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Robert Lee THOMPSON1,2,10,3,4,5,1,6,7,8,9

27th Jun 18941,2,3,4,5,1,6,7,8,9 - 20th Nov 195410,7,8

Life History

27th Jun 1894

Born in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.1,2,3,4,5,1,6,7,8,9

2nd Mar 1912

Married Nora Bessie LEE in Rosedale, McClain, Oklahoma.10,8

4th May 1914

Birth of son Willard Lee THOMPSON in Rosedale, McClain, Oklahoma.11,1,12,13,14

11th Sep 1916

Birth of son Claude Paschel THOMPSON in McClain County, Oklahoma.15,11,1,9,13,16

about 1918

Birth of son Charles S THOMPSON in McClain County, Oklahoma.15,11,1

22nd May 1918

Military: Enlistment as Private in Co E, 19th Infantry, 18th Division in Oklahoma.7

1st Feb 1919

Military service: Discharge Date.7

about 1921

Birth of daughter LaVeta THOMPSON in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma.15,1,9

29th Dec 1922

Birth of son Charles Kenneth THOMPSON in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma.10

2nd Dec 1923

Death of son Charles Kenneth THOMPSON.10

about 1934

Birth of daughter June THOMPSON in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma.15,9

20th Nov 1954

Died in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma.10,7,8

after 20th Nov 1954

Buried in Summit View Cemetery, Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma.7


  • 1900 Federal Census, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, 13 June, Township 4, North Range 2E, District 134, page 22B, Hse #13, Fam #14
    Thompson, Jno W  Head W M June 1846 33 Married 10 years  Mosouri [sic] Mosouri Mosouri Farmer
    Thompson, Minnie G Wife In F (3/4 Choctaw) Jan 1874 26 Married 10 years  5 children/5 living Indian Territory Indian Territory Unknown
    Thompson, Robert Lee  Son In (7/8 Choctaw) M  June 1892  7 Indian Territory  Mosouri  Indian Territory

    Note Robert Lee's birth date is reported here as June 1892.  several other records report the date as 27 June 1894.  On his military records, beginning with WWI registration, the date is 27 June 1894.  On the application for his military headstone, the date first typed in was June 27 1893, then this was corrected in the confirmation review to 27 June 1894, which is also the date on his grave.

    U.S. Native American Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914,
    Tribal Affiliation Chickasaw By Blood for All
    25 Sep 1902, Dawes' Roll #4320, Census Card #1616
    Robert Lee Thompson, Age 9, Birth Abt 1893, 1/8 Chickasaw

    Chickasaw Roll, Citizens By Blood 1903
    Roll #4315  East, Frances 71 F  1/2  Census Card #1615
    Roll #4316  Green, Daniel 26 M  1/4  Census Card #1615
    Roll #4317  Adams, Charles 22 M  1/4  Census Card #1615

    Roll #4318 Thompson, Minnie Lee 28 F  1/4  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4319 Thompson, Mamie Frances 11 F  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4320 Thompson, Robert Lee 9 M  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4321 Thompson, Emma Augusta 5 F  1/8  Census Card #1616
    Roll #4322 Thompson, Jessie May 3 F  1/8  Census Card #1616

    Roll #4323 Chochran, William Hunter 34 M  1/4  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4324 Chochran, Willie 7 M  1/8  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4325 Chochran, Vertis 7 M  1/8  Census Card #1617
    Roll #4326 Chochran, Samuel T 2 M  1/8  Census Card #1617

    1910 Federal Census, McClain County, Oklahoma, 2 May, Hopping Township, District 185, page 2A, Hse/Fam #7
    Thompson, Minnie Head F Ind (1/8 Chickasaw)  35 Widow 5 children/5 living OK US OK Own Income Owns Farm
    Thompson, Robert Lee Son M Ind (1/16 Chickasaw)  16 Single OK TX OK Farm Laborer Can Read and Write

    World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
    Robert Lee Thompson
    Residence Rosedale, McClain County, Oklahoma
    Birth 27 Jun 1894 Marietta (Love County), Oklahoma
    Race: Indian
    Occupation Barber, Cleaning and Pressing, Self-Employed, Rosedale (McClain County)
    Wife and 2 children
    Short, Stout, Brown Eyes, Red Hair
    Registered Hopping, McClain, Oklahoma 5 June 1917

    The birth date of 27 June 1894 given here conflicts with other sources.  Note that the 1900 census reports his birth date as June 1892.  The Dawes records say Robert was 9 years old in September 1902, meaning he was born in 1892 or 1893 as the Dawes card estimates.  If he was born in 1894, he would have been not yet 8 years old at the Dawes registration.  The age in the 1910 census matches more closely with birth in 1894.  1930 fits a 1893 date.  Some genealogies split the difference reporting the year as 1893.

