 1960, but they do not appear later. in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.15


Resident 1952 Chickasha City Directory; address 1016 S 20th, Chickasha in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma

19th Oct 1955

Death of son Arthur Carthal JENKINS in Temple, Bell, Texas.49,50,51,5,52,53,47


Resident 1956 Chickasha City Directory, address 1016 S 20th, Chickasha in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.24


Resident 1958 City Directory; photo on the porch of their home in September 1959 in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma


Resident Chickasha City Directory, Residence at 1016 South 20th; photo of them on the porch at this hosue;  they moved aorund this time to the Chickasha Nursing Home. in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma

2nd Apr 1962

Death of Joseph Asa JENKINS in Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma.65,2,5,19,3,65,65

9th Aug 1963

Death of daughter Rhonda Fay JENKINS in Dallas, Dallas, Texas.42,43,44,45,46,47,5

24th Jan 1966

Died in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma.19,2,5,3,12

26th Jan 1966

Buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma.13,5


  • Most of Julia Virginia's grandchildren called her Mamma Jennie.  Some adults called her Jennie.  Her Christian grandchildren (Sallie's children) called her Grandma.

    Mamma Jennie came to visit us in Texas when I was about age 4, at my brother Gary's birth.  We lived in the country south of Quanah, in Hardeman County, Texas, at that time.  I would usually see her only when we went to visit her and my grandfather in Chickasha, Oklahoma, about three hours away.

    I remember she used to tell me some things about Terry family history.  I especially recall she said they were of Irish background, and that they had some Native American blood, but she had no details.  We do find applications for enrollment in some Terry and related Keith ancestor-cousins.  One of our Keith families is enrolled in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

    Terry Genealogy & History

    Terry has the distinction of having over a hundred spelling variations, including Tarry, Theuret, Theike, Thiele, Thierry, Thoreau, Tieck, Tietze, Tilke, Tillich, and Torry.  Derived from the middle English given-name "Thierri," which was derived from Old Norman given-name "Theodoric,"  Terry means powerful.

    Alternatively, in Old French, "thierri" is a potter.  The Terry/Thierry form is generally English; Terry family history traces back to a feudal manor in Kent, where the Thierry family was granted lands by the Earl of Pembroke in the 1130s or 1140s.  Simultaneously in Ireland, Terri branches settled in Cork and Torrie/Torry branches in Waterford.  American Terry family history dates from 1630 in New England.
    --  Archives,

    She told me a little also about the Connallys of Georgia and Texas.  She was a first cousin to Texas Senator Thomas Terry Connally, my grandmother's aunt.  He was a nephew of Texas Governor Connally, who switched parties form Democrat to Republican to become Secretary of the Treasury under US President Ronald Reagan.

    I remember attending Julia Virginia's funeral held at First Baptist Church in Anadarko, Oklahoma.  I was 17 years old at that time, and lived in Arkansas. She had been living there in a retirement care center, near her son Thomas Asa. Her children had moved her there after her husband Joseph Asa had passed away in 1962.  I remember visiting her there many times during those 4 years.

    She was buried in Chickasha, where they had lived for so many years.  After the funeral in Anadarko, the funeral party processed to Chickasha (about 20 miles away) to the Chickasha Fairlawn Cemetery northwest of Chickasha, for burial in the family plot, next to her husband, my grandfather, Joseph Asa Jenkins, where they share a joint headstone.

    The Family History compiled by my cousin Harold Christian gives the date of death as 22 Jan 1966, while the gravestone reports 24 Jan 1966.  The records of Fairlawn Cemetery report burial as 26 January 1966.

    The 1910 Census shows Julia V as wife of Joseph A, married 9 years.  Note that the birthplace of all the children's mother is reported as Texas.  This is correct regarding Sallie and Mary, whose mother was Hester Smith.  But what about the children of Julia?  Family tradition reports that Julia Virginia was born in Georgia, even though some censuses on her married children later indicate they reported Texas as their mother's birthplace.

    In my earlier analysis of this I concluded that this should be considered a recording error by the census official.  Harold Christian 30 or so years earlier also had this view.  This type of error is numerous in the censuses of the 1800s.

    I saw in March 2007 that the problem was more complicated than that.  In the 1900 Murray County, Georgia, census, while she is still in her father's household, Jennie's place of birth is reported as Texas.  Below I outline later censuses which likewise report Texas as her birthplace.

