Richard BERNARD John BARNETT Jane ROLFE Unknown NOLASTNAME Mini tree diagram

John BERNARD1,3,1,4,2,3

also known as John BARNETT3,4

also known as William BARNETT3,5

16615,4 - 17094

Life History


Born in Purton, Gloucester, Virginia.1,2,3

(most likely)


Born in Jamestown, James City, Virginia.5,4

(less likely)


Married Jane ROLFE in James City County, Virginia.5,4


Birth of son John BARNETT in Henrico County, Virginia.6,2,3,3,7


Died in Gloucester County, Virginia.1,3

(most likely)

Other facts


Died in Goochland County, Virginia.4


  • Family Data Collection
    John Barnett
    Spouse Katherine Farrar
    Parents John Bernard [only father is reported]
    Birth 1683 Goochland CO, VA
    Death 1756 Goochland CO, VA

    Family Data Collection - Births
    John Bernard
    Father Richard Bernard
    Birth Date 1661 Purton, Gloucester County, VA, USA

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    John Bernard
    father Richard Bernard
    Birth 1661 Gloucester Co, Purton, VA
    Death Date 1709

    Many genealogies appear to have copied each other in the error of reported John/William with the same death date as his son John, the date when John's will was probated, 21 September 1756.  I have found one genealogy which reports more credible information about the birth and death of John Bernard, father of John Barnette.

    This genealogy, however reports that the father of John Bernard was Richard Bernard, not William Bernard, as virtually all the others report.  (I have not found a genealogy that reports a wife of William/John Bernard, but Christopher has a birth date for her.)  This genealogy, by Christopher Barnette, reports a different date for the death of John Bernard, in 1709, a more credible date.  He further reports a different date of birth, and different locations in Virginia for both birth and death.  Due to the gross errors, generally lack of documentation and general lack of care in the majority of the other genealogies, I am inclined to trust this genealogy by Christopher Barnette, lacking further independent documentation.

    Other genealogies report that the wife of William/Jon Bernard/Barnett was Jane Rolphe.  There is a discrepancy in Christopher's genealogy, where he reports both John Bernard and Jane Rolphe as parents of John Barnett, but has failed to connect them as spouses!  The report for each one shows no spouse, though they are both tied to John as their son.  No other children are reported.  Christopher follows other genealogies in reporting that John's year of birth is the same year of death of his mother Jane Rolphe.  Jane must have died in childbirth, though I have seen no direct reference to that.

    One thing that makes me a bit uncertain about the information in Christopher's genealogy is that he says that his John Bernard was born and died in the same county, Gloucester County, Virginia.  Yet he reports, as the other genealogies, that John Bernard's son John Barnette was born in Goochland County.

    Christopher reports the following details for John Bernard, father of John Barnett.

    John Bernard
    born 1661 in Purton, Gloucester, Virginia
    died 1709 in Gloucester County, Virginia
    Richard Bernard, 1636-1691, Mother Unknown Bernard b 1640
    Spouse Unknown
    Son John Barnett
    born 1689 in Goochland, Virginia
    died 1756 in Goochland County, Virginia
    --  Christopher Barnette,

    Jane Rolfe
    born 1650-10-10 in Varina, Henrico, Virginia
    died 1676 in Kippax, Charles City, Virginia
    Thomas Rolfe, 1615-1675, Jane Poythress b 1630
    Son John Barnett 1689-1756
    --  Christopher Barnette,


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