    Several genealogies reports a child who was born and died between the censuses.  No source information is given, but several of these have such careful detail, it shows they are reporting form firm family sources.

    William Woodrow Thompson
    Birth 12 Mar 1913 in Rosedale, McClain, Oklahoma
    Death 26 Aug 1916
    Parents Robert L Thompson 1894 - 1954, Norah Bessie Lee 1895 - 1954
    --  Brevard/Harris,

    The 1920 and later censuses report all Robert's hosuehold as White, even though Robert was a Chickasaw by blood (and earlier registerd as a Choctaw by blood).,  His mother Minnie was 1/8 Choctaw and 1/8 Chickasaw.  All previous Indian tribal registratoins report Robert as Indian, and the 19100 and 1910 censuses do also.

    1920 Federal Census, McClain County, Oklahoma, 5 January, Hopping Township, District 78, page 2B, Hse/Fam #37
    Thompson, Robert L Head  Rents M W 25 OK US US Farmer
    Thompson, Bessie Wife F W 25 OK TX KY
    Thompson, Lee Son M W 6 OK OK OK
    Thompson, Claudie Son M W 3yrs8mos OK OK OK [b Apr 1916]
    Thompson, Charley Son M W 3 OK OK OK

    After the 1920 census, Robert moved to Guthrie in Logan County, Oklahoma.    Another child is reported by some genealogies, who was born in Guthrie but lived only a short time between these censuses.  It is interesting that they named this child Charles also, although Charles, reported as 3 years old in the 1920 census and 11 in 1930, lived to adulthood.

    Charles Kenneth Thompson
    Birth 29 Dec 1922 in Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma
    Death 2 Dec 1923
    Parents Robert Lee Thompson 1894 - 1954, Nora Bessie Lee 1896 - 1986
    --  Chambers/Thompson,

    Robert's wife Bessie is enumerated in 1930 as Nora B.

    1930 Federal Census, Logan County, Oklahoma, 2 April, Guthrie, District 11, page 1A, 1213 West Dale St, Hse #9, Fam #10
    Thompson, Robert L Head Rents $12 No Radio M W 36 Married at 18 OK TX OK Machinist, Santa Fe Round House
    Thompson, Nora B Wife F W 34 Married at 16 OK TX TX
    Thompson, Lee Son M W 15 OK OK OK
    Thompson, Claud Son M W 13 OK OK OK
    Thompson, Charles Son M W 11 OK OK OK
    Thompson, Levita Dau F W 9 OK OK OK

    1940 Federal Census, Logan County, Oklahoma, 8 April, Guthrie, District 42-13, Page 7A, Hse #152, Rents $12
    Thompson, R L Head M W 45 Single Grade 7 b Okla same place in 1935 Railroad Machinist Helper [b abt 1895]
    Thompson, Bessie Wife F W 43 Married Grade 7 b Okla same place in 1935 Farm Laborer [b abt 1897]
    Thompson, Claudia [sic] Son M W 23 Divorced Grade H4 b Okla same place in 1935 Truck Driver, Cabinet Factory [b abt 1917]
    Thompson, La Veta Dau F W 19 Single Grade H2 b Okla same place in 1935 Hospital Kitchen Helper [b abt 1921]
    Thompson, June Dau F W 6 Single Grade 0 Okla same place in 1935 [b abt 1934]

    U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
    Robert Lee Thompson
    Residence 116 1/2 East Harrison, Guthrie, Oklahoma
    Mailing address Box #97 Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma
    Age 48, Birth Marietta, Oklahoma
    Birth 27 Jun 1893
    Contact (Wife) Nora B Thompson, 116 1/2 East Harrison, Guthrie, Oklahoma
    5'5.5" 160 lbs, Brown Eyes & Hair, Ruddy Complexion
    Registered 25 April 1942 Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma

    U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963
    Robert Lee Thompson
    Birth 27 June 1894 Oklahoma (Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, later Love County OK)
    Death 20 Nov 1954 (place of death not reported)
    Enlistment Date 22 May 1918 Oklahoma, Co E, 19th Infantry, 18th Division
    Discharge Date 1 February 1919
    Emblem Christian Latin Cross
    Service Number 1125088
    Summit View Cemetery, Guthrie, Oklahoma
    Aopplication 22 November 1954 by Mrs Nora B Thompson, 1724 E Springer, Guthrie, Oklahoma
    (Signed Nora B Thompson)
    Application received 29 Nov 1954, stone ordered 27 December 1954 from Columbus Marble Works, Columbus, Mississippi
    Ship to Lang B Davis, Box 505, Guthrie, Oklahoma


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