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John Brissell HORTON

John Brissell HORTON1,5,2,3,1,4,6

about 17481,2 - about 18273,1

Life History

about 1748

Born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.1,2


Birth of daughter Leah HORTON in Surry County, Virginia.3,1,2

25th Jul 1778

Married Nancy Anne GREEN in Guilford County, North Carolina.1,3,4

25th Jul 1778

Religion Dismissed from Friends New Garden Monthly Meeting because he married out of unity (for marrying a Cherokee, Nancy Anne Green, dau of Meshack W Green.) The source book says this was about Abraham, John's father. But dismissal was the date of John's marriage in New Garden, Guilford, North Carolina.4


Birth of son Joseph HORTON in Grayson County, Virginia.3,1,7,8,9,10,11,12

about 1785

Birth of daughter Rachel HORTON in Surry County, North Carolina.1,7,13,14


Birth of son John Brissell HORTON in Anderson County, South Carolina.5,8,15

about 1791

Birth of daughter Lucretia HORTON.1

26th Aug 1808

Birth of son Hezekiah HORTON in Pendleton District, South Caroilina.1,1

about 1820

Death of daughter Leah HORTON.1

about 1827

Died in St Francois County, Missouri.3,1

about 1827

Buried in Horton-Mackley Cemetery, Sprott, St Genevieve County, Missouri.3


  • Family Data Collection - Births
    John Horton
    Father Abram/Abraham Horton
    Mother Martha Brissell
    Birth 1748 Bucks PA, USA

    John Brissell Horton
    Born Abt 1748 in Bucks, Pennsylvania
    Death 1827 in St. Francois, Mo
    Marriage 25 Jul 1778 in Guilford County, North Carolina to Anna Green
    Birth 1750 in Guilford County, North Carolina
    Death Unknown
    Son Joseph Whorton Horton 1782 - 1875
    --  Bob McIvor, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/5766647/person/-1398859243

    John Brissell Horton
    •Birth ABT 1748 in Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
    •Death ABT 1827 in St. Francois Co, Missouri
    •Religion 25 JUL 1778 Dismissed from New Garden Monthly Meeting because he was married out of unity.
    •Census 1786 p.4 Captain Gaines' District, Surry Co., North Carolina. [NC State Census]
    •Burial Horton-Mackley Cemetery (aka Sprott), Sprott, St. Francois, Missouri.
    Father Abraham Horton b 1722 in Springfield, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts or Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
    Mother Martha Williams b 1726 in Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
    Marriage Anna Nancy Greene b ABT 1758 [daughter of Meshack W Green]
    •Married 25 JUL 1778 in Surry Co, North Carolina
    •Married 9 JAN 1766 in (Anna Nancy Greene d/o Mishck and Creory Green?) Unknown
    1. Leah Horton b: BET 1778 AND 1779
    2. Joseph Horton b: ABT 1782 in Surry Co, North Carolina
    --  Vicki Peterson, Our Kith n Kin, RootsWeb, http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=hisandmine&id=I05237

    Notice the difference in the location of the marriage between these trees.  The McIvor tree reports the marriage place as Guilford County, North Carolina, while the Peterson Tree says it was in Surry County, North Carolina.  I suspect that they have found a couple with similar names and reported them, just assuming it was our John Brissell Horton and Nancy Anne Green from South Carolina.  There are records of the Hortons in connection with the Quaker community in Guilford County.  Both Gulford and Surry are in the northern area of North Carolina, Surry is on the border with Virginia, while Meshack and his family were down in Pendleton County, western South Carolina, near Georgia.

    There is a name John Horton on the Cherokee list of those who signed the treaty agreeing to exchange their present eastern lands for land  He is listed as #550 in the final emigration list.  John Brissell Horton was 65 years old at the time of the roll's compilation in 1817.  Sheri Horton, who has researched this aspect quite extensively, states that John Brissell Horton was the only Horton in the area and he was the John Horton on that Cherokee list, having lands through his Cherokee wife Nancy Ann Green, daughter of Meshack W Green.

