Champness TERRY Mini tree diagram

Christian EVANS1

17401 - 17851

Life History


Born in Virginia.1

25th Mar 1758

Death of Champness TERRY in Fredericksville Parish, Louisa, Virginia.2


Died in Virginia.1

Other facts


Married Champness TERRY


  • One document record does report that Champness Terry had a wife named Christian or Christina, and she died in 1762.

    Christian "Cristina" Evans
    Birth before 1740 in Virginia, Death 1785 in Virginia
    1717 Marriage to Champness Terry (some uncertainty)
    [This date is impossible, since it is before her reported birth, maybe 1771, but she would be 31 at that point, maybe 2nd marriage?]
    Thomas Terry 1734-1816 [can't work - he was born before she was!  Well, OK, birth was "before 1740," but how long before?]
    William Terry Sr. 1745-1805 [she was 54 years old when he was born!]
    Henry Terry 1754-1816 [maybe, probably not, she was 14 when he was born]
    JOSEPH Terry b 1754 [twin?  some birth year as Henry]
    DAVID Terry 1755-1819 [She was 15, maybe a little older, when he was born?]
    --  Terry Family,


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