    1900 Census, Murray County, Georgia, 8 June, McDonald District,  District 71, Page 5B, Hse #86, Family #89
    Terry, Thomas D Head M W  Jun  1857  42  m-20-yrs  GA SC NC  Farmer
    Terry, Mattie Wife  F W  Nov 1861  38  m-20-yrs  NC  NC NC
    Terry, Jennie Dau   F W  Dec 1880  19  single    TX GA NC

    Some census reports for her married children report her birthplace as Texas, while some say Georgia.  Harold Christian reported that her obituary in the Chickasha Express newspaper gave her place of birth as Dalton. Georgia, based on reports from family members and some censuses.

    I had been unable to find any record otherwise of Thomas Duncan Terry having been in Texas for some short period when the eldest child, Julia Virginia, could have been born.  I thought it odd that the would have moved there about a year after their marriage, had one child, then moved back to the exact same place in Georgia.

    But I did find that other members of his family were in McLennan and Milam County, Texas around that time.  It occurred to me that perhaps Thomas, a young, single man, had joined some of his cousins in their westward trek, but then later returned to the family's home are in Georgia.

    For a long period Thomas Duncan and Mattie did not appear in any search of census for 1880, despite various strategies for searching.  Finally in August 2007, I found an entry in McLennan County, Texas, for T D and M M Terry.  While Mattie's middle initial is W, not M, the ages matched, and their marriage date of January 1880, made this look right.  It seems to be the proper family, and there are other members of their Terry family in the same county.

    Cinching the deal was the fact that next door is a Wall family.  Only initials are given in this census, so there is no confirmation of their full names.  Though I cannot confirm exact relationships, the surname next door is a strong confirmation of Mattie's identity.

    1880 Federal Census, McLennan County, Texas, No date, June 1880, District 117, page 16, Family #159
    Terry, T D  W M 23 Farmer Georgia, no birth place given for parents
    Terry, M M [M W?]  W F 20 NC NC NC

    I have not found Jennie's Texas birth certificate.  However, I do have Jennie's own statement that she was born near Lorena, Texas.  In May 2007 my mother found some old family records she did not remember having, in a box discovered while she was moving to a different house.  There were several pages of family names, dates and places in my mother's handwriting.

    The list of births included a statement of birth of Julia Virginia Terry, with the birth date we have from other family sources, with the place of birth McLennan County.  My mother, Lou Gregory Jenkins, had not remembered taking these notes, but thought this information had to be from Julia Virgina herself.  The source of this family information was not stated anywhere on the pages.  Lou surmised that she had taken this down with all the other information on Jennie's brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents on both sides.  The information included some nieces and nephews also.

    About 1954-55, Lou had also gathered some information from members of her family in Oklahoma and California, so it seems likely that this extensive family detail was indeed elicited from Jennie.  My cousin Harold Christian did not have access to this when he began compiling family information in the 1970s, after Jennie's death in 1965.  From the birth and death dates, the information was recorded some time between March 1954 and Oct 1955.

    I wanted to find more objective information to corroborate this family report in Lou's notes.  The 1880 census in McLennan County seems quite strong in supporting Jennie's birth in the same county where her parents and some other Terry family members were living a few weeks before her birth.  I hope that a birth record for Jennie will cap off the issue.

    Her parents were married in January 1880.  I have not yet confirmed whether that was in Georgia or Texas.  Some of Mattie's family also are found in Texas and Oklahoma, and they may be kin to the Walls in Arkansas.  Thomas and Mattie's next door neighbor in the 1880 census is an E P Wall, age 30, born in Arkansas, and there are other Walls in Arkansas, some of whom later shown up in Oklahoma in the area of Thomas and Mattie.  I have not been able to find any of Mattie's family in Texas in 1880.  But neither have I been able to identify them in Georgia or even to definitively find any Wall family in censuses or public records to match her parents.

    In the newly-discovered family information from Jennie, there are two brothers of Mattie listed also.  Though the name E P Wall is not included in the family information from Jennie, the location and the birth in Arkansas makes it likely this is a brother or a cousin, or perhaps a young uncle.  E P is 10 years older than Mattie.

    It is not known exactly when Thomas and Mattie moved with Jennie back to Murray County, Thomas Duncan Terry's old family home area.  Their next child was Thomas Everett Terry, born in August 1882.  So the family was in Murray County before that time.  The first record of Jennie in Murray County is a grade report dated 3 March 1893 when she was 12 years old, from the Pleasant Valley Academy in Murray County.  Among her personal effects after her death was also a commencement ribbon dated 1897.