    "In an attempt to save land that had been lost after the Creek War of 1813, the Cherokee signed two more treaties in 1817 and 1819. The 1817 treaty was the first Cherokee treaty that included a provision for their removal from North Carolina lands. The treaty proposed exchanging Cherokee lands in the Southeast for territory west of the Mississippi River. The government promised assistance in resettling those Cherokees who chose to remove, and approximately 1,500-2,000 did. The Treaty of 1817 also contained a proposal for an experiment in Cherokee citizenship. Cherokees who wished to remain on ceded land in the East could apply for a 640-acre reserve and legal rights as American citizens."
    --   Encyclopedia of North Carolina, NCPedia, https://www.ncpedia.org/cherokee/revolutionarywar

    John was among those who agreed to accept lands in Arkansas for his eastern lands under the Cherokee tribe.  Arkansas was at that time a part of New Madrid District of the Louisiana Territory, which included part of the current state of Missouri.  They were settled in the eastern area of Arkansas on or near the Mississippi River south of where the Arkansas River comes in to it.  There is still a town there called Cherokee Village, and some Arkansas Cherokees.  Most of the Cherokees there moved to Cherokee Nation when Indian Territory was established after the 1830 removal from Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.

    An entry from the New Garden Friends Meeting recods idicates that John was dismissed becuse he married an Indian.

    The following is reported of Abraham, but one wonders what marriage in 1778 they were referring to.  Abraham would have been 56 at that time, and no record has been found of him remarryin at that time.  But Abraham's son John married Nancy Green on 25 July 1778, the exact date of this dismissal from the New Garden meeting.  Thus it seems this Quaker action applyies to John Brissell Horton.

    "In 1769 Abraham Sr and his family moved to Surry County, North Carolina.  They were Quakers, and a number of Quaker families moved together.  They eventually formed a Quaker monthly meeting (church) at Westfield in Surry County near Mt Airy. ... Dismissed from New Gardens monlthly Meeting of Quakers, 25 July 1778 because he was 'married out of unity.'"
    --  The Horton Connection, the descendants of Abraham Horton, Sr, Compiled by Arnold Horton Wilson and Bonnie Imogene (Rains) Wilson, 1995

    John's wife Nancy Anne Green was Cherokee or part Cherokee woman.  Nancy Anne was the daughter of Meshack W Green and Lucretia Franklin.  Both Meshack and Lucretia are varyingly reported as full-blood or part Cherokee.  John Brissell Horton did have Cherokee lands by virtue of his wife Nancy Anne.  This was the basis of his identification with other Cherokee citizens who signed the 1817 treaty to move to Arkansas, which was part of the New Madrid District of the Lousiana Purchase.

    After the report of dismissal, three was stll some business involving John Horton, mentioned in the October1778  minutes of the New Garden Meeting.  The topic is not clear.  But it involved some letter of denial, and John's statement that he had complied wth something.

    U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935
    John Horton
    New Garden Monthly Meeting 31 Oct 1778
    Guilford, North Carolina
    (North Carolina Yearly Meeting Yearly Meeting)
    Residence Guilford, North Carolina
    Due to the damage and discoloration on the original document, it isn't discernible what the topic is concerning John Horton.

    Several sources report that John Brissell Horton was buried in the Horton (or Horton-Mackley) Cemetery in St Francois County, Missouri.  But he is not listed in the cemetery register I have found.  He may have died in St Francois County, but the cemetery of his reported burial is not in St Francois County, but in neighboring Ste Genevieve County.

    Perhaps this area now in Ste Genevieve County was originally a in larger St Francois County that was later divided into smaller divisions.  But John's name is missing in two different transcription lists I have found for the Horton-Mackley Cemetery in Ste Genevieve County.

    Despite the fact that some genealogies specifically report that John died in St Francois, St Francois, Missouri, I have found no record of any town or city in Missouri named St Francois, or its English equivalent St Francis, in St Francois County or any other county.  It may have been an unincorporated place, but does not come up in epodunk.com, either, which includes unincorporated locations.

    Nancy Anne Greene
    Birth 1750 in NinetySsixth Dist N C Cherokee Territory
    Death 1850 in Washington, Missouri
    Meshack Green 1720 - 1799
    Creasy Franklin 1725 - 1800
    Spouse John Brissell Horton 1750 - 1827
    Leah Horton 1776 - 1820
    Joseph Horton 1782 - 1876
    Rachel Horton 1785 - 1860
    John [Jonathan] Horton 1789 - 1870
    Lucretia Horton 1791 - 1872
    Hezekiah Horton 1808 - 1880
    --  Sheri Horton, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/906160/person/6861082401


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