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Bernice Rosella FISHER

Bernice Rosella FISHER1,2,3,4,5,11,6,2,12,7,13,8,9,10

24th Oct 19191,2,3,4,5,6,2,7,8,9,10 - 4th May 19972,2,7,8,9

Life History

24th Oct 1919

Born in Apache, Comanche, Oklahoma.1,2,3,4,5,6,2,7,8,9,10

about 1938

Married Harvey Leon CHRISTIAN

23rd Mar 1940

Birth of son Grover Cleveland CHRISTIAN in Whittier, Los Angeles, California.12,14,14,15,7,16

12th Jul 1941

Birth of daughter Patricia Ann CHRISTIAN in Whittier, Los Angeles, California.17,18,8,12,7,9,16

25th Sep 1943

Birth of son Richard Donald CHRISTIAN in Whittier, Los Angeles, California.12,14,19,20,16

16th Jun 1945

Birth of son Vernon Garth CHRISTIAN in Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma.21,13,22,9,23,23,23,7,24

15th Apr 1948

Birth of daughter Mary Sue CHRISTIAN in Oklahoma.25,16,22

16th Feb 1953

Birth of daughter Sally Sue CHRISTIAN.14,26,16

12th Jul 1987

Death of Harvey Leon CHRISTIAN in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma.27,28,29,26

4th May 1997

Died in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma.2,2,7,8,9

after 4th May 1997

Buried in Memory Lane Cemetery, Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma.7


  • A niece of Bernice, Susanne Christian Uno, tells me that Bernice had an Irish ancestor, who had been kidnapped as a boy and raised by the Indians.  Family information indicates that Bernice is from a Comanche and Caddo background.  I remember Bernice used to sign their Christmas cards "Harvey, Bernice and the tribe."

    Bernice's name is reported as Farris in her son Vernon's obituary.  There is a Nevada marriage record that seems to match her, giving the bride's name as christian (see below).  I have not found any information on a divorce from Harvey.

    "Vernon was born June 16, 1945 in the Lawton, Oklahoma Indian Hospital to Bernice Farris [should be Fisher] and Harvey Christian."
    --  Obituary of Vernon Garth Christian, Havenbrook Funeral Home (Norman, Oklahoma) Online, March 2007

    But a researcher for the Fisher-Christian families tells me her maiden name was Fisher.  She included information that matches Susanne Uno's on Bernice, but fills in more detail.  Records and family information I have found confirms the Fisher surname, going back to Rudolph Fischer, a German immigrant to Texas who was captured by the Comanches, and chose to remain a Comanche..

    "I found your family info on Grover Cleveland Christian/Sallie Hester Jenkins; you show their son Harvey Leon Christian married Bernice Farris (I believe this should be Bernice Fisher). The Bernice Fisher I am researching is the daughter of Henry Asewaynah Fisher and Agnes Sturm. Henry Asewaynah Fisher is the son of Rudolph Fisher (Fischer) and a Comanche woman. This Rudolph Fisher was captured by the Comanches at about age 10 or 12 near Fredericksburg TX; his family were German. Rudolph Fisher was given the name "Grey Blanket" by the Comanches and chose to remain with the Comanches when they were moved from the Brazos Reservation in TX north to Indian Territory in 1859.  He chose never to return to his natural family in TX, only a short visit to settle family affairs...Regards, Bee Gossett."
    --  Email from Bee Gossett to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 14 December 2009

    I found another genealogy also reporting the Fisher family of Bernice.  Both reported her correctly as married to Harvey Leon Christian, with the correct information to match my cousin Harvey.

    Only basic information was provided in the genealogies:
    Bernice Rosella Fisher
    Birth 24 Oct 1919 in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma
    Death May 1997 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma
    Spouse Harvey Christian abt 1919-1987
    --  Hodge Wilson Christian, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/7415615/person/-1098236794

    Bernice Rosella Fisher
    Birth 24 Oct 1919 in Anadarko, Caddo, Oklahoma
    Death May 1997 in Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma
    Parents Henry "Asewaynah, Willie" Fisher 1896-1982, Agnes E. Sturm 1894-1956
    Spouse Harvey Leon Christian 1915-1987;
    --  Gossett Family Tree, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/6672623/person/-1248314172

    One genealogy reports her place of birth as Caddo, in Caddo County, Oklahoma, not Anadarko in the same county.  However, the family was living in Comanche County at the time of her birth.  Bernice's Social Security record, however, reports her birthplace as Apache in Comanche County, Oklahoma, matching the 1920 census reprot of her as a 2-month-old infant in her father's household in Chandler township of Comanche County.

