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Sallie Amanda WAKEFIELD2,3,4,5,1,6,7

about 18421,2,3,4,5 - before 1896

Life History

about 1842

Born in Tennessee.1,2,3,4,5

before Jun 1860

Married Thomas Jefferson DAVIDSON in Crawford County, Arkansas.2

about 1861

Birth of daughter Sarah M DAVIDSON in Arkansas.3,10

about 1863

Birth of son Thomas J DAVIDSON in Arkansas.10,3

about 1869

Birth of son Forsyth DAVIDSON in Arkansas.10,3

18th Jan 1871

Birth of son William Wakefield DAVIDSON in Arkansas.11,12,13,14,15

about 1873

Birth of son Matthew Oliver DAVIDSON in Arkansas.1,16,7

24th Nov 1873

Death of Thomas Jefferson DAVIDSON in Arkansas County, Arkansas.8,1,6

12th Dec 1875

Married Charles W BELKNAP in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1,8



(less likely)


Death of Charles W BELKNAP in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1

12th Dec 1888

Married Pleasant S SIMMONS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1

Feb 1894

Birth of daughter Loula SIMMONS in Arkansas County, Arkansas.9

before 1896

Died in Arkansas County, Arkansas.1

(most likely)


  • "I believe Mr. Simmons was my ggg-grandmother’s (Sallie Amanda Wakefield [Belknap]) 3rd-and last-husband.  If I am correct, then she would have been married to him when she died.  I have searched for the date of her death and her final resting place for several years, but, so far, no luck.  Sallie (born about 1842) married 1st to Thomas Jefferson Davidson.  He died in 1873.  Two years later, Sallie married 2nd to Col. Charles W. Belknap on December 12, 1875.  Col. Belknap died in 1882.  I then found the marriage record for Mrs. Sallie Belknap and Mr. P.S. Simmons at the courthouse in DeWitt indicating that they married on December 5, 1888."
    --  email to Orville Boyd Jenkins from Libby Beliew, 17 October 2008

    The Davidson Family Genealogy had her name as Sarah A, which we would expect from the nickname Sallie:
    "Thomas married Sarah A. on 12 Dec 1875 in Arkansas County, Arkansas. Sarah was born 1842 in Tennessee."

    In the 1850 census I found Sallie at age 8 with her parents in Bedford County, Tennessee.

    1850 Federal Census, Bedford County, Tennessee, 30 November, Civil District 19, page 399 (scan p 200), Hse/Fam #19

    W J W Wakefield 37 M Farmer $4000 Real Estate born NC [b abt 1813]
    Malissa Wakefield 30 F born Georgia
    Minerva J Wakefield 13 F b Tennessee
    John A Wakefield 11 M b Tennessee
    Jessee P Wakefield 9 M b Tennessee
    Sally Amanda Wakefield 8 F b Tennessee
    William L Wakefield 6 M b Tennessee
    Susan M Wakefield 4 F b Tennessee
    Martha F Wakefield 1 F b Tennessee
    Thomas W Wakefield 3months M b Tennessee [b August 1850]
    James Blackwell 70 F(?) $2000 Real Estate b Virginia (Name here might Janas (Janice?)

    In 1860, Sallie is recorded with her first husband Thomas Jefferson Davidson on a plantation he has bought near Van Buren in Crawford County, Arkansas.  Note his huge real estate value and even larger personal estate.  This is near the Oklahoma border, which is a little surprising, since they are later found in Arkansas County, in the eastern side of the state.