    Pleasant Valley Academy, started in about 1872, was named after the town where it was located.  The town's name was changed to Eton in 1906 when the railroad connected there.

    "In 1833 in North Murray County, Georgia, a stagecoach stop called “Pleasant Valley” was established. Around 1872, the Pleasant Valley Academy was organized. Upon completion of the railroad in 1906, the Town was renamed “Eton” in honor of Eton College in England and its excellent academic reputation. Despite the name change and the Incorporation in 1909, Eton, Georgia continues to be the home of Pleasant Valley living."
    --  "Pleasant Valley LIving,"

    As a child I always heard that my grandmother had been born in Georgia.  My father, Orville Lee Jenkins, commented on occasion about her genteel Southern accent, which was still perceptible in certain situations.  Of course if the family moved from her birthplace in Texas back to Georgia when she was young, she would still have developed this Georgia accent.  My dad may have just got some details confused in his memory of childhood information about his mother.  Or I may have remembered only the Georgia accent part of what he said.  I don't remember ever talking to my grandmother about her birthplace.

    My grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary newspaper story in 1951 reports that 20-year-old Jennie moved to Marlow with her parents in January 1901.  Only 2 1/2 months later she married Joseph Asa Jenkins, a widower 15 years older than her with 6 children.Her parents were against her marrying him, mainly due to his age, according to family memory.  She sneaked out of her parents' home one evening and they went to town to marry.  Their record of marriage was found in a transcription set of Chickasaw Nation records.

    "JENKINS, J A 34  TERRY, JULIA VIRGINIA 20  29 MAR 1901  MARLOW E©377"
    --  Chickasaw Nation Marriages, Ardmore Courthouse,

    Only in 2017 was a scanned copy of the record book found on the Internet, through  Following are the full details form that license and marriage certificate.

    J A Jenkins, Age 34
    Julia Virginia Terry, Age 20
    Both Resident in Marlow, Indian Territory,
    License issued 26 March 1901
    Ceremony performed 29 Mar 1901 by G B Allison, a Preacher/Minister of the Gospel (in Marlow), credentials recorded in Indian Territory, Southern Judicial Division, Book C, page 18
    Marriage License #436
    Certificate recorded 4 April 1901
    --  Chickasaw Nation Southern District Marriage Book, Ardmore Courthouse, p 377

    Their marriage record tells us that although the whole Terry family was reported in June 1900 as present in their residence in Murray County, Georgia, we know Jennie and at least some of her family were already in Marlow, since she married Joe Jenkins there in March 1900.  Not only that, the story about their marriage indicates that Jennie's parents opposed her marriage to an older widowed man and Jennie climbed out a back window of her parents' house in Marlow and eloped with Joe to marry there in Marlow.

    The 1910 census is inconsistent on the birthplace of Julia.  Georgia is indicated on her own entry, but Texas is entered for the birthplace of the mother of her children!  They were still in Marlow town at the time of the census.

    1910 Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 2 May 1910, District #239, Wall Township, Marlow City, Ward 4, page 18A (scan p 251), Family #347
    Jenkins, Joseph A  Head M W 43 2nd marriage Married 9 yrs TX SC MS City Marshall
    Jenkins, Julia V  Wife F W 29 1st marriage Married 9 yrs 5 children/4 living GA GA TX (should be NC)
    Jenkins, Sallie Dau F W 16 s OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Mary Dau F W 13 s OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Mabel Dau F W 8 s OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Asa Son M W 7 s OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Rondafay Dau F W 3 s OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Baby Son M W 2mos s OK TX TX (This is Arthur Carthal)

    In the census report above, there is an error in the age of the baby son.  The ages of other children match birth dates the family has, but there was no child born at a time that would have allowed a child of 2 months old in 1910.  Arthur Carthal would have been about 4 months old at that time.  The next son, Orville, was not born until 1912.

    The same census reports Julia's father's family, with names that match family knowledge of Julia Virginia's siblings.  Wife of Thomas Duncan Terry, Mattie W (Martha Wiley Wall), is reported to have been born in North Carolina, as well as both her parents.

    Earlier LDS data had recorded the mother of Julia Virginia Terry as born in Waco, Texas.  This coincides with the birth report in the 1900 census.  However, it was uncertain, since there are other Jenkins and Terry families in that area that appear to be unrelated to our families.  It had been considered an error up to now.

