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Amanda J STRANGE4,6,7

also known as Emandah Jane STRANGE8

also known as Amanda Jane STRANGE1,3

9th Oct 18439 - 12th Apr 19252

Life History

9th Oct 1843

Born in Cocke County, Tennessee.3,4,5,6,7,8

(most likely)


Born in Tennessee.6

(less likely)

about 1846


(less likely)

12th Sep 1861

Married John Harrison HARTSELL in Jefferson County, Tennessee.1

25th Jul 1862

Birth of daughter Martha Isadora HARTSELL in Sevier County, Tennessee.10

5th Mar 1864

Birth of son William Brownlow HARTSELL in Cocke County, Tennessee.10

7th Feb 1866

Birth of son James Abraham HARTSELL in Cocke County, Tennessee.10

12th May 1867

Birth of daughter Rebecca Susannah HARTSELL in Cocke County, Tennessee.11,12

4th Apr 1869

Birth of daughter Minerva Clementine HARTSELL in Sevier County, Tennessee.10

10th Oct 1871

Birth of daughter Mary Jane HARTSELL in Cocke County, Tennessee.13

22nd Oct 1873

Birth of daughter Julia Florence HARTSELL in Cocke County, Tennessee.14

19th Sep 1875

Birth of son John Harrison HARTSELL in Sevier County, Tennessee.13

3rd Aug 1877

Birth of daughter Emandah Caroline HARTSELL in Cocke County, Tennessee.13

8th Mar 1879

Birth of son Charles Columbus HARTSELL in Sevier County, Tennessee.13

30th Nov 1880

Birth of son Oscar Lemuel HARTSELL in Cocke County, Tennessee.15

15th Aug 1898

Birth of son Virgie HARTSELL.13

20th Jan 1906

Death of daughter Martha Isadora HARTSELL.10


Resident in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.6

5th Feb 1922

Death of John Harrison HARTSELL in Cocke County, Tennessee.1

12th Apr 1925

Died in Unknown.2

Apr 1925

Buried in Hartsell Cemetery, Cocke County, Tennessee.1,2


  • The Strange genealogy in World Family Tree Pedigree #2932 listed one child as Amanda Jane Strange.  I originally had two separate children named Amanda and Jane.  These two names appear for two separate children in the 1850 census, with ages 2 years apart.  All other children seem to be accounted for.  In the 1860 census, the children are reported by initials only.  One child is a girl, age 16, reported as AJ Strange.  This makes it appear again that Amanda and Jane are two names for this one child.  1860 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 7 September, page 333 (Scan p 495), Hse #2360, Family #2403 A J Strange 16 F TN  It may be that in spite of the separate listings with different ages in one census, that Amanda and Jane are one.  Several family genealogies have Amada Jane as one person.  But this looks like they are copying each other, so this is probably7 not multiple sources.  I found that in the 1920 census, at age 76, Amanda is listed as Mandie J.  1920 Federal Census, Cocke County, Tennessee, Newport, District 49, page 22B, Hse #456, Fam #481, Retired, in household with son Lem: Hartsell, John H Head2 M W 79 TN TN TN No Occupation Hartsell, Mandie J  Wife F W 76 TN TN TN No Occupation


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