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John Archie BROWN

John Archie BROWN9,1,2,3,4,5,6,11,7,8,12

20th Feb 18737 - 19529,10,7,8

Life History

20th Feb 1873

Born in Jasper, Dubois, Indiana.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

(most likely)


Born in Jasper, Dubois, Indiana.7

(less likely)

20th Jan 1897

Married Daisy Violet KEMP in Spencer County, Indiana

22nd Oct 1897

Birth of son Cecil M BROWN in Indiana.13,2,5,3,14,15,16,8

25th Jul 1900

Birth of daughter Eathel Alice BROWN in Centerville, Spencer, Indiana.5,2,14,16,8

30th Aug 1903

Birth of son William Finch BROWN in Spencer County, Indiana.3,2,17

7th May 1905

Birth of son Nelson Archie BROWN in Spencer County, Indiana.3,2,18,16,19,12

7th Jan 1910

Birth of son George Lester BROWN in Spencer County, Indiana.3,2,17,8

about 1917

Birth of daughter Daisy Ruth BROWN in Indiana.3,6,14


Death of Daisy Violet KEMP in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.7,8

27th Oct 1917

Married Gertrude May OSKINS in Warrick County, Indiana.1,12

11th Oct 1921

Birth of son William Harold BROWN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.6,14,20,21

20th Oct 1923

Birth of son James C BROWN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.22,6,23

2nd May 1928

Birth of son Aaron T BROWN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.6,24

about 1932

Death of Gertrude May OSKINS in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.6,3

4th Sep 1945

Death of son William Finch BROWN in Bedford, Lawrence, Indiana.17

after 30th Mar 1948

Death of daughter Daisy Ruth BROWN


Died in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.9,10,7,8


Buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas.7,8


  • 1880 Federal Census, Spencer County, Indiana, 8 June, Jackson Township, District 52, page 8, Hse/Fam #74
    Brown, George W  W M 31 Farmer KY KY IN
    Brown, Mary E  W F 32 Wife Keeping House IN IN IN
    Brown, Archy W M 7 Son Single IN IN IN
    Brown, Homer W M 6 Son Single IN IN IN
    Brown, Charles W M 3 Son Single IN IN IN
    Brown, Clinton W M 2 Son Single IN IN IN
    Brown, Carrie 3mos b Feb Dau Single IN IN IN

    Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941
    Book 11, Page 417
    Archie Brown
    Spouse Name Daisy V Kemp
    Marriage 20 Jan 1897 Spencer County

    1900 Federal Census, Spencer County, Indiana, 5 June, Gentryville, District 68, page 4B, Hse #89, Fam #95
    Brown, Archie Head W M Feb 1873 27 Married 3 years IN KY IN Teamster Rents
    Brown, Daisy V  Wife  W F Aug 1878  21 Married 3 years 1 children/1 living IN IN IN
    Brown, Cecil M Son W M Oct 1887 2 IN IN IN

    1910 Federal Census, Spencer County, Indiana, 29 April, Grass Township, District 69, page 5A, Hse #102, Fam #103
    Brown, Archie Head M W 37 Married 14 yrs IN KY IN Farmer Rents
    Brown, Daisy V Wife F W 31 Married 14 yrs 5 children/5 living IN IN IN
    Brown, Cecil Son M W 13 Single IN IN IN
    Brown, Ethel Dau F W 11 Single IN IN IN
    Brown, William F Son M W 8 Single IN IN IN
    Brown, Nelson A Son M W 4 Single IN IN IN
    Brown, Lester Son M W 4mos Single IN IN IN

    This census would indicate that Archie was born about 1873, and the 1900 census above reported he was born in February 1873.  But the date on his gravestone says 1875, with no specific date or place.

    We have the record of marriage of Archie to his second wife in Warwick County, Indiana.  His date of 20 Feb 1873 on that record matches the 1900 census date.

    Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941
    Archie Brown
    Birth Date 20 Feb 1873, Age: 44
    Gertie Hudson
    Marriage 27 Oct 1917 Warrick County
    Recorded in Warrick County Marriage Book 17, Page 172

    Another record set includes the names of his parents from the record of this second mariage.