    There was one uncertainty related to the move of the family form Georgia to Indian Territory in about 1900.  The Terry family are still in the 1900 census in McDonald District of Murray County, Georgia.  It is known that some of the Terry families from Georgia had migrated to Texas, while Thomas Duncan Terry moved his family to Oklahoma.  However, all children (living in 1910) were born in Georgia before the move.  That would mean the move occurred after 1905.  But Julia married Joseph Jenkins in March 1901.

    I note that Harold Christian comments at one time that Rama was born in Oklahoma.  This census report and some other indicators say he was born in Georgia.  But at least some of the family had already moved to Oklahoma before 1901, because Julia married Joseph Jenkins in March 1901.  So if Rama was born in Georgia, perhaps Thomas and older children moved to Oklahoma early.  It seems more likely that the report of Rama's birth in Georgia is a census recording error.

    1910 Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 27 April, Richland Township, District 243, Page #9a, No Hse/Fam #
    Terry, Thomas D Head M W 52 m-1 29?-yrs GA SC NC Farmer
    Terry, Mattie W Wife F W 50? m-2? 29?-yrs 7/7 NC NC NC
    Terry, Nannie Dau F W 22 s GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Arthur Son M W 20 s GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Jeffie Dau F W 17 s GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Claris Dau F W 15 s GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Oeda Dau F W 10 s GA GA NC Farm Labor
    Terry, Rama Son M W 5 s GA (OK?) GA NC

    Some time after the census in 1910, Joseph Asa moved his family to Mountain View, in Kiowa County, Oklahoma.  Joe farmed on two places in that area.  He first farmed on a place owned by his brother-in-law Bill Christian, then moved to an Indian lease farm.

    "By about 1910 he had decided to move his family from Marlow to Mountain View, Oklahoma, where he was to settle for a few years supporting his family by farming. ... "Some time after the marriage of daughter Sallie and Cleve Christian in November 1911] Joseph is believed to have moved his family from Bill Christian's farm at Oakdale [north of Mountain View just across the county line into Caddo County] to an Indian lease he subsequently obtained southeast of Mountain View."
    --  Jenkins Family History by Harold K Christian,, p 17

    In April 1912, Orville was born in Mt View.  In October 2010, I found a record of a trip Jennie made with the children in late 1912 to Canada.  She and the children went to Vancouver, British Columbia, by train to join Joseph Asa, who was working there.  This reports her birth in Texas, which we know from family and public sources to be correct.  But it also reports all the children were born in Texas, while we know they were all born in Oklahoma.  Note also that Canadian immigration also reports that all the family members are Farmers, even the baby!

    Canadian Immigration Records, White Rock, British Columbia, 12 Dec 1912
    Jenkins, Mrs Jennie  Female age 30 Farmer Born Texas Citizen of Texas Train CMR 356 from Oklahoma to Vancouver $3.00 Cash  To Husband
    Jenkins, Mary Female age 15 Farmer Born Texas Citizen of Texas Train CMR 356 from Oklahoma to Vancouver
    Jenkins, Mable Female age 11 Farmer Born Texas Citizen of Texas Train CMR 356 from Oklahoma to Vancouver
    Jenkins, Asa Male age 8 Farmer Born Texas Citizen of Texas Train CMR 356 from Oklahoma to Vancouver
    Jenkins, Ronda Fay Female age 5 Farmer Born Texas Citizen of Texas Train CMR 356 from Oklahoma to Vancouver
    Jenkins, Carthal Male age 3 Farmer Born Texas Citizen of Texas Train CMR 356 from Oklahoma to Vancouver
    Jenkins, Orville Male age 8months Farmer Born Texas Citizen of Texas Train CMR 356 from Oklahoma to Vancouver

    In the 1920 Kiowa County, Oklahoma, census, the birth place of Julia is again Texas.  From the birth state reports, it appears they came back from Canada by at least 1915.  Five-year-old Gladys Lahoma is reported born in Oklahoma, and we know from family sources she was born in Mountain View, where her brother Orville had been born in 1912 before they went to British Columbia.