    1920 Federal Census, Comanche County, Oklahoma, 19 January, Chandler Township, District 113, parker RR Section, page 4B, Hse #76, Fam #77
    Fisher, Henry C Head Owns M In 23 OK TX OK Farmer
    Fisher, Agnes E Wife F In 23 OK OK OK
    Fisher, Anita B Dau F In 2yrs5mos OK OK OK
    Fisher, Bernice Dau F In 2mos TX OK OK OK

    Bernice was enumerated in the 1920, 1930 and 1937 Indian Census Rolls.  In 1920 and 1930 her father is reported as 1/2 Comanche.  Her mother is not reported in 1920 or 1937, which normally indicates she was white.  But in 1930 she was reported as Wichita.  In 1930 percentages of blood are reported as 1/4 for all.  Since the parents are of different Nations, this must mean percentage of Native Nation of any kind, which seems odd.

    In the 1920 Comanche rolls, Henry's wife Agnes is not listed with Henry and the children.  This is probably because she is a Wichita.  Henry is listed under his Comanche name, Asewaynah, but his daughters surname is reported as the English translation Fisher.

    1920 Indian Census Rolls, Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Tribes, Oklahoma, 30 June, Kiowa Agency, Comanche Tribe, No Page #
    #1201 Henry  Asewaynah (Willie Fisher) Head b 1896 M Fam # 529 1/2 blood
    #1202 Verbera [mistranscription: Verbena] Fisher Dau  b 1917 F
    #1203 Bernice Fisher Dau b 1919 F

    1930 Indian Census Rolls, Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Tribes, Oklahoma, 1 April, Kiowa Agency, Comanche Tribe, No Page #
    #287 Asewaynah (Fisher), Henry  M age 34 Comanche 1/4 Married Head
    #288 Sturm, Agnes F 36 Wichita 1/4 Married Wife
    #289 Fisher, Verbena F age 13 Comanche Single Dau
    #290 Fisher, Bernice F 11 Comanche 1/4 Single Dau
    #291 Asewaynah, Geneice F 1925 5 Comanche  1/4 Dau Single

    Bernice attended "Riverside Indian School, Anadarko, Oklahoma, and Chilocco Indian School"
    --  Sally Sue Christian Morris, Ancestry Comment, 17 Nov 2010, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/3499392/person/-1341154070/comments?pg=32768&pgpl=pid

    "In, 1871, Jonathan Richards, the first Reservation Agent, with A.J. Standing, organized the first school at the Old Wichita Indian Agency Commissary. After much bribing, only eight students wearing traditional clothing, moccasins and braids laid the foundation for Riverside Indian School."
    --  Ref History of the Riverside Indian School, http://www.ris.bie.edu/history.html

    "Chilocco Indian School was an agricultural school for Native Americans located in north-central Oklahoma from 1884 to 1980. It was located approximately 20 miles north of Ponca City, Oklahoma and seven miles north of Newkirk, Oklahoma, near the Kansas border. The name "Chilocco" is apparently derived from a Muscogee word meaning "big deer" or horse."
    --  "Chilocco Indian Agricultural School," Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilocco_Indian_Agricultural_School

    1930 Federal Census, Comanche County, Oklahoma, 10 April, Chandler Township, District 5, page 5A, Hse/Fam #82
    Fisher, Henry Head Owns M In 34 Married at age 18 OK Mixed Blood Comanche Farmer, Indian Home
    Fisher, Agnes Wife F In 37 Married at age -- OK Mixed Blood Caddo
    - page 5B -
    Fisher, Bernice Son M In 10 OK Mixed Blood Comanche

    The 1937 census adds a year for birth.  Percentages of blood are now reported as 1/2.

    1937 Indian Census Rolls, Kiowa Comanche and Apache Tribes, Oklahoma, 1 January, Kiowa Agency, Comanche Tribe, Page 22
    #284 Asewaynah (Fisher), Henry  M Born 1894 age 40 Comanche 1/2 Married Head Last census #271
    #285 Fisher, Verbena F b 1917 age 19 Comanche Single Dau  #272
    #286 Fisher, Bernice F b 1919 18 Comanche 1/2 Single Dau  #273
    #287 Asewaynah, Geneice F b 1925 12 Comanche  1/2 Dau Single #274
    #288 Asewaynah, Henry Rudolph M 1930 67 Comanche 1/2 Son Single #275
    #289 Fisher, Johnnie Allison M 1933 3 Comanche 1/2 Son #276

    In about 1938, Bernice married Harvey Christian.  Their first child was born about 1939.  But in the 1940 census, there is a listing for what appears to be this same Bernice reported as single and working in the Morgan household in Delaware County, Oklahoma.  It was deteremined in 2019 that this is a record for a different individual.  A record was found only in 2019 for Bernice and her husband Harvey Christian in the 1940 census in Whittier, California.