    Indiana, Marriages, 1810-2001
    Archie Brown
    Age 44
    Birth 20 Feb 1873 Spencer, Indiana
    Residence Arkansas
    Father J W [G W] Brown, Mother Mary Jones
    Gertie Hudson [Gertie Oskins]
    Father William Oskins, Mother Rebecca Phillips
    Marriage 27 Oct 1917 Indiana, United States
    Recorded in Warrick County Marriage Book 17, Page 172

    Archie and his first wife Daisy V Kemp had moved to Arkansas sometime after the birth of their last child Daisy in about 1916 or early 1917.  Daisy V died and was buried in 1917 date not on the grave) in the Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas.  Archie is buried beside her.

    He was married to Gertie Hudson back in Indiana, but came right back to Arkansas, and was there for his registration for the WWI draft in September 1918.  It seems odd that Archie would go back to Indiana to marry again.  He and his new wife Gertrude (Hudson) are in the same Ethel location for the 1920 census.  His Indiana marriage record above does report his residence at that time as Arkanssa.

    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Archie Brown
    Residence Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Age 45, Birth Date 15 Feb 1873
    Farmer, Employed by W H Norsworthy, St Charles, Ark, Ark
    Nearest Relative (Wife) Gertie Brown), Ethel Ark, Ark
    Medium Height and Build, Gray Eyes, Light Hair
    Registered 21 September 1918, Stuttgart, Arkansas County, Arkansas
    Signed Archie Brown

    Archie's son Cecil stayed in Indiana when his father moved the family to Arkansas.  Cecil registered for the WWI draft in Indiana, in neighboring Hamilton County, where he was working with what appears to be his uncle, Frank Brown.  He also moved to Arkansas, being enumerated in his father's household in Ethel, Arkansas for the 1920 census.

    1920 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 13 February, Prairie Township, District 15, page 8B, Prairie Road to Crockett's Bluff, Hse/Fam #161
    Brown, Archie Head Rents M W 47 IN KY IN Farmer
    Brown, Gertrude M  Wife F W 32 IN IN IN [b abt 1887]
    Brown, Cecil Son M W 22 IN IN IN Farm Laborer [b abt 1897]
    Brown, Finch Son M W 17 IN IN IN Farm Laborer [b abt 1902]
    Brown, Nelson Son M W 14 IN IN IN [b abt 1906]
    Brown, Orin Son M W 12 IN IN IN [b abt 1907]
    Brown, George Son M W 10 IN IN IN [b abt 1909]
    Brown, Otto Son M W 8 IN IN IN [b abt 1911]
    Brown, Dan Son M W 6 IN IN IN [b abt 1913]
    Brown, Daisy Dau F W 3 IN IN IN [b abt 1916]

    Finch here matches William in the 1910 census, giving us his full name of William Finch.  Similarly Orin does not match any child reported in the 1910 census.  The 1930 census provides information on Gertrude Hudson's children before she and Archie were both widowed and got married.  Gertie's oldest Hudson child was Oran.  So Orin Brown in 1920 is really Oran Hudson.  Otto Brown and Dan Brown are clarified as Hudson children in the 1930 census.

    The child after Nelson in 1910, the last child in the household, was named Lester.  In 1920, the child matching Lester in age is George, at age 10.  George is not in the Brown household in Arkansas in 1930.  George could be Lester Brown or Loren Hudson.

    Note that daughter Daisy is reported as born in Indiana.  All other information from the family indicates she was born in Arkansas.  If Daisy was born in Indiana, then the family moved soon after her birth.  Since their son Cecil was working in Hamilton, Indiana in 1918, when he registered for the draft, he stayed in Indiana, then came to Arkansas to join the family before the 1920 census.

    Archie Brown
    Birth Feb-1873 in Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana
    Death 1952 in Ethel Arkansas
    Father George Waller Brown
    Birth May-20-1849 in Kentucky
    Death Jan-17-1932 in Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana
    Mother Mary E Jones
    Birth Nov-30-1847 in Indiana
    Death March-11-1895 in Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana
    --  Brown Family,

    The place of birth in this genealogy differs from that reported in his son's WWI draft card.  That record reports that both Cecil and his father were born in Jasper, Dubois County, Indiana.  Dubois County is north of Spencer County.  I will assume this report is the correct place of birth for both.