    1920 Census, Kiowa County, Oklahoma, 3 January, Mt View, District 14, Page 1A, Hse/Fam #1
    Jenkins, Joseph A  Head  M W 54  TX NC MS Farmer
    Jenkins, Jeliva V  Wife  FW 39 TX GA NC
    Jenkins, Ronda F  Dau F W 12 OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Author C  Son M W 10 OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Orville L  Son M W 7 OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Gladys L  Dau F W 5 OK TX TX
    Jenkins, Matty N  Dau F W 1 OK TX TX

    The family moved to Fort Cobb about 1921, or maybe late 1920.  There is some discrepancy over the times as given by Harold, from family memories he collected and records available.  Jenkins Family History by Harold Keith Christian, p 19, reports that "[After the birth of Netheline in December 1918] Joseph is believed to have moved his family from Mountain View first to a farm south of Fort Cobb and sometime thereafter into Fort Cobb."

    However, in the 1920 census, Joe was still farming in Mt View Township.  Also we have a certificate appointing Jennie as a "committeeman" of the Democratic Party precinct committee in Mt View dated 6 October 1920.  So the family was still definitely still living in Mt View at that time.

    Harold Christian reported in his Jenkins history:  "[After moving to Fort Cobb], it is believed he managed an orphan's home for about the first year.  Apparently not satisfied with that he again entered the profession of law enforcement, first serving as a deputy to the Town Marshall and subsequently as Town Marshall."  It is possible that Joe took the orphanage job in Ft Cobb before the whole family moved.

    A report from his daughter Mabel would place the beginning of the Marshall job in October 1921, though they could have been living in the town already before that time.  Harold Christian quotes Joe's daughter Mabel as saying:  "When Kerwin was about 3-4 days old, Poppa was made City Marshall."  Kerwyn was born in October 1921.  If Mabel's memory is right, then Joseph Asa became Marshall of Fort Cobb in October 1921.

    The 1930 census record for this family from Fort Cobb, Caddo County, Oklahoma, also reports Texas as the birthplace of Julia, as well as Joe.  This corroborates earlier reports that she alone of all the Terry children was born in Texas, though those after her were born in Georgia until the final child born in Oklahoma.  The presence in Texas for Julia's birth, followed by the subsequent presence of her family back in Murray County, Georgia, is still unexplained.

    1930 Census, Caddo County, Oklahoma, 1 April, Fort Cobb, District 26, p 9A, Hse #181, Fam #215
    Joe A Jenkins  Head  M W 63 TX MS MS
    Julia Jenkins  Wife  F W 49 TX GA NC
    Carthel Jenkins son M W 20 OK TX TX
    Orville Jenkins son M W 17 OK TX TX
    Lahoma Jenkins dau F W 12 OK TX TX
    Netheline Jenkins dau F W 11 OK TX TX
    Virginia Jo Jenkins dau F W 4 yrs 8 mos OK TX TX
    Rondafaye Jenkins dau F W 22 OK TX TX

    Note that Rhonda's name is written here as in 1910, all as one name rather than two, as family sources have.  It is also unusual that her name is entered last, though she is the oldest child still at home.  This may be because she was in college in Oklahoma City, and probably actually had her own residence there while attending Draughon Business School.

    In 1930, in contrast to the listing for Jennie herself, the record for her daughter Mabel (Mable) reports that Mabel's mother was born in Georgia!

    1930 Census, Stephens County, Oklahoma, 2 April, Ft Cobb Town, District 26, page 2B, Hse #35, Fam #46
    Mable Hill  Wife F W 26 OK TX GA

    This may mean that Mabel, and maybe other children, had over the years come to think of their mother as born in Georgia, when in reality the actual birthplace, as still reported by Jennie in her own census reports, was Texas.

    The 1940 census reports that Joe and Jennie lived in or near Ft Cobb in 1935, then moved to Chickasha somewhere before 1940.  They were in Chickasha by 1938, when they were reported in the Chickasha City Directory for that year.  Note that in 1938, their address is on 18th Street, but in 1940 they are on 14th Street.

    Chickasha City Directory 1938, p 109
    Jenkins Jos A (J Virginia) trav slsmn h 1417 S 18th
    Jenkins Netheline h 1417 S 18th
    Jenkins Orville radio service 114 N 4th h 1417 S 18th

    1940 Federal Census, Grady County, Oklahoma, 12 April, Chickasha Ward 1, District 26-9B, page 11B, 1710 19th St, Hse #1710, Rents $25
    Jenkins, Joseph A Head M W 74 Grade 5 b Texas lived in Caddo Co OK in 1935 No Occup
    Jenkins, Julia V Wife F W 64 Grade HS-2 b Texas lived in Caddo Co OK in 1935 NO Occup
    Jenkins, Orville L Son M W 27 Single Grade HS-3 b Oklahoma lived in Caddo Co OK in 1935 Radio Repair
    Jenkins, Netheline Dau F W 21 Single b Oklahoma lived in Caddo Co OK in 1935 Cashier, Amusements

    In the 1940 city directory, Orville is listed at a different residence address.