    1860 Federal Census, Crawford County, Arkansas, 30 June, Richland Township, PO Van Buren, page 52, Hse #348, Fam #346
    Thos J Davidson 31 M Farmer $10,500 Real Estate b Tennessee
    Sarah A Davidson 17 F b Tennessee

    In 1870, they have moved east to St Charles, on the White River, the eastern border of Arkansas County, Arkansas, one county away from the Mississippi River.  They now have three children.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 July, Prairie Township, PO Saint Charles, page 23 (scan p 95), Hse/Fam #183
    Davidson, Thomas J (Thomas Jefferson Davidson) 40 M W Farmer $5000/$1800 Tennessee
    Davidson, Sarah A 28 F W Keep House Tennessee Davidson, Sarah M 9 F W Arkansas
    Davidson, Thomas 6 M W Arkansas (married Ella Burks 16 Feb 1882)
    Davidson, Forsyth 1 M W Arkansas
    Connelly, Maxey 20 M W Farm Labor Mississippi

    Sarah Amanda's father is living a couple of doors down from her and Thomas.  He is a 57-year-old widow with several younger children in the household.

    1870 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 7 July, Prairie Township, PO Saint Charles, page 23 (scan p 95), Hse/Fam #186
    Wakefield, William J W 57 M W Farmer $3000/$1500 North Carolina Cannot read and write [b abt 1813]
    Wakefield, Thomas H 20 M W Keep House Tennessee Cannot read and write
    Wakefield, James I  18 M W Tennessee Cannot read and write
    Wakefield, Nannie M 16 F W Tennessee Cannot read and write
    Wakefield, Joseph S  14 M W Tennessee Cannot read and write
    Wakefield, Margaret E 16 F W Arkansas Cannot read and write

    Davidson family sources also report the marriage of Sallie Amanda to Charles Belknap:
    Sarah A. Davidson, Second marriage on 12 Dec 1875 to Charles W. Belknap

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, Prairie Township, page 18
    Belknap, C W (Charles A Belknap) m w 62 Farmer Pennsylvania Mass Mass [b abt 1818]
    Belknap, S A (Sarah A.) f w 37 wife Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee [b abt 1843]
    Davidson, T J (Thomas Jefferson) m w 18 Stepson Arkansas Tennessee Tennessee [b abt 1862]
    Davidson, Forsythe m w 10 Stepson Arkansas Tennessee Tennessee [b abt 1870]
    Davidson, W W (William W) m w 8 Stepson Arkansas Tennessee Tennessee [b abt 1872]
    Davidson, M O (Matthew Oliver) m w 6 Stepson Arkansas Tennessee Tennessee [b abt 1874]

    Note the age of the youngest Davidson child here.  Matthew O is reported as age 6.  This would mean he could have been born no later than 1874.  Libby Beliew reports Matthew was born in 1873.  Libby also reports that Matthew's father Thomas Jefferson Davidson died in 1873.  The inset info on Charles Belknap is from the Davidson Genealogy website (  Note that Charles is reported as Charles A in contrast to the report here of Charles W.  Libby Beliew also reports him as Charles W.

    After the death of C W Belknap, Sallie married widower Pleasant S Simmons.

    Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    P S Simmons
    Gender Male
    Age 44, Birth Year abt 1844
    Spouse's Name S A Belknap
    Spouse's Gender Female
    Spouse's Age 45
    Marriage 5 Dec 1888 Arkansas County
    Marriage License Date 4 Dec 1888

    Sally died about 1896.  After her death Pleasant marreid Jennie Miller Seamons.

    In the 1900 census, Sally's one child with Pleasant is reproted as Loula, born in 1884 but only 6 years old.  The record should read born in 1894 and 6 years old.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 6 June, Prairie Township, District 7, page 4A, Hse #55, Fam #56
    Simmons, Pleas S  Head W M  Sept 1874  55 Married 3 yrs  TN NC NC Farmer
    Simmons, Jennie Wife W F Apr 1867  33 Married 3 yrs borne 4 children, 4 living  AR MS MS  Dairy Farmer
    ** Simmons, Loula Daughter W F  Feb 1884 [1894]  6  AR TN TN **
    Simmons, Arthur Son W M  Aug 1897 2  AR TN AR
    Seemons, Lillie Daughter W F  Nov 1884  5  AR TN AR
    Seemons, Ethel Daughter W F  ? 1888  2 [?]  AR TN AR
    Seemons, Tempa Daughter W F  Dec 1882  7  AR TN AR


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