    1940 Federal Census, Los Angeles County, California, 11 April, Whittier City, Enumeration District 19-818, Page 4B, 177 North Brighton St, Hse #120, rents $25
    Christian, Harvey Head M W 24 Married Grade C2  b Oklahoma Anadarko, Caddo Co Oklahoma in 1935 Garage Machinist [b abt 1916]
    Christian, Bernice Wife F Ind 20 Married Grade H4 b Oklahoma Anadarko, Caddo Co Oklahoma in 1935 [b abt 1920]

    U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947
    Harvey Leon Christian
    Age 24
    Birth 31 Dec 1915 Mountain View, Oklahoma, USA
    Residence Whittier, Los Angeles, California, USA
    Richard E Lester
    5' 10", 145 lbs,  Brown Eyes, Black Hair, Dark Complexion
    Next of Kin Bernice Rosella Christian (wife)
    Registration 16 October 1940 Whittier, Los Angeles, California, USA

    The following Social Security record matches other details known for Bernice Fisher Christian.

    U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
    Bernice Rosella Christian [Bernice Ros Farris] [Bernice Farris] [Bernice Rosella Fisher]
    Birth 24 Oct 1919 Apache, Comanche, Oklahoma
    Death Date 4 May 1997
    Claim Date 13 May 1977
    Father Henry A Fisher
    Mother Agnes H Sturm
    SSN 555304031
    Death Certificate #97-12565
    Jan 1943 Name listed as BERNICE ROSELLA CHRISTIAN; Oct 1973 Name listed as BERNICE ROS FARRIS; 11 Feb 1977 Name listed as HARRIS BERNICE; 24 Jul 1997 Name listed as BERNICE FARRIS

    Bernice Rosella Fisher and Harvey Leon Christian ... divorced and both remarried, producing no new offspring.  Only the youngest two daughters are living, both in Norman.

    1. Grover Cleveland Christian (1940-2012) married Martha Joyce Hodge (b. 1940), producing three children: Scott (b. 1961), Steven (b.1962) and Jeffrey (born circa 1966 and died circa 1994)

    2. Patrician Ann Christian-Young-Keesee (1941-2005) married Richard Lee Young (I don't remember him) producing three living children: Richard, Jr. (b. April 14, 1965), Edward (born circa 1966), and Gaylon (born 1970).

    3. Richard Donald Christian (1943-2015) married Pearl Gould (b. 1942).  He has four living offspring, I think all of whom are from Pearl.  I've met them all, but did not grow up with them, so haven't mastered the dates.  They are Richard Christian, Jr., Nadine Christian, Julene Christian-Todd, and Shelley Christian-Chamberlain.

    4. Vernon Garth Christian (1945-2007) married Donna Pigorsch (will have to track down dates and maiden name.  Pigorsch was previous marriage, I believe).  Aunt Donna had two older children (Ronnie and Christina), who were raised by Uncle Vernon but not his offspring.  Together, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Donna produced two living children together: Vernon Garth Christian, Jr. (b. 1972) and Brenda Ranelle Christian-Hogue-Mitchell (born circa 1979).

    5. Mary Sue Christian (b. 1948) married Larry Varner (b. 1946) producing two living children: Larry, Jr. (b. 1970) and Jan Varner - Serrate (b. 1971)

    6. Sally Sue Christian-McDonald-Morris (b. February 16, 1953) married Robert Lynn McDonald (b. December 14, 1940), producing two children together: Robert Lynn McDonald, Jr (b. April 14, 1969) and myself: David Benjamin McDonald, Sr. (b. April 23, 1971).

    --  David McDonald, Sr, Geneanet Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 28 December 2019

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014
    Bernice Farris
    Born 24 Oct 1919
    Died 4 May 1997
    Last Residence Norman, Cleveland, Oklahoma 73071
    SSN 555-30-4031 issued California (Before 1951)

    Bernice Rosella Fisher
    Birth Oct 24, 1919
    Death May 4, 1997
    Burial Memory Lane Cemetery, Anadarko, Caddo County, Oklahoma
    Created by Cokeman 2 Jan 12, 2011
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #64100260, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/64100260


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