    Chickasha, Oklahoma. City Directory 1940, p 92
    Jenkins Jos A (Virginia) h 1710 S 19th
    Jenkins Netheline cash Rialto Theatre h 1710 S 19th
    Jenkins Orville radio repair 114 N 4th h 2002 S 15th

    The Chickasha City Directory of 1940 and 1947 lists Joe and Jennie and two of their sons and their businesses.

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Chickasha City Business Directory 1947, p 135
    Jenkins Appliance Co (Arthur C Jenkins) 308 Choctaw av
    -- Arthur C (Eileen; Jenkins Appliance Co) h[ome] 1227 S 6th
    -- Jenkins Jos A (Jennie) h 2002 S 15th
    -- Jenkins Orville (Jenkins Radio Co)
    -- Radio Co (Orville L Jenkins) 312 Choctaw av

    In 1951, Joe and Jennie celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. The following detailed writeup summarizes their lives up to that point.

    J. A. Jenkinses Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary
    Six of Seven Children Plan Open House

    Fifty years ago last Thursday, a 20-year-old girl slipped unnoticed through a window of a neighbor's house in Marlow and drove away in a buggy with her fiancé to be married.

    Today, fifty years and three days later, the couple will celebrate their golden, wedding anniversary.  They are Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Jenkins, 1016 South 20th.

    The 1901 wedding ceremony was performed by the preacher as the couple sat in the buggy in front of his house.  Plans for the dreamed-of church wedding were forgotten after the bride’s parents voiced objections to the wedding.

    Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, ages 84 and 70, will be honored at an open house from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. today in the home of son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Jenkins, 1522 South 17th.  Six of the honorees' seven children will be hosts.

    A gold-and-white color scheme will be used in decorations for the reception.  Punch and cake will be served from a table centered with a layout of California golden fruit.  Over the mantel will be a large gold-and-white framed picture of the couple taken shortly after their wedding.

    The Oklahoma pioneers were both born in Texas.  Mr. Jenkins moved in 1890 to the site of what is now Marlow where he farmed and later served as City marshal.  Mrs. Jenkins, then Julia Virginia Terry, moved with her family from Georgia to Marlow in January of 1901.  Two and one-half months after their meeting, they were married.

    Mr. Jenkins moved his family to Mountain View in 1910.  But soon they were off to Vancouver, B. C., where Mr. Jenkins worked on the Canadian-Alaskan Highway project.  When war broke out in 1914, they returned to Mountain View.

    The family lived in Fort Cobb from 1921 until 1935.  There also Mr. Jenkins farmed and served for a time as city marshal.  Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins have lived in Chickasha since 1935, when Mr. Jenkins retired.

    Mr. Jenkins is still quite active, but failing eyesight has slowed down his reading habits.  However, a reading record machine has solved this problem pretty well.  His main interest is his church work, and he takes a lively interest in world affairs.  Both he and his wife are members of the 12th Street Missionary Baptist church.

    Mrs. Jenkins is particularly interested in her flower garden and, of course, her grandchildren.  Three who live in Chickasha, the children of the A. C. Jenkinses, "spend lots of time with us," she says, proudly.  They are Carthel [Carthal] Trent, 13, Mike Thomas, 8, and Larhonda, 5.

    Mrs. Jenkins says she and her husband have had a full and most interesting life together, although nothing spectacular has ever happened to them.  She perhaps considers today as spectacular as any other day in their lives.  For numerous daughters, sons, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other relatives and friends have descended upon Chickasha to honor them.

    The six children who are their hosts for the day are Mrs. Mabel  Hill and Miss Netheline Jenkins of Oklahoma City, Asa Jenkins of Anadarko, Mrs. Russell Boyd of Amarillo, Texas, Orville Jenkins of Quanah, Texas, and A. C. Jenkins of Chickasha.  One other daughter, Mrs. Charles R. Henry [Hendron] of San Gabriel, Calif., was unable to come for the reunion.

