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Joshua Bales PUGH4,5,6,7,2

3rd May 18375 - 11th Oct 18863,1

Life History

about 1835

Born in Illinois.5

(less likely)


Born in Perry County, Illinois.4

(less likely)

3rd May 1837

Born in Warren County, Ohio.1,2

(most likely)

22nd May 1856

Married Mary S GIBSON in St Clair County, Illinois.6

about 1857

Birth of daughter Sarah PUGH in Clair County, Illinois.5

about Feb 1860

Birth of daughter Alnora PUGH in Clair County, Illinois.5

about 1863

Birth of daughter Ella PUGH in Clair County, Illinois.3,6

after 1864

Married Mary Electra MARTEL in Washington County, Illinois.8,6,6

after 1864

Divorced from Mary S GIBSON in Washington County, Illinois.6

7th Feb 1874

Birth of daughter Nancy Eunice PUGH in Illinois.2,9

28th Jul 1876

Birth of daughter Anna Elizabeth PUGH in Illinois.10,2

before 1880

Death of Mary S GIBSON.3


Resident in Paris, Lamar, Texas, United States.2

14th Aug 1880

Death of Mary Electra MARTEL in Lamar County, Texas.8

28th Mar 1886

Married Mary A BOWMAN in Coleman, Coleman, Texas.8

11th Oct 1886

Died in Coleman, Coleman, Texas.3,1

after 11th Oct 1886

Buried in Coleman, Coleman, Texas.1


  • A family of Cox and Pew in St Clair County, Illinois, includes a child named Joshua in the 1850 census.  This could be the Joshua B Pew who married Mary S Gibson, daughter of Sarah Morgan Gibson from Washington County, Illinois.

    1850 Federal Census, St Clair County, Illinois, District 2, page 275, Hse/Fam #133
    Cox, David 29 M W Farmer $200 Real Estate born Illinois
    Cox, Mary 29 F W born OH
    Pew, Jonathan 17 M W Laborer born OH
    Pew, Joshua 13 M W born OH
    Pew, Leah 11 F W born OH
    Cox, Elizabeth 5 F W born IL
    Cox, Rachel 2 F W born IL
    Cox, Benjamin 1mo M W born IL

    The relationships between the two family groups is unclear, but from the ages, the Pew children could be younger siblings of the wife Mary Cox.  Note that the birth of the Pews and Mary Cox is reported as Ohio, though later the reported birthplace of the husband of Mary Pugh is reported as Illinois, a similar change as we find in many other families.

    The Illinois Statewide Marriage Index entry for Joshua and Mary is reported by a Barnett family genealogy.  They were married on 22 May 1856 in St Clair County, Illinois.

    A family fitting the details of Joshua and Mary (Gibson) Pugh appears in Washington County, Illinois, but the husband's name in that enumeration is Joseph instead of Joshua.  Perhaps his name was Joshua Joseph, or the enumerator might have simply made an error in recording the name Joshua.

    1860 Federal Census, Washington County, Illinois, 21 June, PO Ashley, page 38, Hse #286, Fam #258
    Pugh, Joseph 25 M Laborer born IL
    Pugh, Mary 20 F born IL
    Pugh, Sarah 3 F IL
    Pugh, Alnora 3mos F born IL

    These details are reported in the genealogy found at:

    Another Pugh-Gibson genealogy gives further details about Mary and Joshua.  This anonymous genealogy provides some good details from family and records, reporting that May and Joshua were divorced.  No date is given.  The genealogist states:
    "There are several affiants from brother David C Pugh and sister Leah Martel that they were divorced and that the records were burned in a courthouse fire."

    This genealogy also reports two subsequent wives for Joshua and children from one of the marriages, though this genealogy is unaware of the three daughters of Mary and Joshua reported in the 1860 census.

    Joshua married Mary Martel in Washington County, Illinois, some time after his divorce from Mary S Gibson.,  I assume the divorce was some time after the birth of their last child Ella, born in either 1863 or early 1864.  Mary and Joshua moved to Texas, and had two daughters, Nancy E and Anna E, reported by the latter genealogy cited above.  No dates or places are given for the birth of these two girls.

    1880 Federal Census, Lamar County, Texas, 5 June, Paris, District 81, page 7, Jefferson St, Hse # 56, Fam #72
    Pugh, Joshua B  W M 43   Watchman OH NC PA
    Pugh, Mary E  W F 29 Wife Keeping House OH OH OH
    Pugh, Nancy E  W F 6 Dau IL OH OH
    Pugh, Elizabeth A  W F 46 Dau IL OH OH

    We are told that Mary Martel Pugh died in August 1880 in Coleman County, Texas.  Joshua married a third wife, also named Mary, in 1886.  On 28 March 1886, also in Coleman County, Texas, Joshua married Mary A Bowman.  Joshua died of consumption, the same genealogy tells us, on 11 October that same year.


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