    The 1930 census clarifies a couple of factors in previous family history.  Two children we saw in the 1920 census are now clarified as surnamed Hudson.  This tells us that Gertie was married before to a man named Hudson, meaning we do not know her maiden name.  The genealogies that mention her have her only as Gertie or Gertrude Hudson, the name on her record of marriage to Archie in 1917.  Her first husband was Lemuel Hudson.  He is referred to as Lem on the Indiana birth record of his son Oran Scott Hudson. Gertie and Lem are enumerated in 1910 in Carter, Spencer, Indiana.

    Secondly this census reports that Archie and Daisy's daughter Daisy was born, not in Indiana, but in Arkansas.  This makes the timeline easier.  Since this census correctly reports the name of the two Hudson boys, and correctly reports them born in Arkansas, we may trust that the place of birth reported for Daisy is correct, which tells us that Archie and Daisy moved to Arkansas before 1916 or early in that year.  Daisy was born in Prairie Township, Arkansas County, and her mother Daisy V died there in 1917.

    In 1930, Archie and Gertie are in the household of an Aaron J Stepp, who owns the home.  Archie is listed as the head of a second family in that house, and renting.

    1930 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 11 April, Prairie Township, District 24, page 3B, Hse #50, Fam #52
    Stepp, Aaron J Head Owns M W 60 Widowed AL AR AL Farmer
    Brown, Archie Head Rents M W 57 First married at age 21 AL AL AL Farmer
    Brown, Gertie Wife F W 41 First married at age 18 IN IN IN
    Brown, Daisy Dau F W 12 Single AR IN IN
    Brown, William H Son M W 8 Single AR IN IN
    Brown, J C Son M W 6 Single AR IN IN
    Brown, Aaron T Son M W 1yr11mos Single AR IN IN
    Hudson, Otto Son M W 18 Single IN IN IN
    Hudson, Daniel Son M W 14 Single IN IN IN

    This census reports Daisy as 12, meaning she was born about 1918.  But in the 1920 census she is already reported as 3 years old.  And that seems more likely, since her mother died before her father remarried in 1917.

    In light of this information, we can see that Orin was also a Hudson.  This explains why he is 12 years old in 1920, but did not show up as a child in Archie's household in 1910.  Because George is 10 years old in 1920, he is probably the same child as Lester, who was 4 months old in 1910.  The younger boys in this household in 1930 are the children of Gertie, born since the 1920- census.

    These two Hudson children plus Orin (Oran) were named Brown in the 1920 census.  There was another Hudson child in the 1910 census, 2-month-old Loren.  (His name on his birth record is spelled Loran.)  This child lived only a little over a year, his death being recorded in Indiana state records as 17 Feb 1910 in Spencer County, Indiana.

    Archie Brown
    Birth 1875 Jasper, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
    Death 1952 (aged 76-77) Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA
    Burial Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arkansas County, Arkansas, USA

    Virtually all records have his name as Archie, a name which runs strongly in the Brown lineage in Indiana and Arkansas. But the death certificate of his son George Lester Brown (1910-1986) reports George's father's name as John Archie Brown, and his mother as Daisy Kemp.

    Archie married Daisy Violet Kemp (1880-1917) in Spencer County, Indiana, on 20 January 1897. He reported his birth date for his marriage license as 20 February 1873, but his grave has the year as 1875. The gravestone has only the year of birth and death for Archie and his spouse Daisy.

    Their children were all born in Spencer County, Indiana. They moved to Ethel, Arkansas, after the birth of their daughter Daisy in 1917. They were reported in Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas, for the 1920 census. George was with them in Arkansas but then moved back to Indiana.

    George W Brown 1849-1932
    Mary E Brown 1847-1895

    Spouse Daisy Violet Kemp Brown 1880-1917 (m. 1897)

    Cecil M Brown 1897-1969
    Eathel Alice Brown Vansandt 1900-1981
    George Lester Brown 1910-1986

    Joint gravestone with his wife Daisy Violet Kemp

    Created by Orville Jenkins 3 May 2020
    --  Find a Grave Memorial 209741784,


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