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Isaac Tipton GREEN

Isaac Tipton GREEN1,2,3,4

18251,2,3,4 - 26th Sep 18635,2

Life History


Born in Missouri.1,2,3,4

14th Feb 1851

Birth of son John GREEN in Platte County, Missouri.6,7,8,9,10,1,11,2

23rd Dec 1854

Birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth GREEN.2

26th Sep 1863

Died in Platte County, Missouri.5,2

Hung by thieves

26th Sep 1863

Buried in Platte County, Missouri.2

Other facts


Married Mahalah CARTER


  • In 1850, Isaac and his wife Mahala Carter Green have been married less than one year, and are enumerated in a set of Greene households in Platte County, Missouri.  The head of the household listed after Isaac appears to be a brother, Elisha Green, about 6 years older.

    On the other side, the widow Ann Greene is head of the household and appears to be Isaac and Elisha's mother.  But from the marriage record, we see that Ann Liinebaugh married John Green in 1841, while the sons Elisha and Isaac Tipton Green (Greene) were born in 1822 and 1825 (or 1829, as Isaac's age in his Confederate military record would inidicate).  A sister Barsheba Carter is in the household of Ann Greene with three children. One is only 2 years old.  It may be that the two older Carter children are the children of Barsheba's late husband with his first wife.

    1850 Federal Census, Platte County, Missouri, 5 October, Lee Township, Hse/Fam #185
    Ann Greene 50 F Farmer $400 Real Estate Value b Tenn [b abt 1800]
    Barsheba Carter 42 F b Tenn [b abt 1808]
    Daniel Carter 12 M b MO [b abt 1838]
    Martin Carter 14 M b MO [b abt 1836]
    Rebecca Carter 2 F b MO [b abt 1848]

    1850 Federal Census, Platte County, Missouri, 5 October, Lee Township, Hse/Fam #186
    Isaac Greene 22 M Farmer $400 Real Estate b Tenn [b abt 1828] Married within the year
    Mahala Greene 16 F b MO [b abt 1834] Married within the year

    1850 Federal Census, Platte County, Missouri, 5 October, Lee Township, Hse/Fam #187
    Elisha Greene 28 M [No Occup Rptd] b Tenn [b abt 1822]
    Elizabeth Greene 22 F b KY [b abt 1828]
    John Greene 1mo M b MO [b abt Sept 1850]

    1860 Federal Census, Platte County, Missouri, 4 August, Lee Township, PO Farley, page 164, Hse #1166, Fam #1153
    Tip Green 25 M Farmer Missouri [abt 1835]
    Hilie Green 24 F b Missouri [abt 1836]
    John Green 8 M b Missouri [abt 1852]
    William Green 6 F b Missouri [abt 1854]
    --  page 165 --
    John F Baldwin 3 M b Missouri [abt 1857]

    U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865:
    Isaac T Green
    Age 34, Birth Date abt 1829
    Enlistment Date 1863
    Military Unit Thirty-sixth Infantry

    The memorial for Isaac on Find a Grave includes some other family details.

    Isaac Tipton Green
    Birth 1825
    Death Sep 26, 1863 Platte County, Missouri
    Non-Cemetery Burial

    Isaac married Mahala "Hiley" Carter

    John Green b 14 Feb 1851 in Platte, Missouri
    William Franklin Green b 1853 in Platte, Missouri
    Mary Elizabeth Green b 23 Dec 1854 in Platte, Missouri
    Martin D Green b 1860 in Platte, Missouri
    Nicholas Riley Green b 1 May 1861 in Platte, Missouri
    Stonewall "Stone" Jackson Green b 1862 in Platte, Missouri

    Annals of Platte County, Missouri by William McClung Paxton

    "On the night of that memorable 26th of September a company of cut-throats met at the house of Jacob Fulcher, and hung him until he was unconscious.  After robbing his house, they went to the house of John Rapp, robbed him and hung him on a leaning tree.  They then went to TIP GREEN's and after robbing his house, brought him to Rapp's and hung beside the dead body of Rapp.  Two days later I was ordered, as public administrator, to take charge of Rapp's estate.  The only valuable I found in his house was a twenty-dollar bill of Confederate money lying on the floor.  It was said that the possession of this money was the excuse of hanging him.  I did not inventory the $20."

    "TIP GREEN: He was hung as stated, September 26,1863
    "Children: 1 John; 2 William; 3 Mary m'd Jas Cannon; 4 Nicholas R; 5 Martin B (not right should have been D) 6 Stonewall T Green (not right should have been J).  Tip is the nephew of Elisha Green."

    Spouse Mahala Carter Stokes (1838 - 1894)

    John Green (1851 - 1937)
    Mary Elizabeth Green Cannon (1854 - 1937)
    Nicholas Riley Green (1861 - 1937)
    Martin Green (1861 - 1939)
    Stonewall Jackson Green (1862 - 1943)

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    --  Find A Grave Memorial #76861787,

    Isaac's wife was sppointed administratrix of his estate on 23 November 1863.  These records refer to her by a form of her nickname, Hila Green.

    Missouri, Wills and Probate Records, 1766-1988
    Isaac T Green
    Probate 23 Nov 1863 Platte County, Missouri, USA
    Inferred Death 1863 Missouri, USA

    Bond of Executrix
    Hila Green (Mahala Carter Green, wife) and sureties
    Bond for $200 signed by Hila Green with Her Mark
    23rd day of November 1863

    Letters of Administration
    Issued to Hila Green for the estate of Isaac T Green
    Probate Court County of Platte
    23 November 1863


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