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George Thomas WHITE

George Thomas WHITE1,8,2,3,4,5,6,7

5th Jan 18541,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 19178,3

Life History

5th Jan 1854

Born in Lincoln County, Kentucky.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

about 1877

Married Cynthia Almeda GREEN in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory

25th Aug 1878

Birth of son William Andrew WHITE in Indian Territory.5,9,1,10,11

5th Apr 1882

Birth of son Elzie Hampton WHITE in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.5,10,12,13,14,15,16,17,7

Jun 1884

Birth of son John O WHITE in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.18,5

between 1886 and 1887

Death of Cynthia Almeda GREEN in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.5

5th Oct 1887

Birth of son Milton Robertson WHITE in Lebanon, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.19,10,1,5

12th Jun 1900

Resident moved to Chickasaw Nation about 1879; middle initial T is reported in other sources, including genealogies as Thomas. in Township 3, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.7


Died in Oklahoma.8,3

Other facts


Married Mary Elizabeth CHANCE


  • George T White
    Birth Jan 1854 in Kentucky, Death 1917 in Oklahoma
    Parents Andrew White b 1828, Sophia Ann b 1829
    Spouse Cynthia Green b 1856
    --  White-Harris-Ozment,

    The following appears to be the correct birth record for George T White who married Cyntha (Cynthia) Green.

    Kentucky Birth Records, 1852-1910
    George Thomas White
    Birth 5 Jan 1854 Lincoln County
    White, Male
    Father Andrew S White
    Mother Sophia Ellen Bryant
    Residence Lincoln County

    1860 Federal Census, Lincoln County, Kentucky, 8 Aug, Milledgeville, page 102, Hse/Fam #674
    A S White 31 M Blacksmith $1575 Real Estate $800 Personal Estate  born Kentucky
    Sophia A White 31 F Kentucky
    Geo Thos White 6 M born Kentucky

    1870 Federal Census, Henry County, Missouri, 14 Sept, PO Missouri, p 46, Hse #339, Fam #358
    White, Andrew 42 M W Farmer $1200 Real Estate Value $400 Personal Estate b Kentucky [b abt 1828]
    White, Sophine 41 F W  House Keeping b Kentucky [born abt 1829]
    White, George 16 M W b Kentucky [b abt 1854]
    White, Sarah 15 F W  b Kentucky [born abt 1855]
    White, Amanda 13 F W  b Kentucky [born abt 1857]
    White, Grattie 9 M W At Home b Kentucky [b abt 1861]
    -- page 46 --
    White, William 7 F W  b Kentucky [b abt 1863]
    White, Ada 4 F W  b Kentucky [b abt 1866]

    In 1900 George and his wife LIzzie, with their children, were enumerated as residents of Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.

    1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 12 June, Township 3, District 124, page 7A, Hse #108, Fam #110
    White, George T Head W M Dec 1847  52 Married 14 (?) years KY KY KY Farmer Rents
    White, Lizzie Wife W M Apr 1863  37 Married 3 years 1 children/1 living MS MS MS
    White, Milton Son W M Oct 1887  12 Single  Ind Territory KY IL At School
    White, William A Son W M Aug 1878  21 Single  At School
    White, Elzie N Dau [Son ] W F [M] April 1881  18 Single Ind Territory KY IL
    White, Jonnie Son W M June 1884  15 Single Ind Territory KY IL At School

    I received a correction on the gender of Elzie White reporting that Elzie is a male.  The census reports Elzie as a daughter and a female.

    "I just wanted to comment on Elzie which is listed as a female and he is in fact a male (born 1881) as he was my grandmother's father. I have his death certificate listing Cyntha Green as his mother and George T. as father. Your explanation helps greatly as this has been my brick wall."
    --  Comment on Elzie White on Ancestry genealogy, smileytex1, 12 May 2013

    Lizzie is George's second wife, his first wife Cyntha (or Cynthia) Green having died some time before this census.  Genealogies report Lizzie as Elizabeth Mason.  On Lizzie's record it is reported that she has been married 3 years.  In this case all the children reported in this census would be Cyntha's children.  Note, however,  that the record says Lizzie has had one child, who is still living.  But there is no child in the household younger than 12 years.  So where is her one to two-year-old child?

    Should it say married 13 years instead of 3?  I see that the youngest child, Milton, is listed first, which usually means he is the son of the current parents, and others had a different father or mother.  This would mean that Milton was Lizzie's son.  They would have had to marry in 1886 or at latest January 1887.

    I also note that George is reported to have been married 14 years, but has two sons older than that, William 21 and Milton 15.  Above the 14 there is another mark which appears to be the number 2, which may refer to the 2nd marriage.  But the number of years married should be the same for both.

    The oldest son here is 21 years old, and thus born about 1879.  This would seem to mean that George and Cynthia married about 1878 or earlier.  I have not found any record of them in 1880.  So they were likely married and living in the Chickasaw Nation in 1880.  None of the Green family show up in any 1880 census, so it is likely they were in Indian Territory.

    From the birth states of the children in 1900, we can tell that George and Lizzie moved to Chickasaw Nation about 1879 or 1880.  The last child born in Kentucky was reported born in August 1878, and Elzie was reported born in Indian Territory in April 1881.

    They were living in what became Johnston County, Oklahoam, and were enumerated stil in the same location in the 1910 census.  They had moved to Chickasaw Nation, but Indian Territory as a unit was not established as a US territory until 1889.  The lad for the individual 5 tribes, and later others, had been set aside by treaty from the early to mid 1800s.  The original removal treaty with the Cherokees was signed in 1817.  The geat removal from additional lands occurred in 1832 and later, affected al lthe Five Civilized Tribes.

    "In 1889, the Indian Territory was set aside for five civilized tribes:  Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole.  The Territory of Oklahoma was created on May 2, 1890.  On March 1, 1895, the Indian Territory was divided into three districts: Central, Northern and Southern.  On May 27, 1902, the Western District of the Indian Territory was established.  The Act of June 16, 1906, merged the Oklahoma and Indian Territories, thereby forming the State of Oklahoma.  The Act was effective upon admission of Oklahoma as a state on November 16, 1907."
    --  U S Marshalls Service,

    In 1910, George's wife is enumerated as Mary E, indicating her full name was Mary Elizabeth.

    1910 Federal Census, Johnston County, Oklahoma, 3 May, Garner Township, District 120, p 11A, Hse #195, Fam #196
    White, George T Head 56 Married 23 years KY KY KY Farmer Rents
    White, Mary E Wife 55 Married 23 years 2 children/1 living IL IL AL
    White, William A Son M W 32 Single OK KY IL Farm Laborer
    White, Milton R Son M W 23 Single OK KY IL Farm Laborer
    White, Ruth Dau-in-Law M W 21 Single TX MS IL
    White, William G Grandson M W 1yr4mos OK OK TX

    Several genealogies report the name of George's second wife as Mary Elizabeth Chance.  The Reeves genealogy below, like the White-Harris-Ozment information above and similar genealogies, also reports that George died in Oklahoma in 1917.  I have found no genealogy or other record presenting evidence of this.  For now we assume these genealogies are drawing upon family information and report the date of death as 1917.

    Mary Elizabeth Chance
    Birth 1856 in Illinois, Death Unknown
    Washington Lafayette Chance 1826-1872
    Angeline Lutrell 1828-1878
    Spouse George T. White
    Birth Jan 1854 in Kentucky
    Death 1917 in Oklahoma
    --  Reeves,


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