    Also here are daughter-in-law [Mrs.] Asa Lee Jenkins Jr [should be Asa Jenkins & should not be Jr] and son, grandson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Asa Lee Jenkins Jr [should not be Jr] and son Ronnie, Oklahoma City; son-in-law Russell Boyd and grandson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Hill and son, Charles Mark, Amarillo.

    Mrs. Cleve Christian, Chickasha, is the only one of Mr. Jenkins’ four children by a previous marriage who will be here for the anniversary observance.  The other three are James E. Jenkins and B. J. Jenkins of Buena Park, Calif., and Mrs. Neil Yates of Aledo, Texas.

    Four sisters and one brother of Mrs. Jenkins who are also here are:  Mrs. W. C. Madison, Mrs. Elmer Wagnon, Mrs. Best [Bert] Lewis and Arthur Terry of Marlow, and Mrs. E. P. Hill of Duncan.  Mrs. Annie Tabors, Mountain View, a niece of Mr. Jenkins, also will be present.

    The listed relatives are only those who sent word they would join Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins in the celebration.  But Mrs. Jenkins points out the possibilities for a larger group are great.  For there are 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  In addition, Mr. Jenkins has 28 other grand-children and 39 other grandchildren.

    And then, of course, there is a 50 year accumulation of friends.

    --  The Chickasha (Oklahoma) Daily Express, Sunday, 1 April 1951

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Chickasha City Business Directory 1952
    Jenkins Appliance Co (Arthur C Jenkins) hse hold appliance 224 Chickasha av
    Jenkins Arthur C (Dorothy; Jenkins Appliance) h 1522 S 17th
    Jenkins Jos A (Virgina V) h 1016 S 20th
    Jenkins Orville L (Lou I; Jenkins Radio Co) h 2027 S 14th
    Jenkins Radio Co (Orville L Jenkins) J A Hulse Mgr, Philco Refrigerators, Television, Radio, Appliances-Sales & Service 312 Choctaw av, Tel 3260 (For further information, see page 34, Buyer's Guide)

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Chickasha City Directory 1956, p 111
    Jenkins Joseph A (Julia V) h 1016 S 20th

    U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
    Chickasha, Oklahoma, City Directory 1959, p 84
    Jenkins Joseph A (Virginia) h 1710 S 19th

    They were still at that address in 1960.

    Chickasha, Oklahoma, City Directory 1960, p 96
    Jenkins Jos A (J Virginia) h 1016 S 20th

    At some point later, Joe and Jennie were moved in to the Chickasha Nursing Home.  They were there when Joe died in 1962.  Her son Asa moved her to Friendship Manor in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma, the city where he lived.

    Julia Virginia died 22 January 1966 while a resident in Friendship Manor.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Julia V Jenkins [Julia V Terry]
    SSN 440482704
    Birth 8 Dec 1880 Dalton, Georgia [should be Lorena, McLennan County, Texas, according to Julia herself]
    Father Thomas D Terry
    Mother Mattie W Wall
    Death Date 24 Jan 1966
    Death Claim 5 Apr 1966
    SSN 445521380
    14 Mar 1966: Name listed as JULIA V JENKINS

    Julia Virginia Jenkins
    Birth Dec 8, 1880 Lorena, McLennan County, Texas
    Death Jan 24, 1966 Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma
    Thomas Duncan Terry (1857 - 1935)
    Martha Wiley Wall Terry (1859 - 1932)
    Spouse Joseph Asa Jenkins (1866 - 1962)

    Mabel Clare Jenkins Hill (1901 - 1990)
    Thomas Asa Jenkins (1903 - 1969)
    Nannie May Jenkins (1905 - 1906)
    Rhonda Fay Jenkins Boyd (1907 - 1963)
    Arthur Carthal Jenkins (1909 - 1955)
    Orville Lee Jenkins (1912 - 1987)
    Gladys Lahoma Jenkins Hendron (1914 - 1991)
    Martha Netheline Jenkins Callaway (1918 - 2007)
    Virginia Jo Jenkins (1925 - 1930)

    Thomas Everett Terry (1882 - 1888)
    Carrie Lee Terry (1885 - 1888)
    William Ernest Terry (1887 - 1888)
    Arthur Wiley Terry (1889 - 1968)
    Jeffie M Wagnon (1892 - 1967)
    Clarice M Terry Lewis (1895 - 1982)
    Ouida M Terry Hill (1899 - 1986)
    Rama Wall Terry (1904 - 1965)

    Burial Fairlawn Cemetery, Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma, Blk 6, Lt 191, Sp 2
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